Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friends Chapter 2 - Mak Kwan Han

Hmm... I think this story is gonna be odd but who cares, it's MY blog nyahahahah. Well, I met him along with Hong Chun and it seems that the bost of us achieved understanding much earlier compared to Hong but after that, the progress somehow entered a retardation process. And MAN, his mouth is even more "murai" then a mere "burung murai". Seriously man, once he's talking, HE IS talking. With the rate he's talking, I find it quite hard to believe that his oral marks are much lesser than mine. That's impossible. His keen sense of words in his head is like a volcanoe!! Errupting unexpectedly, but it was fun having him around nonetheless. Very fun indeed. Well, since he's my beat-me-up machine whenever I get sleepy. It's not on his own will really 'cause I insisted. And this guy... whoa... if you;re looking for a graphic designer, here he is! He's so. . .PRO>>> Slightly above Hsu Cherng's head I guess.. Despite his much lower level or grammar and comprehension compared to of Hsu Cherng's intellect of course. He's always the one to do all the background layout and stuff for our computer prjects based on different subjects. Seriously man, without him, I think I won't be getting that much for my amali. Also, he's a REEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAl computer geek and he's starting to be playing in front of the screen every day, day and night regardless about anythign else. A crazy warthog if I do say so myself. Oh yeah, speaking of warthogs, me and Hsu Cherng made up a name for him, since he's always so boring whenever he's not with his beloved computer, we gave him the title... Uh... Eeeyer, don't really remember la... But I do remember saying the word "boaring" like a pure boar who's just bored I think. Didn't think he'd board the "boaring" group instead of boring himself out lol... And oh yeah, despite he's computer geniusness, he actually doesn't really know howda reformat his computer. My goodness, of all the great things he could do with his computer, something like that can't be done? Wierd... And some extra piece of information to share with ya'll now, you guyz need someone to play with online, go ask him, he'll always be around. Now he's into Maple Story ledi haiya... Say he's gonna play RYL, wait for him till I sian ar... Actually, I'm the one who made him wait till he got all "boaring" so it's practically my fault eheheh... that he left the game. But then, the rest also donwanna play liao so why bother... Hiya might as well go do something more useful like washing clothes, go makan, read books, watch terebi or something. Also, he's ignorance knows no bounds. Sometimes, when he's talking, he's talking without his brain on, so it's kinda hard to somehow communicate properly to him and actually say what you want. As I did say about Hong, he's also pretty much as "tempayan" as Hong. One secret unravel, and here comes "HEY!! Osla GOT PROBLEM OI, HE SAY HE GOT...". Felt like smacking my head on the wall that time. EEYO... spread until the whole class. What total embarassment. SO next time when you wanan say something to him, try doing it in a little more, uh... private mode. Ya know, like Half-Life la, go one on one face to face and punch each other to see who K.O. first. Oh yeah, when you need pain, he can always give you pain. And when you need a punching bag, he's the only one sitable for it as his hand is unbelievably highly tolerant against pain. There was once, me and Zhi Yang punched him together on his hand, he couldn't even feel P A I N I tell ya... Instead, when he punched us, fuahlaoeh...pain like my goodness man. Sucka, the only one who can break his defenses is most probably Hong. Since Hoong's so unbeatable when it comes to arm wrestling...Geez, Kwan Han's even starting to go ahead of me. I've even lost to him a few times after that. Man, he's strong like a boar I tell ya. Just make sure he doesn;t go "boaring". Well, despite his abilties, he's remarkably very polite with others. He's the only one in my group at that time to not use f*** but he was the one who influenced th rest to use "diao". That was good actually, at least they made an improvement on not saying F*** again. But this year, they started, takyah nak buang masa sayalah... Biarkan only. Laa... so short only... Nevermind, next coming up is the infamous "Godzilla". Well, most of you might know him but I guess a lot of you don't too. He has many nicknames. I'll expose all of'em in my next blog. Till then, comments are always welcome.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Friends Chapter 1(HONG)

Hahahah...Well, considering the fact that I have spoken little and not much about my friend Tan Hong Chun, or more prefarably known as Chrno...I shall introduce him to and for the most of you who read this blog, I guess you can guess some extra handy piece of information in the bucket If I'd say so myself. Hahahaah. HONG, if you reading ar... I donwaan hear your crying plea anymore is that UNDERSTOOD?

Alright, let's begin... Our friendship started rather odd if you'd ask me. Since on the first day, most of the people in my class already KNEW each other since most of them came from the same school.. So pitiful'ol me I guess. Maybe I haven't mentioned this before but I'm from S.K.Sri Kelana. Alright, so Hong is one of my best friends so far, but he wasn't the first friend I've made.

First up, I met Quay Leong Jun, well, that really can'y be helped actually as I chose to be seated next to him ahahaha. He was a bit great in the beginning and after that, I just have to tolerate him I guess. Ok blablabla this isn't about him it's about Chrno. To be promt, he was the only guy I have made friends with on the first day.

On the SECOND DAY, it was either his gang finally noticed me or I found out about his group on an accident. I guess his group was talking about some online games of some sort and so I hid behind the bush for a while and ambushed them in a surprise! If it wasn't that then maybe it was them who asked me politely, "Hey, I'm Hong Chun... So, you play any games?" As I was about to answer, I think Kwan Han came by and inetrcepted our rather friendly conversation. Well, if it wasn't because of the day 1 incident, I don' think anyone would even know me lol...So that's how Kwan Han got in my life..MAN, his mouth is just SOOOOOOO Uncontrollable. Try bearing sitting with him for 2 years Urgh.... But, his loudmouth comes in handy at some times, especially when get sleepy in class, you can always ask him to slap you and all... Lol...YEAP, he slapped me a few times. 'Cause I needed it.

Then finally Hong Chun starting revealing some information. Sheesh... He's so bloody shy and his manner of speech is not that difficult to understand and always intelligible of course, so when I play language twist with him, he couldn't always cope up with me. But he's a very fast learner I tell ya, as soon as I started my BM language there, he could talk LIKE ME after a few days. Smarty ASS!!

Well, I noticed that he's actually a very...commending friend. He actually got me interested to play soccer ya know... I didn't even bother to play in primary school, donno how in the world I snapped outta that state and entered the sports realm lol... He's also very supportive, convincing too. Despite his speech problems, he could actually work things out very well. Yes, indeed very very well. He has got our team outta misery a few times during oral tests, especially the Sejarah one. Man, how in the World did he get so much info in SATU MALAM>? GILER I tell ya... Freaky, but KEWL...

Then, I found out that he has a veryveryvery slow computer. And I mean, slooooooow...
He told me the cause of his lambatness was because of his mp3 downloads... Then if liddat cannot be ar...Siao meh, liddat noone'll bother to make anymore mp3 downloads ledi ar... WHen I checked, at his house of course. In front of his computer in his workroom.(whuey, now his house damn big oi...Last time smaller than mine, but so much more cozzier...I liekd it...then he moved pulak now whadda heck... but cincailar...Although I still prefered his old bathroom...)I told him his comp was infected by virus... And he didn't believe me. You see, that's actually why he's so convincing and supportive. All of his beliefs he holds it inside is clecnhed hand HARD and he never open his fist no matter what. That's about how hard he holds his principles in life. MAN...damn cool kid I tell ya. So bloody stubborn. But cunted. People tell him that he looked muchmuchmuch better without those shiny liquid-like shyappu-making kinda oil he called 'moose' on his head and he still didn't believe us...Geez, HONG, You've gotta trust your friends more often man... Okay, back to the story... SO I browsed through his computer;ALONE for that it actually makan about 20 minutes.. Damn GILER slooooooow man...SO he didn't belive lor, but I was satisfied after listenning to his whole bunch'o anime and Jap songs which I didn't have at first. And then I burned his songs. AHHA. That's how I actually have so many now.

Fine, and then a few weeks afetr that, my computer kena worm, so the whole system was like laggin' like hell who knows how sloooow... And then, I've finally found out the problem. He was actually having a worm in his computer. Computers don't run THAT slooooooow when they don't have their connections up... AM I Not right? Laptops exempted of course... BUT HIS COMPUTER WAS SLOOOOOWER THAN A BLOODY LAPTOP. My father lao be punya laptop pulak tuh. Using Windows 95 some more ah... fuiyyoh. What can you do in there?> Just typetypetypeytpe... That's the only SOFTWARE in the BLOOD laptop! Regardless, it was still muchmuchmuch faster then his computer...

AFTER A FEW MONTHS, I still wasn't that involved in activities but, well, at least I attended them... So I've actually become a bit busier. Then, this fella ar, come running to me asking me how to reformat his computer because he kena virus liao... haih... whaddda heck... You seeeeeee... Told him liao em teng wa.. This fella really damn stonehead man. He go act in FLintstones even better. SO I went to check out lor... Since, I've went for a computer course during the mid-year holidays. Luckily his songs were saved. I was glad too. 'Cause I WANTED'EM!... MUAHAHHH I'm so EBIL. SO I did everything and this time it makan masa even longer then expected lor... I came around 3, finished about 7. Oklah, at least I got time to go back for dinner, aiyo, that time I terkesian pulak tengok his mother cooking for me and then I run off home liddat... Haiyo, about that Hong, sorry ya... Well, before I went back, I test runned his computer and guess what? muchmuchmuch faster than usual.. Then he's like getting all the question marks all over his head wondering how come his computer so fast one now?? Then, on my second visit, which was on another few months after, his computer became liddat again... Then I asked him , "where you go download all your songs one?" He told me like this lar ha..."Go download only ar... free one. Who donwan?" I'm like smacking my face in front of him... "Whuey, you go to how mnay websites to download your songs one ar?" then he replies like this..."Heheheh, la, get the song enough oledi ma..." Hit my head on the wall man. He doesn't even have proper security systems in his computer like Hsu Cherng and I. Within 2 years, he reformatted like approximately 3-4 times I guess. Which is in turn, quite BAAAD... Luckily he sent me all his songs so he could always get them from me. And Vice versa of course HAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAS.

KLAKLA, let's talk about his character shall we? He's stubborn... Very stubborn. You can find all his examples up there^. This fella like to show off also one. Same like me and Zhi Yang actually. All of us just LOVE punching walls, It's like we punch walls for LUV! Get it? Nevermind... And then this fella likes to get kan chiong for no reason one... Haiyo, tell you ar... One more bad trait here, his mulut damn tempayan one. Can't keep secrets one you know... I say something only he'll just reveal it to the class and I was liek "WHADDAHECK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU BIRDBRAN!"...kena kao kao few times 'cause I didn't learn my lesson. He's the guy la,, spread rumors that I like Wen Xian bloody shit. Since WHEN? All we did, was talking to each other about how to CLEAN THE FREAKIN' CLASS!! You and your sorryass mouth is really gonna get a very good 'enhancement' on his cuddly little bull-eyed cheeck. But then, he pan yau ma, thought he was helping me but actualy he wasn't at all...

Hmm, guess I've told ya'll about all his sucky traits ledi. Now comes to good part. Guyz, come put a halo over his head and dress him up with a white robe... OKaaaaaaayy.... that's gross.... Nevermind forget that. Ahemmm, as I was comes the good part of his character. He's actually very commending and supoortive blablabla, read up there^. Hmm... actually...he's a very cheerful and funny guy. He laughs most of the time, and somehow his laughing-stock virus got transfered to me but it was good so nevermind about that. Sometimes I wonder how he can be so carefree ya know. At that time, my mind was reigned down by so many problems during Form 1, 'cause I was trying to adapt to the environment. At least, when he knows someone has a problem he doesn't hesitate to ask,"Whuey, em sai kuan sam la, siu ii sai ho yi ma? Oi, donla liddat, we all friends ma, come join us chat lor..." Then rigth after that kena scolding from teacher haih..... But, at least he tried. So everyone, give him an APLLAUSE on his next meeting! He may be stubborn but his heart is filled with wamrth. And that warmth is something you would want for the rest of your life. That kinda warmth could actually be found within him. So inhesitant to take action. He's so...KEWL... maybe that's how he got Chiaki in the first place... Well, he's a good influence to me actually,despite the use of f*language of course... You guyz know what I mean... Don't even ask. I forgot this one... He's...helpful...Helpful THAT's IT!! He helps everyone he sees to be capable of handling, he's got a great pair of keen eyes despite his lame specs over them I tell ya.. He was the first to join me picking up rubbish ya know. He does not tire until all his jobs are done. That I say is a man of VALOR... So, you female reader's out there, if you DO think he's cool, go catch himlar, why wait... Such a nice guy wor... Body so nice some more... eheheheheh....

Hmmm, donno whether I should include thisleh, but...since we jumped into Form 3, he wasn't like he used to anymore. Well, he's still as devoted as he is to KRS. Running around everyday in school. But, there was a sudden change in him. And I do know the reason. It's because...because... Ah,man, why does this issue have to be so sensitive... It all started with his...ahemmm...,cough*cough*...girlfriend... I didn't know till that day he wanted to make a brithday card for that girl... and I wish not speak her name... She changed him into a BLOODY MESS. He couldn;t even think for himself anymore. I thought my condition was worse but his was EVEN WORSE then MINE that time... Huh... It's not liek him to pant and sigh all the time, grumbling about things, getting tired.... staying up even later than before... it's not even for KRS PFFT!~! It was my turn to make the action. And I did, a few times actually. He never spoken such serious matters with me before in the whole 2 years of our friendship. At ALL... Of all the things he can think about, he thinks about for the sake of the girl repeatetively. Nothign else ever crosses his mind already.. Haiyo... devastating man looking at him liddat. What happened to the guy I talked about up there^^^??? After about 10 months, I finally heard news about the break up. Wasn't relieved, wasn't happy neither. Just pure nothingness came across my mind. I don't even know WHAT to say... Haih... guess he's just trying to put his mind outta things by going catering now huh? Well, at least it's still something. But I've noticed, after the breakup... He actually became better and better. Huh, what a relief... Somehow, I pity the girl...She left such a, such a, such a bloody good man. It's hard to find someone as commited as he is now for a girl. He waited for her calls every night till 3am... respected her decisions, did nothing but listen to her, waited for her during her school ours, don't mind kena bo chai... And ALL FOR WHAT>? Kill yourself izzit hah HONG?>? You ar... luckily you're saved... If notar, I think I'd have seen your dead body in front of school on the next day, though I hoped not. Alright, I've said more than I should. It should be hsi place to work things out, not me. I'm just and outsider, so don't mind what I say. This is just my understanding towards what had happened to you Hong so don't get me wrong.

Ahemm.. anyway, I'll start of with Kwan Han in the next one. Thank You for reading... And uh, Hong, sorry for disrupting your privacy. It might eb best if they know about it... even though it isn't my decision, but you did it to me a few times also, So I might as well do the same now. Goodlar, at least you cheering up ledi. Don't you even think about getting another girlfriend again, or else this time I'm gonna be getting my hand involved as soon as I found out anything of that sort. But, it was good, at least you've experienced relationship. Although it wasn't very serious and most of the time you were doing all the work, but at least you've shown your commitment and sincerity... You know, There's something about actions and intentions. Sometimes, your intentions might be good, but your actions show the other way around for another. Why didn't you understand that at first>? Huh... touGh luck I guess. Nevermind guyz. BRAVO FOR HONG!! About the Comic Fiesta... qian bu gou yong ar... mou gao qian ar... you go with them la.. I wanna stay at home and do some stuff then go play PirateKingOnline ,UAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Okay, tasies watsies, till my next blog, it's Searizeel here. Farewell.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Owhkay! Intro of Form 3EEE

Man, when I came to my new class, I see some new and old friends. And tehre was one person in distinctive... Well, he was sitting in front on his own... Hong Chun and Zhi Yang asked me to go sit with them but I rejected. I told myself,"I'd better take this chance to make a new friend", and so I went to sit with him. It seems that the both of us had LOTS of things in common. Oh yeah, his name is Chong Hsu Cherng by the way. Pretty nice guy actually. He's like one outta a hundred boys who would actually stay back to help me clean up the class. In fact, one outta a thousand students... Seesh. It's just so difficult to find guyz like him nowadays. All you female readers out there...need me to introduce him to ya'll? He's a bit shy but if you're an anime freak, it shouldn't be a problem at all to hang out with him. He's got a really whacky character and he makes me laugh most of the time... But there were a few times we made each other blood boil and the best way to handle it? Complete silence for at least 30 minutes. And we're back to normal! Aahahah... Most of the time I'm the nuissance not him though... Oh yeah, since then I always folllow him back to his house... On the way, we chit chat lor...Usually if we had fights we'll notice what our problem actually was and kinda forget it after a while. Cool stuff.
Man I think I said a lil' too much about him. Hahah... Besides him, I met this boy, Swee Wee Xiong. He was sitting behind me. He's kinda annoying but still bearable... If Zhi Yang was the one sitting in my place, I don't think I can imagine what would happen to him... AHAHAH. Wen Leong, he's a planetary freak. Wah Heng's closest friend as far as I know. You try and ask him ANYTHING about planets, stars or galaxies he'll tell you every single detail of it till you can't stand listenning them. Unbelievable? Believe it. I also made friends with a few girls along the way. Lim Chin Shen, nice girl and somewhat shy but when she's with her best friend,Shu Yi, whoa...aching eyes... Yeah, Shu Yi's transferred to the same class as I am and she just sits across the column in my class. Pretty cheerful girl indeed. Kind too. But when you do something that she doesn;t like... uh man, you'd better be prepared. LAWL... Unfortunately, she has a very bad health problem...Low blood pressure's from what I've heard. Man and it's dead serious ya know! Not liek she'd die or anything but it seems pretty freaky ya know, her face'll go all pale and she looks like she's gonna faint and all, MAN... But it pains me to see her like that. In fact, I don't like seeing anyone suffering...
Shen Yen and Shi Yun are also in the same class as I am this year and as usual, they're sitting next to each other again. And man, that Shen Yen is just so blur...even though her vocabulary is like so "keng chao". Shi Yun is just totally hyper freakyness. Man, when she doesn;t hit a score or anything, tears start rolling and that really makes me and my fellow comrades fearful of what might come 'cause her expression is like "I'd better go and die" kinda expression. SCARY indeed. Oh yeah...did I mention about this guyz called Yip Chee Meng? MAN is he SMART. He's one of the best boys in our class. In fact I think he IS. Wait... Oh yeah, he was on a neck to neck point with Hong Chun. He's just so super duper "chunted". He's like a absolutely guarantee 75+ and above and seriously, he never goes lower than that point other than just once he got 73 for KH which was the HIGHEST that time by the way... Guess what, his total average for Mid-Year hit 84 at least man...Bloody hell... He's got a real active brain there I guess.
Hmmm... Narendran from my former Form 1 class is back and yeah, as expected, as talkative as ever... MAN, with Andre sitting next to him it's like so chaotic in class every single time. Especially during Maths class. Mrs. Chin is like always shooting them for their inattentiveness. They're just behind me a few rows. The backmost seat and believe it or not, their voices can reach up to 3J for goodness sake... If you add a lil' Jerrard Leong and Navin, my former primary schoolmate who was a total asssucker and a big bully who doesn't even dare to defy me now mUHAHAAH, Lim Say Joon, Mr. Style who doesn't style TOO much, with a lil' bit of Sarah Lim and Samantha Lau with a lil' mixture of Davinia and Natasha Merie, a girl who used to be a very quiet girl, Liew Nham Jhuen, a real football fanatic(I forgot to mention, all of the boys that I've mentioned in theis group are football maniacs), Michael Joshua Perumal, he's great at cannon shots but he barely hits the gold and Vinser.. Mr. overlooking... His hairstyle is memang cunlah but then his hair ah... A bit overstyled lah... Always kena from the discipline teachers one andthey can wreck havoc in school anytime with their voices. Man... Sometimes I wonder if there was something wrong with their brain that made them like they are lol... Which means I'm talking about myself too lol... ACKK... my brain got problem!!!
And then there's Choong Shiang Leng and Chew Kar Mun. They're so... active in class... As in they're always not in class and in the school comppund SOMEWHERE running errands for their society... And man, Shiang Leng is one hellavu runner. I can't recall how many medals she attained though... Behind them was Natasha Ting Jai Bao and Su Je Hui from Form 1. They're pretty quiet most of the time but when tyhey have somethign to talk about, there's not stopping to it... But no worries, they're voices are just so soft that it's barely noticeable. Seesh, I wonder how the both of them communicate though. Oh yeah!! I almost forgot about Grace Wong and Wong Shih Yian. I'd prefer calling Grace Sze May so that no confusion may appear between the two Graces. She's one helluva dancer I tell ya. Hmm... I wonder if she coreographed her dance for the performance during the Interact Installation. Oh yeah, the both of them are also liek the big brains in our class. Unimagineable intellect. How could they get 100% for their freakin' trials!>?[Maths] But they're just so violent in studies ya know.. They're average almost hit 90% man.. I think it was 88% or something. That's superb I'd say...
Nicholas Chew Wen Jian, also my former classmate in Form1. Man he had major pimple problem. You can't even count the number of pimple heads he has on his face. There was so much that it's so dangerous to go near his face. I wonder if they've ever exploded in front of anyone before... That'd be so KEWL. But Nicholas's pretty cool He doesn;t talk much even though he's always with the talkative group. Very cincai guy. Khor Rhui Wei, the guy with an innocent face. I don't know much about him other than his skin is much fairer than most of the girls... Man...Even fairer than Wah Heng's! Hmm... Joanne Teh was the tallest girl in the class. We didn;t talk mcuh 'cause I barely know her but the girl sitting next to her, Chua Wei Fen, that one... I get to mix with her a bit.
Ah then there's the other Grace. Chee Ruen Yi's her full Chinese name and she really dislike it when I call her Ruen Yi... I'm just trying to avoid confusion!! Is that so wrong?? And then there's this girl, she had very rosey cheecks. Her name was.. Uh, Hong Wen Xian. Also my former classmate in Form 1. She may look naive but when she gets a chance to show her skills, you'd pretty impressed. Ah yes, there's this super quiet girl, Adelyn Yeoh. She only speaks with uh...certain people. If you don't fall under that category then I'd say tough luck I guess. Oh yeah, Michelle Chen was a girl with a very typical Chinese face and she's a very...average girl I'd say. Better than most of the boys of course.. In fact, most of the girls are better than the boys when it comes to studies.
Ah yes yes, there's one helluva prefect in my class. Kong Phui Yi's her name. She's got talent to manage things man. Not to mention that she can throw javelines further than most boys can. I can barely throw 15 metres I think... Hmm, looking forward to her being our next Ketua Pelajar. Oh yeah, this Indian guy, Harendarn was it? Man, is he a giant... He's sooooooooo tall. Tallest in our class to be exact. He's a good prefect too but Phui Yi's still unmatchable...Well, at least he's good! And uh... Whoa... Guess I've mentioned all 40 names already ahahah.
Owhkay now the teachers. Oh man, we had lots of problems 'cause we had a lot of fuss with the teacher problem. This one shift class lah, our this on lift till June and all sorts of other bull. Well, there was one teacher in particularly favored by our whole class. Too bad she was just replacing Mr. Karuna... Man, is she a pro I tell ya. Her English is GODLIKE... MAN, she can tell even the slightest mistakes in essays and her regular essay is like so decorated with words we know but so unfamiliar with. Everyone thought she was cool though. She's always strict but somehow, she always gets our attention to study. By far, I think the whole class might agree with my opinion as well. She's one the only teachers with very very high standards and caliber. She's just a supernatural woman. I wonder how her brain stores all those words. Geez, her head is like a super duper computer if you know what I mean. Too bad she left after 6 months. It was fun when she was around. then came the renouned Mr. Karuna. We thought we were in better hands if he were to teach us but uh... EK! WRONG... With all due respect, I respect him as a teacher and all and he's a real good teacher but his methods are just so not eye-catching, regular, plain and utterly full of boreness... I and my friends try to bare with him though... Ehehe... since he was all old and all so aiya.. bagi muka lar...
Next, our class/Mandarine/Sejarah teacher, Mrs. Teh. She was a good teacher and she really cared about us but then none really bothered about what she's doing in front... During Mandarine, I donno but for Sejarah, the best activity students used to do in class is ZzzzZZzzz/.. I pity her though. She was already pregnant by then and we didn't wanna make her TOO boiled up...And as expected, 9 months later...She took a lift for pregnancy and she was not seen again... And so, our Science teacher, Mrs. Siew Yee Har was really a woman amongst jewels. Very motherly. She always work relentlessly for us, her beloved students without complaining at all.. She reminds me of myself... Ahaha. Some students really got attached to her, me and my friends were amongst them while some others couldn't care less about her effort. She supported me to become the Assisstant Monitor though after Wah Heng decided to quit. In fact all the teachers did and they were gald bu as for me, tons of responsibilities to fill...During the last 6 months of our schooling she was the one who took care of us. With help of Pn. Roziha too. Pn. Roziha was a very understanding teacher and when students don't listen, she always has her own way of correcting them. Easy to talk to too. Man her baby was so CUTE. I saw the picture in her cellphone display.
Pn. Aishah, our art teacher really caught my attention and a few others who're interested in Art of course... She was very good at art but she has a lack of communication between the students... Most of her teachings are usually unreachable unless if you really understand her meaning even though she's always so starightforward. Nevertheless, a nice teacher indeed. Mrs. Chin Sik Fun was one of our favourite teachers. She's our Maths teacher so no wonder everyone liked her so much ahahah.... She's always very direct and clear with what she teaches even though she has diction problems. Many of us understood of course other than me... Ah I kinda lose out when it comes to Maths... Hey, did I tell you that Hsu Cherng was a Maths pro?? Ahaha... thanks to him I could understand the Maths concepts better. Oh yeah, Mr.s Chin always has a problem with a few students. If I'm not wrong they were Andre Lim and Narendran.. They were prefects and always late for class and in addition to that, they were talking during class most of the time and they barely paid attention to what she was saying so they kena from her a whole bunch of times. AHAh....
Mrs. Surita, a very good teacher indeed. She's by far one of the most elegant teacher's in school. and her memorizing techniques in the lore of Geography are by far the best to me. Every single week we'll be given tests and stuff and man, they really tire out our brians but then they were always worht it. After the tests, we easily absorbed all her Geographical lore into our heads like a snap. Our Moral teacher changed 3 times. First came Pn. Zurina and after a few months we donno whadda heck happened and all of a sudden Pn. Zaharah took over. Pn Zaharah was a really...Nice teachers. She was cool. She taught us Form 4 Moral instead of Form 3 and that's a major plus in advancement. Her notes were incredible and her tips were always useful nonetheless... And THEn, came Pn. Zurina again... In the beginning of the year, she agve us an impression taht says that she was a very incompetent teacher but after she came back, she showed us and proved us wrong of our perspectives towrds her. In the end, she managed to attract the students hearts to pay attention to her.
Ah, Mr. Nada was a very very very fun teacher, BUT if you cause serious trouble around him or make serious noise around him, youre gonna be in serious shit... Ah yes, he was the boys KH teacher. As for Pn. Norshima...uh, I don;t know much about her but ahaha she was a great lady to me... Very firm during her lessons and very understanding when the students ahve problems with their handiwork. Owh... Guess that makes most of it... AHAHAH... WHOA... I never knew I wrote THAT MUCH...AH nevermind... Hope you had fun reading. Thank you for reading nevertheless.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hi everyone. I'm Osla in case if you guys don't know... Heheh... This isn;t gonna much of a good reading but it's just about me... Just hope you guyz don;t get bored along the way...Well, I'm a guy with no special background whatsoever. Just plain normal ordinary kid. I'm grateful for what I have... I have my father, my mother, my three brothers and my sister... I have a lot of relatives. Lots...Too many till I can't even remember their names... Eheheh... I'm just not that intelligent so laugh if you want... My house is comfortable...except for it always leak when a downpour or storm happens... Which is very troublesome in some sense thatmy whole family have to rush to the backdoor everytime it happens to get buckets so that our floor won't get wet... Hahaha.... no big deal in my backgroudn right...? Having a family of five siblings isn't as good as it sounds at all... But it's always good in some sense that I've learned to be more patient and be more sharing. Over the past 7-8 years ago I always get bullied by my sister but I didn't care... My mom scolded her, slapped her, caned her and after 8 years, some changes occur... But our relationship was never really good whatsoever... But it's much better anyway so I don't have a reason to complain. That's the time I learned to love my sister more.
When I was 4 years of age I received a little brother... He was so cuddly, cute, chubby and all roundedly adorable no matter how you look at him. After years of growth, I somehow got irritated with his presence. I was about 7-8 years old that time. So my lil bro was about 3 years of age. That's when I practically started bullying him... Maybe it wasn't bullying but it did seem that way... I play with him, talk to him and all those things always end up into a pointless quarell... I still remembered my lil'bro threw one of the toys at my head. and of course it hurts... After a few years, I started realizing what I was doing but I still get in trouble most of the time... That's when my patience really grew... Now? I've changed a lot if you would compare me with the years before. Now I always try to be a better brother to him. At least that's what I was supposed to do years ago... But there's no point in regretting. So why not start now besides wasting my time thinking about things that can't change anything at all?
Hmm... I'm always roadsick... I still remember the feelings I had when I go travelling with my dad's car. Always feeling so nausiatic. There were a few trips that made me vomit along the way... Theer was one day when my headache was unbearable. I was crying for a few hours. When we arrived home, I pissed my father off real hard and he slapped me so hard that I flew a few metres away... On that way onwards, my tears started to go dry and I never cried anymore except whenever I try to say out my feelings or watch my parents argue. Am I very cold? If I am to you then maybe you guyz just got me wrong...
My eldest brother wasn't home much back in those days. He was such an intelligent young man... 75 was minimum.... 100 is his goal. He was always in his room studying till he forgets his eating time... There was once he didn't eat his dinner for a few days straight till he got all thin and skinny... Never knew the reason why he went for a diet but he did and almost caused him his health. But now? Heheh, he even got himself into the pages of the newspaper before. Quite an achievement. Please do forgive me if you guyz feel that I'm a bit arrogant now ahah... My eldest was always different... He always knew the right things to do for his siblings... He was so nice... So selfless... He's the best role model I've ever had... There was once, when i was 4, I went to wake him up when he was trying to sleep and he suddenly arose and gripped btoh my shoulders tight. I was so frightened that time... After that incident I never approached him much anymore... He taught me not to mess with people when their trying to rest.
My elder brother, he was always so quiet... In front of the computer most of the time... By far he's the closest sibling to me in my family. Maybe it's because we share the same bedroom... No matter... He's good all rounded even though he was bad temper, very vulgar and so untidy most of the time. There was one day that I made him so mad that he punched me in my chest, right at my hearts position... At first I didn't cry... After a few moments I did... And my mom found out... Then she asked us to beg for forgiveness in front of the Buddha idol on our knees till we figured out what we have done wrong... After that, both of us achieved understanding. I was grateful that incident happened, if not he won't be as good as he is now...
My mom... My best friend in the family. The one who most probably loves me most... I always irrtated her last time to get her attention... But usually she laughs after what I did to her... I used to go out without her permission... To my friend's house during my 9-10 years. I've always tried to snuck out up to my brother's room to play computer games even though she doesn't allow me too... She was very strict with me during my childhood. But also very caring at the same time... Whenever I do something wrong in my exercises she gave me she'll bit my hand. Ahaha... I still remember the pain. Now I'm grateful she did that because if she didn't, my writing won't be even readable now. I always went to her to tell my problems. Everything. Even if I don't tell her she'll know right away... After I reached the age of 10, she started to let me move about more freely. She started giving me more freedom. And still, her love for me never faded...
I was an average student in my primary school back then. Very average... My score was only enough to take me to the 1st class the next year. Throughout the whole 5 years I've managed to get a position of less than 10 all the way... Despite all the taunts and bullies I've faced in school... I even had an arch-rival back then. She was always better than me by a few marks or so.. That made me more dilligent... The best I'd accomplish with her in a competition was most probably only teh same score as hers... Almost everyday in school, I get bullied my the same 3 people over and over... They pinched me, kicked my wounds, smacked my back, stole my property and yeah, all that... After that I'd always run back home and complain to my mom... She always tell me not to bother about them at all and let them do as they like... But I failed until the very last year of my primary school. I finally grew up... That's why some people in secondary don;t feel comfortable with me 'cause I always try to build walls around me to see whther anyone cares to break them down to see who I am... Few had made it but there are some who still couldn't break the barrier.
Standard 6, one of the best years in my whole life I would say... That was the time I changed... My attitude and behaviour and all... I even got thinner because of the diarrhea problem I had during the second semester holdiays... I started being more social. I made more friends... The past years I was studying in a place full of strangers. I started to get more involved with my P.E. As all was going along as planned, about 3-5 months after that, my grandma passed away... I cried the whole day straight in school... Funny but nobody really asked me why I'm crying... I also met really good teachers this year. My Maths and English teacher to be precise...and uh yeah, I never had any relationship with any girls back then 'cause I didn't want to and actually, I never thought of it that year. Not at all... In fact none of my friends did... Myabe because I was from a national(Kebangsaan) school. Then came the UPSR... It was really a peace of cake to me because I already knew all the techniques and all... Suprisingly as it may seem, 5A's for me... Don't know where in the world did it come from... Actually for that, I should really thank my sister for pushing me to study my Maths and Science.

Secondary School... Well it was very exciting when I finally knew where I was heading to after Standard 6. Taman SEA... Waa...I wanted to go there very much 'cause all my siblings went there to study... and the day came for me I was so happy... On the first day, I guess most of you guyz knew what happened... lots of welcome speeches and all the rules and stuff... After the boring the stuff, came the fun stuff. Meeting new people. I made a few new friends on the first day... And if you guyz still remember, I believe the class teachers gave everyone a sheet of paper and they asked the students to look for people with the stated characteristics amongst all our classmates... And man was it embarassing... Since I was the only who came with a bicycle, everyone rushed to me... Never had that much attention before in school. But noen of them even asked anything about me in particular unfortunately... Ahahah... First day in Secondary it is. Who wouldn't feel awkward? My teachers were all good and nice. And for some reason, I get along with all the teachers well... My first friend was Quay Leong Jun... I still remember him. He was very snobbish and reluctant to talk... I was sitting next to him so I decided to make freinds with him. And the I overheard some guyz in a pack talking about Anime and Ragnarok Online. That's when I met Hong Chun and Kwan Han. During my first meeting for PBSM I met this pack of people and that's when I met Hong Ming Zhe, Lim Say joon, Soo Ji Yean and some other people... During my first duty for first aid I met this girl...Her name was Melody. Never knew anythign about her besides that. She was very soft and outspoken and very kind as well. Also the first girl to ever had greeted me at all...And in Form 1, there weren't much things to talk about during that time... But there was one incident that changed my character after that. My teacher assigned me to take care of this particular student. His Name was Marcus Wong. He was a bit battered up in the head but somehow, I get along with him... I never liked the way all the girls in my class treated him... They know he's like that why do they still bother him? And then there was one day, that girl, I won't reveal her name as it might seem controvercial, bursted out of nowhere when the teacher wasn't around and flamed him right in his face with all the harsh words. I gathered up all my strength to say something and I did, I said 'you guyz know he's like that already why stil-" and she cuts the line... She was yelling all day about how she despises him and she said it was for the sake of her girl friends... What nerve... But I froze during that incident... After that, I became more active in answering questions, debates and duties. I became the middle for people who had problems with other people. And I started to clean up my class after school everyday since the day the teacher gave a speech on cleanliness. Some of you might remember but nevermind... I used to pick up rubbish back along the sidewalk back then. I got attracted to this grouping of these few fellows from the Christian Fellowship and started going to their meetings to check out now and then. That's when I knew about Khoo Chong Yau and Choo Kah Jun and Christopher Oh and that Yvonne...something. That time I also get to know Jared Ow, Bryan Yong and uh.. Tan Shu Yi... Besides that, nothing else really happened.
Form 2, I went from Kemboja to Bunga Raya and suprisingly enough, that class used to be the one my sister studied in and I was sitting at the spot she last sat too ahaha. In Form 2, I started being more social in girls 'cause I realized that boys alone won;t do any good and so I started getting into the girls group a bit... This is practically the year where I befriended a lot of girls 'cause I was more open that year. That's when I became friends with Lee Ying Jee, Leong Shen Yen, Tong Wen Lian, Heng Shi Yun and Marian Lim Su Ming. There were all nice girls though... And they especially hated me when I speak in Malay... My kampong style was very fluent back then, maybe they're just not used to those kinda speech since they were from Chinese schools besides Marian... I also met Khor Zhi Yang this year. In deper means I mean. Hong Chun introduced me to him 'cause I sopke of looking for challengers for Magic The Gathering TCG. And so he came. His first impression might be freaky but he's a real nice guy inside out despite his size... In this year I also became more active in my PBSM activities. I went for one PCK camp for my PBSM and passed. I also started joining the marching team out of my seniors' encouragement. This was basically my cocuriculum involvement year. I got to know Benjamine Oh, Lim Meng Fei, Hong Kay Tze, Lee Liang Zhe, Joseph Leong and many others... and that other Benjamine... He was really strict but man he's good. After going to the camp I started to get closer to some seniors. I met new ones too.. Lim Yong Fei and uh... Xin Wei was it? John Lim and Caryn Wong too. This was also the year whereby I always helped all the teachers around. Maybe that's how the teachers know about me. I started helping Mrs. Tan Ai Ling locking up all the grills of the classes after I first saw her doing that... And since then, I started clearing up the garbage house more often too... Mrs. Ang Ghuat Kim found out about what I was doing after a while... There was once, the garbage house was such a rat hole. I went to clean it up... And she foudn otu again... this time I told her not to tell anyone nor mentioning about my name... It turned out to be a shock that she suddenly gave a speech on that during the following assembly. Good thing noone found out it was me... A month after that, En. Rosdi told me that I was to come on this particular date during the assembly... He told me to get ready and I didn;t know for what reason... And then I overheard some of the teachers saying that someone is gonna be getting a prize the next week... But I didn't bother anyway... Shockingly, they called out my name for that prize... what was it again...Anugerah Pelajar Paling Budiman was it? Man I was so embarassed taht day till I couldn't hear what my teacher was trying to tell me that time... She asked me to give a speech but I just went down all the way... Luckily she didn't say it in front of the mike...Mrs. Doreen was it?? Yeah... And then I started going for more PBSM duties after that. That's basically Form 2... Besides the NIC newspaper project. That was my first cooperation with girls... Ahaha.. At least we managed to get the pizza MUAHAH. I don't get girls... They eat so... ... l.i.t.t.l.e. That day when we went to eat the pizza was the time I found out that Marian doesn't like me around pretty much ahaha... Maybe she's just not very social with boys as I was the only boy in whole group... Luckily I wasn't the group leader.

This Year...Form 3... One of my most drastic changes took place here. I'll continue later... Thank you for taking yout tiem to read my worhtless content... Hope you guyz enjoyed it...