Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friends Chapter 2 - Mak Kwan Han

Hmm... I think this story is gonna be odd but who cares, it's MY blog nyahahahah. Well, I met him along with Hong Chun and it seems that the bost of us achieved understanding much earlier compared to Hong but after that, the progress somehow entered a retardation process. And MAN, his mouth is even more "murai" then a mere "burung murai". Seriously man, once he's talking, HE IS talking. With the rate he's talking, I find it quite hard to believe that his oral marks are much lesser than mine. That's impossible. His keen sense of words in his head is like a volcanoe!! Errupting unexpectedly, but it was fun having him around nonetheless. Very fun indeed. Well, since he's my beat-me-up machine whenever I get sleepy. It's not on his own will really 'cause I insisted. And this guy... whoa... if you;re looking for a graphic designer, here he is! He's so. . .PRO>>> Slightly above Hsu Cherng's head I guess.. Despite his much lower level or grammar and comprehension compared to of Hsu Cherng's intellect of course. He's always the one to do all the background layout and stuff for our computer prjects based on different subjects. Seriously man, without him, I think I won't be getting that much for my amali. Also, he's a REEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAl computer geek and he's starting to be playing in front of the screen every day, day and night regardless about anythign else. A crazy warthog if I do say so myself. Oh yeah, speaking of warthogs, me and Hsu Cherng made up a name for him, since he's always so boring whenever he's not with his beloved computer, we gave him the title... Uh... Eeeyer, don't really remember la... But I do remember saying the word "boaring" like a pure boar who's just bored I think. Didn't think he'd board the "boaring" group instead of boring himself out lol... And oh yeah, despite he's computer geniusness, he actually doesn't really know howda reformat his computer. My goodness, of all the great things he could do with his computer, something like that can't be done? Wierd... And some extra piece of information to share with ya'll now, you guyz need someone to play with online, go ask him, he'll always be around. Now he's into Maple Story ledi haiya... Say he's gonna play RYL, wait for him till I sian ar... Actually, I'm the one who made him wait till he got all "boaring" so it's practically my fault eheheh... that he left the game. But then, the rest also donwanna play liao so why bother... Hiya might as well go do something more useful like washing clothes, go makan, read books, watch terebi or something. Also, he's ignorance knows no bounds. Sometimes, when he's talking, he's talking without his brain on, so it's kinda hard to somehow communicate properly to him and actually say what you want. As I did say about Hong, he's also pretty much as "tempayan" as Hong. One secret unravel, and here comes "HEY!! Osla GOT PROBLEM OI, HE SAY HE GOT...". Felt like smacking my head on the wall that time. EEYO... spread until the whole class. What total embarassment. SO next time when you wanan say something to him, try doing it in a little more, uh... private mode. Ya know, like Half-Life la, go one on one face to face and punch each other to see who K.O. first. Oh yeah, when you need pain, he can always give you pain. And when you need a punching bag, he's the only one sitable for it as his hand is unbelievably highly tolerant against pain. There was once, me and Zhi Yang punched him together on his hand, he couldn't even feel P A I N I tell ya... Instead, when he punched us, fuahlaoeh...pain like my goodness man. Sucka, the only one who can break his defenses is most probably Hong. Since Hoong's so unbeatable when it comes to arm wrestling...Geez, Kwan Han's even starting to go ahead of me. I've even lost to him a few times after that. Man, he's strong like a boar I tell ya. Just make sure he doesn;t go "boaring". Well, despite his abilties, he's remarkably very polite with others. He's the only one in my group at that time to not use f*** but he was the one who influenced th rest to use "diao". That was good actually, at least they made an improvement on not saying F*** again. But this year, they started, takyah nak buang masa sayalah... Biarkan only. Laa... so short only... Nevermind, next coming up is the infamous "Godzilla". Well, most of you might know him but I guess a lot of you don't too. He has many nicknames. I'll expose all of'em in my next blog. Till then, comments are always welcome.

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ZeroAxis said...

Lawl, help not to say f*** but teach how to use "diao". LAWL. XD