Monday, December 24, 2007

My Log of Anti-Depression(CNY R&R!)

Dysythmia, KAPOTUI! Me no depressed no more awright! Mwahahahahah... Found my aim chor so now got some energy to work towards what I need to do. SPM especially. Of course there's someone involved in my upbringing but nah......... I'm not gonna tell*boo hoo* Let you guyz figure it out yourself or just wait till next year.(if you do still keep in touch with me la after SPM...)

Chyneese Niu Yur is tomorrow man... Woot so cool. Get ang baos... But then ah, CNY always very tiring one... Haiyoh... let's just hope I at least have some time to finish up what I've planned for... Anyone interested in making chocs by the way? I'm gonna make some maybe after the few CNY peak days. Ya'll can't be already forgetting about Valentine's right? Shh... don't tell the girls later they'll stampede over all my stuff! But for yoime and her friends, that one nevermind la.... Lolilo...