Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Friends Chapter 3 - Chong Hsu Cherng aka Zero

Yo people, it's time for me to introduce to you guyz my bestest friends of all my friends(ala... jangan la terperasan pulak, all my fwen are also my bestest fwens la....) I met this one of kind boy in Form 3 believe it or not. He can do lots of stuff and he's from a very nice family too. In addition to all that, he doesn't look half bad and he's pretty good with computer stuff. Owh, he's an anime geek as well but his freakin com has lame connection speed so he often goes poo-poo because of downloading things that sometimes take just waaaaaay too long. Well, his name is Hsu Cherng but I'll just refer to him as Zero as it's shorter. Not that I wanna call him Zero anyways just that he likes the name a lot. Guess what, he also likes Zero from Rokman as well. He used to use those pics but man.... Donno where they've gone to now. Owhkay, now howda hell did I meet him?

It all started after Form 2...My stupid other friends la, Hong Chun and Kwan Han, ask them to sit in front but donwan... (suckers...) It so happenned that there was one boy sitting in the front row with a desk empty on his left. So I decided to shift there(I do this every year to make new friends actually) and voila, jackpot, I really did get a friend. A real good one too.( I wonder when he's gonna get a girlfriend though... not that I have any la... but he's so cool...)yeah, then the lame intros, Hi I'm Osla nice to meet you and bla-bla-bla the list goes on. But he was kinda quiet at first though.... I managed to get him to start talking to me after I spark some topics. Ehehhe.... I was kinda annoying of a friend to him as I alays ask him Maths questions... Oh yeah, he's a real Maths wiz. You'll never know how high his capacity and IQ in maths can ever go. He doesn't like people telling off his marks so.... nah... I won't...But all I can tell you is that they were always and always A1's. Chunted right!? Yealor, so I bug him everyday one. What to do?, I'm not born with a natural mathematical brainiac gene or something... Not that he's one. He's just talented. Unlike me.... It's more like I should be called Zero instead of HIM... But off that side, yeah, that's pretty much how I met him. He... was actually the first kindest person I've ever befriended with believe it or not. Hell yeah. In Form 1 and 2, I used to work like a dog to clear the whole class and tidy them up everyday after school. It's like he's always staying back helping me do the cleaning up in Form 3. Good man.(ladies, chase after him while you can)It's really good to know that my efforts are actually recognized my someone, even if it was only one person at all. Noone used to even care a shit about me at all in Form 1 and 2 but, he DID alright. He also seems to have a very deep mind of his own despite his fanaticism with animes and OH YEAH, he LOVES music like I do, just that he doesn't always listen to all the songs I gave him... Yeah deep mind. When you're talking to him, it's like he gives off this aura like, "hey, I've been living for more than a 1000 years now... I know A LOT," maybe that's probably why Lonna likes to call her Ojii-sama(grandpa) and guess what, the name suits him pretty perfectly. Yeah, when you're looking for advice and if you turn to him, you'll be amazed by how much wisdom he possesses. Maybe that's why his bloody brain is so Maths oriented for jeepers sake... He has a lot of interest in common with me actually. Well, most of them I had to dig myself outta his quiet nutcase... But I don't see him that quiet as he used to be... Now he's pretty...Owhkay I guess. At least he goes along with girls now. Who knows how many girls he had talked to last times besides his mom.... He didn't really have that confidence in him unfortunately. But now, guess he does feel good with himself. I also used to go kacao his house very frequently after school. Then I'd be like so super envious 'cause he had all these super cool nice animes that he'd actually finished downloading and then like a parasite, I leech some the happiness from him just that I only use up his time... and my time as well, but most of the time, we end up laughing most of the time. Whoa, and his songs database is like WAHLIAOEH! So many songs. God knows how many songs he listens to everyday! Not enough with Jap music, he also listen to all the latest English songs. *salute* Donno how he has time to keep himself updated that frequently. He's like a freakin' time machine! He goes along with time and follows the flow no matter where he is. That's freaky but it's just so cool man...

Owh... actually I didn't really first met him in Form 3... I did met him once... when I was actually looking for Pn. Husaina during Form 2. That was my first encounter with him. I didn't really recognized him at first and I actually only realized that after a few months I think. Man, short term memory lapse, it sarks to be me sometimes. I went to see teacher to get the end year exam marks you see for my class... and then IF I remember correctly, I helped her do some stuff as well... it was in 2Ix I think...I met Chee Guan there too but I only got to know how much much later... Whuey Zero, if you reading this, rang a bell? From 3 ain't the first yo, we met in Form 2, but I don't remember your class.... *sigh* 2 Ix or 2 K or something...I know it was definitely not ABCD. But overall, he's a pretty fun guy to be with. He doesn't really like presenting though... he especially hates presentations BUT... he can do it IF somebody he knows actually pulled it off first before his turn. Yeah, he's the kinda guy like, HEY, you can do also wor... shitla, daidaidaidaidaidai...ah **** it just do only la... and voila, he presents pretty well. His voice projection is also faaaaaaaar better than mine. His qualities and and mine are like so far beyond comparison. I do things and people know me... He does things but people don't seem to even sense him at all other than a few + me( but the difference is that he likes to be UNKNOWN while I hate being KNOWN) he helps people, but he never looks for things to do. He helps when he's ask to and hell yeah, he does everything damn well. But now leh... yeah, he's kinda well-known now. What to do, become secretary for Tae Kwan Do man... Then this year Marching Cap for Hang Tuah also... Fuiyoh! The Marching thing was actually pulled of be me...(eheheh)Yeap, and he was even in a weirder mood when the teacher Mr.Mail actually congratulated him. To him it was more like Congratu-****ing-lations. But he decided to stick with the post anyways.... He' good, but he doesn't know he's good. Man, howda hell am I supposed to make him realize that? Hmm.. maybe I shouldn't at all, he doesn't like me advertising about himself like what I'm doing now but HEY I'm blogging so what I wanna write it my concern RIGHT? But yeah. he really really hates people bugging into his business. And he's pretty... Humble too. He especially doesn't like showing-off... So I did a bit for him. Hahah... true enough, we got a friend 'cause of that haha... But he wasn't very happy with it at first... but he got on with it after a while... Oo yeah, he probably hated me that time for recommending him to be the March Cap. But oh well, he's good, so he deserves it anyways. So DEAL WITH IT ZERO and ENJOY it. Sheesh. it's not as stressful as you think you know.... But I can't really change how you think can I? Oh well, his list actually Goes on and on and it's not ending up to here only since I'm still in contact with him but who cares, I'M ENDING IT HERE. I'm just introducing him! Wanna know more about him? Go to his blogspot. I'm pretty sure you can find it thought I forgot his address... and his layout is like supercilious-mega chunted. I wanna ask him to be my sifu but he only gives me tips that make me look and feel even more blur than I already am. Kk OWARIMASHITA....NAI!