Sunday, December 06, 2009

Excursion(s) to Life's A Doodle

Me : Oi, I'm raiding your house nao

Yes... I'm coming to raid you nao!

Him :Onoes damn scary.
pfft, juu be screwed!

and it all began. JENG JENG JENG XD

I've to say, he's probably the only one guy on earth who could really painstickingly stand my presence in his life for like almost 3 years lolz. I even treated his house like my own. Not that I wasn't supposed to since well, generally, what kinda host will tell you "don't make yourself at home?" when you crash at their place? maybe me 8D but that's besides the point.

Hm, I've gotta say, I owe him lots for that. Not to mention the amount of times I freeloaded at his place with his auntie's cookings though he says he doesn't really mind and all. I've never got the chance to really say this to him but THANK YOU Zen+family for your awsmmuchhospitality.

Jesus lubs juu!
No really. I mean it. A big +1 for them all for graciously having me in their humble home.

Everytime I crash his place, we'd be in his room, chatting up whatever updates we missed about high-school friends/moments, upcoming events, mewzik, animes, Jap stuff and college yadadas.
It's usually lotsa fun in every different visit. The minute we meet, we'd start laughing with gags and googs ifthatwordevenexists of many varieties. Note the Simpson's-alternative Family Guy video about how keng chao Star Wars really isn't that he gave to me just naoz. >< owh, if you're looking for it, it ain't here, sorreh~ it's too obscene for public view XD

Owh, did I ever mention how many files he had already shared to me for the past 3 years? I'm not too sure myself how much lol, but from the amount of animes he shared to me itself, it seems to have reached at least 40GB, music aside. Music.. well... with the flacs (Free Loseless Audio Codec) and all, and in each time he'll sometimes fill up his whole 2GB thumbdrive, I'm guessing I got at least 6GB worth of songs from him. Kinda.... free I guess XD. The only payment I probably need to give is just raid his place la lolololololol. ><

By the way, Zen's also like... one of my free-scan points lolz. Well, he doesn't really mind me using his scanner and all and I've just got some really chunted news that his scanner's been shifted to his room. 8D AWSM! Originally it was in his bro's room, but somehow it just got there. When I asked him he just said it doesn't really matter where it's placed what, I mean it's still in the same house. And it's not like he's really using it also so.. yeah.

Many thanks this good sir, I'll be able to share my scanned artwork here XD. Enjoy!or not.
For the record, they're all over the bloglolz XD

Cute ain't she? RAWR 8D

Ok wait... this ain't mine. It's Lydia's. 0A0

Owh uh.. you can find all of'em on Facebook XD

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