Saturday, February 27, 2010

58/365 Jap Jap Jap

Err.... slept whole day after teaching Bukit Bintang High School first aid till 12pm+++
Then went to join Chap Goh Meh dinner at my neighbour's house, my stomach's really filled XD
Still got some leftover pizzas at home which apparently noone could finish D:
then danced on DDR till 10pm+

after this... wanna go refresh my Jap d since got class tomorrow 8D
So... Matta ne~ ^^

Friday, February 26, 2010

57/365 My Lovely Sweet New Juicy Intuos 4! 8D

Ugh... crappy photo. But it ain't no crappy hardware that's for sure! XD
Yesh... gotta enjoy this thing I have now.
After all, it did cost my brother me RM1200 D:
But I guess that could wait a little while... the enjoying.
Tomorrow need to go to Bukit Bintang Secondary School to teach first aid
so doing a flash refresh for my first aid nao XE
Kthxbai. XP

56/365 Ah Shyt.

1. I forgot to blog before 11.59.59'99" pm. =(

2. I lost mah wallet! X(

3. My wallet contains my IC

4. My wallet holds my Debit Card ={

5. My RC Volunteer ID is inside too @_@

6. I lost some important contacts also inside mah wallet =_=

7. I have to file a police report. ZZzzz

8. I have to pay fine for my lost IC.... about RM100 T^T

9. I have to replace my Debit Card for RM12 and can only be done on Monday D:

10. Owh... I also lost RM7! :o

yah. SHYT!!! X_X

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

55/365 First... Assignment Post? XD

Yesh.. It's Sarah Connor from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles ^^
It's also mah reference D:
Yes. This is mah assignment D:
For Illustration Fundamentals class.
For those who are artistically illiterate XP I shall explain why I consider this a sucky piece.

Ok... try and spot the difference; colours aside.
She looks... musculine doesn't she?
I mean yeah.. she gives that really solemn & determined look but solemn & determined doesn't mean she has to be muscular >=(

That's no.1
No.2, the proportions not right =_=
Look at the head.
Now use that head as a measurement for all the body parts.
It seems too big right?
Nou, it doesn't seem to big,
it is too big.
Take a normal guy, 7 heads.
1 head for the head, 1 heads from neck to torso, 1 head from ribcage to pelvis and 4 heads from pelvis to toe which means that the thigh is 2 heads long and the calf/shin is also 2 heads long.
Ok, that's just a general theory and there are many different versions.
Some would say a man is 8 heads etc. So I'll just use the one I've always used which is 7 heads.
That's from top to bottom.
From left to right, a normal man is supposed to be 2 heads toptochin in length at his shoulder. A normal woman would just follow the longest width of the ribcage and put the extensions for the shoulder bone there to create the bone articulation point. But well, that's just the general idea so women can also have longer shoulders and such. So sometimes, you just can't use the theory.

But for my case...
You just look at the head lar.
One glimpse it looks ok.
Second glimpse, her head looks humongous.
Then you start noticing her strong facial muscle features.
Yeah.. a bit too strong perhaps Zzzzz

I liked my colour changes, but there were a few areas where my colours got dirty T^T
I didn't layer it properly and when the colours start to merge like crayon, yeah, it just got dirty. So I screwed up a lot of my highlights. But for that detail, I don't think you can see the detail in my pic thanks to my low res phone cam so don't bother XD.

And the proportion problem...
I shall explain a possibility why I got it. =[
Ok.. I guess you can't see the grids, but there are construction grids following the Golden Scale or Ideal Proportion method in which everything is divided into the rule of thirds.

I did the grids on my reference piece and tried to transfer the image on higher scale into my large A2 piece of colour paper. As I did, I started to notice that the grids don't match at all and it's gerenti gonna distort the image. So... I kinda gave up then and tried to redo on my inverse but... who'd have known that the inverse did not have the same texture as the front side OTL

I sighed in exasperation. But at that time, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles was on and I just got an epic inspiration at that particular moment, so I continued anyways with a "I've already started it so lets just finish it" attitude.

And voila.. I finished it, but not up to the standards that qualify for a... B- even.
I don't even need the lecturer to grade me. I already know it just by looking at it. At best, it'd just get a C+. If it goes higher than that, I think I'd start asking my lecturer D:

O yeah... the chest looks like a man's one too ._.

Yeah.. liddat la.
I'm always open for critics in which I forget sometimes too XD... but if you have any comments, please do as I'm gonna need to know what else to improve besides the mistakes I already know.
I'm sure Yaakob and Sleepy has something to say. And maybe Jin too since they're all in the same industry as I do. XD

K. The end.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

54/365 Yee Sang?

finally gonna open that rotting yee sang by within the deepest corners of my house's storage.
This is the only day where everyone else can make it for the dinner, so...
guess there's no other day better? XD

Waiting for the yee-sang-ing though.
Hasn;t happened yet.
And I got drenched today on my way back after going through the storm. D:
Good thing my laptop didn't get wet.
Well, padan muka sendiri for not being firm on leaving C behind at 5.15 which totally like ended up being 6.10 and only made me startled to go back when the resounding thunder finally growled it's heavy echo down the cold-stricken sky adorned with pale gray.

Hmmm... gonna spend an hours to watch Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles later on 8tv.
I like the plot. It kinda gives me that super-inspiring itch like how Burn Notice and One Tree Hill does for me. Always reminds me of the prescriptive destiny versus free will and determination. Plus... who'd have thought that an android could become human? ._.

well... off to continue with mah assignments ^^

Monday, February 22, 2010

53/365 Back to School For a Bit 8D

Yar, went back to school for a bit.
Received some news that the SPM ori punya cert might've already come.
So I went to ask ler...
Mana tau the office close for lunch break till 2pm, and I reached there around...
So I kinda lepak around there for a while lar..
Met a few of mah BSM juniors XD
Seem pretty hardworking^^
I was having mah lunch there and ugh...
expensive like mad man...
A bowl of Yee Mee only cost like what... 1.50?
And over the years... maybe RM2.
Now.. it's RM2.20 D:
If it's 'cause of sugar prices...
that's.. that's... UNACCEPTABLE! >=[
But what to do right... canteen also has to find a way to survive the crisis...

Owh yar, my juniors were having a camp meeting and cute lil'o Chow Xin invited me to join the discussion. But I didn't go XD Well I did, but just for a peep /ho.
Then when I came back for a second round, they were all gone and I just acted as though I was just passing through fufufufu~

Not anything la... Just that, over the past few years, it's always just about our seniors and our seniors and our seniors. Imma thinking of just letting them do what they want. We seniors' times are long gone, it's time to just let the new line of generation do their part. After all, we seniors gave them the job because we trusted and believed in them. So I'll be keeping my part of the bargain here ^^ I checked out the BSM board, looks amazing XD Especially the camp notice. I really like the semangat there. Feels so warm and welcomy XE

Well.. that's that. No pics XP
Telefon bimbit adalah dilarang di kawasan sekolah 8D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

52/365 Said My Goodbyes

I said my goodbyes to my game mates in RO.
Yesh. I am gonna leave RO.
Not forever, but well, long enough for me to finish my assignments.
This time I won't RO at all before I finish everything I'm supposed to do.
Ok maybe not everythingrawrhgkhgwewsbfio.
But at least most of them ler.

It's about time I start living up to my words for real.
The real deal's coming. And I think...
I have enough fun for now.
So... I'll have fun again.
With my studies XD


Saturday, February 20, 2010

51/365 Totsuzen

Totsuzen is... Japanese for sudden or abrupt.
But for this case, lets put it at sudden.

I woke up late today, remembering that I slept for a few times anyways for a "little more sleep" in between several intervals known to be 9.38am, 9.52am, 10.28am, 11.34am, 12.47am,12.53am,12.58am and finally 1.54pm.

Went straight into my bathroom for my morning bathe in which I took in the afternoon so whatever. Noticed a sour smell around the bathroom but didn't really mind it much until the minute I turned off the shower tap and tried to put on the clothes I previously wore last night since I didn't sweat at all. Then I just realized that the sour scent really seemed familiar. Like what? Uh.. Ejaculation. AKA Sperm.

So I checked my pants, true enough, there was a stain. Two layers of dried up thick liquid it seems. I was worried maybe it leaked onto the bed I was sleeping on so I went to check on it, no stain detected so lucky me. Don't smell anything of what I did in the bathroom as well so I think it's fine.

Odd, I don't recall any funny dreams that involved any sensuality. Nor did I remember any weird feeling below. During those intervals whence I were awake, I don't even remember feeling any weight below in which I know I'd if I did ejaculate involuntarily, but it just felt dry so I had no suspicions.

But well, guess I was wrong. Had to admit its not my first time this suddenly happens. Just had another the day before yesterday I think. *sigh*

Guess girls aren't the only ones who have to worried about leakage. ._.
Most boys would find it hard to admit if they ejaculate by accident. But here I am blogging about it anyways as though it was just part of some terrible period cycle I've just gone through. I mean... if girls can talk about their gender-related problems all the time, why can't we guys we do it as well if we face them?

Well.. maybe "we" ain't suited for this. Maybe just "me" and me alone. Don't know for sure if any other guyz experience what I go through. But just at the off chance that someone else does... I'd just post this here, in hopes that someone in fear of exposing his "dark secret" as well, would know that he's isn't the only one going through this kinda thing and maybe will allow the chance to open himself up just like I do.

It isn't easy to just let yourself off bare like this. But hell... I just don't enjoy having secrets. If I have a problem, I just state it and let it be known. If it's kept in the dark all the time, nobody will know and nobody will learn. So here I am sharing this problem of mine to all my readers out there.

It's not like I masturbate at will. I've never done so since November last year. Yet I still smack myself down hard anyways and reset my free-days count free from masturbation everytime something like this happen. I guess I'd have to change it to free-days count from ejaculation instead? XD

No.. don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy this. I'm just sick of feeling sick everytime this happens, so I'll just learn to let go of this stupid shitty feeling. And one way is to just let it out into the open. So.. this is what I do.

Hm. Feeling much better already ^^

Well... it can happen to anyone. So.. why be ashamed about it anyways?
Is it such a taboo for guyz to speak of things such as this?
Why can girls talk about them all the time and we guyz can't talk about our part?
Oh right.. it wasn't stated in the Science textbook is it? We were all just educated about the female part of the dilemma, not the guyz. Maybe it's just that people just generally know that guyz always do this to "have fun" so... it's not a dilemma to guyz?

Well, we can all take my case as the first male gender-related dilemma case then. Never wished to be born like this, but heh, what am I to do eh? I'm a guy so... it's better to just accept it then just go against it right? Not like I really wanted to be a girl anyways...

I could say I'm a female born in a male body too, just minus the vulnerability of being raped by hungry perverts, the pain from period cycles, less money spent on penty-liners, no bras to worry about, able to walk out without a shirt on, don't haveta worry about sweating, only interested in girls and currently only one girl who is C, and finally... not able to get pregnant.
Oh, and I'm not that open to breast cancer risks as well in addition to less likeliness of osteoporosis to happen to me. So.. I should be grateful and happy right?

Yeah... I should. ^^

Friday, February 19, 2010

50/365 Losing Money Ain't So Bad~ ^^

I lost mah marney fer ae gewd reazon!! 8D
Went to Ka Woon aka Jia Wen's house today. Gambled for like... I donno till 6pm? XD
It's ok ler, losing money once in a while hahax. I'm just feeding my money to luckier sources out there who just seem to get the nick for fortune.
Lost about... RM12 today?
Not so bad really fufufufu since I won like RM20+ from my cousin's place then.
But we kinda went to Old Town White Coffee for lunch and some sucky misorders happened.
So... yeah, we had to pay extra one plate. Haha, but no worries, I helped to finished that bowl of asam laksa since I didn't order anything. And...
Kai Lee couldn't finish her bowl of Rice+Egg+Minced Chicken.
Too HOT she says =_=
Donno lar, not like she EVER finishes her food anyways.
And it wasn't hot at all, ok may a little tadbit. Very mild, almost negligible kinda spiciness.
Not bad ler, just that I ate a cold one so... the dining experience wasn't great.
But it wouldn't have been great anyways since it wasn't great anyways.
If I had to rate that dish outta 10.... I'd give a 5/10 or... Fair
Yeah. It's edible but... okokla.
The Javanese Mee was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. That gets at least a 7/10 from me, probably just Good
8,9,10 would be great, awsmuch and O Dang, Tis Taste like Oui Magnifique~! XE
But it'd change from time to time. XP

Oh... and
It's... horrid?
Well, uh horrid 'cause there's Sardine inside...
Not a very good choice for fishies in asam laksa lol. =_=

ok... so that's that.XD
Hmm... didn't get my exercise machine yet =(
Oh well.. next time ler.

Ah yes.. and my espionage bumped into the well-known Zeneraith on our way to leaving that not-so-satisfying premise. He was on his way to Melody's place rendezvousing with Kazu and maybe a few others.
He asked if I wanted to hop on his entourage but.. I declined.
I just know Mel's place ain't my type.
I think I'd have given a million reasons to not go anyways besides that.
I just plain donwanna go there...
Hm... hope this doesn't hurt her feelings, but it's not just her,
but almost all Christian homes.
I feel superduperfreakishlyawkward whenever I'm inside them and...
I just feel the need to rush out for a breathe of fresh air.
The atmosphere in those houses...
they feel rather, encaged, solemn with a tinge of happiness entwined with discipline and that unrelentless Faith for truth in their Holy Spirit.
No.. I don't mind them practicing their religion.
But... I'm just not fond of being with those people who really go into it while I'm around. Completely triggers my steam engine.
Still learning to tolerate and have fun while I'm around them, but truth is... I still couldn't forget the uneasy experience I've had with Christianity and it lingers in my mind, body and soul. I just have no room for... not to say just Jesus alone, but any religion for that matter.
I like my other Christian friends who aren't the pushy type.
But.. I guess I've said it before from time to time about how much I dislike being asked about whether I believe in pfftwhateverexistence.
And I'm guessing that Mel already sensed it too. Which was the main reason why I didn't get the invitation. I have a good feeling that she already knew even if I was invited, I wouldn't come anyways. So... that's actually the main reason why I declined when Zen asked.
Mel didn't invite me anyways, so why suddenly drop by without notice right?^^
I've to give Mel credit for that. I guess she understood this dilemma of mine after so many years of being friends, if we were even that close XD

Alright~ Good news for myself!
I'm joggishly active again muahahahah 8D

K done.

Ok.. maybe not lololol.
When I was in Ka Woon's place, there were these buncha chics. All prettydamnhotwithsmoothsexayfairlegs not bad looking gals. Fine, they were pretty, but not sure if I was ogling at them since I just couldn't get my eyes elsewhere in that rather limited space while gambling. O right, I pulled out early 'cause I had no moar monehz XD
I was curious... and rather queer.
Because... even though they seem remarkably pretty to me,
I don't feel... I don't feel that magic whenever I'm with C with their type of beauty.
I was like, 'yeah.. sure, pretty, nice smooth legs...err.. so?"
Even though they seem to be so attractive, I just found them dull and uninteresting. Almost boring in fact. All I could think about in my head everytime I had a glance at any one of them, it'd remind me of C, C,C, C, CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC.
Every inch of C comes into my mind like an overwhelming stream of memories flooding every possible free memory space I have within my head's capacity from allowing any other 'inhabitant/female" to have that special place in my head.

I guess... that's an auto-guard system called faithfullness or rather loyalty to my only loved dearest C. =)

When I saw their smile, I saw C's smile.
When I saw their smooth legs, it reminded me of C's... legs. In which she rarely shows since she doesn't wear short skirts that often or shorts for that matter. But I couldn't be bothered about what she wore. She was just a beautiful soul which was meant to be nurtured with the love of a man who truly appreciates the every essence of her character.

She's clumsy at times even though she's incredibly intelligent and great with her studying in general. She's a great student. Not sure if a doctor or any other profession but a scholar would be most suited for her since her forte just seems to be reading and reading and reading without every feeling the numbness of thought, which is to me, pretty fascinating.

She's pretty clingy too considering the huggy-dovey atmosphere she was brought up with in her family. Living with a single mom and a little brother, they had to be rigorously independant and self-reliant to allow no room for others to take advantage of them ever again after what their crooked father did to them. In turn, they grew a very loving and caring bond with each other, though... C does have difficulties in speaking up because her mom always wins her down in any given discussion.

As a result.. it took a while for her before she could finally truly opened up to me. I couldn't blame her at all since I really do understand what it means to be not able to go against your own parent. Well.. she already DID open up to me as we grew to become friends instead of acquaintances from a certain voluntary detachment. But.. the opening up I'm talking about here is the ability to let me know my mistakes and tell me bluntly if I'm ever wrong at something so that a given error or mistake can be avoided from the repetitive cycle or by any slim chance corrected. was very hard for her to do it. She had countless thoughts about me all-written in her diaries about how much she would've desired me to be different. And she finally told me one night last month and I just went overload and turned into a robot. Don't think I actually blogged about it since that conversation happened after I blogged that night. Funny huh... I was the one who asked her to be truthful to me but even I couldn't handle the truth.

I kinda ended the conversation with a rather "imdonewiththis" note though I did not mean to. And I could only but imagine a tiny fabric of her pain when she came weeping in apologetic tears to me the following day, worried that she'd have hurt my feelings terribly with expectations for the worst that could happen; something you'd say worse than a peaceful breakup, like a "I never wanna see even the slightest glimpse of your face anymore for the rest of my entire life" kinda worse.

She seemed all worn-out and tired when I saw her, as though she couldn't bring herself to sleep through the night at all because of our conversation. And since then, she kinda vowed not to say any such thing anymore to me, which... I kinda disagreed.

Sure truth hurts. I always knew. But they just take time to be dissolved into one's mind sometimes... But I think.. C was so intensely worried of losing me that she'd rather keep a vow of silence from having that moment reoccur again in the future. *sigh* What a grave sin I've done to her... And I'm the one dubbed as her boyfriend.

I... don't want her to be silent. I just want her to be able to speak comfortably to me without fear, even if sometimes it's to reprimand me or correct me on the spot. I don't mind people being blunt to me, especially her. I'd rather have a wife who'd slap me for doing something wrong than a good wife who'd hear and abide unto all the words I say with undivided trust and belief so much that she won't speak a word but only respect and fear me, even when I'm outrageously wrong at something.

just don't wanna grow to be the father I have in my life.
Not thinking about it is already indirectly thinking about. So it doesn't really matter whether or not I try to expel the fact that, I just so despised with the way my father is.
He's undoubted a virtuous man with all due respect. But...
he is a horrible father.
And husband.

And I don't want my future-to-be life-long-companion to suffer the same fate as my mom did. Always reclusive, obedient and never retaliates. She believed that if kindness continues to be given, one day, realization will come. But I think she just missed one important thing from that theory she so believed in. Communication. In which has for a matter of fact failed terribly in the current household I live in this very moment.

My little brother fears me in which I fear my sister as she fears my older brother of who fears my eldest brother who fears my parents.
basically, all the younger ones cannot disrespect the elder, no matter what the consequences.
Even if one day, my sister were to be raped by one of my brothers, we aren't allowed to speak a word. But touch wood, that won't happen because, though the miscommuncations do persists, we're all quite formidable on our own and live in our own separate independant reality in which we believe that, a family always cares and love for each other.
Everyone in my family follows this principle. Even my father, though rather stoked with mistake at that.

If I were to choose a really simple-minded mindset with no desire for the greater change or whatsoever, I'd be immensely happy by just being able to love someone and receive back love in return. But I'm in constant pursuit, thought maybe not rapidly or ravagingly in my search for a better me, someone's who's not so easily contended and such and always carving for change change and more changes for the better and no less.

But... I do fear the thought of it at times as.. I don't want to succumb into greed. So I'm not pushing the thought and allowing the process to happen at its own natural pace.

What I want in life, isn't really success, or a superbly comfortable home, nor fame and glory.
What I want, need, desire and wish for is someone who will be able to love me as much as I love her and be as honest and truthful as I am to her without hiding anything at all from each other because the Cold Wars are very suffering processes to go through, especially when you can't speak up. And I believe that C is the one for this.

Now.. she might still be residing in her shell. But in due time, she'd outgrow her shell and fly as a dragon higher than me and show me a way I've never known my entire life.

Hmmm... from sexaysmoothlegs to... this huh...?

Ummm C, sorry if I blurted too much info without your consent. Just had the urge to blog it out while I was blogging this post earlier. But.. I just want to be honest and keep no boundaries in between us. I love you with all my heart and soul C.
And.. I believe I've never told you this before but,
I'm sorry for worrying you so much that night.
I vowed not to make another girl cry and yet you did.
So... I just plain felt awful then.

And if I had to choose between RO and C...
of course I'd take RO C =D
Definitely C. She's many times better than the gameplay itself hat I'm always to bound to to.
I love you C...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

49/365 Imma getting an exercise bench

Yesh tomorrow XD
With mah mom.^^

By the way, I sure as hell donno if there're any other RO freaks out there who actually read mah blog but hahihueho I found some really kewl sites to check up to for moar juicy Ragnainfo fufufufu.

Really nice site with lotsa juicy info stolen borrowed from various servers of all kinds including low/medium/high rated servers. Even H types ohohohoho.
The really nice part about this site is the RO Writings section.

They have lotsa discussion about lvling/builds/pvping and the really nice one was about...
The Conpendium of Confusing RO Stuff [Condensed]
+1 to the author for the really epicly awsm title lolol.

It's really nice. Like, whwo'd have known that 3 different type cards works better than triple of a same kind. Don't understand? Haha example below.

Let's say a Poring is water/plant/small
SO if you put in a water20%/plant20%/small15%+5atk
You get a higher multiplier bonus.
How come?

'Cause RO made different type cards multiple with each other whereas similar or Quads just adds up like fractions to a number. Lets say a Drainliar card is 20% to water eh.
SO if you had 4 Drainliar cards, it'd be just 180%/1.8x damage to water.

But if you had 2 water 20% cards = 20%+20% =40%
Then with an anti-plant 20% and the anti-size 15%+5
It'd be 140%*20%*15*or
= 1.932 +5 atk

that's better than a normal quad that's 180% or 1.8x

Owh, and another interesting stuff I found would be Battlemode Mode
or aka /bm in RO.
What does it do?
It locks up your chatbar and allows 3 belt hotkey use wakakakaka
so you can use your normal 1-9 keys
together with q-o
and also a-l
and of course z-.

1-9 is the same with z-. so use whichever you find more comfortable with ^^

Ok, I'm really distracted now. Sherlock Holmes is on right now so I wanna focus on mah show plox. XP Tee-hee~

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

48/365 A new fwen.

Yesh. With mah Bard. XD
Bumped into this 21 year old schizophrenic dudette while I was hunting Porcellios in RO.
Like, she even gave me her full name, e-mail and guess what.. Facebook!

Haha no worries C,
she's already married.
I'm not about to cheat on such a beautiful soul like you ^^

But I was pretty amazed at her job history. She did like...
LOTS of jobs. Well, most people don't post up their job history anyways on Facebook if not let them even be visible to random strangers like me harhar XD
Not like I'm always around commercial associates anyways. If I were then maybe those Facebook accounts might very well be resumes lol.

I kinda sympathize for her condition though.
That schizophrenic term I used up there just a while before ain't no pun but she like gets it for real. Lets say... she hallucinates dogs attacking her husband when in reality, her husband's just standing there looking at her in a very calm mode.
Scary huh?

I suggested that she draw though XE
Well, she does get all these really kewl imageries hallucinations so it'd be really if they were put out into works of art non? =D
She's been drawing she said but she's not pretty good at it.
So I inserted a lil'o TOA tagline there which I think...
most of us here are kinda familiar with eh?
"Art is not determined by talent, but it's a skill, like drawing. The more you practice, the better you become at it. Nobody's born talented."

O and guess what, she actually speak a bit of Jap too XD
And the really phun part of her life is that her husband plays RO with her haha.
And well.. they kinda met in RO as well and got... Married? 0.o
yeah, kinda unbelievable but believe it.
I read one case of a couple in Malaysia as well.
They met in ERO Malaysian server, got in love and married RO style.
They did say this one thing though,
"Too bad we couldn't hold our marriage in the Prontera church, I think it'd have been much more perfect if it was XD"

Oh, and C, Christine was telling me,
"why not get your gf to play?"
to play as in to play RO lar...

I told her you couldn't 'cause of your scholarship and stuff in addition to you not having a proper computer to play with not to mention a broadband stable enough reliable bandwith/broadband. So... I said to Christine
"haha, not now, but maybe after we're married? ;)/gg"

Well.. I donno if you'd like RO, but if we could get the chance, I do hope I could share this world I'm so happy in one day. It might not be real but heh, the people playing it are real though ^^

And RO's most fun when you're playing with someone.
When you just plain have someone to talk to in game...
It's just priceless. All those dull moments of being alone in game,
it just fades away and your excitement level just gets multiplied by hundredths if not tenths. 8*D

so yeah... haha, a new fwen
Life in RO just gets more and more interesting ^^

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

47/365 bards...

Travellers of lore,
Spokesmen of glory,
Adventurers of many tales,
But nowhere without the precious music,
In which infused with melody and lyrics,
Creates magical forms of notes in tune,
Transcending to our senses of wit,
Piercing through our hearts,
Sharing the spirit owned,
Within one's heart.

Howl, shout, scream, speak!
But you ears naught these acts
As lyrics to a song are all there is to hear.
The way of the word is the bards' expertise.
Persuading and bluffing comes in easy,
as a Frost Joker's always handy.

Merry all to thou fools.
For a bard I am too! XD

haha yeah! ^^

Monday, February 15, 2010

46/365 A broken limb

would you help a man who has been disabled?
If you could, how would you?
is there anyway you can?
For me, if there's anything at all I can do
to make him smile or feel good again,
that'd suffice...


I shall help him...
in RO! 8D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

45/365 I earned lots?? 8D

yesh... it's the annual Pokkia event! 8D
See mah 8lue wallet over there?
Yesh, all the coins there are mine. ;)
I took about RM20 worth of winds today.

Current Ang Bao money....
RM319 ^^
Enough to get me a new exercise bench which I've always wanted/needed =D


Saturday, February 13, 2010

44/365 Yes... Managed to make it back in time 8D

For what you ask? BLOG lar~ XD
Lotsa preps done today. Though mah day was a bit of an annoyance for me. But since it's the goodie'ol season of CNY, lets skip all the trivial negatives and go on to positives eh? ^^

I has some juicy pics from my reunion dinner just now ;)

Mah cousin brother not only own an awsmlyepic huge double-storey house in which he even renovated for the coming CNY in addition to him owning that giga-sized plasma screen D:

Mmmm... new year cookies. Fewd. I shall munch on them tomorrow when we head there for the new year celeb 8D'

And jengjengjeng, check out the stars of the day, my 3 little anak saudaras. XE

Youngest of the lot, this lil'boy's called Shun Yang. Really adorably cowardly. XD

See that cute gal? That's mah niece, 5 years old this year lolrawrz. Supercute. But she's a bit of a control freak. Wonder how she'd turn out to be when she gets older eh? Tee-hee...

O this dude over here is none other than my 10 year-old Chen Yang, mah nephew. He's a very quirky kid who lurves racing games wakakakaka. He's apparently acting cool bro around his younger siblings now. I can see the development of a very good big bro in the future ^^

And yeah, that's that. I shall get my ready money for mah family annual pokkiao event! 8D pokkiao means gambling btw. XP

Friday, February 12, 2010

43/365 Kenapa Saya Blog

eh... aren't I forgetting something? @_@



For those of you who know about the ComicSans joke,
well... lets just say this is a crossover parody of
team ROFLRocket and ComicSans XD

Ok, so why do I blog eh?

Ok... umm...

I blog because...
I want to change the world I live in my very own way
even if its just by being plain 'ol me ^^

because in blogging,
especially not a private one,
it's all about communication,
and without communication,
what's the purpose of message not to mention blogs?

So I get across the message i wished to be conveyed here.
So that it may somehow change the world even if its
by a very small teenyweeny difference.
like if I manage to annoy someone,
or make someone laugh,
or just plain read my posts,
I did something,
and it changes the world in a very small
but meaningful way.

Because I did it by being who I am =)
And when people do read,
everything I say here would 'cause a chain reaction,
even when sometimes its subtle,
it changes a lot in due time.

Like if I say here Comic Sans kills puppies,
you'd all start to wonder why I said that
and even start doing your own mini-research,
and then you know the facts and you share it with other people
then the world laughs together with you.
And I believe, that is a difference.
That is change.

Uh.. I mean, if it does bring about change then good lo.
If it doesn't then I can always keep trying till it does. =D

SO I has a mission; be completely honest with what I blog ;) hold nothing back from from being published fufufufufu~ change the world by just being who I really am 8E

and that's that.

I slept for a whole day thinking of C whilst hugging me pillow lolololol. DX
been missing you a lot C...
hope can see you soon though ^^

*seems like my phone camera is just nice for the blog since blogger doesn't require epicly large-sized pics XD so I'll be using mah phone-cam more often lolenatoroflmaocopterzzz pfftyeah! dhwfbjwbarrfhekrnwjvrbruwrehvlwrwe F3

42/365 God Thou Too Far Two They. F3

Got TAUFOOFAR~!!!! but this one looks kinda ewwy lol. But regardless, it still is mah awsm bowl of tong sui tau foo fah! which costed mah wallie RM4 ftw. So nyaminyamnyam XDXDXD
And I slrrpd it with mah straw, how awsm can that be? Muahahahah 8E So fun to slrrp it up, it's like taking soft half-boiled-egg-textured-like-pudding with the power of vacuum from your amazing ingestive mouth =D

Very da satisfied ;)

But there's another reason why my post is what it's titled to today lol.
God is the nickname of a verygudedoodofmaihn. And he was twogether with a certain Yaakob who saved mah laptop from uh... being haplessly forgotten in the student lounge as they were about to leave the library near the student lounge in a tragic duo twosome.

If not because of them, I don't think I'd be here to say "Jacob said if it's really Osla's one, EPIC FAIL man" in which God told me when I went to his good'ol shelter-of-a-house to retrieve mah prized possession, mah laptop. I'm starting to wonder how bad my memory lapse is lol. But forgetting a laptop?? Geez... I was like back at home around 7pm and I took a bath and I slept for a while till 8 and then I saw my phone with some missed calls from Yaakob and I smsed him and I thought I'd charge my laptop first or something until I realized that my bag was insanely featherweight and as I scrounged through mah backpack, it wasn't there! And so I called Yaakob and he didn't pickup and he called me and he said he got it and I told him that if it's ok, let God keep it since thou ain't that far away from mah humble hut XD vryawsm face.F3

Well, I went to Old Town White Coffee again today. But not syok sendiri-ing all alone lol. The reunion was on and I met up with Benben, Mel, Edwyn, Steph and Yoong Liung 8D
veryfuntime 8D

Owh, Mel told me I didn't tell her she looked ugly before. Well, of course I didn't since that'd be mean and she's a pretty gal after all. But I did remember at one time I said that she look... oh wait, not once lol, I think at least thrice that she looked like a mak ipo XD So I guess you could call that mah version of ugly lol XP

She ah... finally confessed that she realizes that ouroneandonly Zenewraith doesn't enjoy talking to her so *wink*wink* you knowlah. ;) For further details, I guess you guyz could question the main character himself eh? Tee-hee.

But she's a lot prettier now. I could see the difference over the years. Owh, Yoong Liung said she was fat. SO I corrected the statement by saying that she was fat-chubby so it's not a badkindafat ifyouknowwhatImean. XP She douchely asked why and I said that her fat is the good kinda fat that makes gals like her look sexy and she went HUH and so I just plainly said "cuz your fats are all distributed to the right parts of your bodeh~"
And she still somehow didn't really get it sadface =) Cincailah, this gal very the funny one, I talk to her honestly and she'd think I was joking. Guess I could say she's not the only person who always mistaken my honesty for a pranky joke of sarcasm lol. XD

Before I lost mah laptop... God, YaaKob and I went.....
yes, we tried out a few nice games. muahahah. SrsSam was fun lol. Then we tried a lot of chun games which we ended up not playing 'cause it made us wait so irritatingly long like Left4Dead2 which like hung at the Create Game page. Crysis Call was some war game between USA and North Korea shyt. Donno lah, damn confusing ler the commands. SrsSam was moar phun! 8E Then we Dawn of War : Soulstorm-ed like 2 games. Took God a while to get used to the system. And Dark Eldar is effing powahfewl F3

We ended the game with an unfinished Dota vs Com in which we like miserably lost like baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad in -wtf mode set by our Almighty God. Damn fun lol, can spam non-stop skill XD But I got a bit irritated when I click the left mouse button and it deselects mah hero after I cast a skill. Pfft. But I r newb then lol. Dota.... just not my type I guess. Or maybe I need to hone my skills in playing it? XD But anyhow.... spending RM5 for 2 hours in CC is not a very good thing, but it ain't bad either so harhar. yeah.

meanwhile, look at some guro stuff we found on our way to CC 8D
remember this train dude? yeah that's him. It's as big as a baby ftw.
Maybe it could be an avenging incarnation of a Chucky... D:

Hawhaw~ hi kids, do I look delicious? hawhaw, cause I think you guyz look even more delicious to me hawhaw. 8E

why no Cookie MONSTAH~!!???

Aye hayt yew, yew luv meh, wee are wan beeg famaleh wif ah gread beeg bangh ahn ah bom flom meh tew yew, nou moar purpleh dinosaw. fufufufu~

Love the food here. ^^

It's cheap, the portion's amazing and it tastes great! Definitely a recco from me unless if you're epic vulnerable to chillies like a certain dude I know in which I feel rather sad for him but oh well, I guess everyone has preferences for food? XD

OO this? It's actually a finished bottle of AngTau Iced. It wasn't really icy inside. More like... gooey. The porridge kinda gooey. It doesn't taste bad though... tastes like.. uh. red bean la. Lol.
But I spent RM3 for it lol expensiveshyt. But I guess it's alright since I did it to support our seniors grad campaign in which we all TOAns would be doing next year as well so ... if you studied moral enough, I'm sure you're all familiar with the term karma or what goes around comes around or do unto others what you want others do unto you and so... I help lor. mana tau they help us back next year right? ;)

Yes... you know him! 8D
And God's light was bedazzling meh eyes so brightly that it effed up my cam view for his face too epicwin 8D

And 'tis post draws to a close braddahs and sistahs.
For all my Chinese dude and dudettes, happy Almost CNY lol XD
and yeah... I post this a day late verysadOTLexpressionXD

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

41/365 no taufoofah today T^T

But... got... Old Town White Coffee! (Iced) XD

Yeah... I said i wanted to post about taufoofah but aiyah, some other time la har~ XP

Why I went to Old Town?
Haiyo stupid one...
I thought today was my reunion dinner with my ex-PBSM BOD colleagues. I remember clearly it's supposed to be on Thursday but I forgot that today is Wednesday, not Thursday. So... I was eating there alone la ftw.
But who cares mahn, I had fun 8D

Just me trying to be a... *ahem* good samaritan XD

Javanese Mee is a good choice. It's serving is bigger than most of the other dishes I've seen before in Old Town, especially the rice dishes, always so stingy with the rice. Boo-hoo =(
But what makes Javanese Mee good? It tastes good of course XD.

Owh I'm sorraeh, I finished my dish before taking a pic so you peeps are just gonna have to make do with an upright image of this lovely dish *thumbs up* XP

And this is a product of me waiting for people who are supposed to have come but actually is coming tomorrow since I mistaken Wednesday as Thursday and Thursday is actually after Wednesday which is tomorrow. Veryawsmface=(

Though Old Town might be overtly overpriced... I guess the ambience inside makes up for all the *hidden charges* which aren't supposed to be exposed but we know anyways ;)

Today, the radio had some real nice old modern classics to pay attention to lucky me, so I wasn't bored at all. C's gonna be gone for a while and not gonna be able to make any form of contact with me during this period so those songs really stirred some nostalgia in my silly lovesick self who is still awsmly happeh. XD

Amongst them are...
Hero by Enrique Eglessias or whatever his second name is, Britney Spears' Sometimes I Run and one really nice song which I ain't sure of its lyrics, but it went

Don't you ever wish, you were someone else.
you were meant to be, the way you are exactly
don't you ever say you don't like the way you are
'cause fhgajhgfuwaugfwgawgf (forgot)
you're better of by ummm far?
I hope you can always stay the saaaaaaaaaaame
'cause there's nothing 'bout you I would change~

And I tribute this to all mah loveleh friends and especially C 'cause I accept everyone as who they are. ^^yeah.. sure, sometimes I get pissed but you guyz get pissed at me sometimes too so let's just call it even yeah~ seriously XP

Well, Situation's got outta hand, I hope you can understand, it could happen to anyone of us, anyone you think of anyone of whatever*** yadadada lalala badabadaba 'cause I made a stupid mistake~ a stupid mistake~ yes. Gareth GaysGates. epicwin. his song got played while i was there too XD *munches apple*

argh... spent 33.45 today X.x
3.80 for lunch at mamak, 9.60 for two colour papers and uh...20.05 at old town @_@

the end.8E

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

40/365 Jengjengjeng!


yes, as you all know my posts are starting to be more and more pointless day by day no?
Well, yes, in a away I simplify my posts so I only put out on display what really matters and well, do you guyz really wanna spend that much time reading all my mushy chubby lines of random wrangles all the time? Well, maybe you do since it seems to relate to you better that way since we're all humans but yeah, in order to save time and maintain my a post a day policy, I guess it ain't wrong sometimes ^^

I liked *thumbs up* this epic quote from Moral Studies. It's a definition from Intuition. It says,
"if it feels good, do it."

And owh, have you guyz ever tried savouring your taufoofah in a different kinda way? ;) I shall not reveal it now as I wanna try taking a picture of it to let you all feel the atmosphere itself. My camera in my cell is only 1.8Megapix or maybe less I think. But... it is still a camera so I think I wanna start using it more often^^

SO yeah, if you wanna stay tuned then puh-leaze doo~ XD

And a favor from you ever-so-lovely-dovey-not readers, I have a friend who has trouble being a normal socialite in our very awesomely social-like world. So I told that friend, "why not start a blog? You can always start ambiguously and not let people know your true identity. That way you can always tackle your problems together with people and be as honest as you can be, and they'll never find out who you are, so why not?"

So whaddya think peeps? Should my friend start a blog? I mean, that friend does own a computer and has access to the internet. So why not right? But anyways, would appreciate your drops~ ^^

*And C... I love you~! =D

Monday, February 08, 2010

39/365 Monopoly on screen! 8D

It's a great way to pass time really and you can even play it with other people on a hot seat basis XD

The download link's below ^^


Sunday, February 07, 2010

38/365 life is great!

life is very the nice
especially when you has Jap fewd to munch on =D
REAL Jap. mwahahahahha
I ates teppanyaki and some makimayo and KATSU CURRY RICE! set just now and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
とても追いしですよ!I mean.. veryawsmtaste. 8D

Also shared some bentos with me fellow fahmeles.
^^ such a fulfilled tummy tonight... mmmmmm..
Jap food by Jap people really tastes Japful. XD

On the other note, Doggies are so cutes. I has plans for taking in a stray if fate meets us 8D
and to you all Muslims out there! DOGS AREN'T HARAM.
don;t believe me? Read back your Quran and gimme all the quotes about doggies plox.
really, you guyz should know man... ._.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

37/365 don't lie to me!

Don't lie to me!

O... some St.John girl said it to a few casualties while giving psychological support. Cool stuff eh? Like... Don't lie to me! I know you wanna sleep on the mat!

And dude, it works lol.
So.. don't lie to me!
I know you donwanna read this post! XE

but if you do... ehehe... care to live a comment? ^^

Friday, February 05, 2010

36/365 Hidden Desires

So many restrictions.... We both know that it's for the best. But... our true selves just seem to get to the best of us sometimes. However, we understand the consequences, therefore we make halt and cease our hidden desires.

Holding of hands let us connect with our feelings through the tight grips of our palms. It speaks more than words at times as the grips can be more sincere than any honesty can become. It is a practice of friendship and understanding for that need of a small bond. And so we hold hands.

The hugging sickness comes when we just can't let each other go and feeling of clinging to each other starts to take over as time's always running away, leaving us behind astray whilst we couldn't chase it. We're always reluctant to leave each other in the absence of one another, but alas, the worlds moves on its own, not in accordance of our will, so we must take leave when the moment strikes, though it may sometimes be very difficult and painful.

The seal of promise when our lips meet is the climax of our every union as it seeks to convey our true feelings to one another in its utmost raw passionate essence. We take our time to savour the moment though we know time keeps going farther and farther away. But we both agree in harmony that our precious moments are far more important than anything else to come in the next few moments, so though in haste, we still savour the slow waltz of our lips together.

Beyond these three valid acts of love shall be hidden for an ambiguous future. Risks are meant to be taken, but when it's about someone you really care about... sometimes decisions are hard to be made. At times, the best would be to just leave those decisions unattended for the time being so that our attentions may be divided unto other thoughts besides those especially unruly risks to take. We just can't afford those kind of risks in the current present. So we shall elude them for now and make do with what we can do then to take unnecessary steps that will turn to mistakes in due time.

Thus such is the story of our worries. Lest we can prove this bond can be eternal, certain steps are best not taken to avoid unnecessary backlash in terms of consequences in our lives that might serve to disrupt our lives during certain convergences in this journey called Life. So we abandon these hidden desires and keep forward to the rest of the dawns to come. Though we may be physically apart, but our hearts are always entwined no matter where we are.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

35/365 khbvjhbwehkjba

yeah, I copy pasted =P
it's no act of plagiarism since it's my thing.
Trust me, you don't wanna know.

Now, get teh fudge outta mah blog! 8E