Thursday, July 16, 2009

Koi wa Sensou (Love is War)

Koi wa Sensou
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

Mou ikiba ga nai wa kono koi no netsuryou

Haiiro no kumo monokuro no kensou
Hizashi wa kageri

Yuugure wa iro o kaete iku

Aa sekai ga nijinde
Sore de mo suki de irareru ka nante

Wakatteru kedo dou sureba ii no
Dou shitara dou sureba

Baka da na watashi…

Hajimeru no yo kore wa sensou
Ureshisou na kimi o miru nante
Setsunaru koi sore wa tsumi
Misete ageru watashi no omoi o

Sakende mita megahon wa kowareteta no

Dore dake senobishitatte
Kimi no shikai ni hairanai

Aa itsu no ma ni ka hareta sora
Zenzen niawanai

Kimochi ga osaerarenakute
Doushitara dou sureba

Naite nanka nain da kara ne

Tatakau no yo haato o ute
Shudan nante eranderarenai
Sukaato hirari misetsukeru no yo
Kimi no shisen ubatte miseru no

Geigeki youi
Senkyou wa ima da furi na no desu

Koi wa moumoku
Kimi no kuchizuke de me ga sameru no!

Love is War
Vocals: Hatsune Miku
Lyrics: ryo
Composition: ryo
Arrangement: ryo

The heat of my love has nowhere to go anymore

There are gray clouds and monochrome noise
The sunshine darkens

And dusk changes its color

Ah, the world is blurred
Yet I know if I can like you

But what should I do?
How should I? What can I?

An idiot, I am…

I’ll start it off; this is war
To see you look happy
An earnest love; it’s a sin
I’ll show you what I think

The megaphone that I tried shouting through is broken

No matter how far I reach
I can’t enter your line of sight

Ah, the sky that cleared before I’d realized it
Doesn’t suit me at all

Unable to repress my feelings
How should I do? What can I?

Because I’m not crying
I love you

I’ll fight, shooting at your heart
By any means possible
I show off a flutter of my skirt
I’ll show you that I’ll steal your gaze

I prepare for interception
The war situation remains unfavorable to me

Love is blind
I’ll wake up with your kiss!

Got the lyrics from:

Koi wa Sensou PV

Well, let me just tell you what I feel about this song. It. Just. Plain. RAWKS~! XD
This song has been making my day for almost a week now. The lyrics, intensity, power. It just matches with my current mood so well that it motivates me to live life to its best XD. Seriously.

I used to be not very fond of Vocaloid music for their monotonoues voice which I find hard to adapt to. But this song realy openned up my eyes. What Zen said was true. If the song is good, the voice just don't matter sometimes.

Kudos to whoever who made this song. It could be said as a partial expression of my feelings, though... maybe not so rebellious. And uh.. maybe I won'f flap a skirt lol. XD I'm a guy for goodness sake~ Well, unless if I cross-dress~ 8D

Song review~

The musical instruments used in the music truly fits the overall feel very well. The hard rock guitars are an amazing way to kickstart a powerful feel. Then when it goes to the heavy drums, everything just becomes really animated with movement. Not in the PV, but int the rythm. Its as though you can see things breaking in front of you out of smashing emotion. For the record, it really makes Miku seem like she is really projecting her voice in a frustrated manner filled with angst and rage. Though the song has hints of the Linkin Park style, it still has its own sense of originality in it, for the most prominent part, Miku herself of course. Nobody.. almost noone at all could project her voice so damn well in Love is War. I've listenned to other versions. Miku's one still remained my favourite and will always stay in my favourites. The Ultimate Mix version featuring 7 different artist sure has amazing tension and amplified power along with the suggestive schoolgirl group cryoout, but it lacks... Miku. Miku has to be IN there. She must not be removed. She is the key to the song's core. Without her, the song becomes lifeless. I mean.. I like the groupy thing but then.. after listenning to it a few times, I started to miss the Miku version. And when I listenned to Miku again in that song, the mood just came back and snap, I fell in love with this song.

Ironic to say that Miku is lifeless by herself. But she really becomes alive when someone with amazing passion for her voice synthesizes miracles with its many distinctive features. I have to say that Love is War is one of the best composed music by all Vocaloid songs so far. I've openned up my ears to quite a number these few days, and almost all the ones I still remember right now are next to none at all. Except for the tearshedding KOKORO.KISEKI. by Kagamine Rin and Nebula with its super cool PV. I'll post about these music next time yeah~ ^^

You could say... a lot of this lyrics really is a fragment of what my true heart wants to tell the world. Love... Is WAR. It is foolish to play the game of love with kindness. You have to chase after what you sought, and that means doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal. Well... I don't think I've crossed the border before, but if necessities show, I will do it no matter what the cost. Because, love... is something that might appear once in a lifetime. Something many dub as true love. Once we lay our eyes on hat special someone, we start experiencing emotional hysteria and our minds goes around and around as though the world itself is spinning. And you'll notice symptoms like uptotheroof embarassment around that person, incomprehensible shyness, loss in cofidence, confusion, inability to control emotions and many more.

Love is... undefinable. To define love is just to make the term suit to your own taste. But in reality, love has no true definition. Only many possible definitions. SO to speak, how we determine our love life depends on how we look at the side of love.

In this song, Miku knows this fact and she wants to get close to her dreamboy. But she's stuck in between and struggling to find a bridge to connect with him somehow. Tired of all the frustration, she decided to interpret her emotions in music.

Picture a very monochromatic brownish school background. Mikue lies within a classroom with her knees uprolled with her back leaning against the wall. Then she begins the first few lyrics and ends it with standing up and smashing whatever she saw around her while screaming her feelings out. Then she looks out into the window and sets her eyes on the greyscale clouds and dreasm about being with Len, who, bye a leap of fate, has decided to follow Rin no matter what. And then she feels this intense pules within her chest and start declaring war over Len with Rin.

Then she grabs a microphone, speaks out loud and announces her love for Len, and when she was done with it, she smashes the megaphone to the ground and ran towards the distant Len. And then Rin stands in her way. She tries to go up against her but she was a bit too weak. She tries again and again and finally Rin fell out of the way. Len was standing there like a statue. Mikue, noticing the opportunity, intercepted him and engaged to make contact. When she was in front of him, she went silent and tell him "I love you" in a form of whisper. Len's eyes became lively again and she kissed Miku in front of the school crowd. At that moment, the both of them felt happiness as time froze while their tears rolled out of joy. And the school cheered for their union. Touched. Amazed.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

4 5683 968 will be the title

Your voice rings a melody.
As your words adorns it with lyrics.

Every moment of breathe sets the tempo.
As the rythm of your heartbeat plays.

Your hair of black beauty flows smoothly like notes on a score.
With your fingers dancing through the black white keys.

You are a song to be played.

You are a song to be sung.

You are a song to be heard.

Our love story begins with the keys 4ever
Only to say 5 lines to a song's prelude:

#1,With the 6th form of pitch and tone.

#2,It'll hit it gr8tness at its climatic apex.

#3,With only those 3 simple words.

#4,In multiples of 9.

& #5, Which I shall say out loud and clear 6 times.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! 8D


Can you feel how much 4 5683 968?

Sunday, July 12, 2009



I've always known what should be done.

I don't even know how I could be so drawn into a confusion that never existed in the first place.

My purpose was clear.

And it still is.

I will reach that destination.

Somehow. Some way. No plans. Just plain execution.

One day... I'll be there. And I'll stand there.

Proud. Satisfied.

Then I can say...

"Ahh... life rawks! Because... I've been there before!XE"

Life always rocked. And that fact never changed. Just that many of us always preferred to ignore and live in our world whereas the world we live in is actually ours to conquer.


C'mon people. Life is beautiful. Have fun while you can. My friends have thought me that. And they will forever be framed behind a luminiscent glass of joy. Because... who doesn't wanna be happy? ^^

People with their heads down, heed my call! Look up and behold the marvel of the world we live in! And maybe.. just once. You might feel happy again. Just like me. =)

Sunday, July 05, 2009


話せ、話せよ すべて が。

いまが とります


新しいの自分が 見えるんだ、であった。

皿まだ 僕のすべて。


いつも、いつも 信じること。