Sunday, December 06, 2009

It's so awesome, it's retarded!

Yes... Your eyes aren't telling lies. It is TRUTH!
I've earned some moneh babeh~!
Well... it's so kewl, it's pathetic dontcha think? XD
But still, it's still earnings.
Well, for those who sympathize me, click mores kays so that I can get more CTR (Click through-ratios) pretty please. 8D'
For those who aren't, well... go OTL. XP
For the veryawesome people who envy my achievement, well, why dontcha try Nuffnang out yourself? ;)

Oh.. before I forget. That amount was like only up to that amount after 6 months lolz. But who cares? XD
Not like a lot of people come anyways... ._.

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