Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friends Chapter 2 - Mak Kwan Han

Hmm... I think this story is gonna be odd but who cares, it's MY blog nyahahahah. Well, I met him along with Hong Chun and it seems that the bost of us achieved understanding much earlier compared to Hong but after that, the progress somehow entered a retardation process. And MAN, his mouth is even more "murai" then a mere "burung murai". Seriously man, once he's talking, HE IS talking. With the rate he's talking, I find it quite hard to believe that his oral marks are much lesser than mine. That's impossible. His keen sense of words in his head is like a volcanoe!! Errupting unexpectedly, but it was fun having him around nonetheless. Very fun indeed. Well, since he's my beat-me-up machine whenever I get sleepy. It's not on his own will really 'cause I insisted. And this guy... whoa... if you;re looking for a graphic designer, here he is! He's so. . .PRO>>> Slightly above Hsu Cherng's head I guess.. Despite his much lower level or grammar and comprehension compared to of Hsu Cherng's intellect of course. He's always the one to do all the background layout and stuff for our computer prjects based on different subjects. Seriously man, without him, I think I won't be getting that much for my amali. Also, he's a REEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAl computer geek and he's starting to be playing in front of the screen every day, day and night regardless about anythign else. A crazy warthog if I do say so myself. Oh yeah, speaking of warthogs, me and Hsu Cherng made up a name for him, since he's always so boring whenever he's not with his beloved computer, we gave him the title... Uh... Eeeyer, don't really remember la... But I do remember saying the word "boaring" like a pure boar who's just bored I think. Didn't think he'd board the "boaring" group instead of boring himself out lol... And oh yeah, despite he's computer geniusness, he actually doesn't really know howda reformat his computer. My goodness, of all the great things he could do with his computer, something like that can't be done? Wierd... And some extra piece of information to share with ya'll now, you guyz need someone to play with online, go ask him, he'll always be around. Now he's into Maple Story ledi haiya... Say he's gonna play RYL, wait for him till I sian ar... Actually, I'm the one who made him wait till he got all "boaring" so it's practically my fault eheheh... that he left the game. But then, the rest also donwanna play liao so why bother... Hiya might as well go do something more useful like washing clothes, go makan, read books, watch terebi or something. Also, he's ignorance knows no bounds. Sometimes, when he's talking, he's talking without his brain on, so it's kinda hard to somehow communicate properly to him and actually say what you want. As I did say about Hong, he's also pretty much as "tempayan" as Hong. One secret unravel, and here comes "HEY!! Osla GOT PROBLEM OI, HE SAY HE GOT...". Felt like smacking my head on the wall that time. EEYO... spread until the whole class. What total embarassment. SO next time when you wanan say something to him, try doing it in a little more, uh... private mode. Ya know, like Half-Life la, go one on one face to face and punch each other to see who K.O. first. Oh yeah, when you need pain, he can always give you pain. And when you need a punching bag, he's the only one sitable for it as his hand is unbelievably highly tolerant against pain. There was once, me and Zhi Yang punched him together on his hand, he couldn't even feel P A I N I tell ya... Instead, when he punched us, fuahlaoeh...pain like my goodness man. Sucka, the only one who can break his defenses is most probably Hong. Since Hoong's so unbeatable when it comes to arm wrestling...Geez, Kwan Han's even starting to go ahead of me. I've even lost to him a few times after that. Man, he's strong like a boar I tell ya. Just make sure he doesn;t go "boaring". Well, despite his abilties, he's remarkably very polite with others. He's the only one in my group at that time to not use f*** but he was the one who influenced th rest to use "diao". That was good actually, at least they made an improvement on not saying F*** again. But this year, they started, takyah nak buang masa sayalah... Biarkan only. Laa... so short only... Nevermind, next coming up is the infamous "Godzilla". Well, most of you might know him but I guess a lot of you don't too. He has many nicknames. I'll expose all of'em in my next blog. Till then, comments are always welcome.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Friends Chapter 1(HONG)

Hahahah...Well, considering the fact that I have spoken little and not much about my friend Tan Hong Chun, or more prefarably known as Chrno...I shall introduce him to and for the most of you who read this blog, I guess you can guess some extra handy piece of information in the bucket If I'd say so myself. Hahahaah. HONG, if you reading ar... I donwaan hear your crying plea anymore is that UNDERSTOOD?

Alright, let's begin... Our friendship started rather odd if you'd ask me. Since on the first day, most of the people in my class already KNEW each other since most of them came from the same school.. So pitiful'ol me I guess. Maybe I haven't mentioned this before but I'm from S.K.Sri Kelana. Alright, so Hong is one of my best friends so far, but he wasn't the first friend I've made.

First up, I met Quay Leong Jun, well, that really can'y be helped actually as I chose to be seated next to him ahahaha. He was a bit great in the beginning and after that, I just have to tolerate him I guess. Ok blablabla this isn't about him it's about Chrno. To be promt, he was the only guy I have made friends with on the first day.

On the SECOND DAY, it was either his gang finally noticed me or I found out about his group on an accident. I guess his group was talking about some online games of some sort and so I hid behind the bush for a while and ambushed them in a surprise! If it wasn't that then maybe it was them who asked me politely, "Hey, I'm Hong Chun... So, you play any games?" As I was about to answer, I think Kwan Han came by and inetrcepted our rather friendly conversation. Well, if it wasn't because of the day 1 incident, I don' think anyone would even know me lol...So that's how Kwan Han got in my life..MAN, his mouth is just SOOOOOOO Uncontrollable. Try bearing sitting with him for 2 years Urgh.... But, his loudmouth comes in handy at some times, especially when get sleepy in class, you can always ask him to slap you and all... Lol...YEAP, he slapped me a few times. 'Cause I needed it.

Then finally Hong Chun starting revealing some information. Sheesh... He's so bloody shy and his manner of speech is not that difficult to understand and always intelligible of course, so when I play language twist with him, he couldn't always cope up with me. But he's a very fast learner I tell ya, as soon as I started my BM language there, he could talk LIKE ME after a few days. Smarty ASS!!

Well, I noticed that he's actually a very...commending friend. He actually got me interested to play soccer ya know... I didn't even bother to play in primary school, donno how in the world I snapped outta that state and entered the sports realm lol... He's also very supportive, convincing too. Despite his speech problems, he could actually work things out very well. Yes, indeed very very well. He has got our team outta misery a few times during oral tests, especially the Sejarah one. Man, how in the World did he get so much info in SATU MALAM>? GILER I tell ya... Freaky, but KEWL...

Then, I found out that he has a veryveryvery slow computer. And I mean, slooooooow...
He told me the cause of his lambatness was because of his mp3 downloads... Then if liddat cannot be ar...Siao meh, liddat noone'll bother to make anymore mp3 downloads ledi ar... WHen I checked, at his house of course. In front of his computer in his workroom.(whuey, now his house damn big oi...Last time smaller than mine, but so much more cozzier...I liekd it...then he moved pulak now whadda heck... but cincailar...Although I still prefered his old bathroom...)I told him his comp was infected by virus... And he didn't believe me. You see, that's actually why he's so convincing and supportive. All of his beliefs he holds it inside is clecnhed hand HARD and he never open his fist no matter what. That's about how hard he holds his principles in life. MAN...damn cool kid I tell ya. So bloody stubborn. But cunted. People tell him that he looked muchmuchmuch better without those shiny liquid-like shyappu-making kinda oil he called 'moose' on his head and he still didn't believe us...Geez, HONG, You've gotta trust your friends more often man... Okay, back to the story... SO I browsed through his computer;ALONE for that it actually makan about 20 minutes.. Damn GILER slooooooow man...SO he didn't belive lor, but I was satisfied after listenning to his whole bunch'o anime and Jap songs which I didn't have at first. And then I burned his songs. AHHA. That's how I actually have so many now.

Fine, and then a few weeks afetr that, my computer kena worm, so the whole system was like laggin' like hell who knows how sloooow... And then, I've finally found out the problem. He was actually having a worm in his computer. Computers don't run THAT slooooooow when they don't have their connections up... AM I Not right? Laptops exempted of course... BUT HIS COMPUTER WAS SLOOOOOWER THAN A BLOODY LAPTOP. My father lao be punya laptop pulak tuh. Using Windows 95 some more ah... fuiyyoh. What can you do in there?> Just typetypetypeytpe... That's the only SOFTWARE in the BLOOD laptop! Regardless, it was still muchmuchmuch faster then his computer...

AFTER A FEW MONTHS, I still wasn't that involved in activities but, well, at least I attended them... So I've actually become a bit busier. Then, this fella ar, come running to me asking me how to reformat his computer because he kena virus liao... haih... whaddda heck... You seeeeeee... Told him liao em teng wa.. This fella really damn stonehead man. He go act in FLintstones even better. SO I went to check out lor... Since, I've went for a computer course during the mid-year holidays. Luckily his songs were saved. I was glad too. 'Cause I WANTED'EM!... MUAHAHHH I'm so EBIL. SO I did everything and this time it makan masa even longer then expected lor... I came around 3, finished about 7. Oklah, at least I got time to go back for dinner, aiyo, that time I terkesian pulak tengok his mother cooking for me and then I run off home liddat... Haiyo, about that Hong, sorry ya... Well, before I went back, I test runned his computer and guess what? muchmuchmuch faster than usual.. Then he's like getting all the question marks all over his head wondering how come his computer so fast one now?? Then, on my second visit, which was on another few months after, his computer became liddat again... Then I asked him , "where you go download all your songs one?" He told me like this lar ha..."Go download only ar... free one. Who donwan?" I'm like smacking my face in front of him... "Whuey, you go to how mnay websites to download your songs one ar?" then he replies like this..."Heheheh, la, get the song enough oledi ma..." Hit my head on the wall man. He doesn't even have proper security systems in his computer like Hsu Cherng and I. Within 2 years, he reformatted like approximately 3-4 times I guess. Which is in turn, quite BAAAD... Luckily he sent me all his songs so he could always get them from me. And Vice versa of course HAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAS.

KLAKLA, let's talk about his character shall we? He's stubborn... Very stubborn. You can find all his examples up there^. This fella like to show off also one. Same like me and Zhi Yang actually. All of us just LOVE punching walls, It's like we punch walls for LUV! Get it? Nevermind... And then this fella likes to get kan chiong for no reason one... Haiyo, tell you ar... One more bad trait here, his mulut damn tempayan one. Can't keep secrets one you know... I say something only he'll just reveal it to the class and I was liek "WHADDAHECK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU BIRDBRAN!"...kena kao kao few times 'cause I didn't learn my lesson. He's the guy la,, spread rumors that I like Wen Xian bloody shit. Since WHEN? All we did, was talking to each other about how to CLEAN THE FREAKIN' CLASS!! You and your sorryass mouth is really gonna get a very good 'enhancement' on his cuddly little bull-eyed cheeck. But then, he pan yau ma, thought he was helping me but actualy he wasn't at all...

Hmm, guess I've told ya'll about all his sucky traits ledi. Now comes to good part. Guyz, come put a halo over his head and dress him up with a white robe... OKaaaaaaayy.... that's gross.... Nevermind forget that. Ahemmm, as I was comes the good part of his character. He's actually very commending and supoortive blablabla, read up there^. Hmm... actually...he's a very cheerful and funny guy. He laughs most of the time, and somehow his laughing-stock virus got transfered to me but it was good so nevermind about that. Sometimes I wonder how he can be so carefree ya know. At that time, my mind was reigned down by so many problems during Form 1, 'cause I was trying to adapt to the environment. At least, when he knows someone has a problem he doesn't hesitate to ask,"Whuey, em sai kuan sam la, siu ii sai ho yi ma? Oi, donla liddat, we all friends ma, come join us chat lor..." Then rigth after that kena scolding from teacher haih..... But, at least he tried. So everyone, give him an APLLAUSE on his next meeting! He may be stubborn but his heart is filled with wamrth. And that warmth is something you would want for the rest of your life. That kinda warmth could actually be found within him. So inhesitant to take action. He's so...KEWL... maybe that's how he got Chiaki in the first place... Well, he's a good influence to me actually,despite the use of f*language of course... You guyz know what I mean... Don't even ask. I forgot this one... He's...helpful...Helpful THAT's IT!! He helps everyone he sees to be capable of handling, he's got a great pair of keen eyes despite his lame specs over them I tell ya.. He was the first to join me picking up rubbish ya know. He does not tire until all his jobs are done. That I say is a man of VALOR... So, you female reader's out there, if you DO think he's cool, go catch himlar, why wait... Such a nice guy wor... Body so nice some more... eheheheheh....

Hmmm, donno whether I should include thisleh, but...since we jumped into Form 3, he wasn't like he used to anymore. Well, he's still as devoted as he is to KRS. Running around everyday in school. But, there was a sudden change in him. And I do know the reason. It's because...because... Ah,man, why does this issue have to be so sensitive... It all started with his...ahemmm...,cough*cough*...girlfriend... I didn't know till that day he wanted to make a brithday card for that girl... and I wish not speak her name... She changed him into a BLOODY MESS. He couldn;t even think for himself anymore. I thought my condition was worse but his was EVEN WORSE then MINE that time... Huh... It's not liek him to pant and sigh all the time, grumbling about things, getting tired.... staying up even later than before... it's not even for KRS PFFT!~! It was my turn to make the action. And I did, a few times actually. He never spoken such serious matters with me before in the whole 2 years of our friendship. At ALL... Of all the things he can think about, he thinks about for the sake of the girl repeatetively. Nothign else ever crosses his mind already.. Haiyo... devastating man looking at him liddat. What happened to the guy I talked about up there^^^??? After about 10 months, I finally heard news about the break up. Wasn't relieved, wasn't happy neither. Just pure nothingness came across my mind. I don't even know WHAT to say... Haih... guess he's just trying to put his mind outta things by going catering now huh? Well, at least it's still something. But I've noticed, after the breakup... He actually became better and better. Huh, what a relief... Somehow, I pity the girl...She left such a, such a, such a bloody good man. It's hard to find someone as commited as he is now for a girl. He waited for her calls every night till 3am... respected her decisions, did nothing but listen to her, waited for her during her school ours, don't mind kena bo chai... And ALL FOR WHAT>? Kill yourself izzit hah HONG?>? You ar... luckily you're saved... If notar, I think I'd have seen your dead body in front of school on the next day, though I hoped not. Alright, I've said more than I should. It should be hsi place to work things out, not me. I'm just and outsider, so don't mind what I say. This is just my understanding towards what had happened to you Hong so don't get me wrong.

Ahemm.. anyway, I'll start of with Kwan Han in the next one. Thank You for reading... And uh, Hong, sorry for disrupting your privacy. It might eb best if they know about it... even though it isn't my decision, but you did it to me a few times also, So I might as well do the same now. Goodlar, at least you cheering up ledi. Don't you even think about getting another girlfriend again, or else this time I'm gonna be getting my hand involved as soon as I found out anything of that sort. But, it was good, at least you've experienced relationship. Although it wasn't very serious and most of the time you were doing all the work, but at least you've shown your commitment and sincerity... You know, There's something about actions and intentions. Sometimes, your intentions might be good, but your actions show the other way around for another. Why didn't you understand that at first>? Huh... touGh luck I guess. Nevermind guyz. BRAVO FOR HONG!! About the Comic Fiesta... qian bu gou yong ar... mou gao qian ar... you go with them la.. I wanna stay at home and do some stuff then go play PirateKingOnline ,UAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Okay, tasies watsies, till my next blog, it's Searizeel here. Farewell.