Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ok peeps. Add my num plz.

Miss call me or send me a message. And of course, plz intro yourself.

If not, i'll just put there "Another sorry loser"



That's the new num.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused...

Pfft, like hell I'd be sorry! XP

Saturday, March 28, 2009



Those who need to contact me, plz call my house num 0378038748

Spread the word around to everyone you know that I might know and have them send me their contacts again.

Your help is most appreciated.

ZZzzz... Curses...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jog jog jog... Ouch...


No class today

But I still went to campus

Needed to send in this Request Slip for my Art Ex...

Originally wanted to follow Zen to get the Star Edu Award thing done but... I forgot to bring the necessary documents...ZZZzzzz

And I was about to attend a meeting anyways...

so he left.. and I waited..?

yeah, so I met with Jit Chun.. the other Pres, he's pretty good, he's like got everything all sorted out. Kudos to him.

Met with Feiyan just now, finally asked her number. XP

went home, ate lunch, got back out and cycled all the way to Wei Yang's house only to find out later that he was at his old school, SMK Sri Permata... ZZzzzz, SO I waited for him lo...

And there was a park...

SO I went jogging~!

damn.. the floor was sickenningly hot. I didn't bring my shoes so...
haiz.. whuddado, took my sandals off and off I go XD

it's like I had fire on my feet. GOGOGOGO

Damn syiok. After I finished my 10th, then I only started realizing that it hurst like... OWWWW....

I looked around, and Wei Yang sill wasn't back.

so I saw a playscape

and there was a staircase
so ...
I do situp!
managed to do 612 before he came back

Ouch... now my back got blister oso...
damned surface...*grunts*

Well, so I met with Bernard... the ... uh... dog

Wei Yang's house was pretty cosy.

And his room... uh.. twice my room's size... so unfair... T^T

But Wei Yang's an excellent host eheh.

He knows so much about his own area, I'm pretty impressed. It's like from his house, he has access to all major areas. Man.. I envy him.

Well, got the Adobe running at least. Thank Zen for that. He burned another cd upon request despite his busy schedule.

Gotta belenja him some time ^^

Wah.. Wei Yang.. your Miku-ness is insane....

Your com is all Miku-fied.

You have a Miku.. uh... MUG?

oh well, got back home, I BEAT THE RAIN~!


but after I got back it started raining with all the thunder and all
so I didn't wanna risk thundering my computer.

so I took my bath...
and remembered that it was very dangerous to bath during storms...

but I still did anyways....

until at one point that the thunder rumbled so loudly that I jumped behind and turned off the shower.

blerhz... then I used the bucket water instead XD

then do work lo... till now. hahaz....

damn blisters



Saturday, March 21, 2009



I get to jog XD

Feels so good.

Man, every drop of sweat is so worth it.

AHaha... enjoy music while I'm at it too.

+200 situps XD

jog to my college and back

that's about 3km at least gua

with my bag

good enough GUA...


Kla... very little progress today... have to keep up the pace!


I quote from Wanted
"I'm taking over my own life. What the f**k have you been doing lately?*

*logs off*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Call of Destiny


Finally done with my Design and Drawing assignmnets..*yawns*
Wha... it's 7.21am? Uh.. guess I'd better get some sleep later.

I meant YESTERDAY...

I have been elected as

The President

of The Art History Exhibition...



Still got so many things to do... now kena this one...

Nevermind, more CHALLENGE more FUN XD

The voting was pretty quick though... Man, I hope those lads and ladettes aren't choosing me for the wrong... geez
The only thing I said for my "speech" was like

"Oh... hi guyz... I'm Osla Chan and I come from Kj... Uh... I live nearby the Giant Hypermarket so it's easy for me to get my groceries and stuff so.."
Stephen the lecturer cuts in,"Umm.. that's not the relevant intorduction about the President's post"
"Oh.. ok... UMMMMMMM... THE ONE THING... that I can say about myself is that, I can tell you that I'll be very honest with you so... if I say anything that might hurt your feelings ah... sorry ler... XD"
*everyone laughs*
then... skip all the other guyz...

Voting session begins...
everyone got 1 vote only ah?
Wah... I kena 15 with another guy 15 oso. Neck to neck wor...
*pfft.. but I didn't wish for the post......=_=*
so next voting...
the other guy
double you tee eff?
wahlaoheh... eberyone sabo me... X_X

I'll do the damn job. IF anything goes wrong, I've already warned y'all.

So that was finished..

but I quote Lucius from Underworld : Rise of the Lycans,
"No...this is only the beginning"

Guess I'd better keep a portable diary now... I'm gonna need to be organized for once in my whole entire life... bsh.

Nevermind... keep my motivation up!
I shall do this for..
and of course... my friends and family

Noone's left out right? XP

but of course, my major source of motivation comes from 2 uh wait.. 3 people. Those who know who I'm talking about... eheheheh, SHHHHHHHHHH... XS

And my PS2!

err... donno whether still got time to play oso ler T^T

Klah... time to continue my epic battle ^^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mission 1/100000000000000000 COMPLETE!

OO yeah...

Finally finished me damned FA models. Pfft

They don't even looks great.*sigh*

Oh wellz, nothing much I can do about it.

History report-CHECK

SO... ok... got some more to do

Nevermind... first step's always the hardest XD


Feel the PUMP!

Quote from Carlisle in Twilight
"Find the WILL to stop it"
so I guess my version is uh...
"Find the WILL to DO IT"

alrightiez, time to move on!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Decision time

Lets face it.

Everyone has this kinda side of their brain telling themselves about
"Hey you should...!"
"But I WANT...!"

the only key to resolving this issue is really very simple

turning what your should's into want's

hell, easier said than done though

well, the easier way is through passion but...
not everyone has the burning desire to finish something with tremendous effort
well.. I do..with my exercise of course. Once I begin my first step, I'll just keep on going and going, regardless of the cries of my helpless hunger-stricken stomach and sore aching muscles in my legs aside from my storming sweat casting multiplying its amount with every move I make.
that's.. a real passion to me

that's kinda odd, I told myself that drawing was my secondfirst passion. But now it's more like Persona 4's my second passion after jogging. Meh... I could play it in front of the freaking TV for like 28 hours? Jogging? uh... well, jogging for 2 hours feels something like playing sitting in front of the TV playing PS2 for 6 hours. So.. you do the math will ya?

AND I used to tertidur while I do my work.. as in SCHOOL work
Now it's like ASSIGNMENTS from college.
What's the difference?
COLLEGE= a little study + lotsa practical/work
Arts fun
Really fun
But seeing other better than me
Not fun
I keep on telling myself I'm gonna kick some ass outta these dipshits but what do I do?
so how in the world am I supposed to pace up with them anyways?
donno... just pace la I guess... XD

I may be a slacker, but I'm no quitter
Seems like I'm gonna have to look for my motivator again like last week.
Something motivated me to finish my work all through without even taking a glimpse on my PS2. I even skipped my exercise routines until a time when I felt like I had this burning energy inside of me ready to burst and *whoosh* I suddenly ended up in Subang Parade... lolz
Yeap.... almost 2 hours...JOGGING

But... with my previous commitment being said,
I've somehow indirectly created an obligation unto myself so...
Guess I'll have to stick up for what I say huh?XD

Goals for this week:
  1. Assignments (top priority)
  2. JOGGING (man... i feel so flimsy now..)
  3. PS2!(can't help it... Persona 4's just so fun...)
  4. uh... have some free time for myself??
Tak tetap punya... I might shuffle them up again lolz.=_=
Well... guess I better start doing my work.
Peace y'all!

QUOTE lecturer "When you aim for the stars you'll never end up with a handful of mud"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My SPM results

Well, I'm pretty sure a whole lot of pipsqueaks out there would be eager to know how I did in my SPM anyways so I might as well just post it here and you guyz can just read'em up instead of asking me and yadadadadadadada.

SO here it is:

Well, whatever, I got stuff to do now so... *logs off*XP

Monday, March 02, 2009

A Valiant Approach


Will be the mark of change in my life.

As I'd be taking on an incredible challenge in my life.

But rest assured, it is of my own free will.

And I have decided it so.

Whatever the outcome may be, I'll still keep on moving forward.

As I've made an oath this year that I can't break.

Ima, mirai e ikiru. Chikau darou.
(Now, I going towards the future, I swear on it)

So... this might be the shortest post I have in my entire blogging history.

Just bear in mind that I'm just alike any other soul.

Continuously searching for a real, solid purpose to live.

Not bounded and guided by the surreal and unrealistic.

But reality.

And I'm taking my first step forward.

Owh... don't get me wrong though... this ain't an emo post XD
Just trying to create a mood there.. X3


Hence, I'll be looking for my future.

I have not the knowledge to when I might post again.

So here, I shall say this one last thing.


So... ta peeps, donno when I'll post again. Don't bother checking from time to time. Check like once a month or something. Or not at all. I think I'll be much happier if you'd just do that XD.

Yeah... I'm just trying to say that I'm gonna be busy. Peace~ XE