Friday, December 31, 2010

365/365 Level Up!

Because it matters to go all the way, and I've proven that by being able to complete this final post before the stroke of 12 tonight. Also, I always like to save the best for the last so here ya go :

Been working on this pretty much the whole day,
since my day sorta began after I woke up at 1.30pm. Meh.
 Some variations I did for the final typo design. Feel free to comment? 
Lol. Whatever, not like i'm a pro designer anyways eh? P:

This was supposed to come later but I scrapped it out after some self-debating session.

A simple background design. Seemed too stark with all the colours but in my site,
 I sticked with this since it looked so much better than the washout version above.
So yeah, you basically so most of my work for today. The rest of my day was spent doing what? Hm, I was surfing around Deviantart, looking for good sources to tap inspiration from, and I guess my efforts aren't wasted. If you wanna know what I'm following, just look for searizeel in Deviantart I guess. Though, I don't have any works published there at the moment. I'm split between the either of posting on Deviantart or create a separate blog for artworks and only artworks. And hey Zen, even with CS4, that lag thing still happens with my pen. It's odd 'cause that doesn't even happen with my previous com. But whatever, if I can't draw with PS, I might as well just draw with Sketchbook. I might not have access to the brushes I want, but hey, at least I get to do my work right?

It's funny though. I should be finding sketching and whatever more relaxing and therapeutic but I guess my kinda relax comes with typography. I donno man, I just enjoy doing it so much. Really too bad I'm not in graphic design though. But even if I was, would skills in only Typography suffice anyways? So no point confusing myself fufu. Might as well focus on Illustration now. And seems like there are quite a number of students from our batch who failed at least 1 subject this sem. Seems like the assessment for this sem is the hardest. Probably done for our own good anyways. If we were allowed to pass with shitty works, we'd be in deep shit for the rest of the semester wouldn't we?

Also, Michelle, I'm happy that you're surprised by my efforts but to be honest, I didn't do it for your sake lol. The thought of doing it for you because your birthday was at that time never even appeared in my mind until you commented on FB lolz. But either way, I'm glad that it made you happy(ier). Even if it's just a bit. And man, I always already done with the above when I noticed your comment on the post in the site. Kudos to Zen for clearing air about my erronous link. Well apparently, awesmunch was mistyped as awesmuch in which to my surprise, was actually a real existing site by the way. So yeah.... Anyhow, comments are welcome, but it'd be even more awesome if you guyz would actually participate! :D

For the next one and a half-hour, I'll continue to Deviantart-surf or maybe take a look at all my emo posts this  past year. I'm pretty sure I pissed a lot of people this past year, so I'd better make a review of it fore my 1st of Jan post. Have I mentioned how fast time flies yet? Either way, yeah.

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all die, in a good way, then resurrect yourself into leveled up awesomeness. So yeah, when I pray for you to die, it's not for you to take it literally y'know. But if you want to, meh, I'm not gonna blame myself  if that happens P:


364/365 An Odd Encounter

This happened yesterday. I shall now explain.

There's this Malay chic who's actually an Indonesian chic. Well, I met her in Giant. She works there at one IT stall lol. Selling accessories for computers and the like. So yesterday, I was there to look for either a pair of headphones for me to jog with or perhaps a speaker for me to move along with at home. After all, having to chain myself to the sizable earphones restricts freedom of mobility. So yeah.

But in the end, I got myself a speaker and a laptop cover protector, in which then I switched for a laptop sleeve instead because they were of the same price? Haha, but I sorta thought that a laptop sleeve would be more useful anyways, thus, my rationale.

So skipping that, I was always surfing around the forums in Lowyat, particularly the ones concerning Properties, and  I happened to overheard her looking for a room or house nearby to stay. I knew her from my previous visit, when I went to her stall to get a USB Port and a very long USB extension for my Yes Dongle, which is sorta unstable if you ask me. But again, it has its advantages of being a Dongle. Me, being unoccupied by assignments, thought I could offer her my help, in which then I did help her, and had to face one of my worst nightmare, a turtlish computer even slower than my snail-like laptop, the previous one of course. The wifi at Giant was ok. Just that the netbook being an Atom Processor netbook just doesn't process as quick as a Dual Core. So there ya have it.

Nonetheless, I still managed to find her a few options here and there. She wanted a place specifically at PKNS, in which in my memory, was at another corner of the area. After some cumulative research, I found out that her location of interest was actually the flat that lied just accross the Dataran Glomac near Giant KJ. The small one neighbouring Guardians.

Then only did I realize that my search was all concentrated towards Kelana Parkview, which was not only nearer then her PKNS, but a lot cheaper too. I mean, RM195 for a room with aircon, fridge, sink, tv and sofas. That's fully furnished mind you. Not to mention that you have access to all the amenities provided in the condo as well. It's awesome. Well yeah. But of course, you won't be living alone there haha.

So ok, by the time I finished, Giant was closing down and since he was a lone girl, I went whuddaheck and decided to walk her home or something. In which I did without realizing it. It sorta happened like this, I helped her to somewhat close her stall, then walked her to Maybank for her to bank in her money from yesterday's sale, then walked her to the bus stop across Dataran Glomac to wait for a taxi. I never really understood why couldn't she just get a cab from Giant instead since there were already like 3 there waiting, but meh, it's her money, so her choice.

She did told me that it was already ok and I could head on home, but I was like meh, wait a bit more la. Taxi only. Then I sorta missed what she said, something about taking her to her house, I sorta nodded to it, and when the taxi came, she invited me in to follow her. I was a bit puzzled, but I went along just out of curiosity.

She lives in Sungei Way and the taxi driver, being the cool dude of the night decided the chill us with some of his infamous crime stories haunting the streets of Sungei Way. Didn't really leave much of an impact on me, but I remember robber, mugging, rape, gang bang, mutilation and... yeah.

So after about a 5 minute drive, we arrived. Then we walked to her friends place, and there, I learnt of another interesting story. Well, I wasn't fluent in Jawa, but from the clues I picked up along the conversation, I think it's like this,

this girl, was married. She lived in Pahang with her foster parents, then moved to Selangor for work. When she moved in, she clicked with her housemate and they were as close as ever. Then one day, while she was working, her housemate contacted her and told her that her husband was bringing in unknown girls into her rented apartment. She had enough faith in her husband to believe otherwise, so she persisted with her ideal and sought for truth, in which she did yesterday. Her husband was also Indonesian, but they were both married in Malaysia. So to summarize, her husband left her and married with another woman, probably still in Malaysia with whereabouts unknown, and is currently having a child with that other woman. I donno if I heard this correctly, but it seemed like this girl was infertile, so she wasn't able to bear children for her husband which led me to believe that that was the main reason for her husband's rendezvous with another mysterious woman. If I'm not wrong, her husband also took her savings to buy a flight home to Indonesia, but as she was supposed to meet with the alleged on the said date, he never showed up, and she finally realized that one of the tickets seemed as though it was forged. So with her savings gone, betrayed, she broke down into sadness and cried. 

And the funny part was, during the whole time, I was thinking of the many potential situations I might have gotten myself into from this event. Well, I thought it was gonna be my last night living, and without my cell, I couldn't really do much as even to text a last goodbye message to my family, friends and my gf. But meh, I just thought of ways to survive after that. Quite to the contrary though, nothing happened, and that girl's friend seemed to be a very nice person, albeit his smoking habit.

So yeah, I then walked the girl home and she invited me up to her apartment, in which I declined initially. Remember I said that was the persisting kinda person? Yeah, persisted to insist me to go to her place, and well, since she was so serious about it, I see why not. Even though it was already 12.30am at that time in the very least.

On the way up, she then invited me to stay over, in which I declined as well since I made a promise to my mom to get back home no matter what time is it. but I did tell her I was going to be late. So as I went in, I found that the place she stayed in was pretty small and cramped, with a size probably no different thanmy gf's apartment. But in a worse condition of course. Sungei Way is infamous for it's rubbish treasury laid all across the streets, so much so that passing MBPJ trucks even came up with a plan to only take 2 bags per street to avoid overload of rubbish hull. Awesome right?

Getting back to the story, it felt sorta off and weird when she decided to close the door and actually lock it with that locking sound, but I remained calm and told her I needed to get back. My aim then was to get back home and not lie. And I managed to do both? XD

I can tell she was worried with the time and everything, and she probably meant well, but I have problems with females in general. So her being a one-day friend, it just seemed inappropriate to be spending the night at her house, even if she was meaning to get me to follow her to look for a house to rent in the following morning. But I sorta pushed the idea of work and urgency to get home and the alarming lateness drawing. Somehow, rationalizing the later you hold me back, the higher the risks of my life getting in danger seemed to pull it off. So I was sent off, on the condition that I took a taxi. I wasn't the kinda guy who'd take a taxi, in fact, I'd never ride a taxi unless really necessary. Even though I was wearing my slippers at the time, I was perfectly convinced that I could jog home in no more than 30 minutes, in which I did. I told her that I'd take a taxi if I saw any during my passing, and I saw some, but they were sorta heading the other direction and I felt like jogging all the way anyways, so I dropped the idea and put my feet up to a fitness aptitude test.

And as I came home, it resulted to me publishing the most around 4am this morning. Yeah. I'm rather confused by whether I'm talking about myself or the girl now but since both of our lives are somehow interrelated in this story, I guess I shall call this a mix of mixes.

Yes. So one final post more for this year and I'll be fulfilling this year's promise for myself. ^^


363/365 Chasing after another 3 posts


So to start, lets talk about people. Well, people I've encountered of course, and obviously of unique interest to me. Capturing the attention of my focus here would be one such junior from a certain secondary school. Doesn't matter if he's real or not, I just know there's a story fufufufu.

So yeah, this guy, he's pretty athletic, had good looks, I donno about his studies but he's a good guy. It's only natural for girls to be attracted to good-looking good guys right? Well, we all always take the issue of stalker to be a great ridicule of jokes and falsities but for his case, lets just say he wasn't in the position where he would be able to deny its existence, because his current girlfriend, well, before being his girlfriend, stalked him for 5 months.

To make matters more eerie, she was always having a pair of binos with her and well, that junior of mine never noticed it until post-confession day, where he started realizing a lot of weird things about her new girlfriend, because he never noticed her during all those times. Can't blame him though, it's not like they were in the same class.

Regardless, I admire that stalker girl's undying attempt to win her love. She stalked him physically (from distance), on Friendster, and MSN. And the confession happened in MSN as well. It's funny how he only found out everything in 3 days, but it actually went on for 5 months+. Just for him, it felt short since he never knew what happened, but I'm pretty sure Ms. Stalker had her fine moments of grit and pain during the long wait till the blooming confession.

When my junior was asked about the question, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. I mean, how could you resist a witty cheerie question like:

Hey insertname, I like you...
Lets be boyfriend girlfriend...


Well, I think a certain someone would probably reply with a blatant whatever for but since my junior was so naive and innocent, he took the offer anyways. Not like he had anything against the girl or girls in general.

So fast tracking the story, now it's about their relationship now. Heh. To cut it short, the parents to Ms. Stalker aren't really the agreeable type to relationships. Probably another bunch of conservative Chinese parents, but heck, at least they don't contribute to the many baby dumping cases these days on the papers. Right? RIGHT? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

So there was this one time, he went to his girlfriend's house for a sleepover party along with other buggars. Only thing is, he wasn't there as himself but was there as another person. I forgot the name so lets just call him OtherName. It's only due to the fact that her parents aren't so good with her being with guys that he resorted to such a lie. If not, he'd be Mr.Goodie Boy like he always was.

So that day, everything went well. Then we come to one fine day, when he was visiting her again. This time, the parents were up to something suspicious, because they never got to talk much to him since he always spends time in the room with his girlfriend and another certain friend. I take it that he never gets to spend time with his girlfriend alone. So leaving that aside, the amazing parents decided to interrogate him kao kao.

Being in the deep shit he was already in, he somehow managed to bend all the arrows that was aimed against him. Metaphorically of course. Maybe it was due to him realizing the fact that he was already a bender, and that he would realize his destiny. So his greatest bending technique was bending language, the art of lying, persuasion and charisma. What did he say? Well, lets bring out the question of the parents first:

Tell us the truth! You are (insertnames) aren'tcha?
No I'm not. Why would I be him? Are you so blind that you can't even see that I'm not fit to be with a girl like your daughter? Geez! *walks away*
Wow... he's good.

The girlfriend overheard naturally, since it was a really really hot debate. With my junior, already having the thoughts of oh shit! Why the fuck did I even say that for? How the hell am I supposed to explain to them that I'm (insertname) in the future? JGAJKGUELJA!!! occupying his mind, his girlfriend was rather calm about it and said, it's alright. I understand. Mmm... interesting aye?

So as far as how they are faring with their relationship now? I have no idea. I only know that their still in the relationship? HA! He might be facing divine punishment now lol. But lets pray for his safety aye? Nah, I never really believed in the art of praying anyways.You might as well go shit bricks then to pray. :E

There's always stories around us. Sometimes, we just have to put some effort and gamble some lack to have access to those wonderful gist of words and vocab that sometimes even we don't understand. Yay.

I'll be writing another post in about 5 minutes. Bye.


362?/365 Career Research After... 3 days plus a few more other days all my life?

Well, since today is the last year of the year and everything, I was like really wondering were the other 3 days went. So I checked my archive and found that I actually missed 3 days some time during April to May. Probably the time when I went to spend 2 days at Shukes place? But either way, seems like I never made it for my lack of 2 posts, so I shall do it today itself. Since I've got lotsa stories to tell, I shall break them up into 3 parts. :D

For today, lets talk about the fruits of my research for the past few days. Yes, you guyz never thought I'd actually go to the library to refer to some material eh? Well I did damn you. Yay.

A while back, I saw these 2 backs at one shelf that were related to career options in the arts. Commercial arts to be exact. The pay's good ranging from 19k-200k+ $ perannum. Lets just not forget that we're talking about American Dollars here so that's a pretty nice amount to be looking forward to upon graduation eh?

Well, I can't believe everything that books says though. After all, it's generation seems 2 years late since it was published in 2008, would actually mean that it's lagged another year due to production, so it's probably a writing about the past, current and future during 2007, and only published in 2008. So that'd be 3 generation back instead. But either way, I shall maybe enlighten those of you who have questions about job prospects in the future. Whether it helps or not is obviously none of my concern ohohohoh.

Anyhow, for those in AD, you guyz don't have to worry that much about jobs. You guyz are probably the most demanded in our local market besides DG in all 5 majors offered in TOA. I say that because I see a lot of jobs appearing in the classified ads that appear in The Star and stuff. Well, I might just be referring to one newspaper, which might not be any extensive research for that matter, but heck, if you can find 12 out of 200 listed vacancies there related to advertising and graphic design, you're already up for hire. And they pay well. Average about RM2k I think. You can always go freelance. How to? You don't need to rely on one specific site or anything. Google is awesome, so just Google it. In fact, Googling helps for any job search, so if you're interested in something, search long enough and you'll definitely find something you can work for.

So for AD doods, you guyz can join Magazine Design and Editorial, probably be an Art Director too if you want, be as lecturer, go teach somewhere, join Desktop Publishing and make good use of your InDesign skills, do more Typo Design and join the Swiss Awards or heck, if you language is great, expand to photojournalism instead. You have your damned DSLR dontcha? Well, if you really think you're top notch, I encourage you to try sending your resume to Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia. If you're interested with the contacts, I'm pretty sure you can get some by talking to David Wong who taught Photography. If you donno who that is, asked the bastards from IL0901-1 since they studied under him for that subject.

Also, I might not have told anyone about this, but my brother's business seems to be booming dramatically at the moment, and I'm pretty sure he's scouring for great talent still. He has reviews of some TOA grads and they were all good impressions. So if you're from DG or from AD or ID or even IL or MM, he might have a job that might be needing your assistance. Check his site and see if I'm actually vouching for a mere cocksucker in the business or someone's who's really great. After all, he already made it to the newspapers once. So I think that's pretty much making me feel very proud of the fact that he's my brother already. Anyhow, just see for yourself. The reason I say that all majors might be required is because he pretty much does everything. But his main business now is branding. Yes, a very serious job. Involves long-term contracts which aims to establish a strong prospect and level for an upcoming or existing brand. Probably one of the most exhausting and challenging business in the whole ad industry. Why I say that? Well, lets say I'm the client and I give you 300k-1.6mil for a 3 year colabo project with you. Your most probable reaction would be only 3: a) OMGOMGOMGOMG I've never had this much moneh before in meh entire life!; b) Holy crap my legs are shaking, I don't think I can do this...; c) Pleasure doing business with you, we look forward to cooperating with you in a mutual relationship of growth and understanding or whatever.

So branding doesn't only mean advertising. If a company wants something to look modern, that's where the animators come in, and if the clients need some cool effects to come out for their corporate webpages, that's where the Multimedia students kick in. Storyboards will never go dry. Illustrators who can work flexible hours are of huge importance for this part. And if someone needs a space decorated for lets say an exhibition, Eric Leong students will be really having a fun time doing furniture and interior proceedings. See my point? Well, advertising staff are needed too, but you must be really game for trouble because my brother himself is the boss and marketer for his business.

Well, that aside, lets get back to my research. So for AD, I'm pretty sure you've got damn a lot of choices in your head now. I'm pretty sure there's more, so don't worry too much about it. If there's anyone who needs to worry, it's the Illustrators, since Malaysia is a very aweful and terrible place to conduct illustration business. Technically, illustrations are one-piece commissions done by artists. Usually an alternative solution for companies who cannot afford the money to get stock photographs since they really cost a fortune, and illustrations are but a fraction of it, but take much more time. I won't say there isn't much job, but if you're into getting into business, I recommend trying to get into Lo Kinsun's studios or Spencer Ooi's company. Both of their companies are always on the lookout for fresh talent from the lot. Heck, if you're really damned good with what you do, Kinsun would already be giving you special assignments by now. But so far, in our batch, noone has done that well. And by far, I only know Sleepy has attained some of his elite recognition. And he compares him to but a fraction of talent to great students like the current lecturer Gan Chin Lee. But whatever it is, if you see Sleepy's work, you probably won't feel sleepy ever again. Pay details are unknown, but you can bet that you get a reasonable amount of pay, but your working hours are gonna be hell. Holidays and leaves will be scarce and time is always a constraint. If you take a week to finish a finished painting, Kinsun needs you to finish half the time, in 3 days.

If not you're not the one who wants to get involved in this sorta stress, Storyboarding would be nice, an options for both AD and IL students. Look for   any companies that is involved with advertising or film-making. Who knows, maybe even the 8TV Quickie needs one to visualize stuff D: So try Media Prima. New companies would of course be fine, but well-established companies will definitely be paying more than the growing sprouts. A storyboard piece pays about  RM600 according to LCK, the Ad Visual lecturer. A storyboard usually carries about 12 frames in the very least. And pay differs according to finishing. Our generation never trained with professional art markers, but if you've got some extra money and time to spare, I strongly encourage you to do so. It makes you more keen to a lot of things you never realize when you paint in your computer software, and it gives off that similar excitement of spontaneity with a pencil, something that you can seem to feel when you're not using non-traditional medium. I blame Undo function for that. Heh.

Other choices? Well, if you've got some knack for character creation and design, try submitting your portfolio to game companies. They might be interested to take you in. Also, the book I read strongly encouraged the readers to not send in original portfolios and only give copies, same goes to comic strips, and illustration pieces.

If you have that character design thing in you along with strong language credibility in writing, maybe try out to be cartoonist. Though, this is probably one of the hardest fields to penetrate, probably higher than illustration, since... ok, when you've got time, take a look at your newspaper. Do you see any locally drawn comics? You see Peanuts, Hagar the Horrible, Spiderman, Snoopy. All those are reruns of American Comics. At most, you might only see some single-strip comics. And that's pretty much it. Though, don't be discouraged since magazines offer an alternative route. Though royalties are paid most by newspapers since it's paid in accordance to circulation of newspapers, magazines are more willing to accept and that's where Gempakstarz come in. Note that Gempakstarz really go for true comic style (uh, think Dragon Ball?) and not strip style, although they too do strip comics like Lawak Kampus which are really really great in my opinion. Well, if you wanna know what kinda comics they publish, buy one of their any comics from any Gempakstarz retailers, and 7-11 is undoubtedly one, so you don't have to worry about not being able to find. But if you wanna know the magazine in general, get a copy of Gempak yourself. They are available online and pretty much everywhere. They get sold out pretty quick too. So try your best to get your hands on them.

Freelancing... Maybe try that after you've got into a stable company and earned some experience. If you haven't well, still go ahead anyways if you think you're really stellar with the art of self-reliance. You can do storybook and children's books illustrations, one piece illustration commissions and a lot of other stuff. But if you wanna start freelancing, I suggest you build up a status at Deviant Art first since big people like Adam Hughes are actually there. If you donno who he is, just think Catwoman and Wonderwoman comic art and you'd pretty much know what he draws. Why Deviantart? I donno about its advertising capability, but if you can get commission orders from other people through Deviantart, I say that's a great thing. Always better than nothing.

There's also full time jobs for book illustrations and stuff if you look hard enough, so don't think of it as just a freelancing option. Also, remember all those lovely greeting cards you receive during special occasions? Well, the cover illustrations require illustrators to make them so there ya have it, another job opportunity. Wanna know how to get in touch with the big dealers of greeting cards? Try a place like Memory Lane and pick up a card, look behind and find the address of the manufacturer.

Well, teaching art can always be considered and alternative. It's not all that bad. In fact, it's pretty much one of the most fun jobs around. Especially if you get to join a college staff. You can apply to be part-time or full-time staffs and you have freedom to do freelance work. In fact, if you're lecturing, it's a great thing to still be in-field work so that when you get back into class, you'll be sharing live up-to-date information about the market to your students, which is similar to what our lecturers are doing to us in our college. If you think their withdrawing themselves from the world and hiding in their own shell, well guess again, they aren't really. But that aside, if you become a lecturer in TOA, you're gonna be a student all over again, only difference is that you'd be sharing your experience and knowledge to your juniors and you'd still be getting a pay. Well, lecturers can't get away from extra exercises and training courses. So yeah. If you love being a student, by all means, go for it. Though, there is a rumor going around that TOA selected their lecturers by hand, and doesn't accept lecturers through walk-in interviews of that kind.

But if you decide to teach the other way, well, there's always the schools with the stuck up educational system in which you'd also have to learn in order to teach. Pay's decent enough to pay for a month's rent and 4 weeks supply of Maggi Mee. Not sure if you can really survive but yeah. But you can always teach in art centres as well, in places like Da Vinci Kids. Currently their looking for urgent recruitment. If you need a part-time job in art, maybe you can try it? Or well, if you're the kinda person who can go from house to house to teach in-house, you can also earn quite a bit. Maybe 300 per 4 week session or something?

Alright, who wants to work for Disney or Pixar or Dreamworks? I'm pretty sure the mass audience are swayed by Shrek or Finding Nemo or even Toy Story and heck, Snow White. You can join them. Just have the enthusiasm and the skills ready. They need storyboard artists, Digital sculptors, animators, filmatographers, photographers, visual effects specialist, and pretty much more. Animation has two sides, the 2d and 3d. 2d animation are usually handled by the likes of 2D illustrators who draw on paper whereas the 3D Illustrators need to have great insight with dimension and perspective and great colour sensitivity to cell shading. Good news is, you can join, even if you're in Malaysia. Bad news is, especially for Disney, they have their own favourite art school where they select all their new team of staff for new projects, in which if I'm not wrong is known as The Chicago School of Arts. Apparently Disney invested in the college so it's only natural is Disney does the first pick from there.

Digital animators also have quite a big market with the gaming field. If you're thinking really big, try landing a hit with Bioware or Blizzard. If you wanna start small, join a local gaming company or go to Singapore and join Sigmatel. They have quite a number of games there as well.

As for ID's, well, you guyz can coop with feng shui experts, be furniture designers, interior decorators for live spots, like how you see in the tv, how the props are placed and stuff like what you see in the 8TV Quickie. If you think you're good with what you do, like really really great, you might be able to pass as an architect as well. But again, your best chance is to be spotted by Eric Leong. If it's in Malaysia of course. If you wanna think bigger, go through the Ikea catalog. It might help.

Well, that's pretty much all I have. If you wanna know how I got this info, you can try it yourself. Google, check the shelf just in front of the table after the left turn in the library where you'd be facing the computers after the turn and the shelf should be on your right. Go to the highest frontmost and check the 2 small books at the end of the front corner. It should be hulked by books called Drawings to Life. Last source is probably from newspapers and people around you.

Alright, have a nice year of plans and even greater plans ahead!
I shall intro my new site here as well ^^ /edited/lololol.***

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

361/365 Aiyo, y'all ah.

Well, for those who met the same dead end to find the class timetable, it's uploaded here already. So you can download it directly yourself or if you wish to redeem some of your self honour of some sort, feel free to look at the seeming short and condensed tutorial below:

Yes. Just click on red highlighted link. Not in this image of course. In the real site P: You know where it is right? Of course you do! After all, you ain't 5 years-old right? Ohohohoho.

No worries, if you felt like a dumb idiot of scorned stupidity, you may lay your rage to a rest as a lot of other people faced the same issue and called up the SSD/SSC repetitively demanding a reasonable explanation to what's happening to the server. I never got the chance to check in college because for some awesome reason, the college wi-fi bars you from accessing the TOA website. Both the normal college website and student portal lol. So yeah, it's a very awesome world we live in. Reminds me of the Ending Theme of Baka Test to Shokanjuu since the song mainly talks about how being an idiot is just awesome in every aspect of its element.

Yeah, so at that time, neurocells seemed to be hyperactive and it so happened that my mind told me to just go and ask Sleepy to check from his house since he was camping there with Yakoba. I donno what Mun Yee and Manly would think about with a situation like that but regardless, even after cross-checking with the counter reaffirming that the timetables have been posted, Sleepy still didn't find it anywhere I guess.

Then while i was registering for my deferment which didn't happen to be a deferment after all since they placed me under Conditional Advancement and whaddaya know, Nadirah and I are in the same boat for this one, I brought up the issue Sleepy faced and the receptionist there was kind enough to explain the whole situation to me, thus leading to me explaining it here now.

As for me, I'll be joining in the Advanced Advertising Visuals and Creative Workshop. So I'll see y'all there, meh, if you're even reading this that is. Anyhow, since I'm gonna be attending two classes only, you can all decide on who's gonna be the next class rep. I just know that I ain't gonna be it anymore ohohoho. My reason being that I'm too lazy and yes, you know the second reason too. What's else? Nothing besides the first reason of course ohohohohoh. Who's up for the job? Don't care who, just elect someone and get on with it. :E

Seems like I have to clear the remaining other 2 subjects in my following semester so I won't be joining IL0901-1 anymore in the semester after year 3 sem 1. Good news is that I'll be paying in full this sem and I don't have to worry about the coming sem after that, since it's already covered. The drag here is that I'll be staying back one extra sem just to clear off those 2 subjects. What a pain. But whuddadoright? You guys better make sure you do a grad campaign that'd make my eyes explode with tears of juicy deliciousness! I'll attend your exhibition :D (I assume your batch can carry it out successfully)

K. Time to sulk in happines. Happy birthday to whoever.


360/365 Anticipated Result

Yeah. Guess Kinsun doesn't do a good job lying eh. Well, he never did lie anyways. Oh wells, time to work harder then. Hm, I heard that you can differ but you need to sit for a minimum of 3 subjects for any sem. I wonder if that's true though. Regardless, I'll found out later when I go to college again to take the new timetable.

And while I was stuck with Michelle at college due to rain, we worked out some ideas for our food-review blog. It isn't much, but it's a start I guess. We'll go slow and hit the food stores as soon as our wallets feel a bit heavier heave-ho. And dang, she dyed her hair dark maroon. So few people do that colour these days, and whaddya know, it's sorta my favourite hair colour. Hm, she told me that there might be an opening for a rent at her place, so maybe if my gf could get there, maybe I could ask Michelle to try talking to her into dying her hair into that colour XD Well, she was already planning to plan her hair someday. She just doesn't know what she wants yet. We'll post about when we wanna go eat I think. If you feel like joining, hop along anytime. More people, more variety, more food covered in one place. Yesss... No worries, we start with budget food. What're we gonna do? SUNWAY MARATHON* WTF is it? Go eat around Sunway la. Owhkays.

Hm, Yes seems to work well with my new Twinmate laptop. Nyamnyam. I like.

K, bye. Good luck for tomorrow, and results, and life, and CHOLA.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

359/365 Failed Success

Well, I did wake up earlier, but not that early. Hm. Maybe I should try sleeping before 2 instead then. I usually wake up around 12 these days, so if I'm getting up at 11.30 when I'm sleeping at 2, might as well just stay awake till 5am and wake up at 1pm. I still get more time out of my life to do more stuff you know?

I've always been having this ideal plan to pay a visit to the college library as soon as it opens but guess my sleeping hours just doesn't allow that sorta luxury at the moment. SO after this, it doesn't matter if I'm 2 hours late, I'm going there anyway. Pfft.

And since this is a post for yesterday, I shall say that yesterday was a very unproductive day.

Now, I just don\t understand why it feels so hard to still draw with a Wacom. Oh well, just need to get use to it more often. And CS5 doesn't seem to friendly. It seems to use up more memory compared to its more previous versions. Hm.

Ok, have a nice day. Results coming out tomorrow. Make sure to check out TOA Student Portal. Bye.


Monday, December 27, 2010

358/365 Exactly one more week

Till New Year begins.

It's funny. I didn't realize at all that my gf sent me a text message on Christmas night. Of course I was happy about it, but I know her mom won't be, so I was feeling... Ok, I don't even recognize that feeling. I just it made me feel not so exhilarated nor happy for receiving her sms. Well, normally I would, but well, things change? Yeah.

My brother took the family out for a treat at Canton-i. I never knew that Canton-i was somewhat linked with Dragon-i, but whatever the relationship is between the two franchise labels, I only know that they both share an i. Other than that, I have no idea whatsoever, and I'm sorta lazy to research about it as well. P:

I watched 3 movies today? Yeah.

Takers. Fair movie. I slept midway during the show due to intolerable fatigue.  Then Echelon Conspiracy. Not bad. Kept you staring at the screen to know what's next. It's story had a ring with Eagle Eye somehow probably due to the main idea of having a supercomputer that was made to protect freedom but instead becomes a threat to the very freedom it was programmed to protect.

And... Black Swan. I only know Natalie Portman was inside. Holy shit! I actually remembered her name. Normally when I refer to her, she'd only be known to me as Padme from Star Wars and probably nothing else. Wow, I feel so proud right now.

Um... The show was... deep. REALLY deep. So deep that it requires the very actor of the show to act out scenes of masturbading in the movie. Well, apparently, the purpose of fingering was to allow herself to unleash her passion and loose her insecurity and let it all go. Or was it to allow her to better portray the feeling of ecstasy in a realized fantasy? Heck, I was confused with the whole plot. I never planned to watch it at first, but since my lil' bro put it on, I sorta stopped for a peak and ended up following it till the end.

Well, I donno if pro ballerina instructors do this but are they even allowed to molest the lead roles of certain plays just to make sure that she gives that sorta feeling to the audience? Heck, it didn't even feel funny when that guy asked to male dance partner, "tell me honestly, would you want to fuck her?"

I mean, if you were that sorta cryptic person filled with irony and bellowing sarcasm, maybe you might find it funny. But the whole show wasn't funny at all! It was so damned serious and... gyah. Enough. There were lotsa creepy stuff. I'm not even sure if the actress was supposed to be some sorta satan-possessed being or a poor girl being haunted by some terrifying demon or was she having a mental problem gone totally wrong?

Hm. Mom's leaving to Singapore in the following morning. I mean in a few more hours time. I won't be joining though. Lets just say I have plans.

Man, I hate my sinus. I'm not even sure if its sinus anymore. I just know that if I sneeze to hard, it gets worse.
djkashuifheughuias. I feel very incoherent now.

Have a nice day.
(and I noticed that I've been putting the colors all wrong in my previous post. zomfgbbq)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

357/365 Retrieving

Christmas is over as well know. About 4 hours back. It's just like any other day I suppose. Only difference is that I remember getting a gift from my mom before I slept after 12am that time. I already know what it is though. Heh.

The day started really lazy for me today. Probably because I was really lazy, felt lazy and wanted to be lazy today. Well, it's a public holiday anyways. I guess I shouldn't hold back the urge to just laze around. Wait, is it even possible to procrastinate about laziness?

That barrier I've been talking about these few days. I think finally broken it down. Feel more in-game of my full self now. It sucks to know that there's a part of you you can't control sometimes. But we just have to make the best out of everything eh?

Well, lazing was one part, but in the meantime, I was looking through the stock of DVD's I have to maybe spare myself some time for motion pictures I've missed entirely this year. So I watched Repomen in the evening, right after I got up to have my lunch after my bath, before I went to the pasar malam with my mom to get my beloved pulut apom balik or whateveritiscalled. Then I just finished The Aviator just a while ago.

Repomen was... mmm. Just another movie for me. I mean, it's not bad, but it never moved me. Aviator, haha, now that's a good watch. I literally clapped at one point of the show despite the presence of my snoring mom who's just behind me sleeping soundly. I'm not sure if sleep can really go head-to-head with noise, but lets just say my mom's really pro at blocking off her own... uh, music. Funny though, she's somehow able to detect even the slightest hint of sound and wakes up. And don't get me wrong but my mom doesn't snore every night. Just some. Well, it's something most of us don't realize but we all snore as well. No point denying it.

From now on, I oughtta think from my gf's point of view and see things from her eyes. There's no way I can completely be in 100% synchro with her mind, but understanding her situation and trying to deduce possibilities of her thoughts aren't a complete waste though. I'm pretty sure she'd be mad for me still happily enjoying myself despite our parting. But lets just say being all-depressed is just not my style anymore. But that doesn't necessarily give me the right to be completely content with what I have now and not strive for something better now does it?

Before she came into my life, I was pretty content with a lot of things, well, other than having to deal with my own lonely emoness of the time. But I was mostly content, 'cause I was taught to be content with what I have since I was a bloody baby. To not be greedy, or try to hard. Living a simple life. Avoid trouble. Stay happy. It sounds kinda ideal for me. A life not isolated, yet not too involved. Well, welcome to the first chapter of Buddhism goodness I guess?

So when she first asked me my dream, I told her I wanted to live in a jungle or a forest, whichever, and live life self-sufficiently, without every being binded by the likes of currency or money. A peaceful life filled with self-sustenance and whole effort of self. Nothing to do with anyone, just yourself. All your loot, your crops, your livestock, or yours to the bidding, done and grown by your very own hands.

Well, that's the option of happy isolation. The other open option would be to live in this already rule-ridden world filled with various systems that not all of us can control. I'd be happier to know that I was killed by a bear while I was hunting a rabbit for dinner rather than being stabbed by a shoplifter who was on the run on my way to 7-11, if you get what I mean.

Solitary happiness is a joy in itself. Nothing beats it.

Not until you met love. Understood it. Felt it. Gave it. Received it. And still curious of how it really works. That's when you meet a greater enemy than yourself. The cold fact that maybe you cannot attain love during this entire lifetime. Well, I'm sure we all can be narcissistic to a certain extent, but how much can we really love ourselves anyways?

Once love is introduced, it is near to impossible for it to be removed from our lives. Hence the title of love being irreplaceable. Because it just is.

So now hear I am, seeking another option to my life. To head towards a path of greatness. Something a lot of people dream of but do nothing about it. People like me. I always say this and that and many I wills and I woulds. But in the end, is there proof of any effort being done? What is having an achievement? What is being successful? I'm sure everyone has their own unique definition to those things, so I don't have to and explain what it really is to me because I don't really know myself. I mean, I know actually. But I want to find a new meaning to those two strong words.

For me, achievement has always been doing something. Anything. As long as I'm not rotting or committing crimes of any sort. And success always meant to be overcoming parts of myself that I want to change. Like when I enter a dance performance, it's not because I wanted to stand out in the crowd, I just want to feel what it's like to be doing something live for a crowd. To break my nervous wreck and be free and liberated by sheer free will. Or when I state an opinion during class, it's not because I want to get people to notice me and increase my popularity, but to insist that the truth has to be heard, and ideas are meant to be argued about in order to allow better evolution of thought. Better progress for everyone.

Maybe I did a lot of things to people around me and I never realized it at all. I might have hurt them, empowered them, comforted them, motivated them, cheered them or even angered them. But I'm glad to say that I have not done anything that I'm not entirely proud of. Something to really regret about. I'm sure we all have a swarm of regrets all scattered through the memory lanes of the past, but those tiny irritable negligibles are nothing compared to the decisions that change the course of your life forever. And that feeling feels far more worse when you allow fate to handle its way and did nothing whatsoever even as to speak for your own decision.

My gf wants me to change. To a better person. But she loves me. So in a way, I'm confused as to whether she loves me as who I really am, or who I'm supposed to be for her. I'm not too sure if I can be that completely perfect and ideal man for her, but everything is worth a try. Like how I went back to her that night to ask her the question for the chance to be together.

I might sound like a jerk, but there's always the option to just ignore it and just live my own happy life free of worries. But is that something I really want? Truth is, I probably won't ever know what I really want. I mean, just how ironic can it be? I want to study art, and I don't want to at the same time. I want to be the man for her, but at the same time, I don't want to as well. I want to be lazy, but I want to be hardworking. I want to do great things but I want to live a simple life. I want to be content and average but I want to taste success.

Things like this confuses the mind even further. So no matter what, there's always a guideline for me somewhere, about where to stop, what to limit myself to and etc. Then only I decide. After all, I can't let the shit fall onto my head by letting fate decide my course of life. I'd like the hint of randomness, but at least let me be the one who proposes what will happen for the next minute of my life rather then waiting for strange coincidences to make my day better.

I still haven't made a lot of decisions. But I know that I've made a lot of them as well.

When her mom found out, I was all into the prospect of holding her back from her mother and giving her and option free from the clutches of her mom. To shelter her and make her change her mind. Simple because I want her beside me. A pretty selfish reason, but I couldn't say she doesn't want to do it at all. Part of her does, but culture in Asia has taught us practice fidelity and that parental words are law and more above world law itself. And so, she already chose her path. Seeing that she already made up her mind, I held back, calmed down and talked her through it, to ensure that she'd be more sure of her decision, because really, we all can't be completely sure of everything. Because honestly speaking, my gf seems to be kinda weak with her decision making. She makes decisions, hesitates and lets her head go amess, mend it, sulk, then get back again, as though its one really vicious cycle that's haunting her all the time. No doubt she did a great job getting a full scholarship, but she lacks in a lot of small decision making. Because I believe that the tiny bits counts when they are all taken into account as a whole after a while.

So well, I tried to help her. Call it change or whatever, but meh, if she could decide things better and be a bit more clear with what she wants, maybe we wouldn't have to spend so many outings practically doing nothing but walking aimlessly together. Not that I'm not happy with it, just that it could always be better. She always asks me for suggestions in which I refuse to give, because suggestions are just to easy for me. If I were left alone in a mall, I'd either go eat, head to a bookstore, find a good place to just window-shop or heck, just leave. There's so many other places to go to. But it seems that she understood a lot of other things, but not that. And when I bring it up, she somehow reacts as though I'm attacking her.

But I won't say I'm innocent. She always asks me about what I wanna do in the future. And I usually tell her I don't know, because there's no telling what may happen tomorrow. In truth, I'm probably just trying to avoid myself from making that huge leaping decision to destine myself towards a certain way and it MUST be only that way. That apparently is her concept of things and I'm sorta conflicting with her on that, but still, we're always pretty much on good terms.

She's slow with a lot of things. But her hardwork usually make ups for most of it. Just most of it. She doubts for stupid reasons, knocks herself over insignificant things and troubles herself with responsibilities she can't handle that causes her to break down from time to time. Not like nobody doesn't. And if I can't change that thing about her, that's still always making a fuss for herself, then well, all I can do it just accept that as the way she already is and just help her with whatever I can whenever she asks for it, or when I see the need for my assistance. I donno if she'd do that to me. But I know she already has. Even though her words always contradict her true thoughts.

Because she always wants me to change for her, but when the she's in her bad days, she just wants things to stay the way they are. People say that you usually encounter your true self during your most shitty of days. And I sorta believe that. But that doesn't cross out the fact that her sober wise mind still revolves in her own continuum of everflowing thoughts. Things that must go through logic. The parts of the mind that separate the dreams from reality. Things that make us evaluate our actions and seek a better course of life.

It was hard for me to tell her, but I was always torn half between what I have to do for her. To stay the way I am, or to change. She wants both. How can I still stay the same and change? It may be possible. Sure as hell won't be easy though. But when the time comes, will she see the Osla she fell in love with in the first place, or feel like she's meeting a stranger who she'd already known for quite a time. But I can't ignore the chances of her falling in love with me all over again, the new me who I still haven't met. With that being said, just how many chances do we have at love? We hear that true love is only one in a lifetime. Some beg to differ.

I always think I've already understood her. But I know I've always been wrong. Only thing backing up my claims of her is probably just one simple thing. Believing in it. And with that alone, it changes a lot of things.

I donno why I can do it with people but not do it with myself.

And having so many donnos in my life are such a pain in the ass sometimes. I guess I just have to find more answers to my questions.

I think after putting this thoughts into words, I can sorta understand why the fuck so many people are so frustrated with me. Especially those who seem to see great potential in me. Like her.

They know I can go far. I know I can go far. But what do they see me doing? More importantly, what do I see myself doing?

Anyhow, thanks for unnecessarily torturing your eyes to finish reading this. Just another extent of human stupidity that we all seem to know about and yet still do anyways. P:

But I guess you'd know if you're really interested to know about me or not through your own behaviour. I, have no judgement nor speculations over that.

Have a nice day.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

356/365 Kurokami

YEAH! It's been quite long since I've actually felt so excited to watch an anime. This is probably the first time, yeah, probably the first an anime has continuously packed a punch in each and every episode up till 22! Well, 23 was some teaser episode to conclude the story after summarizing the whole 22. It was still kinda cool. And both the Opening and Ending theme were cool too. So I really enjoyed this series.

I won't tell you the summary or whatnot. You can go find out in or something bwahahahaha.

Watching the whole series was fun. I know certain people prefer to enjoy it a bit longer, but the episodes just make you wanna go for the next one after another right after finishing each of it. You just can't stop. It's the trill of watching a good anime.

Heck there was some inconsistency with the art in a few parts but the series was so enthralling that all those minor errors somehow just seems negligible.

While watching, it sorta triggered back some feelings I haven't felt for quite some time. The possibility of changing our own destiny and fate, in which it really can happen if we really try. After all, the series is about fate and luck and how you can actually crush fate with sheer strong will.

Oh, and something odd happened too. I realized that I was always thinking about my gf, just that at some points, my brain blocks off everything and makes my mind go blank, like what I mentioned yesterday. But I seem to be able to control my thoughts more freely now. Also, the paintjob at home already ended and I finally cleared my darned table! YES, I shall start my art spree when I wake up the next morning!

Anyhow, I have ideas on some new ways of blogging for the next year. I won't reveal it, you'd just have to wait till New Year. HA!

Okai, I think I wanna take bath and sleep earlier today. I woke up surprisingly early today, considering how late I actually slept yesterday. I mean, I slept at 6am? And I woke up at 8.30am. FTW, I couldn't even believe me eyes when I saw the clock. I thought it was already nightfall or something and it still seemed unusually bright then and the atmosphere still felt chilled and cool so....yeah. I WOKE UP EARLY!!! :D

Merry Christmas. I hope you die well. I mean, have a good time.

Friday, December 24, 2010

355/365 A Blockage

In my mind. It's been happening for as long as when we last parted ways. I don't know, I mean, it's fine to not think of her at all, but why is it everytime I try to, my mind goes blanks and my brain starts to become all tense and unusually focused? It's as though I'm using up all my brain power just to picture her in mind. But I can't at all. It's abnormal, but I guess it's not a bad thing. I won't be reminded of the pain of her not being around?

Well, not like we were always around each other anyways. She lives up north while I live down south. Hey, doesn't that mean that she's an uptown girl? Lol. Anyhow, yeah, that's just how it is. I guess this would be those times when things are conducive for me to pursue my future. Nothing else to turn back to, just the front, and best thing is, I can't keep in touch with her, but I still know she's there for me, just waiting for me to claim her back from her overprotective mom. Not that her mom is a bad person. All parents love their children, even if they are slightly leaning towards evil or even completely evil.

When people ask me about my gf, I'd just say, "oh, we won't be meeting for the next 9 years. :)" Easy to understand doesn't it. Then here comes the why. That's an even simpler question. I'd just say, "her mom doesn't want her around any guyz, so she's blocking her off from me ever since she found out about the relationship. Heh." Full stop? Then if I feel like it, I'd tell the story of how we met from start again. It usually only goes two ways. Boring or awesome. I'm too lazy to think of other possibilities P:

People seem to think that I'm either not in my right mind to not be feeling sad or depressed about it all or that I'm just over-optimistic. Besides those two, maybe it's only left with faking a strong smile. Or best of, maybe people just simple don't care! XD

But I'm not even sure if I'm faking. Awesome right? I just now that my brain doesn't allow me think of her. It's like it just gets blocked and yeah. Empty mind, and strained head, not in the super stressful way, but if continue trying to think of her, I won't be able to sleep due to powerful brain function lol, so I guess I'd avoid that for now. Maybe I have an auto-guard system of sorts in my brain, like this love of mine to her is currently malware and when my brain cells detects it, a firewall is put up, preventing any sort of visual images or sensitive memories from penetrating my thinking part of the brain since it will be drown with emotions of deep sad depression. Anyways, just saying.

9 years is just my estimate though. It'd be best if we don't meet each other for now anyways. Well, I do say that, and I know her mom forbids her from reading my blog, but just on the off chance that she still sorta does, I hope she doesn't avoid me on purpose just because I said it'd be best to not meet each other. If meet by coincidence then meet lo. Why avoid? It's not like we'd kill each other if that happens right? So if we could meet, I guess a casual Hi would be enough. Maybe a short conversation would be great. Then move on.

After all, she's only gonna be in Monash next year. It's not like she lives in Neverland populated with fairytale characters with a nastily kind green ogre who has an ass as a best friend and a princess-turned-ogre as his wife who then bore him 3 awesome children who apparently can blow horns with their ears just like any ogres could since Shrek found out in Shrek 4? Yeah. Wait, was there even Shrek 4? Shrek 1 obviously existed.

Ok, yeah, there's 4 Shreks. Last one is Forever After. See? The wonders of modern science.

But I know if she saw me, she's gonna be really really having a disrupted focus. Before we parted, she said something about us meeting up next year. I think it was one of those hopefully it'd happen events. So I never really took it seriously. I hope she doesn't sneak behind her mom again. Lying to a mother behind her back... is not something I want my girlfriend to do anyways. And she has already lied enough. So lets put a stop to that and not cause her to create anymore unnecessary falsity to her life with lip service.

She always seemed so scared of her mom. Is it because she's scared of separating away from me? Well, she was always clingy with me anyways, since she's from a clingy family anyways, but she'd always buy some time to stay together with me longer, even if it's just a little bit longer. But we're always separated aren't we? I donno, maybe I might be wrong about this, but maybe she's just a bit more sensitive with the physical contact. Me? Man, I'm already happily contended to know that someone as beautiful as her fell in love with me. That alone is like the greatest miracle of my whole entire life since I was sorta brought with an I'm-doomed-to-be-alone-forever-with-noone-to-understand-me-life. You'd know what I mean if you're diligent enough to check back on my old dusty posts. Well, if you have a lot of time. I don't even remember the names and topics hahaha. Maybe the tags can help you, maybe they won't, but if you really wanna, there's 500+ posts to flips through. Happy time wasting? Lol, if you've got something else better to do, might as well do that instead of read my blog. It's not like you'd get miraculously enlightened if you read everything in my blog. I admit that I have lotsa wall of text. But is it really even useful substance for you? Hm, I can't help but ponder about it. But HA, who cares. HA, I noticed that Zen uses it a whole lot, so I shall spam that word more often for awesome effects. HA! See? Ok, maybe I'd be careful not to overuse it.

Well, now that her mom already knows about us, whatever reason is there for her to lie? I mean, if my gf bumps into me, and her mom asks her, I just hope she can just say "oh, I saw Osla today...(and whatever may happen after)" It's out on the open already so whateverlah, if she decides to lie again, it's her decision I guess. I mean, I'm against lying, but I can't say I never lied before. I do sometimes if it actually benefits the situation. I know there's one quote from the Bible that says that you should avoid lying. It never said you should never use it under any circumstances. I donno what verse it is or whatever chapter it is from but my interpretation of it is to be honest until you really have a reason to be dishonest. Even if its wrong, heck, lying has it uses. I'm not fond of it, but if the situation calls for it, yeah, I'm unafraid to spread some falsity and twist truths a bit. Only strong reasons for me to lie for is probably to either protect myself or protect someone else, if their lives are really on the line though. Wait, isn't that how all lies become bigger lies in the first place?

Oh, that reminds me of Sawako, the protagonist from Kimi ni Todoke who apparently shares a resemblance with Sadako from the Jap version of The Ring. She has a motto of doing something good everyday. Doesn't matter if she's a fictional character, I admire her spirit! And I admire the artist or scriptwriter even more since they took the time to portray such a characteristics to a character. Well, it never really crossed my mind, but Sawako goes jogging every morning with 2 plastic bags in her hand. Then as she sees burnable trash and recyclable trash on the road, she picks them up and contains them in the two plastics she brought along with her. It's a great way to find a reason to exercise. Though, I'm not too sure if it can actually happen in real life. If any of you have tried jogging with something in hand before, the amount of energy used to jog is immensely different. Yeah, the presence of extra weight in your hands really changes literally everything in jogging. Even just a bottle of 500ml water. And it gets even worse when you can't swing your hands, with each sorta logical since your legs will use up more energy as your upper body strives to hold the weight in your hands as your legs continue to exert even more force with pressuring gravity.

But meh, maybe I'll try it one of these days. Ohohohoh.
So Christmas tomorrow eh? This was supposed to be a post for yesterday again, but yeah. I just came back from Hong Wei's Christmas party anyways. I arrived back at home safely in one piece around... 2.14am? Lol, I stayed back to dig his cool apartment and introduced his morbid life with a injection of awesomeness through the acknowledgement of games like Deathspank being present in reality. HA.

I didn't know you could find so many cool stuff about Deathspank online with Youtube. I never bothered anyways in the first place. But the part about Awesome Sword is Awesome is just pure awesome juice. XD

Well, have a nice start? Giving a greeting of good wishes is indirectly a good deed done anyhow. Haha. K, bye. And I wonder if Michelle has any plans for the food blog yet. Well, she did say that she reads all the post since she started reading then. Like not the post before before before. Just the posts she started reading till nao. Heh.



Thursday, December 23, 2010

354/365 Christmas Party Later

At my junior Hong Wei's place. Apparently people are gonna have a swimming pool thing going on again. Not too sure about transparent outfits which was mentioned by passing in the event page on Facebook, but heck, seeing that they're juniors who're filled with impeccable bright youth, it's doomed to be filled with crazed laughter and whatnots.

Er, I think I'm having a bit of a diction implosion here after playing Deathspank a bit too much. Doesn't English just sound so wonderful with the right pinches of tone, vocab and comprehensive grammar? It's been such a long while since I've had this sorta inspiring note to write on, so maybe I shall poop up more crap as I go.

Well, if you know what that means. Regardless, yesterday, I mentioned something about games being made just out of pure fun. The difference is incredibly significant with games that seemed stressed-out during it's production. Like lets say... Dungeon Siege. Who'd remember that ancient gimmick of a game anyways? Well, you're reading that person's blog now, that's what.

If you've fared the experiences of playing the game, you might understand what I mean if I said it felt like something was missing from the whole end result of it. Well, lets just screen through the facts. The graphics at the time was ok, the storyline was ok, the gameplay was better-than-ok-ish, the environment seem to be perfectionized but the characters seemed sorta half-assed, especially the heroic figure of man known as the main character in Dungeon Siege 2, and considering how it came out 2 years after it's prequel nemesis, I don't can't seem to find a damned good reason as to why their character look even more terrible than its predecessor. Maybe stress, or lack of time from the working team tinkered with the magnanimity of the game's gravity. So I'm guessing that fun counts when you create a game.

I mean, look at Plant VS Zombies. You can't say it has amazing graphics or gameplay. Meh, they even ripped off small mini-games that already existed, and made them even more fun-ner. With lotsa gags in mind, the game was designed to create gags, not sad faces, as compared to other kinda games which will no doubt will be aimed to impress a certain audience. People who created Plants VS Zombies or maybe Deathspank just sorta put more functional emphasis on the fun and laughs and impeccably made them into wowism if even such a word exists.

But you can't ignore the fact that these games still appear visualicious to your hungry eyes. Plants VS Zombies were made really colourful with clever use of sound technology to create its amusing sound effects. Especially the part where the zombies said brains and the ending theme. Well, yeah, they were strangely clever in a oddly good way, so much so that Plants VS Zombies is such a popular free game!

Well, to include another form of freeby game-o, maybe Touhou would be a fine example of examplary examples in gaming pleasure? Lets check out PatchCon, probably the only Touhou game I have out of it's wide array of luscious games. It's simple, it's not tough to understand the game, it has a fairly simple storyline, which still makes a lot of sense and takes less than 1 hour to finish, but gives you that really satisfying pelasure of finishing a game, that's not only fun, but challenging, at a very laughable manner.

According to sources from my fellow mate Sleepy, Touhou was created by an independent guy who had a day job and created Touhou as his past-time which blossomed into such a babe for the game industry, and fans pop-up everywhere all over the world in support of this simple, yet profoundly great idea of girls and smacking pies with shooting banans leafs. Or maybe I was wrong. But that's just the visual I got from the visuals effects.

Er, ok, maybe I should end my verbose streak right now. I want to sleep, even though I know I'm not sleepy yet. Ugh. Ok. Have a nice day tomorrow, and HOLY CRAP, Christmas is tomorrow. Since I'm blogging past 12 anyways.

Just too bad my gf's mom found out before Christmas. It'd be nice if we had our second Christmas, which'd be planned with full intentions of having it better than last year's but meh, guess that's not going to happen. Oh well, there's always Christmas after 9 years. If the world doesn't mysteriously disappear or meet it's cataclysmic end by the nearing end of 2011, which is only another 11 more days to go.

Like what people always say, Time's either your world's greatest pal, or your universe's worst nemesis.
Nah, I made that up. Bye.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

353/365 DeathSpank?

Well, there's really not much I could do with everything in disarray at home. At least the com's still ok.

I finished Plants VS Zombies. Sorta. Not everything yet. Just the adventure. Not the mini-games and w/e.

Funny though, it didn't feel like a waste of any of my time, instead, it felt like I understood something from the game. These free ap games, they aren't there for profit at all. If not, why free in the first place right? You can just see how fun these sorta games are. They somehow reflect the very effort of the producers themselves, as well as their character while creating the game. They aimed for the game to be fun, and indeed, it was very fun. :D

Yin Ying and Shai are taking game aps for one of their electives next year. Maybe I'll go ask around and see what they can afford to share to me XD After all, letting out too much trade secrets is a bit... ehehhe.

Speaking of which, Michelle, a friend's friend in which I intro'd her blog her before, she was asking if I wanna coop with her on a food review blog. Hm. I'm ok with the idea, but what're we gonna do anyways?

After giving it much thought, I think maybe giving it too much though ain't gonna cut it. Just jumpstarting it first and thinking on the way would make more sense and save one helluva lot of time. Something similar like when you think too much about art and drawing, you suddenly feel the urge to not hold the pencil and continue thinking. But in truth, it'd be best for the hand and mind to move in one motion, both thought and action and from there, you not only understand the concept of art, but also the the application of it, because you learned it by yourself.

I've failed again to go to the library. I guess I got a bit too carried away with Plants VS Zombies last night. Before I even realized it, it was already 6am. So much for the library plans.

Well, can't give up, have to keep trying.
Looking forward to another good day.


Monday, December 20, 2010

352/365 I'm starting to like Windows 7.

A bit more. Heh.

You know the wallpaper display option can be set into slideshow mode right? Hahaha, well, I had lotsa master artwork courtesy of my lecturer last sem so I thought maybe I can just make them all my wallpaper. So every now and then, when I see those paintings and stare for more than 10 secs, the picture changes and I begin another observation. It's a good exercise for composition, colour and style analysis dontcha think?

Every now and then, I'm even beginning to have images of those artworks in my head, particularly the parts in which I don't understand how it was achieved.

Also, I just finished Kimi ni Todoke and I realized that all this time when I was watching, my eyes were sorta focused on the vividly painted background. It's really beautiful and colourful, sorta compliments the romantic feel of the anime. And for the record, I liked this series a lot. Speaks a lot of truth on it's part with teenagers. Well, we don't get many odd people around us who tend to avoid other people whenever they can very often so maybe the main character's state was a bit too much overexaggerated. But still, the overall elements within the series really just brought me into the whole series. It was as if I was flashing back on my own memories 'cause a lot of the things inside sorta happened to me before heh.

Well, today I plan to sleep as early as I can so that I can wake up earlier tomorrow in hopes that I can actually go to the library today. It's hard for me to go out these days. I'm required to stay in just in case if my mom goes out and stuff so that I can watch the worker painting and all. If I woke up earlier, and went at the time the library opened, even if its only from 9am-2pm, at least I get to spend a solid 5 hours there. God knows what I could stumble upon within a library for 5 hours. So I guess that's decided.

These few days I've trouble waking up. Not sure why. But waking up around 1 really makes my days feel very short. I don't want it to be this way. Though, I'm starting to wonder if I could even sleep early today. My room just got painted so everyone's supposed to sleep outside today? Mmm.

Anyhow, yeah, those painters come around 3-4, so I guess it's fair to give myself time till 2pm eh?
Well. Yeah.

Try your best!


351/365 Everything Felt Intensely Annoying...

...For a few brief moments during my startled abrupt awakening from my sleep. Well, the house was in the usual mess since the paintjob isn't gotten over with yet. I do really wish they could hurry with their work so that I can resume work as usual behind. Just can't wait to get back into the mood you know? But this is a pretty lame excuse actually. I can always just bring in my wacom and do it in my room. But with the absence of a proper sturdy table, it really feels different. Bah, I could always sketch anyways. Gotta put a stop for this sorta stupid laziness man. Geez.

And about that annoyance I felt, I donno, I know I was searching for apartment infos up in iProperty and quite unexpectedly in as well. It seems as though Lowyat has everything. Maybe not everything everything, but it covers various topics from politics to trade and hobbies and casual crappings. I guess it really is an addictive forum to go to. I mean, it's sorta like a free social club, and it almost runs as efficiently as Facebook. Only difference is, in there, there are rules and ethiquetes in the discussions. You screw around, you get banned, and well, go create another account? Lol.

SO during that annoying period of awakening, my mom was becoming an unusual nuisance with her complaints and all, and I really had that feeling of just smacking her to shut her up but since she was my mom y'know, I guess I let it slide? But it went on for about 2 hours though. Hahahaha. Haha. Ha.

Anyhow, my dad's been having urinary incontinence for some time now. Dr.P? Noooo... Not yet. He's not yet reached that level yet, in which I'm kinda grateful 'cause those adult diapers are just as expensive as the baby ones, and I'm not surprised even if they are more expensive.

Maybe I'll get him some pumpkins and corn silk? Read that it might help, thought it does not guarantee 100% efficacy. Well, what does anyways? Unless if you have water from the Fountain of Youth or something. Heh.

Working! was a fun series. I still enjoyed Idiots, Test and Summoned Beings more though. But Working was a good produce and had a proper ending for the series. Something I wasn't disappointed with I suppose. But I'm not that overly impacted by the series compared to ITSB. It gives off a resemblance to Arakawa though. But if I must give a rating, I'd have to put Arakawa higher than it on my chart. I mean, it's Arakawa man, ARAKAWA. There's a bloody kappa and a star-headed man with a girl who turns into a FistoftheNorthStar kinda girl with a Venusian girl who catches extremely humongous fishes with her own bare hands along with a male Sister who falls in love with a masochist farmgirl who's actually an ex-soldier who's pro at assassination. Do I need to explain more? For ITSB, there's just the completely cool side of being and idiot y'know. And that's just plain fun. I never said Working! wasn't enjoyable though. I like the fact that it's sorta like an in-house version of Arakawa, minus kappas and starheads and whatever I've just stated up there.

No, I haven't done any drawings for today. Anyhow, just felt like I needed a rest today, though that's pretty much what I was doing this whole time since I left Lunchbox, but today was surprisingly very slow and draggy for me. Well, anything's ok I guess. For as long as I don't overly indulge myself into anything unnecessary that'd cause me to lose focus again.

Currently finishing up Kimi ni Todoke. I like the series thus far, just think the theme songs could've had a better selection I guess? Maybe they just don't really appeal to me, but I think I kinda like them more than when I first heard them. But it's not at the level in which I would wanna listen to that song all the time. Heh. But their art is awesome. Especially all those illustration inserts with colour pencils and whatnot. I think it's colour pencil. Mabe pastel or crayon but heck, who cares man, they're still eye candy. Woot. Shame that it doesn't go along with my kinda ear candy.

Well, have plans to go to the library tomorrow to read a certain book. So maybe I shall retire earlier today.
Have a fruitful day ahead!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

350/365 15 More Days

And we're all a year closer to the end. Aren't we all very happaeh people?

Anyhow, went to ComFest with Zen, Sleepy and Yaakob. Was quite fun. Too bad I ain't got any pictures. Bought quite a lot of stuff. I shall list a few of those that I remember, if I could even recall but whatever, so here goes:

  1. 3 Arakawa badges!!! :D:D:D:D:D: RM10
  2. 6 photos quality pictures... RM6
  3. Nendoroid Puchi from Fate Stay Night. I got a Ryder. Was hoping for Saber though. RM22
Hm, hate to disappoint you but I'm afraid that was the end of the shopping spree.
Well, I have other expenses to be taken into consideration though, like :
  1. LRT + Monorel to and fro trips, 2.10+1.6=3.7x2=7.4
  2. Lunch at Secret Recipe, which I waited sorta long for... RM10
  3. Waffle? RM4
Eh... oh. I thought I spent a bit too much, but I guess the budget was still kept to a minimum. I know I wasn't supposed to spend more than 2 RM50 bills unless really deemed necessary. So my total is like... 38 + 21.4.

RM60 I guess. Not too bad for a shopping trip? Not that I got anything exceptionally useful or anything, but still, the somewhat congested experience was still an experience to experience, if you get what I mean.

Why paiseh to sell your book to me and Manly leh??? T^T
Your art so nice, if lecturer see oso their eyes explode with joy man I tell you.

Anyhow, since most of today is committed towards the effort of experiencing the outing itself, I don't think there's anything else I have to update. Anyhow, 15 more days, and I can finally call myself off from everyday blogging to serious blogging. The reason why I made that pact with myself to do 365 posts this year was to make sure that I took the time to be consistent at something. At least something. And I'm kinda glad I did. No doubt there are filler posts in between, which holds infinite non-existant meaning, but meh, they were meant to convey a message so for that, I think I did pretty well for the past 349. Anyhow, it's still not over, so I'd best not let my guard down. 

Can't be lazy now anyways. Or maybe I can. I should find ways to be lazy by getting more things done so that I can have more time for myself to relax. An interesting method no doubt. Wouldn't have known that if it wasn't for my time at Lunchbox. So I guess the blessings of work experience shows usually only in the latter? Since most of the time, while we're working, we're pretty much too busy or occupied to even know how to be grateful at other things lol.

Well, don't just sit there. Sleep! :D
Nao go dai plz. Kthxbai.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

349/365 Say Hi To Mah New Laptop.

Yeah baby. RM1350. Seems kinda worth it heh. It is second hand, but man, it still looks really new. Kudos to the original owner for keeping it in such good shape :D

Gonna test this rigorously tomorrow. For tonight, I shall just enjoy the thought of me owning this awesome thing that's just milestones better than my silver epic fail lappie. I mean, it's still functional, but for use in TOA... lets just say not so much.

Also, I've been getting this weird feeling lately. Like... I've been challenge and the cost for that challenge is my girlfriend. Maybe this explains my sudden change of behaviour? This explosive motivation to do something? This irreconcilable burden that feels heavy but at the same time makes me smile? And that's the weird part. It makes me smile. D: Maybe I'm a sadist. Or maybe... I'm just plain confident that I can do it and I'm laughing at myself because it's such an easy task to fulfill. Whut?

I don't even understand myself now but yeah. By the way, I just started watching Working! today and it's like Arakawa, only that those residents are the workers in the diner. It's awesome la.

Did even more sketching today. And with this baby coming along, no doubt I'd be able to start whisking some paint in virtual space soon :D

And ComicFest! If you're going, see ya there! My number's 010-2523451 :D
Life is awesome.