Sunday, January 18, 2009

Interesting Facts stumbled upon during research

GICET - leadership and DACPB - group discussion
These are a set of points I have found both really interesting and applicable in life from the book I read on The Art of Public Speaking

G stands for goals
When you're leading a group, make sure everyone is clear of the goal and their sole purpose is to score that girl;the only reason why you people are even having meets
next is I - Individual assignments
Everyone has to do their part, no excuses, give a job, execute it, report back before dateline or ASAP

C for Conflicts
while leading a group, it's essential to avoid interpersonal conflicts, so whatever the discussion is about, make sure they are not interpersonally related, like for instance, the group leader is X and Y is only agreeing on her opinions 'cause he wants to get on a date with her; which is plain bad and...BAD al through

next is E - Encourage participation
if your group members just can't help being silent, make them speak up, induce them to be more outgoing, give them encouragement, be it openly or behidn closed doors, make sure they can voice otu their opinions 'cause if they don't give opinions and only go for whatever the leader says, what's the point in having a group anyways? since every group has conflicting points and when that happens, quality ideas are produced, so if that is deem unusable, there's no real reason for groupign other than "lets get this over with already" huh?

then, T - Tracking the discussion
when you discuss, make sure your discussion is always on track and never off the topic, it's still alright for some chitchat here and there but make sure the topic goes back in hand within a few brief moments or everyoen woudl end up chattering to one another
the most productive way would be everyone jotting out the major details in the discussion so when it goes outta topic, someone, can direct the course of discussion back to where it is
Now... DACPB is actually a method of discussion

its proven to be more effective if you follow these steps but if you find it not very suitable, heck it la..
D - Define
A - Analyze
C - Criteria
P - Possible solutions/Brainstorm
B - Best Solutions


lets say you're trying to raise the amount of members in your society, you define that as your problem statement(yeah it's a bit like your science report in bio and physics)

then you Analyze
go in depth to the problem statement by asking HOW questions
then it'll be from "to raise the amount of members for the society" to "to raise the amount of members of the society to at least the minimun of 100 and not greater than 200"
now a specified plan is on way

so next, you set the Criterias
for example, before you ask people's opinions on how do solve that problem, you create a set of regulations so that only qualtiy ideas would be accepted and anything that breaches the regulations are immediately declined,
  1. is operatable by the society itself without any assistance from the school Board
  2. Must not clash with any other society schedules
  3. Must be permitable to all the ammendments deemed legible to the school
so you set on your Possible Solutions next
this is a brainstorming period to allow ideas to pop up one after another, and regardless of the criterias, let the brainstorming proceed before the deliberation on the ideas begin
after the swarm of ideas comes to a cease, then you begin with the Best solutions
which is by cutting out all those ideas which have breached the regulations set in the crtierias and only taking the best of all
  1. like for instance,put up banners
  2. give a free-talk on CPR
  3. demonstrate First Aid
  4. create a simulation
  5. display RC facts
  6. distirbute pamphlets to the crowd
  7. persuade people to visit the booth
  8. involve juniors
  9. do a march past
  10. get teacher's participation
  11. get financial support from school ~end of brainstorm~
ideas 1, 9 and 10 are breaching the regulations set therefore making it unable to pass as a quality suggestion
so those besides 1,9 and 10 are accepted as best solutions
so yeah, it's roughly something like that

Since they seem believable, I don't see why I shouldn't share this knowledge with you peeps out there. Peace~! Hope it's useful for ya people.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Emergency Procedure

Ok... So, like I said, I'm posting a seperate post for this one. Know that I'm only sharing this info so that you people out there can know the Standard Operation Procedures whenever you people encounter an emergency situation.

This are all proven facts and you can all do research in the net so don't be afraid that the information on display here is false. If you have any commentaries or questions regarding this, I'll be most glad to answer your doubts

Alright, let's start with the basics.

FOR ALL situations, I repeat, FOR ALL situations, you are to follow the rules of DR.ABC
  1. D - Danger - 1*This danger applies towards yourself. This is a primary rule. If the situation deems to be to dangerous for you to partake, NEVER approach the scene. Secondary danger only applies if the primary is fulfilled. 2*Secondary danger would be any potential threat which could bring harm to the casualty(s) you're intending to aid. There are two ways to do this. One would be to remove the potential threats from the scene (shrapnel bits, scraps of metal on the floor) but NEVER attempt to remove any foreign object which are in direct contact with the casualty like when there is a shard in the hand which penetrates through the bone, DON'T pull it out. However, if it happens to be a very heavy and sharp object like a sword thrusted through the ribs of the casualty, you are allowed to do so. But depending on situations, make the appropriate decisions. If you aren't able or uncertain of what to do, ONLY, and I repeat, ONLY do what you know. If you have no idea whether you should pull a javeline out or not for example, don't attempt to do it. Seek immediate help.
2. R - Response - This step is taken to survey the awareness level of the patient. To check, simple *tap the shoulders while *uttering questions like "SIR, SIR ARE YOU OK" and etc. If he's alright, good, *keep on talking to him and NEVER leave him from your sight.

3. A - Airway/Ambulance - If the casualty remains unconscious, proceed with the airway check. Basically it's to allow better air flow. To do this, *do a Head Tilt Chain Lift. You just place a hand on the forehead and 2 fingers on the jawbone and tilt his head upwards. This will allow that air to enter easier. After that, direct a certain person to call an ambulance and ask him to get back to you ASAP.

4. B - Breathing - You now look for signs of breathing. Use the 3 main senses you have by placing your check just right above the mouth and your eyes would be looking straight at the chest. You *see the movement of the chest with your eyes, you *feel the breathing with your cheek and you *listen for breathing.
*if any of the 3 signs aren't there,give 2 blows through the mouth while in Head Tilt Chin Lift position and proceed with step 5 immediately
5. C - Compression/CPR -
*Place the base of your any palm; the part which is just right next to your wristline on top of the left part of the chest parallel to the nipple line. Then put your free hand on top of the palm and cluth it. Put your body into a 90 degress position downwards and begin *compressing 30 times using your body weight, not your arms' strength. Then give *2 blows to the mouth. Do this until an Ambulance arrives/casualty becomes conscious.
*extra info, one cycle is 30 presses with 2 blows (30:2) and 1 revolution is 5 cycles.

After performing CPR for one cycle, if there are any obvious injuries which are leaking out enormous amounts of blood, just *apply pressure onto it with anything, a clothe, necktie, handkerchief, scarf, shirt or even your own hand to stop the blood flow. Avoid direct blood conact if possible. Get someone to do it while you continue your CPR will be definitely more effective but if you're alone, remember, ONE CYCLE (30:2) first.

Which is more important to our body? Oxygen or blood?
When you die, you heart stops. Even if you have lost and arm and blood keeps flowing out, you might die but not so soon. But if there's no oxygen circulated throughout the body system within 4-6 minutes, you WILL die.

I'll slot in a bit of the death term here as well. Basically, when your heart stops, you're dead. But, during the first 4-6 minutes of that brief moment right after you collapse, you CAN be revived. This is because your brain cells aren't dead yet. But once it does die, then death is for certain. Once oxygen starts going to the brain again, this 4-6 minute timer will reset like an alarm clock. That's why at least do a 30:2 before attending to any injuries. But if there aren't any especially if they aren't visible, JUST CONTINUE. It's more important for him to be alive then to aid the wounds of a DEAD person. After all, what would bandaging a dead person do? This is a question I know all of you can answer if you people know what common sense is.

So to conclude, just remember DRABC. And you might save a life. This steps aren't limited to just road accidents or a landslide, it can happen anytime at anywhere. It might be a family member fainting out of the blue, a classmate who said he/she wanted to sleep with his head faced towards the desk and within moments just..., a local gardener thought to be sleeping soundly by the shade, a friend, a teacher.

So people, if you can take the time to blog and do any other things, please just take off a few minutes of your time to equip yourself with this knowledge so that you're prepared should accidents occur out of the blue. Link this blog or just copy and paste this whole post into your blogs and start spreading the word around. Educate your loved ones about it as soon as you can. My instructor once told me that out of so many billions of people living in this world, on 1/10 of them know how to perform CPR. And that's not even proper CPR. So, please spread this life-saving knowledge to as many people as you can and ask them to do the same for people they know too. It can WILL make a difference.For those who know me, I'm available if you need a quick course on this. Just gimme a call and I'll set an appointment with you. After all, prevention is always better than cure. Unfortunately, there is no cure for death. So act quickly!

I'm always open to questions. For this purpose, please drop it at the comments section rather than the Cbox so that I avoid missing your comment and get back to you as soon as I can.
Have a great day ahead. =) hope this info helped. And no... don't ever wish for bad stuff to happen so you can practice. Seriously, you don't want it to happen in front of you, trust me on this. Panic attacks are unavoidable under these circumstances. If you do become panicked, it's a normal reaction, but get a grip of yourself and get your act together!

Let's not just stand there looking at people dying.
You know if you do something, there's at least a tiny glitter of hope for survival.
If you just wait and do nothing, even the Ambulance can't do anything.
And you'll regret the day you couldn't even help a man in dire need.
Learn this and escape that dread.
Know that even if that person didn't make it.
You've at least given him a chance to live.
With your own breath
Your own sweat
And to feel the heart beating once more.
To feel life again after death
It's a feeling I hope
You people will come to understand someday.

2 Days PCK express course

G'day peeps~!
Yesh... finally not at 1am blogging*cheers*
[edit]fine... got distracted by Mr and Mrs Smith just now...[/edit]
Meh... Veronica's Drink Water Between Intervals campaign is starting to get to me.XD*cheers*

To kick off a new day, I was greeted by the monstrous heat of the dry sun at like around 11.45am only to remember that I'm obliged to be at a PCK(Pertolongan Cemas Kemasyarakatan aka First Aid) course in the latter afternoon. Sho....
*looks for my meh trousers...*
"MI~! uh... you know where all my trousers are a? I only have my blue jeans now which I've been wearing almost everytime I was going out. I just can't find my beige trousers, the darker brown one, and what happened to my RM74 gray piece?"
"Um... try checking you cupboard and see, sure got one..."
*checks my cupboard*
*checks the laundry basket*
*checks cupboard in brother's room upstairs*
*checks dad's wardrobe*
*returns to mom*
"don't have la... I checked my room, papa's room, Peng's one, the laundry basket... really don't have lar...."
"how about if you look at the plastic bag where I keep all those uniforms you wanted to give away to school"
*scrambles the whole bag*
*spots size 34 green trousers*
*tries on*
*fits perfecto*
And so.. I wore my green trousers again to go out today, which I also did yesterday when I was late to TOA's 2nd day of orientation. Too bad noone noticed today XD

SO, we got into this room which was like a very small room in a hall filled with badminton courts.
We actually missed missed it at first. O yeah, I didn't go alone. I went there with Wei Kein and Phang who insisted I followed them based on the notion that that place was pretty dangerous considering the fact that I just love cycling all around town. SO oklo...

Cycled to Taman Bahagia, hopped into their car. And went to PJCAD, and I thought where... AIYO... so near only, I could've reached there in like 20 min with my trenchy bike. Pfft. That place? Dangerous? Blerhz... damned "dangerous" awright. There're like so many pedestrian utilities there. The zebra crossing, the pedestrian bridge, how could people just get hit there? Hmm... Unlucky people perhaps? Or they're just too filled with pride and foolishness that crossing the road faster meant more than their life. But I can guarantee that area is nowhere near the word hazardous even.X3

Thanks for your concern WK but I can pretty much take care of myself even if you leave me stranded in a Sarawakian primitive village.=P

SO... we went into the fairly fancified air-conditioned room and got into our seats only to find out that the VIPs ain't around yet. Pfft... so much for being earlybirds. Malaysians...
Hey! I'm one too~! I'm always late... hehehex... It's so not cool waiting....
Meh... Malaysia kinda sux in this sense but the food... YUmmm....XD

KK, so the big guyz came in, and we were previously informed that 7 people from our VAD squad would be particpating and it ended up being 8. SO much for being resourceful. X3

So... Azizul stepped in and he stated that he was gonna be replacing Mr. Chalapan, who was supposed to be our instructor but apparently not for today. But anyhows, Azizul rawks. He's like DA MAN in PBSM. Always respected him since the first time I met him. He always had that sense of authority and purposefulness whenever I see him in any scene.

So we dashed through a number of First Aid stuff, the open wounds, fractures, choke etc. And done that's it for 10/1 since we only had a very short time of 3 hours.

So on the following day, I jogged my way to the venue instead. Meh...
I thought I was gonna reach there a bit later then 40 minutes but I reached there at 7.58am, which was 2 minutes before the class was supposed to start. FYI, I left my home around 7.20am so you do the mathXD

So today, Mr. Chelapan finally shows his face. He expresses his guilt for not being able to conduct the class on the previous day but regardless, we were cool with it and so the class continued.

The odd part about this was that he talked about so many things that En. Azizul did on the day before that we were so amazed by all the same terms they use. However fascinating that was though, he DID repeat all the things En. Azizul taught us the day before so I nearly snoozed of after like 4 hours concentrating in the class. Maybe I had wished that someone spoke up when he was goign through the same topics but perhaps it was alright that way since everyone wanted to make sure themselves the information they got from En. Azizul and his were similar or contradictory. Another factor would be that Mr. Chelapan's presentation was far more in detail so.. guess it can't be helped.

Nevertheless, it was a very good day filled with info of extreme kewlness since during practical, I never realized how flexible first aid really was in reality. There were numerous situation on display that day. For instance, for a normal Anduh Besar it's supposed to be 90 degrees straight for maximum effect but if the patient's hand has an internal fracture and it couldn't be moved more than the wasit level, we can actually do an arm sling with teh wasit as the support or, if there is a zipper there and if the patient doesn't mind, we can actually put the hand inside there for hand support, though it looks quite improper, but our objective as good Samaritans are only 3, and the importances are in order
  1. stay alive
  2. prevention from further injury
  3. make the patient feel comfortable
So... so to speak, if we can do anything at all to ease their suffering like said before in my previous post, then we're doing it right. Whether or not a certain method is wrong or not, it's quite controversial, that is if you aren't a member of the VAD, whatever you do with intentions of providing help to those who are in agony are protected under the Civil Rights of Geneva, so if anyone ever stumbles an accident and it requires immediate action, don't just stone there, GO~! You don't have to be afraid of being prosecuted for any offence in court since you are already doing your best.

Alright, I'll explain more in detail in my next post so I'll end this one right here so you peeps can access this information at anytime with just the click of the label.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

C'mon Cents Witch Makes Sands

Hey peeps. Tadaima! Sorry for the 1am posts but it's like the only time I can use to blog actually since most of the silence come from that time when my whole family goes into a doze off rather than a bright new morn which I totally can't rely to completely.... Let's just say I'm a bit nocturnal. XD BUT HEY... that's doesn't mean I don't wake up during morning kaaay...XDXD

But blerhz... today I woke up late... Damn sakai larhz... I woke up in the morning already actually thanks to my handphone, but I just couldn't remember how I got to sleep again. When I woke up, it was thanks to Zen's 2nd sms to me that morning lolz. When I checked the time, it states 9.14am. The 2nd was 10.04am. The 2nd was the sms which woke me up and my orientation was supposed to begin at 9.15am?? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGM~!!!
*dies half way*



SO I rushed there la..whuddado... Hopped on me bikez and cycled zere as swiflty as I could but of course.. Swiftly might be an overexaggeration since the roads weren't very... uh... friendly. =(
Stoopeed motorized vehicles~! CURSE YOU~!!!x3

Sudah sampai~
*Ask receptionist*
*rushes 3 floors upstairs*
*sees two lecturers standing outside*
*also passed by a very shiny...uh... roundness?*
*enters through back door*
*takes a seat*
*spots Zen sitting 2 rows away from me*
*smses him*
"Yo, I'm here aready. BTW, I'm behind you"
TAG~! You're it~!
Mehz, just messing around.

But today's yesterday's talks were very interesting indeed. hahax. Really, forget Tucsan man... Today's is helluvalot better than his... No offense, he still RAWKS but... his talk.. Aih... donno what to say la...KK SKIP>>>

SO When I got into the room, there was already a talk going on. Apparently it was about the school system or something. Like if you wanna use any accomadations or get a new car makeover or change student details to maybe even photocopy petty documents and perhaps to fill even your fail grades onto cold hard paper(Okkaaaaaaaayy... Let's try avoiding that~!XD)
*save the trees~!* X3

Well, I remember the OTP which stands for Option To Proceed/Progress, kay, kinda forgot that. But that's actually something for people who have not-so-good grades to decide on should they find their grades... uhmmm... not to well founded. Like they almost failed but they failed in style~-_-~ as if... which means you're just hanging over a cliff. Another piece falls off and poop*dies* NAWT... where got die la... aiyo, have to re-sit whole damned sem only.XD Which is still quite bad since the longer you stay the higher the $$$$$$$$$$... $_$...-_-...0.o

Besides that one, they also had the Enhancement Note. This is issued to any students who certain lecturers find need some improvemnt on certain areas in a 1:1 basis. Like for example, your assignment was filled with effort and goodwill, and he could see that too as a human but as an illustrator... not so much, so he issues this note to you and gives you a 1:1 class so he can explain to you every inch of the detail he wants you to know to be able to produce the desired outcome which both satisfies him and yourself. And such is the Note.. O yeah, if it's about your attitude and stuff, especially punctuality then they'll also issue a Note for you to notify you about your ...erm... performance. Aiya... don't worry la... I'm not talking about the black bad Note from THAT ANIME la which literally kills people whose names are written there....=P

Another would be Re-Submission~! Bah, that's the easiest one actually. It's basically when a lecturer takes your end product on a dateline and tell you, " on it a bit more, see me again in 3 days time..." and there ya have it, Re-Submission~! Weh... what you thinking la? This ain't not Sub-Marine Mission la...XD You wanna learn bout ballast tanks? Go back into your dreams where you sat for Science 2 SPM paper lolenatoroflmaopterzZzZ X3

OO yeah, got FUURRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEE~! Locker Service*cheers*

Then later got a talk from Veronica... Wahsai... damn cun oi, she got shotgun~!
*a hole appears in the wall*
*zombies start crawling in*
WAITamin.... That ain't Veronica from'em Resident Evil peeps. =P
She's the one and only Veronica Ho Chiak A
She's the head of....umm.... O yes, Dean of Studies. XD
Yesh... I remember..
*remembers Rhino*
To begin a flying start huh?
That's a very good talk actually.
She literally interacted with us students and used our 5 points to translate her message unto our underdeveloped minds.
If I recall correctly, the question was
"What are the 5 main points which assures you your dream?"
Err... something liddat.
So one guy said "I donno.."
And lolz, she said it was good if you donno
The word donno is a POWERFUL word... POWDERFUL~!XD
But... it's only powerful if you donno and you tell yourself to know what you donno.
Lolz... and here comes her Common Sense Which Makes Sense which really is just pure common sense and it makes sense. It's like, if you know what you donno and convert the donno into a know then what you know from your donno will let you know more. Lolz..XD
Then a girl said Skills.
Another said Dreams and Passion.
And there were another two which I don't quite remember.
But her talk was terrific. It really gave us a clear picture of what we should be doing and how we should do it. And to know how is to take the first step by actually taking the iniative to know how to begin before you can know the knowhows of the other stuff.*cheers*
O... she really dranks many sips of water in between intervals. So the whole *cheers* thing weren't fake mahnz... She even shared us this kewl trivia knowledge that mood affects the water you drink which she then reinforced the statement by showing results from this Professor. GawdknowwhathisnamewasbutIknowhewasJap~X3
What do you see when you see a drop of water under a x5mil magnification of a super microscope? Beautiful water crystals.
Meh... and the shape changes when you say different things to it. REALLY la...
Got pictures summore...

{Lunch Break}
*buys chap fan*
*finds a seat next to Mr. 8lue $hirT*
*unveils his identity*
*made a new friend(s)*
*gnaws at food*
*walks to Pop U Lar....*
*quotes prices for art materials*
*hurries back to lecture room*
*passes by a shining curve of a ball aka shining roundness*
*enters through back door~again~*
And to my surprise... I saw that Shining Curve of a Ball/Shining Roundness again. He was actually...........
hewassupercoolandfunnywithtonsofprestigiouscuntedawards witharecognitionoftheglobalbrandforum
be it
Lolz... he totally Scores man...*Sallute~!*

So yeah, the day just passed by liddat.
And we got our short campus tour. Elected a new taiko in our class. Paid for art materials. Settled payment for library services.
Walked with Zen to the bus stop and bumps into peeps~XD
First it was Wei Ee which sounds like a gal but apparently, he's a damned lad...XD
Kewl guy though.
Then Wei Yang came over who was actualy going towards the same direction with Zen which is like the KJ station? Mehz... they're made for each other X3
Owh... and there was this one guy.... a senior??? I think.
I recall seeing his face in school and once in Mel's house.
We chatted a bit.
Then I whispered to Zen
"hey.. I forgot his name"
and Zen did the same as I did but he said
"hey... I don't even know him"
Lolz... damn cunted oi. Moment of extraodinary ordinaries lolz.
Err... whuddaheck am I talking about again?=P
Anyhows... I guess that'd be all for this post.
Stay tuned.
I'll be back again.
*gothic organ plays*

Weh... no more d la... read what some more oi?XD
Twinkie twinkie~!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Orientation Day 1 @ TOA

Yo peeps. Man... today I woke up real early dood. 6.45am man...
Whudda do... gotta pass the vest to Joanne @ school. Meh... Jo~! You owe me'em McFluffyMcFlurry.XD

Sho... I shycled to shchool, pashed her the vesh, gotch backsh shome, shtook shme bashe... and jogged to Sunway again. Meh.. good thing TOA wasn't as far as Sunway College was. Man, my muscles didn't get enough time to recuperate last night since I only got back at like 10.45 and 8 hours later haveta go and jog again. Meh, it was a job there and back mind ya. But heckz, I still love jogging. Who cares. X3

When I reached Sunway, I was planning to go into the complex's toilet to change my clothes but it still wasn't open. MehX(. Then I remembered that there was another toilet just outside around the Friendster Cafe where people meet 365 days a year... Boo.. meeting so many times is scary dood...XD Get a life la... meet 365 days a year meh? Nothing else better to do ka? Well.. unless if you're working at Nuffnang and your job is only to scout the blogs under the service, yeah, you could basically just set a laptop there and stay there for 365 days in a year. Lolz... XD

So I found the toilet, got changed, walked to TOA, went inside to see whether Zen was there. Didn 't see him, SO I thought of walking out to wait for him. When I was about to ask him where he was he just smsed me before I hit the send button saying "Hi Osla...". I was like... ei? He there meh? But I didn't see him oso. But after a lil' searchin yeah, I found him awrite. Blerhz... he forgot his stoopeed receipt. Dumb goof... Oh well, he's gonna pay tomorrow today anyways. XD So kinda pointless if he still had his receipt. The staff kinda said you needed the receipt to get the offer letter but meh, he was so polite that they just gave him anyways regardless of him forgetting his offer letter. =_=;... No fair man... NO FAIR~!

So after that, he waited for mine to finish. Then later the staff said to wait until called and I heard someone asking all those who've received the offer letters to go to the 2nd floor. I wasn't sure since the staff asked me to wait for my name to be called so I went and asked and she just said "yeah.. go upstairs"... Blerhz... say so la... Deng... XD

*walks up staircase*
*sees a LOT of STUDENTS gathering/slacking/hanging out/queuing/stoning*
"where're we supposed to line up?", says ol' unsure yours truely.
"i donno, maybe we should just stay here", replies good ol' Zen.
"owh, you should queue over there", says an international student we both didn't know.
so we went ahead with a thanks and finally the whole group started moving and we got into the classroom.

There, we were teasing about how yong sui both our ID cards looked like. Lolz... total goof ups man. My pic was like uai one side with the lame fake smil whereas Zen had his face lopsided to the left or something. And they actually spelled his name Hse instead of Hsu. Meh... that's so hilarious oi. After like waiting for 15 minutes, we were told that we were supposed to move to another class upstairs in the 3rd floor so up we went and we got settle in again.

The...pause for the beginning was extremely long. We actually got so bored that we decided to do some emotes outta plastic leftovers. Blerhz... damn kewl. We laughed our arses off man. You can check his blog to see the pics. Yeap... he took pic of all of'em so no disappointment for y'all. =P

So the first agenda for the orientation was the briefing, so some over-sophisticated uber kewlness multimedia shows which I hardly understood but admired their work, and of course, the introduction of the lecturers, facilities, etc etc.

Went on with the rules of facilities, the IT stuff, and believe me, the talk from the IT thing was waaaaaaaaaay more fun the the first 2. O yeah, Mr. Ganesh talked about discipline and stuff if I'm not wrong. At least he kept his speech short and simple.

Then, the star of the day, Mr. Tucsan showed up. Saw his face almost everywhere. In the booklets, the hallways, newspapers, websites and he finally showed uo to meet us face to face. His speech was.... VERY ELONGATEDLY LONGNESS.....I get that he wanted to share his experience and stuff but it was pretty obvious that he went around the same topic again and again. No offense sir, we'd love to hear your stories but time ain't sufficient sir... Meh, we starved till 2pm for ya. But anyhow, we still respect ya. Hope you can keep it short, brief and with purpose next time so that the message you want to get through to the students can penetrate our minds more effectively instead of taking the long way round in the speech. Hmm... maybe I should drop this at the suggestion box XD

When Zen and I went home, err, more like waited for the bus home, we bumped into this guy who was apparently a year senior in TOA than us freshies and he got along with Zen pretty well since he was sitting just right next to him. When we got into the bus to KJ station, we decided to switch numbers. During the process, I saw MITSURU FROM P3~! and then I just clicked with him. For a while until he got into P4... which I never touched yet. Meh... and then I got roadsick so the conversation was nowhere near pleasant to me... Blerhz.. When we parted ways at the station, Zen and I figured that it was gonna rain soon so we both ran home for a while. But he just got demotivated and walked so I just followed him. When we arrived at his place, the clouds were dark, but it still wasn't raining.

SO I scanned some pics at his place and found out that RO BGMs had very nice remixes while waiting for the rain to pass. He gave me all in his td. Yayz =) I whacked his crackers, and 6 type of choc and also stole some of his Jack'N Jill went up the hi- SKIP>> He also showed me a few tips here and there bout the blog html which I didn't really understand since I'm just clueless at these stuff but thanks for the explanacion anyways Zen... blerhz.... better do my self research first next time =(

So I jogged back home... err... legs kinda tired. Meh... jog so much d... =(. Nevermind, that's what makes me so pro X3. So yeah, my day just kinda ended like that and voila, I'm here blogging. Well, guess I'll be checkin out now since me brain's just got empty. KK, cya later peeps. Twinkies!XD

The First VAD meet in Yi Leng Leng Kao year XD

Hey peeps, I’m back again. Tadaima~! *nods head*

Ok… so today I practically started my day as usual. Good thing Phang reminded me about the whole friggin meet man. It totally lost track of it. Cheers to you =)

Today… got improvement~! I woke up at 10.45am~~ XDXD
K fine… maybe it’s still pretty late but hey, it’s better than waking up half past twelve right? 0:

Normal la… did my stuff. Mom got back. Lil’ bro already went to school @ like ermm… 11.30am? Dude… that boy is one committed prefect.*feels with pride*
Ate my Mee Soup~Slrrrp….~ Nyam Nyamzz…~
Mom’s cookings are always ichiban to me. XD Osousamadeshita~!.

Then later… I continued Phantom Brave on PS2. Went through some 80 stage dungeon with a Crappy Title… Meh, the title was so crappy, the monsters were entirely crappy. SHiet… even the bonuses were crappy. SO much for wasting 3 hours completing that stoopeed dungeon. Well, at least Marona leveled up tons of times. XD

KK skip>>>
Helped my mom keep the Christmas trees. *waves* See ya next Christmas~!

So I prepared and left at around 6pm.

I MADE IT there W00tx2

Yeah, I feel damned pro awrightez…=P
Bah, it’s really not that far… Just from KJ to Sunway. It’s kacang putih. SERIOUS
Well, for me I guess X3

So when I got into the campus. I called up my VAD senior who was already there. At first I thought she was in the campus cafeteria and then while searching, I bumped into Mira… HI~!

So we chatted a bit and after walking around continuing the lost search, I double checked my message again later and we found out that she was having her dinner at a corner ORANGE shoplot. Hmm… *points* ~There it is!!~
*heads northeast towards the cornershop direction*
“OI! Guna gate yang satu lagi!”
*walks back out *
O… so the other gate was here… haiz, went all the way to the right direction but wrong gate. Talk about good direction senses. XS
*arrived at shoplot*
*couldn’t find anyone*
“O… you upstairs izzit? CHe… saylar…”
*walks up*
Whuddaheck oi, they already finished their dinner…. Meh… hellz hellz I just got down and bought some chap fan anyways XD
OO… Carrot Susu… so expensive. 2.40 for large and it’s cup was a damned vase-shaped cup lolz… XD
“eh, you guyz waiting for me to finish izzit?”
“o… woops”
*downs everything down*
*walks together to the classroom*

Right… the room she booked got “shifted” somehow ‘cause the stoopeed tag wasn’t on the blardy door… Meh… had to look for the other room. But no biggie though. It was pretty nearby. At least I went through a real spooky darkness hallway. XS SO scary… Maybe can shoot The Call 2 there or something. 5 star spooked rating man that hallway. XDXD

SO we arrived, settled in… And big guy wasn’t there yet… SO we waited and waited then Oh, People~! Started coming in… OI, the meeting’s supposed to be @ 7.30pm not 8pm??? Pfftt…. Malaysian’s no.1 trademark.XS

Yeah… big guy’s finally here! Wait… why’re you wearing pink? O well, it suits your dark skin I guess. XD

K… First agenda… The SOP aka Standard Operation Procedures. O wait, before that, he distributed the vests. YAY! Finally got my vest. Managed to get him to give me Joanne’s vest on hutang basis… Good thing he’s big guy, not taiko. X3

So SOP… is uh…. The proper methods for you to handle a certain situation. Like for example, if there’s a fire or a flood or a car accident and you arrive at the scene as a first aider, whatcha gonna do?
SO he explains that system of communication we have.
Our VAD team is split into several group or sections. Each group has a HSL(Higher Section Leader), SL(Section Leader), ASL(Assistant Section Leader) and finally normal members. I think some of you peeps are pretty familiar with these titles.
The hierarchy here is actually just for communication totally. Not like the school’s one like this one have to pay respect to this and that yadadada and blablabla. No.
The main role of the hierarchy is to pass messages from our Commandant, FX who’s at the top of’em all to the HSLs and the HSLs haveta send all o’em smses to us members under their sections. Pity their job sometimes. SO it’s just like that lo.
And then, usually, the calls are for public duties or emergencies(ER). Duty can be smsed and is very flexible but for ERs, it’d be best to just call directly. Hope there won’t be any ERs soon or my MT’s gonna have a hole in her wallet later. Meh.. she has to take care of 6 people under her section. That’s costy maximus man. XD

So yeah… it’s like that

Then we went on to the difference between RC and St. John’s.
The difference between these 2 societies can be seen clearly using the zone reference during a disaster.

For example. If we happened to be pulled out to Gaza to aid the people there, that place would have a whole zone divided into 3 parts. The red; where the place is affected or also danger zone and also the place where search and rescues and performed, yellow; where field clinics, relief centers and the like are stationed which is also known as the safe zone and the surrounding area of the disaster and green; the border region between civilians and the victims.

And before I go on further, I must stress on the difference between victims and casualties. Victims are people affected by such disasters like losing their home and food resources whereas casualties are people who injured.

So, come back again to the main issue. RC units are usually stationed in the yellow zone for setting up relief centers. This is also for search and rescue missions. Meaning RCs can enter the red zone under the accompaniment of the Bomba though usually it’s when needed only but if the Bomba are short-handed, we’ll be the first responders. Kewl huh? Not all though, it’s tough work.

And the St. Johns… are stationed at the green zone only. I’m not sure why but they’re only allowed as far as the green zone during disasters. Their duty would be to keep a lookout for the condition of the surrounding ke po chis hooting over the border looking for some scoop. SO let’s say if a reporter goes blackout, they’ll be there.

Its kinda downgrading their reputation but... hm… tha’s what I was told.
So to speak basically, RC is more recognized when it comes to disasters whereas St. John’s mostly only do ambulance service and public duty. So RC has a plus instead of just those two.

Another difference would be that St. Johns skills are only limited to treating injuries which is good but we RCs tackles “those who are suffering” or I quote from the RC ikrar, “Bahawa kami ahli Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia berikrar akan sentiasa memberi khidmat sukarela kepada mereka yang sakit atau menderita pada waktu aman atau bencana walau di mana jua kami berada.”

Which translates as, We as the members of the Red Crescent Society of Malaysia hereby make an oath that we will always offer voluntary aid to those who are in pain or suffering during times of peace or disasters regardless of where ever we may be.

This itself can roughly tell you about the things we RCs do. We specialize in tackling disaster control, first aid, psychological support, giving ambulance service and even run fund-raising campaigns. There’s actually much more to what we can do but the scope of our job is narrowed down to this much for the time being.

I’ve never read the St. John ikrar so I guess I’ve no right to actually say that they don’t do what we RCs do but should a question about the difference between RCs and St. John’s pop out, we have to answer it somehow. Well, guess the experience at SMKDU wasn’t a waste at all.

Then we moved on to getting cooking utensils for disasters. FX set a new sorta rule that if there’s in any case an event occurs and involves only 25 people and below, then we ta bao. But if it’s more than 25, we’re gonna setup a kitchen and start mass-cooking for the crowd. Uh… Half a botlle of OIL!? You’re joking? Who’s gonna eat that!? Owh… I forgot… *sigh* They don’t have much of a choice huh? Hope they don’t get diarrhea after consumption ‘cause that happened to the victims at Bukit Antarabangsa after consumption so I’ve heard…

Then there’ll be a first aid course this coming Sat and Sun, RM30 admission fees mainly for food for the whole 2 days from 9am-5pm which all attendees are required to pay on the day itself at the Victoria Station, Second Floor, opposite of PJCAD around Asia Jaya if I’m not wrong. Pfft, have to go exploring again. XD

and yeah… that pretty much concludes it. Meh.. mom said there was some banchang kueh waiting for me at home so I jogged back again as soon as I could only to find out that my dad gave the last two pieces my mom saved for me to my bro…………………………………T^T READ THE EFFING MSG MI WROTE THERE LA PA~!!! T^T………..MY banchang kueh….

kk, I gotta meetup with Jo tomorrow morning at school to pass her vest to her so gotta wake up early. SO… I’ll see ya guyz later then..XD
O yeah, Muko-dono.. eheh… gomene Rozenkreutz-dono… my memory banyak kabur these days.

Owh… and the original lyrics for that song extract actually goes like this:

“All that I heard shoutin' from your heart

I find out about your destiny
I find out about your destiny
I get back your memory
I want you shinin' for my love”

KK, twinkie twinkie. Oyasumi~!=P

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rozen+kreutz... The Fiendish Vampire Overlord...

Tod-… Er I mean Yester-day….. I went to Rozenkreutz’s house. Yie… her, that evil paparazzi who slurps blood for supper X3. Whudda do, her name sounds like a fiendish vampire. Makes me wonder why she likes the name so much. X3

Lolz… I woke up upon her phone call. CURSE YOU ROZENKREUTZ~! CURSE YOU~!!!...*inspired by Inspector Gadget*

Hehe, noticed I did the same thing to Zen?XD

KK skip skip>>
So she called me like 11.54am or something. Actually I woke up earlier but hmm… must have gone back to sleep after a while. Today is like the day I feel the most tired after waking up. *yawns*

But there was one real cool part though. When she called me, my ringtone was ringing. It’s actually a song from UVERWorld which I have cut to suit my ringtone-ing needs. Lump of Affection. It’s the spotlight song of the album which shares the same title as the song. It just started of with:

“Over the heart, shouting from your heart-“
*Found out bout your destiny, find out bout your destiny
-the background voice-*
“kirameku memori, like the part that flows from hear-“


Che…. Potong steam lerhz… XS

But yeah, I love that part of the song, makes every call I get sound like destiny to me. Something that could change my life if I just pick it up. If you guyz wanna listen to it, just ask, I’ll upload it into my Multiply site and you guyz can experience the music itself~=)

So… to continue. I had lunch… Owh, sorry Rozenkreutz, I really didn’t know my mom DID cook lunch when you called so I asked for your portion of PORRIDGE at your place. Eheheh….X3

But it was just leftover stuff. Rice, scrambled eggs… And.. OooOh~! Uncle Jack Nuggets which taste 99.999999999999999999999% exactly like McNuggets. XD Love’em.*gluttons at food*

“Mi~! I’m going to my friends- yadadada….”
*puts on earphones*
*ding dong*
“HI~!....WHY ARE YOU SO WE-*beep*(sensored)”
~voila, I’m there~XDXDXD

Let’s see… what did I do…. Oh I went to her roo... her study room*ahemm* and found her dopeylil’hi-techoversophisticateduselessfancykewl-designed

Yeapz… it was so highly qualityd that Rozenkreutz could bash it up so many countless times that it still runs~! *thunder rumbles*”IT’S ALIVE~!!”
She’s not so Franky-fied…
But still… considering her evil nature… guess it’s awright for me to put it that way. X3
But the best part of the whole story was that… nothing got scaned*PAWNED* Aiyo…………. Went all the way there for nuts...Well at least I drew another picture of Zen. Hehe… same pic, but looked better than the previous. Maybe I’ll show you later when I crash at your place Zen.XD

O O oooo… and I played with *FLUFFY*…naw… Zen’s it’s not your DAWG… it’s a freakishly cute and harmless fluffy little fluffball= *~A HAMSTER~*
O.. you’re gonna watch Bolt 3D right? Tell me whatcha thing bout Rhino will ya? =)

and and and… I also watched tv… lolz.. Yeap… There was a video on and it was like OOOOOOOOOOOO… I know that show~! What’s the title again? “Moko-dono”, replied the evil vampire lord. It’s actually a Jap drama about this guy who’s like a super kewl dude on stage and a complete apiao in front of’em peeps of his. Kewl huh?=)

Most importantly, Rozzy… the vampire… WANTED TO SUCK MY BLOOD...NAWT! taught me howda meddle with the HTML of the blog thingy. Well, a bit here and there. She showed me where to change the background skin. W00t, gotta meddle with’em text laters when I GET MY PICTURES blerhz…

SO yeah…

ape lagi?

Takder dah… ah… nak baca ape lagi?
gua ade satu sesuatu yang spesel untuk korang semua..
chup ah…


skit lagi jer…

takder ape ape pun…che

kk… Twinkie twinkie… gotta go fetch taiko’s number for a damsel in distress lolenatorzroflmaocopterz.XD

The KINDER....meh lets be Malaysian. TADIKA~!

Yo peeps. Time to resume the story. Where did I left off again? Hmm... O yes, Mickey. I haven't been seeing him for a long time already. The last time he came to pay me a visit was like years ago. I think I was 11 then. Gawd knows where he is now though... But where ever he is, I bid him all the best he can ever get.

So that was my first kindergarten. After 2 years in that kindergarten, my mom... I guess you could say she found a "better" kindergarten for me to school in. I didn't know the meaning of reluctance then but I began reminiscing about the old tadika after a few days settling and adapting to the new environment. Guess it's only natural to miss a place you grow fond of after some time.

The new place is Tadika Seaport. It's a pretty decent place. It has fancy playscapes, nice grass to fall on, cute uniforms. Hehe... looks like I am beginning to miss them this very moment. But... uh, I don't really like the teachers there. They're really really scary. I still remember 2 of'em teachers really clearly. One was Mrs. Cho and the other was Mrs. Tan. Mrs. Cho was the headmistress of the tadika whilst Mrs. Tan was her assistant head teacher of some sort if I remember correctly. But Mrs. Tan was a very friendly person. She's one of the only teachers I'm not afraid of in kindergarten. Mrs. Cho on the other hand... uh... her voice is so darn loud... It's like a friggin truck hon by the busy street while I'm cycling. Really sickening volume. It's worse than hearing dogs barking out of the blue in the neighbourhood while you go for a short stroll to ease your head up a bit. But... she wasn't bad all through though. I guess she really acted out as a figure of a teacher at times of need. But most of time.. uh... I kinda hate her...

But in this kindergarten. I developed many new interest in many things and of course acquired new friends as well. I'll start of with the interests first. Lets see... I had my first hand experience on computers the week I stepped into the school. It was kinda fun. The games the were very childish but heck... we were kids then anyways. MMORPG's were non-existant in that era lolz... I still remember the 2 games all students there get to play in the com. Everyone had to take turns there. Hahax.. guess sharing IS caring. One of them was this... match the Sesame Street charcters or something like that. It was really just educational games to allow us to recognize numbers and alphabets easier since most of'em matching had alphabets and numbers to match. Theother game, ah... yes I loved that one. It was some sorta ice-cream mixing machine. Actually a game but hell, it's just so cool to experiment with all the toppings and flavours. Hahaha, we'd be queueing up for a chance at the com whenever we had the opportunity. One ice-cream for everyone! Wait for your turns yaw~! *Mix mix mix* *OOO CHOC CHIPS~!**MMM Maple syrup…mmm*** meh… too bad they weren’t real. I’d bet they’d have tasted like heaven. XD

The second interest I’ve cultivated since my enrollment there is the PIANO *PRANG~!*** Yeah, I fiddle with it some times but meh, I couldn’t even play ABC damn straight. But I could do Mary Had A Little Lamb though XD. Well, it didn’t really come from me playing, the interest. It’s the things the teachers used to do there. Hahax, every week there’d be a day where they group all the students into the music room and *music plays* and there we are singing Brother John~ Brother John… and the likes. Man those days were so jived up.*hums*

Now, lets move on to the friends. I’ve met a few people there as well. One boy in particular in my messed up memory jar would be Leo. Hmm, never heard of any other name behind it as far as I’ve known him. At that time, he is equivalent to the kewlest guy in school in secondary. The only difference is that he ain’t at all handsome or hot, just plain RICH WITH TOYS*bling bling* Yeaps, name anything from yoyos, Power Rangers fingurines, any of the latest crazes of us kids, he has’em. Ehehe… well, that’s kinda where I started my kissass skills lolz. Yo whaddya expect? Hi!... Can I play? NAWT… kids those days weren’t THAT nice peeps. I had to work my way to get him to actually lend me his Mighty Red Dino-morphing Power Ranger for once. Guessed what? I missed my bus for the first time that day. O.. and I remember panicking too. Lolz… totally lost track of all time then. Blerhz… But I was really lucky. There was this driver auntie who overheard my pleas for help and she offered me a ride home though I know not of the road she traversed with her Dark Blue pale whacked-up Proton Wira. But hey, it’s still decent transportation. So… thanks auntie if you’re ever reading this =) SO I kinda got lost in the road but then pooped, somehow I just managed to get back home safely. Hehe, maybe that’s the experience which allowed me to go on roads without the fear of getting lost. Because I know I’m always gonna have a home to return to at the end of the day. Damn glad I have a home now awright.XD And yeah, I took a bus then. It was called Bus T. Simple name but till now… hmm… I still can’t penetrate the meaning behind its name. Maybe it’s just supposed to be T or a T^T…. X3 Owh, I also recalled one day I had to go for an emergency rush to the bathroom so the bus auntie waited for me. Bah… felt kinda bad for them. But I didn’t feel like that then. Whaddya expect? I was 5!X3

Another friend I’ve known would be Adrian Soo. Yeap, THAT Adrian from SMKTS who occasionally drop by our hangout spot if you guyz even know what I’m talking about. ~Moment of truth~ In case if you guyz don’t really know… Adrian used to be a special kid. He was kinda slow but I’ve seen the miracles effort can be sometimes. I mean, look at him today, OR just the last time you saw him. He’s like a normal person. I’m glad things worked out for him. Though… he still kinda gets to me with his slowness in conversational response. Donno if you guyz noticed it thought but he’s just… SLOW Meh what else do you want me to say? Yadadada SKIP>>
yeah… he used to be slow. And he was a very nice person to play with. I’d remember him always at the music room playing his toys. And he was my motivation to finish work faster so, hey Adrian, I owe you big time bro. Maybe I’ll treat you next time. =) Well, yeah, tractors, motokar, rubber tayar… Those things create moments of bliss for us kids. Meh… maybe we’re just growing up too fast. But you can’t really just dupe globalization non? Even these days, you won’t see those toys anymore. Just a plain’ol PS2 and a com with Screamyx and that’s entertainment. Bah… kids these days. Somebody mind telling me where Power Rangers and Ultramen gone to? Pfft…Period.

Next up would be Muhd. Nabil and Azri. Hmm… They went to the same primary school and we ended up in the same class as well hahax… I remember their names but we weren’t that close… Hmm, wonder how’re they doing now?

Well, there was this one chic I met in Tadika Seaport… Super HAWT…

She was huge and big. Her name was Farha Nadia. DOH, girls in kindergarten knew not of the meaning of’em fine curves then and neither did I during that era. So nope, she wasn’t… Now? Err… no idea, haven’t met her for years. I only last, made contact with her through phone like when I was in Form 4 but… our talk was kinda short. Blerhz… no wave synch, can’t communicate well. Owh, guess what. That day her house got struck by lightning or something. Great timing… When her house got hit by a sudden blackout all she could say was F***. Right… at least she’s making SOME progress. Well, she’s probably outta school right now like the most of us are. Hmm… wonder wonder wonder. O FYI, she was my dance partner for my tadika performance’s… errr.. O YA “The Twist~!”. O man… someone even put lipstick on my face that day. O wait… was that lipgloss? Donno, don’t care, don’t matter. But I had fun. First time ever performing in front of an audience. Hahax… Odd, it felt easier doing that dance then going up to people saying HI. Word…

Yeah… that;s about all I can remember from my tadika memories. Besides that… hmm… guess I’ll have to do a search and rescue of’em memoirs in me daymned otak. I’m a prawn head*otaku dang* X3

Hmm…. Guess that concludes this edition of childhood. Stay tuned for updates. I’ve yet to complete my mental defragmentation progress.=P

Monday, January 05, 2009

Hmmm.... Childhood days=)

As we all know, everyone has their own experiences when they were just little toddlers. So, hmm... let me do the pride of sharing you my moments in childhood. After all, IT IS my blog. XD

Let's begin.... with my oldest memory. I'm not sure if you readers would believe in my words but I thought I saw the first object, a television and a Mega TV receiver just in front of me from the womb of my mom. Blurry, vague, but I could tell it was those things I saw and I of course, I couldn't name those stuff then but now I can. I also saw this curtain... It was... very light. There were even floral motives on'em. Ehehe, well of course I know which one it is now. Everytime I look at it, it just replays this memory again and again. It wasn't sad nor happy or anything... Perhaps just a past I indulge in sometimes. But it feels kinda cool. To think that I could see outta my mom's womb while I was still inside her tummy. Hehe.. maybe there was a periscope somewhere in the umbilical cord or something hahax.... Scary... but still, it's pretty fun. Hahax... Hmm... a particular song from the Ragnarok Online BGM sparked me to start this actually... Hmm... it's amazing how music reacts with our brainwaves sometimes.

Then of course, I remember going to kindergarten. I went to 2 kindergarten actually. The first one was just 2 blocks away from my road. I forgot what the place's name was called though. But I recalled that i was a very pleasant experience. The teachers were very nice. But there was one teacher who just scares the hell outta me. But she's alright after I got used to her. Haha... maybe that's why I'm so good with teachers others fear sometimes in school. I've already got a first hand experience in handling them hahaha... I wish I could see those teachers again... if I do, I hope I could recognize them when I do. I wanna thank them for making me who I am today. =) They were the angels who taught me that every teacher is good at heart even when their apparel suggests the other way around. That's why, I always respect teachers. Even dreamt of joining their lineage, but... teaching ain't really my best forte... It's frustrating... very... The hardship a teachers goes through just to educate a student is really a living hell. I've got first hand experience with only one kid before and it causes my headaches almost everytime. So, to all teachers... I *salute* y'all... Owh, did I ever tell you guyz that I've been naked in front of my class before in my first kindergarten? Hehe... it's a real embarassing experience but bah, I'll share it anyways. There was this one day I had to go poo-poo. Back then, I've yet to learn the art of washing it meself... So that day, after I was done with my business, being the toddler I am,I marched outside the washroom calling to the teacher without any bottoms. AND GAWD... everyone in the class saw... Pfft... good thing I was still a kid then. Shy isn't a feeling I'd feel when I need an ass wash... XD Well, when I was small lolz... But because of that, I've learned to wash faster. So whoever that teacher was, thanks a bunch.

In that kindergarten, everyone was a friend. And when we get the chance, we'd always play all the long as though we had all the time in the world or... when mom comes and bring us back home. Sadly, I know not of most of their names. But I do particularly remember to people from those times. Last time, there was this girl... You could say she was my very first crush besides my mom and obviously, what crush meant then was completely oblivious to my kiddish mind. But whenever there was a window of opportunity, I'd just look at her face and just say... "that's a very pretty face." Her name was... Jennifer I think. Back then race and religion had no effect on me. But I do know that she is a Punjab today. She's still around in the neighbourhood. Occasionally, I'd bump into her only to find out that she doesn't recognize me. She also had a little sister. I think her name was Jean. Back then her sis kept long hair and she had short bangs. She didn't bring the same effect her sis did to me though. But she was sure a very fun playground-mate. I used to go to the playground very often then. Hehe... Mom'd take me out once in a while. After i got a'lil used to it then I started going there by myself. Fun memories really... always playing catch last time and I'll always be the first person to get caught hahax... whuddado, I was so chubby then.

Speaking about playgrounds, I had one bad fall before once in the playground. As usual, playing catch, but this time it was with an Indian boy. We got along pretty well. So we played. When everyone just went up the slide's staircase, I got the urge to follow'em up as well. Then brief moments later, an elbow pushed me backwards and I fell tumbling down to the ground. True story of jatuh ditimpa tangga. My head had a very big bulge after that. Well, like all kids would do when they feel pain, they cry... so I cried. Noone took the initiative to even brign me back up. Instead, when I got to my senses, everyone else was gone... probably ran away outta fear of my mom perhaps. That's when I noticed how irresponsible people can be. I walked back home with a wet face and after telling my mom what happened, I even got scolded. meh... talk about jatuh ditimpa tangga. Langkah kiri kao kao lah... Literally jatuh ditimpa tangga mom scold s'more when I get back. But I could sense that my mom was worried about me so I just took it all in. And hugged her.

At the playground, I used to play badminton almost every evening. Haha... I'd remember blaming the wind so frequently when it was blowing against my favor. In that very court, I met another 2 people. They were siblings. The boy's name was Julian and girl's name was Jillian if I remember correctly. Chinese of course. Haha... badminton was such a leisure during those times. Let's see... I've changed my racquet 5 times in my whole life. My fifth was my last and it's still usable today. Just that all the net strings came off. Gotta replace'em. Badminton was very bittersweet to me. Well, it did bring me a substantial amount of fun and pain... Well,let's see... I got hit by a shuttlecock on my chest, my nose and my forehead before.. I think one even hit my groins before...*owww...* But it was fun nevertheless. And 5 racquets means I've broken another 4 mind you... uh, feel kinda bad for my parents now...But they were all budget racquets anyways. We'd go to the Giant Hypermarket in Subang to shop when we needed groceries and households and everytime I had something in interest, they'd just buy it for me... well, if I let them know beforehand and that it's actually gonna do me some good.XD Naughty boy...=(

There's one thing I regret doing though during my childhood. During another normal still evening... it was so good that I thought we could actually have a fair match in badminton with the nuisance of the wind casted off. But there was just one thing that irritated me that time. I was playing with Julian that time. He was on the opposing side. But her sister was playing at the side with another girl. There was once the shuttlecock just when to the out line and I couldn't receive it because she was blocking the way, afraid I'd hit her then. What'd I do then? I was so frustrated that I told her a few times to stay away but she just kept on playing. Then at one point, I got so worked up that I went to scold her again and *SMACK*. I hit her back with my racquet. I just DID. Then she started crying... And his brother ran towards her demanding an explanation. He didn't even scold me... He just said, "why did you do that for?" and he carried her back home. I felt so bad that day... And after that, they were still so nice to me. What an asshole I am... I didn't even say sorry to her till today. Maybe it's just because I'm too afraid to face her. Soon after, I didn't visit the badminton court that often anymore. See? I wasn't all good before you know... Hmm... I think I'm gonna apologize when I get the opportunity.

Well, that was playground... Remember before when I said I had two friends in kindergarten? There's actually a boy. His name was.... Umm.. Mickey Chua Meng Kok I think. Very friendly boy. Sadly he was in that kindergarten for a short time only. He left after a few months but we were still close. Probably because we just lived a few blocks away from each other and during that time, my mom and his step-mother were pretty close. So we do cross-visits a lot. I used to admire his toy collection. He had like 3 pails full of Lego blocks all together with the wheels, the battery-operated mechs, the lego-citizen.. dragons. Everything I would love to have if my parents could afford them. Sadly that was shown to be impossible. So... I just window shop on this things which I can never ever own. I had some Lego too actually. But my lil bro spoiled a lot of'em when he was growing so my mom threw and gave away a lot of'em toys.

He was a very friendly boy. At that time I think he was 2 years older than me. Whenever I stopped by his house to play, he'll share me everything he has. He became like an older brother to me after that. There was this one day, I stayed at his house all the way through the night, so in the evening before that, I called my mom. His mom was inviting me for dinner there actually. So that makes it the first dinner I had at a friend's place. The food were all nice. But I was picky then. If I were to eat any meat, I'd be sure it doesn't have any bone in it first before biting into it. And the ones served at his house had all them BONES...I refused to take it at first but then later they convinced me into eating it. SO I munched on it for sometimes, which I spitted out in the end with the excuse of not being able finish it. I could see how furious his mom was so I just tilted my head and finished my meal even faster. Hmm. since that day, I've been trying out a lot of food, especially green vegetables. I've also learned that true value of food to us. That was when I truely adopted the habit of finishing my food to the very last part.
So after the dinner, we continued playing till about 9.30 I think. We even had Lego wars of some sort. Haha...such imaginative minds.

Hmm... there's still more to tell but I'll stop here for now. Wait for the continuation of this post.=)

Yo peeps! Zis is me 2nd post of da year..X3

Yadadadadada, as usual, had troubles getting up from sleep again. Blerhz. Good thing I was supposed to meet Zen at like 10am. Meh... I woke up like 7.30am and slept again and woke up again 45 minutes later. Kewl huh? Fufufufufu...NOT... Lalalalala~ In case if you guyz don't know I used to be very unpunctual during my school life. Sad... but true story. Hahax...

Well, it's not like it's so blardy hard being late anyways. All you gotta do is just pick up 10 pieces of rubbish, though I tend to pick up more than that just for the fun of it. Meh, I'm a cleanaholic. LAWL... Don't look it up, you'll never find it the dictionary, trust me... Hmm, maybe you should lolz, 'cause I'm not even sure meself. XD.

Anyhow, had some Milo mixed with oatmeal for my sarapan. Then jog all the way to Zen's house only to know that we were supposed to go meet up in school... CURSE YOU ZEN.... I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS*HORNS APPEAR*d\O,..,O/b BOO....XE.

Hmph, at least he waited for me... XD lolz, I was like so appy when I got there first before his car came. Then he told me he went to photostat some stuff... Che........ Potong steam man you.... And I was there thinking that I jogged so fast lolenatorz...

So, we waited for the "teacher"~!... Hmmm... had no clue who to look for actually. Owh, and we bumped into Jia Bao just now hehex. Donno why she was even there though meh...X3. SO... we looked for $MR.ALAN$*Deng deng deng DENG!!!* Oh, err, he's the discipline teacher??? Meh, naik pangkat chor. Now he's $PENOLONG KETUA KANAN$*DRACULA ORGAN PLAYS* Right... bah, he can't do no nothing no more to us school leavers. Hehe... He's not such a bad guy actually, just a bit over-obsessed with his freakish irritating school rules which sometimes pose of more as a problem rather to serve our so called >FREEDOM<>SAFETY<. Good thang we left.=D I never really got the guts to say this in front of MR.ALAN but.... well, it's my blog. Teach... you should just be a bit more open man... stop being such a SuCkY teach... We know you wanna do'em right, just don't go all overboard yo...X3 continued. We found out that MR.ALAN was out gawd nose wear. SO, we just went on straight to the office. Along the way, we met Mr. Tiada( means nothings in Tamil I think lolz...XD), Mr. Beh(ALO~!), Mr. Tay...Pn. Norsyima, Pn. Norlia, Pn. Ang, Pn.Shirley, Pn. Teh(S) and even Pn. Faridah... Oh and hey... HI JIA KENT~!Hao jiu bu jian le...XD Skip scene.... Waited in the office only to know that Pn. Zakiyah, our beloved Principal of SMKTS was absent......... ckdsaegkfhwlgb, blerhz... that sux... So we then were told that we could ask Pn. Ang. TEA~...*Briskly attends the parent*... then we waited and waited for 15 minutes with air-con and O, TEACH~*again*....*sigh* and owh finally she responded. Then she told us that forecast aren't really slips, just'em stupid photocopies of'em RKA's... sad.... if we knew earlier we do ourselves lorhz... haiya... Next stop~! KOPERASI... lolz, they even sold stuff not needed bu student as long as they pay money $$... money mongers... pfft. Oh well, at least one of'em lass was Zen's ex-marching member. W00t... donno who X3. FYI got photocopy machine in the office la but it had "NO TONER". Literally. They even put up some stupid cardboard saying it has no toner. pfft...So... Koperasi we go then...photocopy complete... head back... AI.... Mrs. Red(ANG) not there... hmm... so she told us before that we could go to any panitia teachers to get us a signature. SHO we did lor.... Dear Pn. Norlia helped us out.XD... Hmm.. maybe you guyz out there just got the wrong impression about her. She's not that bad a person you know... Give her a break la...fufufufufu... teacher, you see I educating people about the importance of Moral. XD *Thank you thank you you're far too kind-Numb Encore* Che... perasan doh XD Then we got outta school and waited for Zen's dad to fetch us there. Hmmm... on the way his dad mentioned about some hygiene tips... They were all good though. But whether I'll practice them... hmm.... We'll see X3 Wo men dao SUNWAY PY- O yeah... TOA hor... haiz... next time la...=(...Ai... missed my mom in the morn, so couldn't get extra money to go buy my Mandarine Dictionary for Primary Schoolers. Yeap, I'm in STANDARD 2~!. Wah... so proud XDXD... Feel so young=) and outdated...=( at the same time. Whudda do, I suck at my Mandarine. My Han Yu Ping Ying or whatever you call it still not very good ler... well, at least I could speak basic Chinese sentences now and even listen the word of my Korean dubbed dramas in 8tv so it's worth all the studies I'd say. =) Oh, me? I studied Mandarine since Standard 3. Started with kindergarten level literally. Meh... it was kinda fun actually. Then got Standard 1. The best one. When I read them out in front of'em classmates last time they'll be like OOO, you got THAT BOOK? Wah.. LEMME SEE~!... Di Yi, Wo De Ba Ba, Zhe She Wo De Ba Ba, Na She Wo De Ma Ma and the list goes on. Hahax... feels like singing song lyrics sometimes. HEHEX. So we reached TOA. Waited for Ms. Josephine and we sat for our dopey English test. Meh... Zen has an Oxfo-err...Cambridge English cert and he still has to sit for it. SO much for the fancy cert with ^DISTINCTION^.... Yupz... He got that alright. Most of the question were really stoopeed. Yeah... no kiddin. It was multiple choice. Hmm... #1. What is she? a. A girl is she b. she student here c. she's a student here d. is student she bwahahahah.... you tell me the answer la... you wrong I KETUK your Kelapa later XD... Kelapa Kepala merhz, they sound all most the same anyways. So much for C-O-C-O-N-U-T hEaD. OO then got some essay part. What are the problems you encounter while learning English OR Do you think that it is important for us to learn English? Err... something like that gua... Ask Zen. He has EXCELLENTO memory. X3 EH, got some more... DENG>.. some weird survey. Asking us to tick some blanks and stuff. There was one question which caught both our attentions though. I think it was "If you find a student being disturbing during class, what would you do?"
a. Advise him
b. Inform the lecturer
c. Complain to your friends and ignore him
d.... and another 2 more I think... no very sure la... uh... Just pretend nothing happened and continue with whatever you were doing
e. Complete ignorance... but meh, we both laughed at (C) since we could flame him behind his back *backstabs* fufufufu...X3

And again another paper... W00t, got CROSSWORD... haven't done that in ages. Hmm? France? Japan? Italy? lol... so boring la... why names of THESE countries? Give la like ZIMBABWE or something. har then only fun mah...=P

Draw connect all 9 dots below with 3 straight line without lifting your pencil>?

. . .

. . .

. . .

=/...*scratches head*...*thinks* $IDEA$...*takes out lead* *draw 3 lines*

_________ I drew using lead... XD



In case if you don't know... I didn't lift my pencil.... hm... so technically it's correct right? RIGHT>? RIGHT? rightrightrightrightright? Hmmm but it did say connect all 9 dots... hmmm.... and those are like 3 seperate line... Anyone can lend me a brain here? Blerhz... Zen oso otak went blank while doing that question. Meh...

OOO, another question. Draw a picture with the given diagram below. Do it as creative as possible.

.......................................... ........ .........................
......................................... ......... ..... .... ......................
....................................... ............ .. ........ ....................
...................................... .......... ............ ..................
..................................... ......... ...... ............. ................
................................... .......... ........ .............. ..............
.................................. .......... ......... ............... .............
................................. .......... .......... .............................
................................ .......... ........... .............................
............................... .......... ........... ..............................
......................................... ............ ..............................
........................................ ............ ...............................
........................................ ........... ................................
......................................... ......... .................................
.......................................... ..................................

Err... something like this gua... Look at it inverse instead. The blank areas are black and the dotted parts are actually all blank and white. Lolz... a senior I know gave us a hola and told us what he did with his question. He said he just drew a lipas and step on it with his shoe *thumbs up* Chan Hai Sai Lek man.... lolz... You rawk Ean~! Err?What I did? It looked like a Vadon's Nipper at first to me so I put a fish in the middle. Lolz. with a XD there. CUnleh... not all la of course. I drew a starfish with a bejeweled eye, a volcano spewing human fireballs, a dead bird soldier, a rat outta nowhere *inspired by Bolt...^Rhino^ >AWESOME<*, a seashell with a skull pattern, a conch, an ant trying to have the dead fish for dinner, and oo yeah, The BIG SHADOW behind the nipper XE....Mwahahahahah... right.

Voila, done... XD.. S'more ah? Err... I went up the bus with Zen and headed back home only to know that the bus driver's driving skills were superciliously frightening and the friggin brake screeched like nobody's business everytime while causing an enormous sense of eruption to us innocent lil' passengers. Blerhz... Baka no BASU...SHINDE MIRU~?!

OO too bad for Rozen, I gave away the drawing of Zen's face to the counsellor d so you can't see it no more... T^T... sorry la... terlepas pikir sikit tuh... I told Zen that it was bad news but he said it was GOOD news XD. NVM, I MAKE NEW ONE FOR YOU X3. KKz, I feel like doing something else now. Tatsies~!ZzZzZ

Atarashii no Hajimari ~A New Beginning~

Hey people, it's been a very long long time since I've last posted in my blog. I've let a lot of people down back then. But that's gonna change. From now on I'll be committed to be serving as your blogger as long as you stay loyal to me weekly^^ Che... Lan si le... XD.

Lets just say I didn't have a purpose to blog then. Now? Hmm... I still don't have one really. But I found that out that we can actually make money outta blogging. It's so weird yet so kewl at the same time y'know. You just blabber about in here and when peopel visit your site, you get some feeds and voila, a few cents just got cashed into the account. W00t. But I'm not entirely sure of the whole system. Well, whatever the case, if it earns me some ringgit, I'm all up for it. I'll take any opportunity I can get to earn my own bucks.

Shhh.... don't tell anyone, it's a secret... Himitsu dayo...XD AS IF...

As you can see there are some ads on my site now. They're actually from Nuffnang. If you're interested, please do check the site out. It's really kewl. Never knew you could make money while you're having fun at it. Honto ni tamashii da na? Don't believe it? Meh, up to you lorhz... noone force you oso...=P

Hmm... looks like I've still got lotsa Biography to complete on about my friends. I've got lotsa things to say about them after almost 2 years of total ~silence~ from me... Word... Well, till then, I'll do my best to keep this site posted.
*Twinkie twinkie*
Owh before I forget, Api Nu Yar kepada semuer...XD