Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Tag From a Demon?

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog or a note on Facebook with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment (”you’re it”) and to read your blog. You can’t tag the person who tagged you. Since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog/note, so I can see your weirdness.

1. I love jogging
2. I adore cycling
3. I enjoy exercising
4. I draw like there's no tomorrow
5. Sometimes I paint like there's no tomorrow too
6. PS2 RPG's changed my life
7. I like myself single
8. I'm an asshole
9. I like to kacau people
10. I'm a walking glutton machine RAWR XD
11. Animes totally roxxors
12. My trademark quote : lolenatoroflmaoploxxorscopterz
13. I'd bet you guyz know not the meaning of SMIWDKW2DITF XD
14. I score at the things I do... Oh well maybe not all X3
15. People say I have horns
16. What can I say? "My life's on fire, how 'bout yours? That's the way I like it and I'll never get bored~"

10 people I tag ar...?
2.don't care
3.if you see
4.this tag my blog
6. and you wanna try
7. then

You're it~! Ok done... XP

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something I've given a thought about...

Looks like the Doomsday stuff was all false alarm. Pfft... and I was getting so intense because of it... Oh well, guess I deserved it XD.

O... I read this blog of a friend of mine and her blog was so.............................

No seriously, i ain't jokin' one bit. Her blog's like superfit. So.... short yet sums everything up as a whole. Hmmm... maybe I should learn from her a lil' bit X3.

O well, people's been complaining bout my lengthy shitty stuff anyways. Might as well but meh, why the hell should I care? XD

Okiezay, started Persona 4... boooo... I was playing just now and died twice... uber sadness. T^T went so far and got so many personas on second try some more... double you tee eff... =_=
Nevermind, I'll go again when I can XD

Stoopeed cars... made me all wet in the start of class because of *whoosh* *water splashes to meh bodeh*

Ok, so back to the above topic...

Yeah.... actually I've been thinking about it for quite some time already but hmm...
Let's cut it short.

SO......... A girlfriend.

A girlfriend.

Yeah... a girlfriend,not just any girl friends, a girlfriend.

Hmmm... why am I blogging about this? Donno, just felt like it XD.

Well, I'm already 18...... Ok chup another 2 more months before I officially turn 18.
so... would it be a good thing to have a GF now?


Let's see.... I have my games to play, my routines to cover, my assignments to meet, random outings with my friends, blogging, practicing my skills and then + GF.

Word... I wonder if I'd ever have the time. It's already so packed. Takkan go see her for 5 minutes everyday meh? Lolz... noone would stand a guy like me XD

Oh well, screw that. X3

If I were looking for a GF, who would I look for...?

Pretty? Well... duh, but sometimes, looks alone just don't cut...
I'd rather have nice chats everyday over a pretty face frankly speaking.
Sexy...? Sorrry.... I mostly look at the face, if I don't notice the curves, too bad... XD
I mean, obviously wert... when you look at people, which is the most common seen area?
Answer: The head region
so sexy or not... I don't really care much.

But I'd definitely look for a nice personality. Mhmm..
Let's see... I'd like to have a girlfriend is:
capable of intelligent talks
good manners would be a major plus
and other things nice.

Boo heck those la, if she loves me, I happy d XP

Well, Valentine's.. lonely? fufufufu...
I score at being lonely single lolz... XD
I think I might even dare to say that I'm one happy single guy lolenatoroflmaoploxxorcopterz XD
Well, I've no reason to celebrate, noone to miss, so why should I get into love depression of loneliness? O:

Well, I always had things to do no matter what... so... guess that makes my mind wonder off the topic most of the time. But I feel no connection for Valentine's. The best thing I did for Valentine's would be generously distirbuting gifts to friends I know and baking choc for my friends to try XD

But... hm... I just can't help but wonder how it'd really be like if I were to really do something special for certain someone during Lover's Day?
Well, I have tons of nice ideas but alas... I have no GF
which is a sad case sometimes but meh, I'm fine staying single. I can always do whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want, wherever the hell I am X3

Having a GF can be a bother sometimes so.... Oh well, I've never been in a relationship before so I can't really tell now do I? But man.. those love dramas always seem so sad Geez..
All those stuff about your lover being such a drag, worry this worry that, scared of this and that... is love really such a frightening thing?
Besides, I have a mom back at home who worries about me day and night, isn't that more than enough love I'm getting? XD I should be grateful there're people who worry about me.

Not just my family, my friends do too. Well, they might not show it out very openly, but I can tell most of the time even if their actions don't show.

So I have friends, family, a lot of juniors. So why do I need a GF?
Donno... guess we all only have one life, if we miss it, then we might regret it no?
But still, it's kinda fun thinking that I could stay single until the day I die, doing what I like most while I'm at it =D

Oh well, guess there's no need to rush. It's not like I'm wishing for a GF now although it may seem like I'm actually asking for one XS

But... nah............. not now. Not with so many things for me left to do.
And I don't even have enough money to spend on my own food, let alone a GF.. pfft.
I think if I had one now, she might be cursing me everyday for being a cheapskate XD
Oh well, too bad you got yourself an evil asshole for a boyfriend XE
Sorry, can't help it, I'm me. You don't like me? We shouldn't have even started it from the first place =_=

O that... THAT... is one thing I'd wanna avoid.
Frankly speaking, I don't like the idea of "trying out" and "breaking up" especially. I mean, if I wanna get into a relationship, let it be from an honest one, not one full of lies and whole load of bullcrap. I hate lying to a person's face. But meh... sometimes, I just haveta do it, it's just my job as a first-aider sometimes y'know... D:

You might be asking... sure I might be interested in someone correct? There should be someone I fancy right?

Yeah. I do. Indeed. In fact I think I'm interested in A LOT.
Yeap.. that's not a very nice situation izzit?
Err... yeah, that's probably one of the main reason I donwanna jump into one so fast.
I donno... I just feel if I go into a relationship and still feel for others, it's... almost like cheating isn't it? I mean it's human nature to care about others sometimes, but at times, it can make things complicated. So.... I guess I'll only start one when I meet someone who really likes me, or I know I really really like someone a whole lot like missing her for just even a few seconds after a glimpse of her bright starry eyes and feel uneasy when she gets close to another guy or feel like calling or smsing her everytime I see my cellphone.

Yeah... I hate indefinite relationships. I might be evil but I don't like breaking hearts and ruin friendships. If getting involved in a relationship could crack the seeds of a good friendship, I'd rather just stay single and be friends for good. Boo... making girls cry really isn't my forte. I hate it when that happens because it always brings out my super soft side. Boo... it's like revealing my weakness. But then again, in relationships there aren't supposed to be any secrets aren't there?
So showing my weaknesses is a way for me to relate to her in some way too non?

Oh wellz, guess I'll have enough of this talk. It's not going anywhere anyways. Oh wellz, at least I'm not so kiasu to actually erase everything I wrote and substitute it with pure bullcrap. XD
So, if there's a girl for me out there, she'll come some day. If there isn't? Hmm..
Oh whuddaheck lets just have fun being single! XO

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get to know yourself better

Your view on yourself:

You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You are not looking merely for a girl/boyfriend - you are looking for your life partner. Perhaps you should be more open-minded about who you spend time with. The person you are looking for might hide their charm under their exterior.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

Success in your career is not the most important thing in life. You are content with what you have and think that being with someone you love is more than spending all of your precious time just working.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.


Whoa...that's pretty accurate for some reason...0o

Well, that was a quiz I took for myself. What do you think? X3

Try it out for yourself! It's kinda fun =D

BTW, got it from Zen's blog XD, you should check out his results too.

Impending Doom, To The Guillotine

Hey peeps. Haha... it's been a nice year. But after what I just did just now, I think I just might deal with death in the latter. So I'd like to make one last log here if "the day" really has arrived for me.

Owh... what I did? Haha... it's really funny really

But not to the people I did it to.

Let's make it simple.

Both of them are my friends.

One is my neighbour, whom I had known since Primary days.

The other is a kewl classmate I befriended while I was studying at TOA.

They're both nice people really.

But until a few moments ago I can't be sure at all, it just feels like I might just die in the next daylight, so before I actually leave this world, at least I know I existed here and I've logged here for the last time in my entire life. I could really feel the darkness welling up inside my soul, is this the bitter taste of death? But strangely enough, I feel rather calm and still somewhat relaxed.

Here's the thing. The girl told me that she liked him. And so I offered to tell him for her regardless if she wanted or didn't want me to but since she was uncertain, I just made a go for it. So I met the guy a few times, talked to him and gave him hints on who liked him. He guessed it right when I gave him my best clue. But he thought I was joking. Since from his memory with her, she told him that the two can only be the best of friends. SO I was like, oh well, guess I'd better tell her the news. And so I told her online just brief passings ago. She said that she'll never give up. And so I relayed it to him again. Again, he thought I was joking.

Later, I got invited into their little chatroom. And at first, we were discussing about the art competition I was doing with him, and then it went to some random anime stuff until at one point when they just started reacting spontaneously to each other like 2 vertival-plane mirrors on 2 sides. They just keep reflecting. It's like their an utter complete match. SO I gave a bit of hints abotu what I was gonan say, I aid it very openly, but the girl only continued with her conversations and he ignored my statment. And this is where things became clear. I shall depict it as vividly and humanly possible.

Me: She likes you
girl:*awkward silence*
Me: Hmmm... I think I should leave the two of you alone.
Me: Trust me, you need the conversation
Me:Running away won't solve anything. I'll be leaving now. Buh-bye.

A few moments later...

Girl - conversation window: I'm so gonna kill you.*off*
Guy -conversation window *off*

So... right now, I have no idea what's gonna happen. I might just be overdramatic but I think I just got myself into a huge mess. But I started it, so I'll face it upfront. It's like what I said in my previous post, "I hereby declare that I'm a straightforward person". So I just said what I think was needed to be said. If anything happens because of it, I'll take full responsibility, without backing out. Because if I started the fire, I'll have to put it out or burn with it.

So, I might be here no longer. If I'm lucky, then maybe I'd survie, if I don't then it's a pleasure meeting to all of you.

I've did many things in my life that I'm proud off. I already succeeded in completing 5km+ jog before. I ran up KL tower's staircase which was about 214 stories tall witha total of 2000+ steps . I've entered TOA, I've jogged depsite my aching legs and bruised legd, I've tasted the fruits of determination and I've knwon the meaning of glory. I'm proud to be a meber of a Chan. And of course, I'm very happy that I've drawn so many pages.

But regarding this matter, I won't apologize for bringing this issue up because it'll happen someday regardless if time ad place. I really can't stands the fact that people don't notice that there are actually people who always keep a look out for them in teh dark and they never know about them, how they feel, how they really are inside, what's the truth that's waiting to be released?

I might be nosey but, I think it was something necessary. If I kept it any longer, what difference would it make? Timing? Prepared-ness?Love factor?

Well, now you know something, never tell me who you like or I might just spill the beans in front of the people who're supposed to be the receivers. I'm no cupid, I'm no angel and I'm certainly no love deity. I'm just a human concerened over this screwed up world which lacks genuine authentic emotions, especially love rather over selfishness, pride, anger and ignorance.

It may be the wrong thing to do. But it may be right too. So now I shall await my judgement from them. I'll face it. I may fear it, but it began with my spark, so I will face the flames. For those people who know what their feelings are for someone, I urge you to just go for it unless if you really know you're not ready or you're not sure of your feelings at all. Everyone deserves to know that someone is there for him or her.

Now, I shall await the next dawn of my sight. Whatever the verdict may be, I'll accept it whole-heartedly, because I know in my heart that this was something meant-to-be.

I shall return to the realm of dreams now as I have no foresight of future opportunities to do so. I shall embrace my last night of serenity. With the sound of windcuts, the rain teardrops, the buzzes of fluorescent, the music of the trees and of course, the voice of my soul.

Goodbye, until our roads cross paths amongst us again. I've never regretted knowing all the people in this world as every single individual has something for me to observe, analyze and discover and learn, invoke, appreciate, and adapt.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ha... A Sigh of Relief


I can finally breathe out a sigh of relief today.

My dreadful presentation which I've anticipated so long...

Turned out better than I've expected XD
Feel so happy now. X3

O, what I talked about?


My speech scenario:

I'm a Sales Promoter for the Tourism Board of Korea Sparkling and my "Boss" sends to to TOA as my ice-breaking assignment for my first job after employment. So my audience today will be all of you, so you people have to be just like yourself and nothing else =D

The title of my presentation today would be,
Korea, A Sparkle in the East.

With this being said, I shall begin my presentation.
*timer starts*

Annyeong haseyo~!
Umm... you do know what that means right?
Haha for those who don't know, go and ask your friends who know XD

As you can see, Korea's influence is ever expanding even as I speak here today. You can see it yourself around you. People know what annyeong haseyo means.

Today I aim to do 3 things.
First of all, I want you all to go back home, return and think about Korea for the next 3 days.
Secondly, as I present, I hope you can tag along and feel the uniqueness of Korea.
Thirdly, if anyone of you are making plans to go to Korea, please give me a call, I could really use the commission XD

With that said, I shall present 3 parts about Korea to you and they are, the Korean Wave, travel tips and attractions

First up, the Korean Wave, what is it really? It's basically anything in you can see in a foreign region but of Korean origin. Like when you turn on your TV and you switch between your local channels, there, you can see Korean dramas. One example would be like Winter Sonata, I'm sure a lot of you have heard of it. Yeah, that's a Korean Wave.
Other than that, you might also see Korean artiste or groups performing in MTV's *dances* with their super cool dance moves. That's also a Korean Wave. In fact even the pop culture comes from Korea. In fact, Korea was actually the ones who created the DDR*steps like DDR*
SO if the Korea Wave is so interesting, aren't you curious about how it'd be like in Korea itself?

Well, if you're interested in going to Korea, I have some travel tips for you, in which I shall begin my second point. Did you know that Korea is actually quite small? I found this out from my interview with an international student in TOA, Thomas, I'm sure some of you had seen him before. And he was telling me, "Malaysia's like 10 times bigger than Korea!". I was startled by his statement. So I did some research. And it turned out that it was quite true as Malaysia was about some 290,000km2 and Korea combined together was only 240,000km2 and South Korea was like only 100,000km, which is about 1/3 of Malaysia.

SO why am I telling you these facts?
This is because if the country is small, then it's actually quite compact, so it wouldn't be hard to travel all around Korea. Even my interviewee told me that it's possible to go all around Korea in just 7 days.

What's more interesting is that Korea has the KTX, the Korean Train Express line and it connects almost all the regions of Korea from the North to the Southeast and Southwest.
So travel is made easy in Korea and it only costs about RM25 to get a ride in the train which is like 10,000 won? Oh, do you know that the won is decreasing in value currently? SO, if you're in a for a budget, I suggest that you go for it soon or they may not be a time like this anymore. Of course, if you prefer driving and experiencing the roads of Korea yourself, car renta is always available and domestic flight are open from city to city so it's actually very convenient to move around in Korea.

So next up would be the attractions. The food in Korea. Oh, it's amazing. Delicious... Masita~! That's how Koreans say delicious in Korean. Korea's popular dishes are mostly has pork and beef so if you're and Islam, ask first and if you're a very pious kind of Buddhist, check for the beef.

And then there's the tradition and cultures. The dance and music.

And of course, the landscape!. The Landscape in Korea is simple beautiful. Magnificent. Korea is situated in a mountainous region so there are mountains everywhere and the scenes are breathtaking. Just imagine hiking up a mountain, and you're standing at the top, just looking at the valley below, you'll just say, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah~! I'm in heaven~!"

Besides that, you can never miss the ice-skiing part. It's open all year around but if you genuinely want to feel the real ice-skiing, I'd reccomend that you go during winter which is around December to February. SO you can go during CNY.XD

SO to wrap up my presentation, the Korean Wave's influence is so great now today, so why don't you go and see it for yourself in where the whole wave came from? And if you wanna go to Korean, travelling is very convenient there. The attractions in Korea is hard to miss. You have to go there and experience it yourself at least once in your lifetime.

about 6minutes+, close to 7. Boo... my limit was supposed to be 5.
-my presentation-

Original plan...

Do you know what that means?
That is how the Koreans give greetings in their language similar to our use of “hello” and “Hi” in English. It’s simply fascinating when you hear the real Koreans speak it so very fluently without a hint of flaw and you just can’t help but wonder, “How do they even spell their words in Romanized structure”. Strangely so, it also seems delicate and in some ways amazingly polite.

But that’s not what I’m going to be talking about today.
Today, I aim to make all of you go back home thinking about Korea for the next 3 days. When that happens, I’ve actually done my job and I’m going to be keeping it.
And of course, while I present to you the Sparkle, I hope you can be drawn together in my fascination towards this small yet amazing country. If that comes true, then I’ve not wasted your efforts in paying attention to Mr. Inexperienced-First-Timer-me. And last but not least, if even one of any of you is already making up plans to visit Korea, give me hug man, I’m getting a raise~!

Here, I shall present to you 3 items to make my aims for today come true. The Korean Wave, Travelling and Attractions.

Korean Wave
First up, the Korean Wave is the heart and soul of Korea itself. Its influence is ever expanding even as I speak here today. The wave of pop, rock and ballads in Korea is hitting the shores of many countries such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand and even the greatest of states, the US and of course our own country, Malaysia. Even its dramas had captivated many hearts of people all around the world. Proof of this can be clearly seen from the efforts of our local tv stations to actually bring in more and more Korean culture like the dramas, Music videos and of course, the MKMF or also known as Mnet Km Music Festival during the festive season like Chinese New Year and Christmas Eve.

So we can ask ourselves, why are they even doing this? Why are our local broadcasters so eager and enthusiastic about the whole Korean culture (K-culture). Is the Korean culture so powerful and captivating that it has actually attracted so many followers amongst our locals in Malaysia? When you’re at home lounging around your living room and you turn on your TV in the morning, afternoon or evening all the way to the night, when you switch between the local channels NTV7, 8TV and TV2, there you have it, Korean dramas(K-dramas). Some of which that you might already know or heard of would be The Jewel In A Palace or more known as Da Chang Jin, Winter Sonata, Autumn In My Heart, Full House, Stained Glass, Snow Queen, and Save The Last Dance For Me. All of these dramas are known for their touching love stories filled with romantic scenes in twisted complex stories with dramatic and often suspense-inducing conclusions. Let’s take Winter Sonata for an example. It begins with a simple love story between 2 high-schoolers and then there’s a climax in which the hero is found to be “dead” but in the latter part was revealed that he was still alive but living with a different identity as his memory was replaced with someone else’s. When they were united, they were brought against the issue that the two are possibly blood-related as both their mothers had histories with the heroine’s father. Though many complications arose, the hero died of brain cancer in the end and the heroine was left alone to deal with the reality herself.
This kind of stories are now the “typical” love stories unlike the last time before the Korean Wave broke into the borders of our region.

On the other hand, during midnight, the time when most of us would be lazing around at home after a day’s work, you’d find yourself in the Jukebox period. This is the part when music videos are shown continuously for hours through the night and while you’re just enjoying the music, you’d most probably listen to some English tracks first, but, don’t be surprised if you see Korean MTV’s from well-known artiste like TVXQ who has won music awards consecutively for the past 4 years at MKMF whilst rising to the top of the Top 10 Oricon charts in Japan and the first Korean group to actually perform live in front of Malaysians with their O Concert just some 2 years ago on the 24th of November. Some others would be BoA who’s known for her part in singing many Japanese songs despite her Korean origin with the song Everyheart which was used as an ending theme in the Inuyasha anime and of course, her own Korean hit songs like Key to My Heart and has currently had just recently penetrated the US market with her Eat You Up debut and of course, Rain, the star in Full House and also featured in the movie Speed Racer. Known for his good looks and outstanding dance moves, he never fails to put his audience into awe with the clever use of his surprises in live performances and his charming smile. His hit song, Rainism, was even commercialized in Malaysia through ringtone selling ads. He even made it through the regions of Asia like Thailand, Phillipines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and astoundingly, even the US. His reputation is so famous that whenever he goes for a world tour, his tickets get sold out within days. This just shows how much influence Korea has brought to our country and the best thing about it is that people in Malaysia actually like it.

Since Korea has been such a big influence to Asia today, don’t any of you ever wonder to yourself, “if the Wave is so great already over here in Malaysia, then how would it be like in Korea?” Aren’t any of you curious about it?

So, what if you’re curious? You’d probably like to see Korea for yourself am I not wrong? Here, I can give you a few tips about Korea which may attract your attention. Like for instance, are you aware that Korea, South Korea is actually smaller than Japan? From my interview with one of the international students in TOA, Thomas Sunwoo, he actually told me that Malaysia is like 10 times bigger than South Korea. I was impressed by his statement at first and so I did a little research. The results I found really took me aback. All this while, I was actually thinking that Korea was quite a big country until I found out that South and North Korea both combined is still smaller than Malaysia. Korea is only about 220,000 km2 whereas Malaysia’s size beats Korea’s by another 100,000 km2. And South Korea is only 100,000 km2 which is like only 1/3 of the Malaysia’s region as a whole.

So why am I telling you these facts? If Korea is actually that small, it means that it’s pretty compact of a country, and that is good news to tourist as sightseeing from place to place wouldn’t be a hard thing to do at all. In fact, even my interviewee himself told me that it’s quite possible to visit the whole of Korea in just 7 days. If you enjoy a lot of traveling and going to many places during your vacation, I think Korea is a very good choice for you. Not to mention that Korea has 8 World Heritage sites and one of them happens to be a temple which keeps the ancient and absolutely fascinating Tripitaka Woodblocks. If you’re Bhuddhist follower, then this might be a revelation to your own religion, which in my opinion would be definitely worth checking out.

What makes things more interesting is that Korea has its own Korean Train Express or more widely known as the KTX line which is almost similar to our system or LRT and Komuters. The only difference is that these trains can accelerate up to 300km/h max, which I think is extremely fast, almost comparable to the bullet trains in Japan or the Shinkansen and more importantly, it links to the 3 major parts of South Korea which is the northern part, Seoul, to 2 separate paths both in the southeastern and southwestern area which are Busan and Mokpo respectively. Even drivers like us do not drive above 120km/h on the roads on the average. To make things even more interesting, the fares for a ride is amazingly affordable. They’re only about RM25(10,000 won) per ride from city to city and the fares will only go up to at most RM90(45,000 won) which I think is relatively cheap and affordable considering to good seats and what’s more, you can even enjoy the view of Korea’s highland geography with its lush an serene greeneries while enjoying the ride.

For those who prefer driving saving the hassle of longer waits and prefer the direct feel of venturing Korea by themselves, car renting is always available for these outgoing explorers whereas for those who prioritize time as an essence over money, there are always domestic flights available between major cities. Therefore, travelling in Korea is actually made easy with all these services available.

Oh, just to add on, do you know that the South Korean Won is actually cheaper now? Just last January, 1,000 Won was equivalent to RM27. But now, the same amount of won is only RM25. So what’re you waiting for? This is your chance to explore Korea with higher savings.

Last but not least, Korea is very well known for it’s rich and colourful culture filled with essences of pure tradition and of course, its beautiful geographical sights as South Korea is blessed with a spectacular array of mountainous landscape which are simple breathtaking to witness and their beauty differs from season to season.

The people in Korea actually took the initiative to revitalize their ancient culture, which is the main reason why you can still see the beautiful colours of their hanbok, the Korean traditional outfit’s fabric and witness for yourself how amazing their tradition really is with the performance of their traditional music, the Dangak, Hyangak and Ak which means music, village music and court music respectively blended together with their exotic spell-bounding dances like Cheoyongmu (the Mask Dance) of Silla, Hakchum (the Crane Dance) of Goryeo, and Chunaengjeon (Nightingale-Singing-in-the-spring Dance) of Joseon which were performed as means of religious worship in ancient times.

There are many outdooring activities available in Korea because of its mountainous landscape. One of the most popular activities would be ice-skiing, which are available throughout the year with snow-making machines. But if you want to enjoy the genuine feeling of ice-skiing, I would recommend that you go during winter season which is from December to February.

Besides that, hiking would be an excellent activity to go for as there are many places available for hiking. One particular place would be Mt. Sol-ak, which my interviewee personally recommended himself. He says that “the scene from the top is just beautiful”.
When I asked him what he really misses in Korea, that’s was one the several things he really misses in Korea as he said that he always loved the scenes in Korea.

For food lovers out there, Korea definitely has a spot for you as well as Korea’s dishes are by far one of the most delicious and appetizing delicacies in the world. Korea is well-known for their local meats, especially their pork and beefs. So, if you’re an Islam, make sure you double-check for porks. And of course, the Kimchis are very hard to miss as it is used in most of the dishes in Korea, ranging from fried and stewed food to soups. Besides that, if you’re always not sure of what to eat, rice is always available since rice is recognized as the staple food of Koreans, similar to Malaysia and many other Asian countries.

So, to conclude, Korea is very special in many ways. It’s Korean Wave has reached our shores with a bang, its travelling aspects are just so convenient and what’s more, their culture is so full of magnificent splendors that you’re left to ponder about it upon witnessing it. So I ask you this, do you think I’m gonna get my raise? Because I really sure hope I do. Oh, one last thing before I finish, if you ever plan to go for a trip to Korea, give our agency a call, but if you call me directly, I’ll be even happier because I could really use all the commission.

Gansahamnida and thank you for your time. I really appreciate it. Really.*bow*

about 16 minutes if I rush through. Oh well, guess it worked out pretty well. XD

Til' the next dawn.

XD Hahah... EMO-ness X3

Thursday, February 12, 2009


You Communicate Clearly

You're the type of person who thinks before you talk. You speak in an ordered, insightful, and concise way.

You speak authoritatively and with conviction. If you take the time to say something, you stand behind it.

You only say what you need to. You believe that your words are strongest when they're not diluted.

When you have a lot to say, you map out your words ahead of time. You prefer to speak in bullet points.

Wow... I actually speak clearly? Hmm... donno X3

You Are Peanut Butter Sandwiches / Do-si-dos

You are easy going and naturally happy. You don't need a lot to make you smile.

You genuinely care about people and are a great friend. You're always doing your best to make the world a better place.

Even though there isn't an immature bone in your body, you still are like a big kid sometimes.

Why make life complicated when the best parts are actually quite simple? You enjoy the small joys of life.


You Are 66% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.

Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.

fufufufufufu....I'm EBIL~!

You Were an Outgoing Kid

When you were a kid, you had no problem expressing yourself.

There's a good chance you started talking early - and never stopped!

You had a lot of friends, and unlike most kids, you weren't shy around adults.

You were well adjusted and confident. You enjoyed speaking up and participating.

Ehehe... more like Downgoing...XD

Your Energy Level is High

You are a very enthusiastic, productive person. You have no trouble getting anything done.

Beyond having a lot of energy, it's likely that your energy level tends to be quite steady.

Unlike people with very high energy, you don't tend to be impulsive.

By keeping your energy in check, you are able to use it as productively as possible.

OO~! Yeah I'm like so... HIGH~! WOHOO YOHOO muahahahahahh AHjgsfgoudsaukfgs

You Are Warm

You are as patient, as outgoing, and as nice as you can be.

You understand people well, and you mostly enjoy being around them.

You are a naturally warm person, but you do have times when you're feeling a bit distant.

But even when you're feeling distant, you try to be empathetic. You always go the extra mile.

Wait... so I'm warm and evil? Owh.. so I'm like the sun that burns all humanity~! mWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH~!

You Are Mac and Cheese

When you are stressed out, you seek safety above everything else.

And nothing is more nourishing than a big warm plate of carbs.

Taking risks takes a toll on you, and you prefer your comfort food to be old fashioned.

You're the type of person who could eat the same meal every night, especially when life is hard.

EAT EAT EATEATEATEATEAT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *munches*

Wait... is my tummy growing *burp* bigger?
Oh hellz, time to jog again WEEEEEEEEEEE~!

hmm? What?
you should try it if you haven't XD

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Terskru Atas X_X

Today is....(refer to the title)

Sad la oi... Deng... woke up late again today. Whuddado, I slept like 4.30am last night packin my bag, editing my Art History review and doing extras for my finished art. What did I ever do to deserve this...-_-
Bah... that ain't a valid reason, I could've just planned my time better. Serves me right for going to kacau the DU juniors but I ended up not meeting them at all since I woke up late that morning as well, going Atria to get my Adobe cd and some PS2 games(YESH... I found Ar Tonelico II~!)
(Owh... h, P4 coming next week, together with me dance pad~! YIPPEEEEEEE~!)

Returned home only to know that my damned AT2 cd wasn't working so I ate my lunch and went back to Atria to change the cd. It was kinda funny though. He immediately agreed to change the cd for me without any question but I asked for test "just in case"....

Guess what happened...

Yeah... a few bundle of the cd's he tested for me also had the same problem. Damn... that's like 6 cd's altogether. I feel for him man... Hope he has a good talk withem suppliers who told'im "all have been tested one by one"- then -a moment of silence- as I patiently watched him flip through cd to cd just to know that almost half of his whole stock wasn't working until one finally came to and AHA~!... thank you pleasure doing business with you...

Wah... really kesian la that fella, I felt like giving him some extra cash for all those faulty cd's but it's business man... guess he just gotta live and deal with it. Oh well, at least I gave him full down payment for my dance pad which costed RM40(the dance pad on the other store was actually RM59 but it's useable for PS1,2 and PC ad you get to use it right after you pay for it) which I had to wait for like 3-4 days for it to actually arrive and the tauke will gimme a call so... At least I gave him some profit right? Hmm... I wonder if it'll do for him.

Owh uh... the movies I watched were just completely plain lame... what a waste of time...
One was this Against The Dark, about some virus infecting the people and they start becoming things like vampires whereas they actually aren't, just turning to cannibals and there's this group of hunters who just casually slash them like slaying cow for meat. Retard la...

The second one made me have a good laugh but it became digusting after a while.
It's called The Tokyo Gore Police. Really comical shit. No seriously, how can one fly with blood spurting out like a rocket booster? Doesn't make any shit sense to me.

And the blood effect was really very comical indeed. You know, like one slash and it starts spurting out like an eternal fountain of blood of some sort. Then there were the body tearing, the eyeballs rolling, the intestine chopping, the leg chewing, the hand getting sawed and drilled. Really gross... Those who like gore, hmm... ask me if you wanna see it. Owh, and it's partially nude so... if you guyz wanna avoid getting "what has been seen cannot be unseen" -quoted by but was made known to me by Zen- then... might as well don't watch.


So when I arrived in class, my mates told me I didn;t miss much so guess I was kinda lucky. But... I was so busy tending to my assignment that I missed my lecturer on the way out and I had to like chase after him but -too late- swt...

SO I told my good lads to go on ahead and eat while I wait for William at the office and when I got into the seat for my next class and met them, they told me that they bumped into him like twice... WTH...
Oh well, thank the Lord for sending I-Ching to my rescue though. She called William and told him that I was waiting for him so.... Yesh, I managed to submit my work. BUt owh man... *stomach grumbles* My stomach sure felt pretty empty.

So....(what... I didn't eat my breakfast and lunch, I just dashed my way to college as soon as I received my warning message by Falcon) I had to go through the entire Art History class with an emtpy stomach. Muchos gracias to Zen for letting me finish his RM1.70 Tictac XD
Hmm...What else.

OWh... My Thaipusam duty...


KK, Thaipusam.... duty..... was.... interestingly boring.


that's no typo


I went there late because I had CG class that Sat evening and Art History replacement but after all those frantic expressions of rushing and worrying whether I'd get there in time, it was... utterly priceless in a bad way.

Well... Sure... I gotta flash my super kewl VAD vest in the public for once XD
But besides that, standing at the same place crowded with people going up and down the stairs and getting shooed and scolded because we were blocking the khavadis makes me wonder whether this is really public duty or just plain public torture. -_-

Well, sure I have my own ways of resolving boredom. I had Ean as my partner. Owh... he;s really a fun guy to be with. Damn that asshole, he own a genuine PS3. He's like the 3rd buyer in the whole of Malaysia... Pure asshole. But he's a nice guy. And he was getting so bored that he started talkign about the St. John chicks. SO I went to check it out for him. Then he and Benjamine, another of my taikos kept on saying how cute the chicks were and yadadadadad, so I just got their names and locations to let them go and ust give a friendly gesture and they just... chickenned out. SO much for being spontaneous casanovas XD *in your face*

Er... we got coupons for mornign break though. But the food were only decent and not great so... it's really not all that worth i- Uh wait a min... Oh yeah... the vade(pronounced as wah dey) was ...~AwEsOmE~...
*imitates Rhino the hamster from Bolt*

But I met some other kewl guyz.

Oh yeah, I met with the whole Hulu Langat VAD team. Very nice people. I even got their commandants number XD.

Guess it wasn't a total waste of time after all.

Whuddado, the other team always go for the stretcher alarm and rush to scene to bring the casualties to the medical bay and we just watch as they do it... Oh well...


Lets see.... SO Rozen, you wanna know about my stuff with Mel huh? Hmm....
Well, since Cleste is also a bit curious...(that's what Rozen told me..0o)

Alright, I'll take the risk and post it here then. So you peeps out there are gonna openly know about my first crush and obviously, she is still alive today so do me a favor and don't start screwing with the facts when you're around her if you do know who she is. X3

Owh and Mel, if you're ever reading this, don't even bother repremanding me or screwing me for whatever's sake 'cause I'll just ignore them. XD
The past is the past and there's no turning back.
But you remain as a part of me now since I can never erase you from my memory.
So... I'm over you, but I'll never forget that you were a fragment of my life who've shaped me into the man I am today. =)

Now let's begin.

*takes deep breath*


Here goes

Mel was one of the first nicest girls I've seen during my early years in SMKTS.
I met her during one incidental sports duty which my seniors pushed us all to go in order to get experience in first aid and stuff so I go lo...

I was pretty bad with girls then. And I still am but not so cham la now... heheh...
I was still finding my ropes around with the people, school, teachers, homework, teen life.
SO it was a lot of stuff coming to me at the same time.
But, the atmosphere was good, it allowed me to change and adapt into someone I like better.
In case if you guyz don't know, I had many bad memories with biatches in my class and also not from my class so... Girls were really freaky things to me that time.

So back to the duty, I mt her there. At first, she was just another PBSM member. Then when I saw some rubbish on the ground, I picked'em up and threw them in the dustbin. She saw me and did the same thing.
So the only thing that came to my mind then was like "hmm?"
Then the seniors came and told us not to since we weren't supposed to be pickign up rubbish in our RC uniforms.
"oh well"
So I sat down, and we were in the same group so seat together lo..
Then we got acquainted.
She was very nice then, always smiling and polite.
So I thought she was like the nicest girl I've actually ever met.
But that was it, Form 1... nothing much to say other than I bump into her sometimes while I do my rubbish picking routine during recess which everyone else thought of me as weird other than a selected few who considered me their friend.
Owh, those guyz? Aki and KH. XD

Then in mid FOrm 1, I started noticing that she actually goes to this meeting with this group of people at teh R&R during recess. The people there were also very nice and I got acquainted with them as well. Then I started seeing her more often I guess.

In Form 2, we met more often, this time I even got involved with the meeting. The meeting was actually held by the CF seniors so... they were actually doing their "preaching with their juniors" session so since it was kinda fun, I hopped on everytime I was done with my rubbish routine.

Then around late that year, 2005 I think, I started to feel like I wanted to meet her more or something. I felt nervous everytime I met her too. That time, I had no idea what was that feeling , so I just kept quiet.

Let me tell you guyz my standing first.

My family isn't all that wealthy and it's pretty stable. But ever since I've learned the value of money after confessing to my mom that I've been actually stealig money from my dad, mom and bro's wallets during primary to buy food, I'm really careful with what I spend nowadays. So... I found out that having girlfriends actually costs money too. So, I didn't wanna use my parents money for all my dating stuff. So I vowed to myself not to get involved in a relationship till I at least finish my SPM or hit 18, whichever comes first.

Second... This is what I personally think about relationships. If you can't afford it, don't go for it.
If you're not sure about your feelings, never hook a girl up because if you break up later, it'll just 'cause heartbreaks and I especially hate hurting people. I'm the kinda guy who only pursues a relationship if I'm dead certain that "yeah, she's the girl I really wanna be with", not "Owh... she's pretty nice, I wonder if she'll be a good girlfriend?"

So, I have alot of these in my times in secondary school. But I broke all my own thoughts up because I know it won't do any good. Being with oen girl at a time is the ideal relationship for me, not like if I go for this girl and I had feelings on another girl, it just feels like plain cheat to me so... I always avoid girls whenever necessary.

Yeah, I'm ok around girls really, just that I don't wanna confront them if not necessary so, I try my best to keep low around girls. Not that I have no self-confidence, just lazy to layan only...

So as I grew older, I've just developed a new theory for myself since Ive finally come to understand that girls are just everywhere so let's just heck it and deal with them like how I do for guys.It's pretty simple really.
As long as I consider all the girls I know as just other people like how I do for the guys, it'd be normal. And it works. So this is basically how I got to have friends who are girls like Rozen and Cleste.(sorry, not that I wanna take the two of you as guyz... just don't wanna mess things up... no hard feelings yeah? XD)

Ok, so to follow on about Mel. Form 2. Done.
In Form 3, she ended up in the same class as I did.
At first it was like "Owh kewlz... she's like over there only..."
SO I got to know Zen then since he was sitting next to me and I really gave him a hard time as I was a complete sucker in Maths. No seriously, go ask him. XD

And me and Mel started talking to each other more.
We actually became casual friends.
Then as time went by, I noticed that I looked at her very frequently form my desk.
SO I told Zen
"I think there's someone I like in class"
"you like someone? who? Shu Yi?"
"Shhh! keep it down will ya"
"so you..."

And so I shared lotsa stuff with him. Oh yeah, he's a damned nice fella really. Go read up about what I said about him under my friends. =)

Owh, and Mel got to know Zen since he was like my buddy who's always next to me hehex.

Then after 6 long months holding it up, I told Zen I was gonna tell her one day.
This wasn't just because I always looked at her though.
Influenced by lotsa stuff actually. Like Aki getting started with uh... Chiaki was it?
Then got the love dramas I watch.
And then, I also knew that I've grown kinda close to her since as friends for the past six months.
But hmm... that was just what I thought then though.

SO one day in around July or something, she was free in the afternoon so I asked her to meet me at the canteen.

I still remember the scene very clearly.I might change some of the words but it's something like that la...

"Hey Shu Yi..."
"yes? what's up? You'd better hurry 'cause I've to leave soon in like 30 minutes"
"owh... uh..."
"I suggest you hurry up with what you wanna say"
*takes a deep breathe and calms down*
"I think... I have a crush on you"
" you have a crush on me?"
"Hey, uh it's not like I'm asking you to be my girlfriend or anything, I just wanted to tell you..."
"ok...what do you like about me?"
"'re nice?"
"uh.. I donno... you dance, we talk a lot and stuff..."
"ok.... then what's your definition of crush?"
"Ok, so you have a crush on me right? Let's just leave it at that 'cause I seriously have to go soon, so case closed okaay?"
"uh... yeah, I guess"
"uh.. bye"
*and she just walks away*

Zen and the rest were wondering about my progress, so I told them when we met again.
But it's really weird...
My chest feels much lighter but it just feels like something bad is bound to happen.
But that was just a hunch so I just ignored it.

As days continue to progress, I noticed that it's just getting harder and harder to talk to her as casually as I did in class. There are even times when she just breaks down and cry endlessly and all I could do was just watch.
Most of the time, when something like that happens, or her felow girlfriends were flock around her and try and calm her down. I tried asking before and all I got was just "it's girl stuff la... none of your business"
Then I was like "None of my business huh? Guess she's right, who am I to know about these kinda stuff huh?"
so at that time, I was actually kinda influenced by the Christian stuff so I prayed for her everytime this kinda stuff happens

But I had no perseverence and gave up praying after a while. Just once in a while when I think it's really needed then I'd pray.

So some few months later, she received news that I got converted, so she invited me to go to her church together with her. I was like..."ok...sure.. why not?"
(owh, that whole religion mix up thing, read my uber randomness post)
So her mom starts picking me up every Saturday evening.
It was kinda nice at first. The Christians there were very warm and welcoming and the sing-alongs were very joyful and lively.
But as time passes, I realized that I no longer see her in church. For the first time, it was ok. Second time, still ok, 3rd, can la...4th, well her mom's coming to fetch me already....5th, shiet... got good Jap show... oh well, got church and the list goes on until one day I just asked myself "what am I even doing here? I could've done so many other things like cycle, exercise, watch my favourite tv shows and I come to churuch and listen to stuff I already know and apply in my life for what?"
And then one day, a Christian just asked me, "do you accept Jesus in your life?"
I answered "yeah...."
That was the time I actually questioned my faith in Christianity. Did I really let Jesus into my life or do I just go to the House of God because Mel's there?
Then a few days later, I thought it through and made a resolve.
I realized that I'm actually just going there to see her.
So I told God in my heart.
"you don't need a believer like me, if I'm entering your Kingdom just for the sake of her, won't I be betraying your beliefs and faith? Well, at least I know there's actually a God in this world.(I never used to believe in God before), I'll always acknowledge your presencebut sorry, I just ain;t cut out to be a Christian"

And so I told my mom and everyone else who knew that I was converted that I'm not a legitimate Christian which was quite true if you read my uber randomness post"

And I called her and asked her mom not to come and pick me up for church again. But they both didn't know I declared myself as not Christian anymore. Her mom was very nice to me so it felt kinda bad if I were to just tell her like that. So sometimes on ocassions when I had to go to her house, her mom would introduce me to new cell groups and stuff and I'd feel very uneasy but I'll just politely twist the topic around and don't answer the question if able.

So, that ended around December.
The stuff going on in school, well, till the final days of Form 3 and school trips and activites of course. There were many other scenes but they were all pretty similar with the breaking down stuff I just mentioned earlier so there's no need to go into that.

After school had officialy ended, she called up and asked whether I was interested in goign for Jap class. I was excited of course and I started calling Zen, Kazu and Yoshi. Then we all enrolled. Then I started asking myself, "wait... she still remembers about that?"
because I told her that like in February or something and she still remembers?
Whoa... and that was like an "I want to... someday" situation not like "I'm looking for a Jap class"
SO I was like, Owh don't care la, GO MAN~!

then things start getting rough.
Actually I was gonna enjoy the school break, and not seeing her might sort my feelings out.
But she just shows up again.
Oh well, Jap class~!
It was very fun.
But could've been better.
All my friends acknowledge me for who I am. rowdy, loud, outspoken, random.But whenever I'm one of this, she just tries to control or tie me down or something. It feels damn shitty you know. But since she's a girl, I just kept quiet.

Then it went on and on till one day, she invited the whole class of 6 people to her house for some gathering thing la. Everyone was going so I hopped along lo...
SO we were talking about some casual random stuff when we arrived to get ourselves settled in.
That day Mel's mom was a it sick and we could all tell that she was worried. But we just kept our mouths shut about that. Then she started being a bit cold. SO Sue asked me a question, "Is she always like that?"
I just said "yeah... she always like that, a bit up and down a bit"
Then we chatted and chatted and chatted. Mel went to the kitchen just now and she never came out for like 30 minutes. So Lonna, her good friend, went behind to inspect. She comes back after a while and tells us that she was crying. And she told us that it was because of what I said.
Everyone was like, "huh? what did he say?"
"I just said she's always like that when Sue asked me"
Everyone*"Uh huh......."

So she came back after a while and we started enjoying the day like how any other gathering should be. And I was my usual, I just try to limit myself a bit but I'm still me so, we were like joking about Kazu's red undies which were visble then and I attempted to like pull it down which was actually a feint and my dudes already knew about it. And Mel just stopped me and said it was impolite and stuff. So I got a bit pissed and got out to get some fresh air. After 15 minutes or so, she called me back in, so I went back in and try and make the best outta the situation.
When I arrived home, I was just glad to be at home at last...

The following night, I got a phone call.
It's Mel.
So I was being my usualy casual self like "hey.. wassup?"
and I start hearing some weeping and sobbing.
So I just asked what's wrong?

Then she told me that she had a lot of pressure and stuff and worried bout her mom, yeah yeah I get it. and Then she told me that she's actually crying because of me... and I was like...."HUH? what did I do?"
Then she starts telling me about all the stuff I did which was actually what I usually do around my buds, and she was like repremanding every single one of them and saying that she was disappointed and all. So... I'm a sucker for crying gals, so I just got into the deep sadness she had to and told her that it was all my fault and calmed her down and told her not to worry about it.
The only thought I had in mind at that time was "if I could bear this burden for her and make her stop crying... I donwanna see her sad"
So she calmed down after a some time and she got ok.


And I fell into a hell of a state.
I kept on beating myself down.
"I made a girl cry because of my own actions"
Then my mind just grew blank for the next 3 days.
One day before the next class started, I called her and told her that I'm gonna be needing ome time out so just be so-so with me.
She was cool with it.
But in the end, my buds started asking "wassup with Osla anyways?"
I just gave them a cold and solemn look and walked away.

I can tell you guyz this.
This incident was the main source of my depression, not my backache not the pressure, not my family, not your guyz and definitely not studies, it THAT INCIDENT.

I'll tell you guyz why I wasn't myself then. Because I was afraid that what I do would just make more people sad. That's why I couldn't help but ponder all the time and told myself I had to change.
And you guyz... man... you people weren't helping at all.
Whenever I told y'all about it you guyz just went "you don't haveta feel depressed for this kinda shit la... why the f*ck do you have to feel depressed for?"
Owh, this was in Form 4.

I kept on trying to tell y'all bout you guys just gave me the same reply. SO I just got fed up and started beign silent. It's not that I didn't wanna be who I always were you know, and you guyz were as painful as hell man. Can't you guyz just understand at that time that I felt so worthless because who I was could only do one single thing? Hurting others?

Thanks for all the ignorance in the world you guyz gave me.
It was hard but I grew outta it because after like 5 months upon regaining my back's health, I just felt that it was pointless to go on like that.

So I had to befriend all of you all over again.
Geez man, you guyz sure didn't make it easy.
Especially Zen.
He seems awfully pissed at my attitude that time.
But well, can't blame him I guess.
He's also concerned about me and he has his own depress factors.
But he inspired me to move on with life through his ignorance.

For that, Zen, I owe you big time. You can't imagine just how much I owe you man.
It's like if in the future, and I get married and you happen to fall in love with my wife, I'd gladly give her to you; if she wants to be with you of course. Yeap, tha's the kinda gratitude Zen deserves from me. Of course the others helped a lot. But Zen was sitting next to me for a year and he kinda knew me almost inside out. So I just told myself,
"I can't be like this, for their sake, I have to get up"
And that's when I set my resolve and put up that PM on MSN
"Bokutachi no yakusoku mamoritai!"
which if translated into English means,
"I'll protect our promise"

And I started to change. Into a better person. Thus, I'm who I am today because of this buds here.
Seriously, if you can have someone like Zen and the rest as friends, you'll be a very happy individual as you could almost tell that "ha... we're gonna explore the horizon of the future together no matter where we are and just lol our way through time"

And I wasn't wrong. They are and will forever be my good friends.

So in Form 4, I strugged a bit with Mel since she entered the PBSM BOD with me. SO we ahd to cooperate often. She was still liek she used to be with me, always pushing me around and I just take and let go take and let go though it restricted me to perform better during meetings a whole lotsa times. But after that in Form 5, I just heck it and say whatever the hell I need to say.

Till today, she still gives me the same aura of her... negativeness of some sort. I donno whether she likes me or not but seriously, everything has its limits. Owh how'd I know?
I asked her whether she still wanted to continue taking Jap class just last month and she just answered that she's not interested anymore. Well ok fine... But I msged her like 5 weeks ago before I asked her dammit. So why the hell can't you just tell me before? Then she went like how she used to, "settled? Ok it's settled"
Then she just gave me a cold impression. So I was like, "so much for being Jap mates... fine... do whatever the hell you want"
And I logged off.

Well, at least I was KINDA happy that she won't be actually bugging me about petty stuff that I do anymore or how should I be and stuff. For all I know, Mel, if you ever do that again, I won't hold back and I'll just blast you full force with whatever the hell I wanna say to you. The same goes to everyone right now.

I'm very straightforward. If I don't like it, I'll just say it. Unless if you've invoke THAT much pity in me then maybe I'll be a bit kesian to you and give you a generous lie.

SO Rozen, I really don't care much if you have trouble reading my long posts because they ARE long for a reason. I'm not forcing you to read them you know. If you wanna stop following my blog by all means, just do it because I really couldn't be bothered. I know you're helping me getting started with my blog and all and I really appreciate it but I really just don't have the luxury of time like other people might have.
Now, I've already said that story, you happy now?

And I know there are viewers out there.But if you wanna relate the importance of my blog which is free and the expenses of my class tuition fees, my college education weighs way heavier than my blog's worth. So be rational to me, do you think it's wise to spend my time on my blog then focusing on all my work and building my foundation for a better future for myself?

It might be long before my next post so peeps, I suggest you people to come some other time. Just check my place once a week will do if you even want to. It's like I said, it's really not up to me if you wanna follow my blog.

If you're happy following my blog, then good for you, if you just don't like it, I ain't forcing you or anything. And I'm still working on my html things. It might be easy for some people but for me, it's just not that simple. You guyz might have super cool skins but I'll settle for my current one for now.

Today, I hereby declare that I'm straightforward. It's my blog, and I do whatever I want with it.

-just don't be to wistful to see so many posts on my blog. If I got time I blog. If I don't then sorry, try next time-

Friday, February 06, 2009



My Bro...

His head was bleeding like mad.

He just said he ran into some thug who wanted to rob him.
From his injuries I'm guessing he fought up with him a bit.

Good thing he managed to come back...



Such a big guy?

Attacked at night?


Anyhow, my dad just drive him to the 24 hour clinic to get a stitch though my bro was a bit reluctant about it.

Hmm... My bro's pretty unlucky. This is the 3rd time he ran into a misfortune like that.

Geez man...

I heard from my mom that he got a nose infection before because some foreign substance entered and it wasn't removed for more than half a year than pus developed when he was around 5.

Then just a few years ago, I think he was in Form 4. He got himself into a pretty major bicycle accident.

I'm not really sure what happened by from my sis' testimony as "she saw the whole thing" my bro attempted to perform a loop with his bike and he flipped and just dropped.
When he came back home, he had a whole on his left cheek, a deep wound on his right eyebrow, a long scar on the forehead just above the eyebrow, a large mid-deep puncture wound on the back of his left shoulder and some other on his knees, elbows, fingers, palms, toes, and even his ankle and heels. He was in a real "bloody hell of a state"

If you don't believe me it's fine. But if you see his face, you'll know he already went into a serious accident.

And TODAY...

Man... I really feel for my bro.

He's a pretty humble person and he often wears like a beggar of some sort if not the image of a poor man or not fortunate enough to get more decent clothes. So I don't understand why some asshole who has nothing else better to do at night would wanna attack such a big poor guy like him who even looks intimidating with his large frame of a body.

Curse whoever did that a million times.

I hope his hands burn gravely for his sins.

Hmm... I wonder how my bro's doing, gotta wait for him to return home and see I guess...

-It's pretty ironic that I actually fancy the Thief job in RO so much but I'm condemning a thief which exists in reality, guess virtual and reality are always gonna be separated from one another-


*whispers in my heart silently*

Sorry.. if I said those things out aloud, it'd become true. I just wanna curse him like it's a normal hunk'o bullshit. I don't really mean it. Everyone has reasons for what they do. If they don't get a chance to redeem themselves, then what kinda world do we live in? Absolute justice and uphold the law? Hmmm...

Well, guess I'll get back to my work now. Ciaoz.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wah... so many supporters


Serious ah?

Why suddenly got so many people kacao my blog one now?0o


So many people now, can't let them down la... XD


Let's see.... today. Owh, today was pretty fun.
I got complimented by my Drawing lecturer for my "mature" lines. He said it was very free with it's movement and line texture.. wah... so proud ah today.

O... today I got some time since I just finished an assignment a while ago so... XD
*My mood just got better*

BTW, the whole class had to learn conglomeration drawings. It's a term used to draw translusent solid objects. So... yeah, I think you can pretty much know what we had to draw. X_X

But it was so super fun today. While sketching my MP3 just played the best array of music for me. SO pumped up the entire day. XD I barely took my earphone's off from my addicted ears X3

OO design class. I-Ching, my our super cunted extremely hillarious gorey kinda lovable lecturer with the biggest heart filled with blood and agony is so super duper AwEsOmE~! XD
Today she thought us about....


whoa... really damn cunted oi. Never knew dots was such a universal thing. Got weight la, got movement la, can morph la so sososososososo super kewl man. XD

But... err... the slides she showed us were a bit too... uh... DOTty and the pictures were a bit too eye-aching to see because of all those multitudes of colour whamped out into one corner of the world. 0o

*presenting our latest assignment*
the "Draw Your Partner of the Opposite Gender With Dots Elements" assignment~!

I-C:Owh... no gays please owh and yeah, don't fall in love yeah~! If not I'll keel you. Use your friends' personality to design yeah.. Have fun =)

Well, it's kinda kewl though. But who am I suppo~
"Osla, you with me"
*looks to the back*
"err... you're Shwu Yi.. right?"



uh... that was a bit outta the blue
Oh well, let's get this done then.
Carlsberg boy: Weh Osla, you got write the rational of your design or not just now?
"huh? what rational?"
"neh... the explanation for your design concept"
"oo crap...I-Ching~! can I have my assignment back for a moment plz?"
"sure... go ahead"
*takes assignment back*
*starts writing some long B.S.*
*Shwu Yi's analyzing my face meantime*
"what should I draw ah...?"
"owh, I'm evil, you can draw me with horns and stuff"
"o... your hair very curly ah.."
"yeah... Oo... you can add some rain to those waves"
"rain ah?"
"yeah, he's like a storm one, everywhere he go also wet one"-Dumb Zen- XD
"mhmm... what he said"
"omg... what am I drawing... Argh~!"
"uh huh..."
*finishes the stoopeed rational*
*passes it up*
*analyzes Shu Yi's face*
*hmmm.... she has a very pretty face...*
*Ooo... her eye are splendid*
*starts sketching*
*Whoa..good hair texture*
*reviews her clothes...*
*hmm.. she's got lotsa style*
"uh... do you collect anything? Like dolls and stuff"
"uh... no, but I used to collect stamps though"
"right... I did too, and I kwit after a month XD"
*both laughs*
*continues analyzing her appearance*
"do you like any animals?"
"oo yeah, I have a hedgehog at home"
"huh? a hedgehog"
"neh... like Sonic one..."-Dumb Zen-
"err... never seen one before in real life"
"owh... it's something like this"
*she sketches*
"owh... like some kinda rodent huh?"
"uh... I donno what to draw la..."
"owh... I'm a bit gay"
"Ha!? really ar?"
"no la... just gay happy not gay homo la..."
"but I've always wondered how it'd be like if I were a girl"
"ooo... okay"
*she sketches*
*continues observing her*
*fair skin*
*nice complexion*
"hmm... do you spend a lot on your cosmetics?"
"owh... quite a bit la"
"what's your favourite make up tool? like lipstick or something..."
"Mascara gua..."
"are you a very day or night person"
"uh... I donno wor, I a bit of both one"
"owh, so you just sleep whenever you want to la..."
"Uh... I'm outta ideas again.."
"err... I cycle.. a lot, I cycle to school too"
*she sketches*
*still thinks of what I should ask her*
*observes her hands*
*wow... such nice hands*
*er... why do they seem so yellow?0o*
"hmm... I like eating food, lotsa food XD"
"what food wor..?"
"owh I eat all la... except cockles gua..."
"haiyo I just draw all la =D"
"but I always crave for something one..."
"oo what?"
"wah... if you crave also you think so long one meh?"
"Oo yeah... Apom Balik, or Ba Chang kueh"
"ha? Apom Balik and Ba Chang kueh? I thought both different one? Wait, what's Apom Balik a?"
"neh... the one like pancake one, they put the butter, nuts and corn + sugar, then they fold into half"
"uh... I still donno ler... nevermind la, I just draw all the food I know =)"
"uh.. ok"
*continues to observe her again*
"owh, I also like Ultraman"
"Ha? serious ah?"
"yeah, but not just any ultraman la, just Ultraman Nexus"
"o yeah, I'm an RC member as well"
*searches bag*
*takes out VAD vest*
*flashes the RC symbol for her to refer*
Jake: Wah... you really qualified one ah?
Jake: how come you got the vest there one?
Zen: He brings it along in case if got emergency ma.."
Jake: O...
"eh, then yours is cross or..."
"Malaysia Islamic country ma, so crescent symbol lo.."
"but Cross also got right?"
"err, yeah"
*she sketches*
*continues to analyze her*
*hmm... she's kinda pretty*
"hmm.... what do you usually do to chill out?"
"O.... Yam Cha a~!"
"err... Yam Cha a bit general le..., what Cha you drink le?"
"Limau ais ah.."
"oo... Ice Lemon Tea la"
"Limau Ais like Ice Lemon Tea lo"
*sketches again*
*erases again*
"omg... why did I even draw it like this..."
*continues to look at her*
*attention at her hands*
*hmm... if only I could put the hand along with her face... such nice hands...*
"oh... the last on you can draw like a Shin Chan version of me gua..."
"ha? Shin CHan a?"
"or you can draw my face on a Doraemon body"
Zen:aiya... draw him with pikachu la...
*Pokemon gotta catch'em all~!*
"weh... I like Digimon better la"
Zen: nevermind, pikachu still cuter
"donwan... I wanna be Agumon,X3"
Zen: Eee.e... Agumon so hard to draw
"if not then draw Wargreymon lo.. so much easier, got kewl claws summore XD"
"wooh~, Keroro *AFURO*"

well, it was kinda liddat la for the whole class of Design today.
Owh, I stayed back to finish up the designs I created.
I noticed that a few peeps were still flocking around I-Ching.
When most of them are gone, I saw the 3 new students, Shaaiine, Kit and Samuel.
"Owh, Osla, you got some brushes I could borrow?"
*searches my beg*
*takes out*
"O yeah, can I take your paint as well?"
"Uh I mean borrow your Gouasche"
*she talks to the students about art materials*
*she leaves*
*the students were leaving*
"hey guys, wait a minute"
*all together*
"uh... you know there's Figure class this Friday right?"
"Well, tomorrow's like an off day so, Figure got some homeworks, you want me to give them now or you wanna chill first and wait for the lecturer to give you the assignment on Friday?"
"hmm.. might as well give now"
"err, we're supposed to draw a face for our first assignment, but the paper... you have to take from the lecturer so that one have to wait till Friday"
"Owh... ok..."
"got another one though, you have to draw the front and side of a girl and a guy witht he theory the lecturer gave in the previous class"
"ah... ?"
"erm... lemme show you"
*sketches on the paper*
"wah... now I know how hard it is to be a lecturer...X_X"
"haha... it's ok la..."
"err... something like this gua..."
"oh wait, I didn't get the eyebrow part..."
"owh umm.."
"you half here and here and here then you get three lines, and then you draw the eyebrow on the eyebrow line not above or below."
"Oh I see..."
"Um... then you half here and here. This'll be your nose, your lower lip and your eyes. You half another part here and you get your mouth line"
"Um then the side you just follow the same thing la"
"oo ok"
"but umm the artblock's like quite big right? So you can just divide it into half and you draw the front and side here on the same page. then you can use the construct line from the first face to do your side"
"oooo... I see"
"Uh.. still not sure a bit"
"Um... ah better show you..."
*sketches again*
"shit man, if I teach you wrong theory I die.."
"umm... yeah like this, then the ear you don't draw from the eyebrow line but you make a box there and draw from a lower point there and like this then you get your ear"
"ooo, so that's how.."
"umm, if you're not sure how to draw ears it's something like this..."
"Uh, if you're not sure you can always refer to someone's ear or your own ear also can ah... =D"
"oo yeah, then you haveta do reserach on Face Proportions or the Golden Rule and eyebrow and nose proportions"
"oo ok... anything else? Oh yeah, tomorrow got replacement class?"
"uh... no, only this Sat for History and next Thu for Comm"
"okay... thanks man, see you"
"weh don't forget about Friday class ah~!"
"haha yeah"
*packs bag*
*checks wallet*
*yesh.. got enough coins*
"bang nak 2"
"terima kasih"

*throws plastic into bin*
*cycles back*
*sits in front of laptop*
*argued with Rozen*
*Kai Lee invited me to her open house on Sun but donno whether can go... got public duty from 9pm to 8am for Thaipusam duty*
*checks Facebook*
*checks e-mail*
*Oo... May Ann sent me a speech text*
*blogs till now*

Kk... till then. Jya...XD

O wait.. I missed something
*when class ended*
Rex:ooh, hey that's pretty nice
oo thx...
who you did with?
Um... Shu Yi
Mun Yee: Shu Yi's quite pretty huh?
Rex: By far I think Shu Yi's got the best looks in our class. Then maybe Lydia or Rachel second.. Then there's Shaaiine...
Mun Yee: Oh...
*umm... then isn't Mun Yee in the... list? I mean she's not half bad to me...*
*Eh.... Shu Yi first meh? Oh... I thought Rachel stands at the top of the ladder*
*bah... whatever la, all girls are beautiful in their own ways*

Monday, February 02, 2009

Uber randomness of randomness XD

Haiyo... y'all ah... very the menyusahkan. FINE lo... y'all me readers anyways... terpaksa la...X3
Lets see...
Last week...
Owh... yeah
CNY huh..?
Boo... boring
Fine I'l tell you a story.

Fufufufu... Klah... I expose one secret to y'all.

sabar sikit la...

KK...*munches food*

Uh..... how should I start?

Blerhz... whatever...

Here goes.

Say... [Rozen] you wanted to know about my monk story right?
I'll give you a sneak here since it co-relates with this thing.

I'll tell you why my CNY was so boring. Not that I really get bored though. I've always got things to do no matter where ever, whenever.X3
(Zen should know of all people fufufufu...)

But of all places in Malaysia that I've been to, I just don't really fancy Penang.
Well, Penang itself is nice, I have no prejudice whatsoever to the citizens and location themselves not to mention the oui magnifique dishes (besides cockles...I hereby declare that I can't take cockles...), just that a few things seem to bother me from time to time about that place.

First of all...
really really super hyper mega extra bad travelling experience.
Let's just say for 5 years straight, I've been puking in my dad's damn car because of road sickness.

Uh well... not just any car though... Particularly THOSE Nissan Vanette and Serena my dad used to drive. Geez man... it's really irritating when you travel in a car and these sudden whanging headache comes into the scene to spoil all the "I'M GONNA RECEIVE ANGPOW!!"
So you wanted to know why I hated cars so much?
THAT is the super duper main reason why I sho hate cars so much besides it polluting the air, the "silence" the peace, creating busy traffic, increasing road deaths, petrol price hikes and yadadadada it just all adds up to me hating those damned cars more.
And not having driving license is one way I'm showing my hatred towards'em stoopeed vehicles.
So... you got a license eh? BOOO~! YOU SUCK~! XD

But that was only the car part though.
My family has a very strange intertwined... uh... no no no not background. More like lifestyle.
You see, my popes is a real hardcore Buddhist believer. During my childhood years, that religion really seemed like a pretty normal thing to me but as I grew older, I started to realize many things which I've come to dislike up to date.

I've always wondered why my brothers despised that religion so much which has been a part of our family since before the time I was born.

But the truth finally came to me when I was...
Hmm... I think it was when I was around Form 3.

For those of you who don't know, I'm actually a Christian convert, which was really unintentional really, I didn't do much. There was this senior in school one day who asked me whether I was ready to receive Jesus into my life when I dropped by during a Christian Fellowship meeting. I replied with a shaky voice..."yea-h..."

So.... she asked me to read this verse in the Bible out loud and the next thing I know, she pronounced me a Christian.

I was taken aback.

"uh...hmm... uh... WHAT~!?"
*clap clap clap*
*feels a bit embarassed by the crowd*
*unsure to fell happy or... uh, whatever la... should be a happy thing right?"

When I arrived back home, I told my mom about it. She was.... very indifferent with the news. She was like "oh...really?...oh...ok.."

That day onwards, I started feeling funny since... "hey... wassup with everyone man? I thought being converted should be a happy thing for my mom since she also converted just fairly recently..." I was Form 3 so... you guyz do the time math la XD

But I didn't tell to just anyone though. Those who knew back then were only my mom, Zen, Adrian[a friend of my bro's] and Mel.

I'll be straightforward though. There's nothing for me to hide in my blog =)
I had a crush on Mel back then. I'm pretty sure you guyz know which Mel I'm referring to. But do me a favor will ya? Don't tell me I mentioned about this in my blog unless if she finds out herself. But she's part of my past now. I have no feelings whatesoever towards her anymore. Till today, I still feel a dim sense of uneasiness between us but we're still friends in the least. So to speak, I've just simply moved 0n.

So Mel, if you do read this, no hard feelings kay? We're adults now so lets act like one =)

But I don't follow Christian stuff anymore. I used to go to church when Mel invited me to go, but after several times not meeting her there, it just felt pointless, and there was this really neat J-dorama on air at that period and I missed all of them for some "really beautiful preaches" from the church... *sigh* Following churches is one of the greatest regrets in my life.
Blerhz... I could've played PS2, play computer, jog, do my homework, play basketball, and I missed that all for some stuck up church life? I oughtta say to myself "get a life dude..."
Weh, whatcha expect la, I'm a guy oi...XD So if you ask me about my religion, I'd just say I'm a Buddhist on paper or just for formalities but if I do say that in casual ocassi

But I was compelled to join the "Kingdom" because of two main reasons. 1.Mel and 2.I'm just so sick and tired with my dad's insensitive and unreasonable attitude with all those random snapping and argument over pointless silly matters which was mainly caused by his God[yeah...not GAWD, I really mean God God]damned involvement with his Bhuddist activities. If there is a God, my mom prayed to You countless times for him to change, if You really are there, I really do hope You answer her prayers.
Lemme just briefly tell you what my dad did.
  1. family forever not first, Buddhist first(screw you dad...)
  2. help others first... family second(screw you again...)
  3. money all spent till pokkai on stoopeed donations for God knows what(seriously). And when my mom just asked for money to get groceries, he'll just snap at my mom for spending lotsa money and yadadadadadadada~ and all of his hunk'o bullshit. If I were mom, I'd have just smack him to the ground with a wooden chair. And when there's a REAL proven donation, ALL he could ever contribute at most was like how much... RM10? Yeah.. ukur baju pada badan sendiri, but what you do outside ha? some unproven so-called "monk temple donation" also you fork out RM200 and sometimes more without hesitation. Wake up la you old snort.
  4. He goes down to Penang and Thailand so many times. Just thinking about all the petrol burning for the journey itself makes me fired in anguish. And he goes down to Thailand almost every month these few years which a total expenditure of RM1000 every trip. SO much for saving for your children's future education huh? I really do hope you blessed "karma" will be fruitful but as so far as my life progresses, I've led nothing but a normal life filled with sickening days I've spent so much at home with my family compared to some sweet memories I could hardly even treasure. Regardless, you are still my dad and you paid for me to enter TOA so... I could do nothing but say Thank You and do my best in my studies.
  5. My dad argues with my mom a lot for no valid reason, which is really both a heartache and a pain to my ears.
For you people who don't understand the value of money, FYI 18k is a real hefty sum to pay for. So if you think you can enjoy your college life, sure go ahead, but with that payment, I'm weighted with the responsibilty to do well in TOA because if I don't, I'll disappoint not only my family, friends and myself but my dad who's been relentlessly driving his taxi around despite his old age even during the time he's supposed to be in a retired state - a person who was fulfilled his life well and can relax with his old age - which apparently my dad did not achieve because of his extremity with Buddhism just to get me into the first term of my college. He didn't even have enough then. He had to make a loan of almost RM15k just to pay for my stoopeed college fees. So peeps, if I ever don't blog, don't go for outings, refusing invitation for parties and such or skip my gaming times, please just understand that I have my reasons. It's not that I don't value friendship. I really do miss a lot of people. But it just can't be helped. That's why I must strive my way to the peak of success before our next intended encounter, besides those who I still keep in touch to of course =D. Of course I have my plans la... Takkan don't meet each other for the next 60 years meh. Aiyo... I not so extreme one la, as long as I get excellent results in my studies, that's my "peak" for as long as I'm in TOA. And in order to do that, I've to establish myself as "The first amongst equals".=O
SO Rozen, if you're so free... go and kacao other people's not that I don't want to blog leh, got a lot of work to do la, not like you can shake leg everyday at home. I don't know anything about your college life but if you can blog like 3 times a week, you're very lucky. SO just bear and be patient with this turtle of a friend will ya? It's not like I'm asking for the World. 0o
Today also I've gotta finish my Design and Art History assignments but for the sake of you;my fellow friends, I compose this post for you to read. Depending on how free I am, I'll blog that much, but just for your knowledge, to just blog so casually like this I'm actually sacrificing my time to do my work and I risk falling asleep at night when I'm doing my work. Even this very instant I'm worrying whether I can still complete my assignments. But for the sake of our friendship, I'll just let it by this one time. I'm not sure if I can do this again soon though so don't expect much from me.

And then ah... Zen's house Feng Shui more keng than my place so... really, he has a more strategic place to blog at. He's a got a com with a room and some open space for himself. I on the other hand, have a room and a bed which I can't even use at times because my bro uses his com so often and I share his wardrobe. My clothes barely fit into that small compartment so you guyz should know what to avoid if you guyz ever need to get me a birthday present which I doubt I'll receive anyways this year but if it does, then... don't say I didn't tell you.=) Just to turn on my old laptop I'd have to look for a good spot with a power source and a space open enough for me to put on my laptop and it has to be nearby the wireless receiver not more about 20 feet away(if I'm in the living room, my connection would say "good" whereas if I'm in the kitchen it says "excellent"). So really, you people have the luxury of your own room and a comfy house to live in with many alternative power stations. My house is just my house, I don't have anything to complain about as it's really a decent place to live in. Just that all my other family members besides my mom and I are actually subjugated to take the time and clean the house whenever we do something and put'em back where they actually belong to or supposed to be placed at.
So peeps, if you can blog, be grateful that you can. You peeps are not as unfortunate as me or those peeps who don't even have the chance to touch a keyboard.

So...*Yay... my mom just gave me my monthly allowance of Rm150, my mood just got better x1000* XD

And my monk history yeah, I was admitted into this Burmese temple in Penang for the first time to do monkhood term of seven days in December when I was in Standard 2. I was aliased as Zaya Vamsa for as long as I remained in the temple. The temple, I have nothing negative to say about it. It's a temple after all, what can I say? The toilets are decent, the rooms are decent. But...uh... the robes are not bad la, I've got to wear the special red one WOOT~! where'as everyone else wore the regular orangie brown robes. But man, they always feel like dropping off everytime I wear'em. And....shh... psst... we weren't allowed to wear undies... No really, serious, we can't. We were forbidden.
Vegetables all week huh? Oh well, it ain't so bad. That was the time I actually got into eating green stuff. So I shall thank my monk experience for enabling me to be so open to food today *slrrp slrrp**drools* And also those people who forced me to eat'em even when I didn't want to. XD
Owh yeah... we were supposed to actually eat 2 servings a day, breakfast and lunch. We weren't allowed to dine after 5pm. But whuddaheck, some people sneak in food to eat anyways. So much for all the discipline crap.D:
Also... we were required to recite sutras in Pali in which the language my name Osla is originated. It was kinda fun reading those sutras. I still remember one word. saddhu which meant "rejoice". Naw... not the shampoo, the rejoice rejoice.XD
In addition to that, we were required to help do temple chores at least twice a day. So... guess that experience led me to be a fair housekeeper today XD. Zen knows about this, you could ask him but for all I know, I'd bet he'd just say "donno.. don't remember.." or "why're you even asking me about this? Shouldn't you ask Osla himself?"

I might be wrong but meh, knowing him for one...two...three...4 years(this year's the fourth), I'd anticipate those kinda lines from a guy like him. X3

Geez... why does blogging have to take up so much time for me pfft... If my hands were a bit like Zen's it'd definitely settle the problem dramatically if not all. Whuddado, I've been typing since 5.14pm and now's like 6.47pm? 7.03pm!? That's more than half and hour nearly 2 hours oi...=(

Kla kla, I gotta go finish up my lunch dinner and get my work done. I just went for a BSM errand right after my class ended and I only got back at 5.04pm. And I missed my lunch in the afternoon. And now that I've blogged, I've got less time to finish my assignments. "thanks a lot guyz" XD...*curse y'all*

Jya... Gamsahamnida~!=D
*FYI I've been researching a lot about Korea so I picked up a few words along the way...XD*