Wednesday, March 31, 2010

90/365 Ai Dun Laik Yew! >={


EFFING... ANNOYING! *steams*


'Coz if I press them a bit too much, even just a bit, and it can be very random, my com will CRASH.

Haiz... doing my Potato still and well, it just got crashed, like period. =_=
Luckily I just saved beforehand Zzzz...

Hm.. I think I wanna try a new commitment, well, since I already have my Intuos 4 now, I think... I'd be posting with at least one image per post XD I think if I do that, at least my precious little Intuos 4 would be benefited from time to time instead of just left to rot and to awe at its stupendously high price with awsm sensitivity 8D



But I shall teng chi with you because I has no monehz to buy new one T^T
Have to save for Redang also... gonna be coming in 4 months time I believe?

Btw, I managed to finnaly get this pic up XD

Well, since like. EVERYTHING can't read sketchpad files, I just prtscrnd it lawl. XD This... is a pic of a teacher. Well, it has all the gist my dream girl would have 8D' down to the clothes, the long curly hair flowing down with wavey curves dyed in scarlet red and the perfect bodeh shape XE

But y'know what... When you find that special person, these things just... don't interest you that much anymore... That's.. how I'd like my ideal woman for me. But... C... on the other hand... is just a gift I could never wish for. And she's well above ideal. She's already more than I could ever imagine or ask for... The thing that amazes me the most is how beautiful she looks with each gaze I set upon her face. It just... evolves. One minute, it looks the same as yesterday and after that, it just keeps looking better. Man, I might be revolving over a delirium but heck... she is beautiful. ^^

Gyah, her's birthday's coming... Gotta finish... Gotta FINISH!!! mah work

Kk, gotta get back to Potato-ing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

89/365 ZzzzzZ

ZzzzZ, I chipped my tooth yesterday because I my mouth smash-impacted on my front tooth which in the same time, was slightly covered by my lip of what ended up somewhat bruised as well =_=


Then... Called my adek to come and bring me an umbrella only to find a few minutes later the rain became lighter and much more bearable for me to cycle through with my prone non-wet resistant laptop in my baggy purple bag of mine and called him back to tell him that he needn't come anymore since I was on my way and when I did call him, like.. 3-5 times methinks? He didn't answer....

Well, him not answering wasn't really that annoying, but the fact that my battery was just an inch away before going dead flat was the factor ~~

So I was cycling and ahah, I met him on my way back in his blue uniform to find that he actually just got home from school the minute I called and him hearing the house phone ringing D: Oh, he also notified me that my crank (the sharp looking part on my bike that is very well the gear actually) needed to be changed as its teeth are wearing out after I explained to him the problem I had with my bike.

which is a good thing =D

Anyhow, decided to sleep early yesterday only to find that I had trouble waking up because of some stupid dreams I had. They aren't really bad, but they seem so real, it felt like I was there and not asleep at all D: That's kinda like how tired I felt after my sleep.

I had about... 3 dreams methinks.

1. I recall on about some movie, or maybe its a book, I donno, it had some illustrations on it and something said that "demons and humanoids lived together in peace until men started to fear them." Then I met someone and found a treasure box of sorts and.... that was about it.

2. Next one was REAALLLY awkward... I've never met Serenity, Sabreena's friend so howda hell did she come into my dream? D: Annyhow, they were both in my house and they were sitting on my couch in the living room, along with my mom. And Sabreena was like leaning on my mom's thighs gibbering out some mushy nonsense.

And then I was dealing with Kah Yung about something... I recall having a Little Anne and someone sorta asked me to give it to Kah Yung. I had no idea where he lived, but in that dream, it seemed like I knew so I was like.. huh?? when I woke up. O, if I remember correctly, we were discussing about where I can pass the Little Anne to him and then I found a solution, giving it to Sabreena. She seemed somewhat reluctant after I said, "Hey Sabreena, if it's alright with you, could you help me pass this to Kah Yung?"

Then.. I remember going inside my dad's room to change... wtf? and the door has the glass see- through panel in which my door which connects the kitchen to the living room has.

Er... I remember looking at the clock like nobody's business and it slowly showed me that I was beginning to be later and later for an upcoming Moral class. Then I saw it go to 2.30pm, which was like 30 minutes before the class which would come to an end. And... then I texted Zen??? telling him I won't make it to class... D:

I have no idea why I texted him since he wasn't in the same class as I am in Moral, but meh, in the dream I did.

And after that, I went to pyramid??? after I missed Moral class in college? ._. And the peculiar part was that I went through this funny manhole-like entrance and ended up in the chamber of a certain store room in which belonged to a Cybercafe and I came out and saw some screen wallpaper of ... Starcraft II or Aliens vs Predators?? couldn't be sure.. and I woke up as soon as I walked out of the glass door.

3. I was in some vacation 3-starrish resort taken to me there with my dad and we went to play some water and whatever... Doesn't look very much like Sunway Lagoon to me. But it has good sunlight. And when we returned home, I recalled going through a cut forest in which made the road without tar and we stopped by this funny looking adventure park in some reserve forest. We played... commando crossing? WHUT?? D:

And I tripped over some log which had a puddle below it and I... was back?

Weird dreams I had.
Anyhow, during Moral class today, Ms. Ang went boncus because of the class making overtly too much noise in which I think didn't pose much of a problem but she had to make it such a big deal anyways and uh... I found out that the Moral assignment my group submitted got lower marks compared to other groups because our Appendix was screwed up and we didn't put in the Conclusion>?? but I remember I, no WE did so it can't be! D: But alas, she had proof... and well, I wasn't gonna be an ass and blame Yaakob since he didn't do anything wrong. I was the stoopeed guy holding on to the assignment the whole while so how come I didn't notice that? Gyah... totally spoiled my mood after that. =_=

And when I got back.. Wheeeeeeeeee... rain. pfft.
Luckily my laptop wasn't with me today.

O btw, good'ol Marcus returned to me my reinforced Taoist sword from Bukit Melawati Kuala Selangor lololol. Thx XD

K... wanna eat dinner nao.


I think the picture says it all^^
But if you need more info, click this
k. have fun =D

Monday, March 29, 2010

88/365 Writhing Souls D:


see the Writhing Souls ._.

Not clear enough huh.... =I

now.. see this one.

And to think that this was just some random doodle I made with smear effect D:


Sunday, March 28, 2010

87/365 C's Birthday's COMING ZOMFG

Yes, and it falls none other than on the most adorably special April 1st ;)
I guess she's in for a special surprise then eh? fufufufufu.

What am I gonna get her what I am I gonna get her...
Something of course XD

Well, since her birthday's incoming, I'd better double my efforts to make that day clear for myself so that we can spend more quality time together ^^

Clear of what?
Assignments lah... ==

K, Still working on Mr. Potato =D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

86/365 Whoa... Malaysians Sure Are Quick To Jump To Conclusions D:

TNB sue WWF over Earth Hour

Erm.. ok, just be careful when you read it k?
It's not what you really think it is lololol.
Anyways... enjoy! ^^

For the commentators there...
*sigh* donno what to say la...
it's like suddenly the rate of rational intelligence nationwide is dropping at a stupendous rate =(
But... I can understand lol, even I thought it was real when I first read it until I read the banner again which was like on the top there with such big points in font enhanced by the stark black bakground XD


Friday, March 26, 2010

85/365 aiks, My Potaki D8

Mah Mr. Potaki head assignment is with my dear friend Zen ~~
Err.. how did it end up with him?
Mmm... I left my thumbdrive in the print studio earlier today yesterday and well, he sorta kept it for me. I was rushing home after my class because of that monstrous thunder I heard that was a signal telling me that it's about to rain anytime and it means danger for my laptop!

Haiz.. good thing the submission date isn't today. If it was I'd be dayd miit. D:
Probably gonna spend some time with C tonight so might not be able to make home to post later so... posting now XD

K.. I think I need some sleep. Bye.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Don't force anyone huh...
Guess it's just starting to be a weakness to me.
Just because I'm soft, people'd start to take advantage.

Should I be more evil and cruel then?
What good will it do to me?
Hurt more people and probably get what I want.
But my main purpose is not to get what I want, but to make others happy.
So... what's the importance if getting what I want then?

Even when a deal's already set, if that person doesn't want to do it, I can never make that person go all the way into it. Power of persuasion does exist. But you can't persuade a person who has a will against it all.

Why did I bring this up>?
Oh, I was just planning to get C to stay over for the weekend since she wasn't going back home. Most of the time, I suggest things for her to do together with me, and I gave her an opportunity to just think of something for once y'know, to give her a chance to choose for once because she's always like

"I donno.. up to you la~"

That's oklar, I mean, it gives me a certain power over her, in which I'm not most guyz'd be really happy with if they had a gf like I do since it makes her seem like a very indecisive person and I'd always have to give her a call to do things and all.

Should I continue to be the one making all the decisions?
Or should I keep on pushing to make her be more decisive?
It's up to her I guess...

Well, the whole version of the story is like this...

I sorta gave mostly all the suggestion to what we do like what I've said earlier. Probably new things everytime, never the same, besides just being together and doing nothing like how she always enjoys it. Not that I don't, just that I think we can make better memories too by doing more different things sometimes.

So I gave her a call for once. What she wanted to do. Really wanted to do. At least once in her whole entire life with me. What would she want? Well, sex aside of course XD
And all she gave was "erm... I'm thinking maybe jogging, swimming or going to the dance machine together with you..."

Not wrong. Definitely some of my favourites. But.. isn't that a bit too generic? Swimming.. well, not that we ever swam together but it's easy to find time to do. Hm, maybe I should'v e just agreed to that lol. We already did the dance machine. We go jogging on the usuals. So I just told her, "err... you wouldn't wanna be just jogging, swimming and dancing with the dance machine for the rest of your life with me would you? ._."

Honestly, I was hoping for something extra, and that's probably the whole reason why I'm feeling so disappointed with her choice. But I just thought, she was the one who suggested that we ought to push ourselves to be better, but her choices so far...don't really show. She tells me that she wants to be a successful person and not be so simple-minded, but she seems so unbelievably simple-minded. She's hiding behind all her own decisions, but yet she blames herself for all her decisions, so why don't just make better decisions? Isn't she being a bit to reliant to me? She wants to be a self-established and independant person, and again, it just doesn't show. What should I do? Should I support her to be the fragile person she already is or continue to make her better even if it costs our relationship? What is more worth it? How much do I love her?

Do I love her to stay together with her all the time? Or do I love her more to want her to be better for herself so that if one day, even if I'm gone, or all her support is gone, she won't crumble to dust.

I'd love to be together with her all the time. But my unrequited-love side of me is telling me to keep on pushing her. It's better if she just hates me while she gets better at the same time, than to love me and drop below ground zero.

So before I gave my suggestion this time, I told her that if she doesn't come up with something to do, then, if we follow my idea, she can never back down. And she already agreed. On then did I told her that I wanted her to come see my parents, just to get to know them and all and to be formally introduced. After all, she was the one who said that she wanted an open relationship if able. I know her mom won't agree to us. Yet. But my family welcomes her. And they're quite eager to see what kinda girl I got as my gf. But she backed down anyways. Well, she was reluctant obviously. Not that it's my first time asking her to come over to my house. And I did tell her that I'd keep asking her from time to time until she'd agree to come one day. She agreed after a while. And then she just said, "hey, can I just come for dinner? I don't really feel comfortable with the idea of sleeping over... I mean, I'd be disturbing your family." My whole family is totally ok with you coming. But I guess she won't care about that eh? So I asked my mom, and woops, I kinda forgot that my mom's always taking seminars on Saturdays till 5.30pm so when she gets back, she'd most probably not cook dinner. So I just told C, "well, if that's the case, then you needn't come already. My mom's not gonna be cooking because of her seminar. And she sends you her apologies."
See? Not even my own gf takes me seriously. Because I'm so damn soft all the time.

She's also asking me for my birthday wishes. I can always tell her, which'd make it very easy and boring and all.. simple. But based on what she always wanted, to have a life filled with challenge and surprises and all, isn't she lacking the effort? Well, she did take the effort to ask me though nonetheless. But... I'm really sure it'd be more meaningful if she could've figured it out without me telling her... dontcha agree? ^^

*sigh* she's gonna be reading this later. So. Well. I donno lar. Her direction's just isn't set. Or is it just me who's expecting to much? Well, I guess I'd find out after she reads this. ZzzZ

Well, she's gone back to her usual self already. Usual as in always thinking about work and ending up not doing them at some times, with the difference compared to when I wasn't with her before that she's always constantly beating herself up and really not knowing how to have fun by herself. Sad to say this but yeah, she really has a problem with having fun. Letting loose takes time. But hey, she's already 19. The longer you prolong this condition, the harder it is to break free. Try ice-breaking in a crowd when you're 30 and you've never did something like that before once in your entire life by yourself. Let see how you can deal with that D:

She's like me lah. More like, like almost everyone else I know. Having a hard time dealing with procrastination and lack of motivation. Only difference between me and her is that she still denies it and she doesn't want to admit that she's denying. So... I just be nice. Be nice be nice be nice. And let her do what she wants to do. But... I donno man...

I'm starting to feel frustrated. Gyah. I should just let this slide. If I go too serious again, she might fall just fall apart to tears again and.... *sigh* I'll... just bear with this. But.. there's a chance that she might just be bearing with me too. So... well, it takes two oppositions to create a conflict.

But.. I remember saying before that I'd do whatever it takes, even if it costs our relationship, to help her gets what she really wants. What I know is that what she really wants is what she told me during the early period of our relationship. But now, she just seems straying further and further and I can start to see that what she really wants truly isn't what she told me then. She's just happier with the way she is now, so why go for that stupid goal when you yourself know that you'd rather stay in this present than reach for that goal that's just so damn difficult to reach? I can only assume that what she really wants is still what she wanted then since she never brought up the topic about her goals ever changing.

Well, good thing I'm not one to hide things from people. If I let this linger within me, I'm sure when I bring this up like after a long suppression of it, it'd bound to create an eruption of sorts. Well, guess I'll just see what happens when she reads this.

84/365 ZZzzzZZZing while doing work lol

Yeap, you got that right. I slept in the middle of doing my work XD
Well, it was after all 2am that time with a certain sleep inducing atmosphere of aircons and eye drowsiness since I've not rested for the whole day, so it kinda figures lololol.

But anyhow, I managed to finish the assignment after I woke up the following morning. Haha, not a rush too so it's a good thing =D

it's my Typography assignment. The layout isn't that great really. But it's good enough lol.
The only thing that's probably holding this assignment together is how I fold this brochure XD

Err... ok, it's something like this.

yeap. ^^
*changing my ab-training program from hitting 1000 within like 45 minutes to as many times as I can do in a minute. It's much more productive since I actually stress my muscles more big time with the intensity of speed and guess what, it actually saves time XD

Klah, I wanna do some other stuff now. Kthxbye XP

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

83/365 Bad Dreams

Ahhh... finally done with my assignment. Yes. ^^

Ergh, today yesterday not very good day lar, woke up around 11am and prep to sit for moral exam in college only to find that my back tyre was flat and so.. I called Sleepy to see if he could fetch me but, well.. alas, Sleepy was already there (almost) so.. *sigh* sadface for me =(

What to do..?
Sleepy ain't by driver after all. He can't be fetching all the time. And to think that he actually does it for free all the time. Man.. I sure owe him lotsa petrol charges D: And a certain *ahem* Yaakob as well XD

What can I do if I can't cycle? I RUN jog to school X3
With minimum weight and all hahax. Reached college in about 35 minutes I think? Lets see... 999 + 445 = 1444 so if 1444/60 = 24 MINUTES! D: WHOA>... that's awesome 8D

klah ha, maybe not so bad after all despite the fact that I also left my thumbdrive after printing my references for my assignment at a nearby stationery shop after I woke up from my nap and went there zzzz.... I went back there to take it after finish printing at like 7.45pm, walked back all the way home only to realize it wasn't with me, walked back there to only find that it's already closed -_-

But... thanks to my lovely sweetheart C for making the whole day seem right again.

So uh... Bad dreams huh...

I think I had 3 during my nap earlier. ._.
They all got me frustrated as far as I recalled. Lemme try calling back the memory...

Ok, the first one was me and my family spending a vacation in some resort somewhere. My family was intolerant and insensitive as always and we barely had any memories of that place which would last a lifetime. So I felt pissed and went for seafood dinner together with them after packing while waiting for the ferry to come and... uh... poof? D:

Second one was when I woke up in this house with a buncha close friends who I had no idea who they were and apparently, we were spending the night out at someone's house. Somebody decided to camp and a lot of them were couples. Apparently, in that dream, C either didn't exist, haven't happened or already part of the past. But in that dream, one of those dudes around me was trying to pair me up with some girl so that I could hook her up for a one night stand. I opposed it of course. And I went to sleep in a tent in which later, some guy put a spider on me and let it crawl all over my face. It then went into my mouth and it started feeling sticky, like the webs were coming out inside and I got that asshole to remove it or else and I kept shouting and... poof? ._.

Third... Might be a continuation of the second one. But... it's pretty odd. A lot of random people who's supposed to be close friends, but they're all strangers to me. My family and I were walking and we were in some mall. Then I bumped into the bunch of friends dining over at some cafe which seemed a lot like Pappa Rich but hell, I donno. I walked passed them and told my mom I was heading to the toilet, then I met with some of the dudes and dudettes from the group, and they invited me to join them for a while, so I went and someone who appeared somewhat like Lydia said something that really pissed me off. I think it was, "So, why did you dump us?" I reacted to her question with a scream saying "Is that the only thing you have to say? I have to be with my family and I don't have a choice. Whatever man, you guyz don;t give a shit about me. You never even try to understand me!" And I hustled away in sobs.

And... poof. I woke up with a fairly irritated atmosphere, nearly scolded C for asking me about the Nendoroids because she seemed a bit naive in which I can;t blame here since she never knew the nendoroids were random and can't be seen from package which explains why I even bothered to get another one as I didn't get what I wanted but if you read my previous post, I'm sure you already know that I realized Sakine looked much better compared to Luka so. yeah.

Well, I've been experiencing a lot of bad dreams lately, as though they were parts of my just itching to be unleashed. And I believe for this phase, it may be the frustration I feel around my friends. Things I shouldn't even be frustrated with in the first place, but still somehow, I feel the frustration.

Small little things like not trying to understand me, annoying blank questions that just can't be answered, not allowing me to do what I want, expecting something from me, Sleepy not being able to fetch me (yeah... but er, I guess he shouldn't be fetching me so often. Feel kinda bad for him.... =(), wasting money over food we can't really afford, their lame excused for not doing something, the absence in enthusiasm with the whole Redang thing. And probably lots more.

Gyah, maybe I should just follow the Buddhist principle of detachment. When I'm attached to something, it's just... hard to let it slip by sometimes...

But I lurve hanging out with Sleepy and Yaakob. They always make me laugh regardless of which day we meet. Not that everyone understand what their jokes are, I mean, usually I'm the only one who lols whereas they just tell the stories. I just ... donno, laugh at what they say.

For Sleepy especially, because of his slow-speaking cool accent. It's like, he could say something so serious and make it so interesting and attention grabbing because of the laid back pull of the voice and at the same time, there's constant audio clarity with his voice, with every single word accentuated accurately with his slow and careful speech pattern whereas for Yaakob... haha, his randomness is... ugh umm... enlightening? XD He just talks about stuff that you could never think of talking about. Actually, THEY lol. Sit with them in Chola Spice on Friday and thy shall knowst the truth.

I was laughing while watching Desperate Housewives earlier. Not because I find the video funny, but rather I was just recalling how Sleepy always spoke and I just burst into laughter =D

Hmmm... funny day. Kthxbai. ^^

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

82/365 I Only Realized That What I Wasn't Really Happy With at First Looked Better Than What I Wanted After I Got What I Wanted

Yes, I actually got another 2 Nendoroids which costed me another -RM44 @_@
Got another Sakine in which I'm all for it in trading if someone wants to or maybe sell it too XD

After I got my dream Nendoroid, Luka, I find that actually Sakine looks more appealing to me. Maybe it the difference of the smile, the dynamism of her pose and the bright cheerful colour she brings when you look at her. She's just so darn adorable.

Luka on the other hand... just seems so static D:
Not that I don't like her, but I seem to be liking Sakine better now XD

So yeah, if you get what I meant about my topic title hahihuheho XP

I may have lost my RM44, but the upside to this downside is that, because of those two new darls having to need a place for display, they made me clear up my whole table because I just pitied them so much for having an untidy owner with an unfit background. I'm doing them no justice for being so epicly adorably cute. So... I just cleaned up.

Isn't so hard when there's rock hard motivation eh? XD

Monday, March 22, 2010

81/365 A Change of Pace

OK, I'm up early today so what to do next? XD

Urgh... missed my Jap class yesterday because I woke up at 10am, tertidur again and woke up knowing that is was 11am, and realizing the fact that it'd take 45 minutes for me to reach there from my place,which is.... utter disappointment for myself, therefore causing me to lose whatever motivation I had to continue class for that particular moment. Also the sole reason why I smsed Zen that I won't be coming ZZzzzZZ.


If only had I just gotten up and going there right away after I woke up the first time, I wouldn't have skipped my class just like that. Mind that each of my classes are worth at least RM50 D:

Well, I'm supposed to be early in class today to do some special pastel texturing so... I guess I'd better get going huh? ^^

Sunday, March 21, 2010

80/365 The Dysfunctional State of Mine

Nou, I'm not talking about the state of Selangor in which I live in XD
It's about me larh durh~ XD

Well, first thing's first, a thousand apologies to Sleepy and Yaakob for calling me so many times this morning to check if I was going to join them to Midvalley earlier today yesterday to go get pastels for our coming class on Monday in which I ended up not joining them because I was so deep in my sleep after playing Digimon Battle Online the whole night till like... 6am? ._.

Ok, the dysfunction ain't about my interest in gaming, but rather... my unusually peculiar sleeping habits of nocturnal nature. Well.. if I remember correctly, I did mention before that I was a very nocturnal person and the time past 12am is sorta like paradise to me so..............................

Well... that's not a problem reallly.
The problem is when I do become nocturnal for too long in which on the following day I know I have to go somewhere for a date/appointment/class/meeting and ended up either showing up uber later or even better worse, declaring absence as I MIA-d my way through the whole event =(

SO yeah... it isn't a problem at first. But now... it kinda is. I think I can go on being nocturnal, but not on those days I know I have to sleep earlier for the upcoming big thing on the following day. Mhm, guess that solves it! XD

A side note to all:


hell yeah! XD
BTW... also did some Wacom fiddling today only to find that the image can't be uploaded due to the fact that Chorel Painter ain't able to convert documents to maybe Jpeg or Bitmap verysadface =(

Okay, guess I'm off XP

Saturday, March 20, 2010

79/365 A New Timeless Fwen =3

Say hello to my new little waifu F3...


Ok.. erm erm erm. Actually.. I was expecting anything else but this or dumbpunya Kaito but after Sleepy mah man explained to me the godliness of this figurine, only did I know it's true value. But still.. I really wanted that Miku with the two whateveryoucallthemsticks which are like just so awesomely adorable =3

But anyhow... since I got Meiko anyways... guess I'll try and be happaeh with having her lololol.
Owh, what a coincidence too, I actually fancy girls with short hair, especially the ones like Meiko's so... haha, guess I have a reason to *drool* at it now fufufufu.

Though... Luka always attracts me more since I actually know Luka for her songs whereas Meiko's like completely ubiquitous to me besides the fact that I love redheads even more compared to short haired girls. Hm, too bad there's no short red hair available. =( But I'll get to know her on Youtube when I feel like it someday wakakakakaka ^^

K, envy me XP

Friday, March 19, 2010

78/365 Lack of Sleep ain't that bad really...

Well, I've been experiencing fatigue for some time now, went brain dead a bit, but it's not like I have much to think in my assignments anyways XD... Ok, donno if that's a good or bad thing D:

I just find that when I stay awake, I get to maximize my time more.. so it kinda compensates for all that drowsiness I have to fight XE

Klah, off to do assingments. Taa~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

77/365 999 seconds!

999 seconds!

1. What does it have to do with anything? D:
Err... it's a technique/method I use for my jogging routines. I donno if anyone implemented this in written context before but I kinda created this on my own. If this technique is referred from somewhere, or you know it came from somewhere, lemme know plox thx XD

I don't count by rounds, or how far I go. I just count 999 seconds backwards right from the first step all the way to 000. If it goes over, I just continue on with 001 onwards XD

2. How do you do this?
Well... You make 3 steps in a second. That's the main purpose of having 3 numbers to count. Each number you say represents one step and when you complete 3 steps, 1 seconds end, roughly, plus or minus. Might be faster or slower depending on how quick you put your steps as you jog, therefore the intensity is highly adjustable. You can choose to take widesteps or small steps with the choice of a faster or smaller tempo, so you can tell the difference almost immediately as you initiate your plan. ^^

3. How do you benefit from this?
  • You can scrap all the hefty training programs like making 100 rounds around the field and such or run endlessly for an hour cause you just set your activity to 999 seconds, and you can repeat as much as you want if you feel like you can carry on further =D
  • When you count it backwards, your training will seem to pass by faster, therefore eliminating the need for those who can't afford to get an MP3 to teman you throughout your whole routine, like me ~~
  • You know when you should end, unlike when you count rounds , you have no idea how long it'd take for you to finish it even if you could calculate the total estimation or when you set a time, you donno how many rounds or how far you'd go in the set time. But it doesn't mean those methods are ineffective though, don't get me wrong XD You can continue those two types if you simple love challenging yourself. This plan I'm recommending is simply to make it less irritating and demotivating for you to carry out even a small simple routine.
  • You always finish in about 20 minutes plus/minus. Because there's only 16 minutes and 39 seconds in 99 seconds. The adjust you give on your speed will effect your speed no more than 10 minutes + I can assure, unless if you go turtle speed, which is highly unlikely since even as you walk, you can also do 3 steps in a second ._.
4. But then again, it ain't a perfect plan so... here are the drawbacks D:
  • It's less challenging, so if you're a very adventurous person, this might not give you that extra kick you need.
  • the 999 seconds is not exact as it changes according to your speed like what I've said earlier. If you're the kinda of person who likes all full measurements and no pure estimates with set goals in your routines, then this might not be your ideal plan since you'll probably achieve more if you do more planning with accurate execution, in which I'm not that good at. =(
  • yes, you do eliminate the need for careful plannings in your routines, but this simple plan is most effective if you're using it for maintenance, not intense training. Like if you did 20 rounds around the field on Monday and you decide to take breaks for the next 2 days and maintaining with something lighter and less strenous so that on Thursday, you can go for a 22 rounds goal, then this might be ideal. But if not then, then.. you should think something up for yourself XP
  • it might not give you the best results if you're planning to go on body building.
And that's pretty much all of it =D But don't trust all the info here though since it came only from a one-sided me alone perspective. So it's highly advisable for you to just try it out yourself first and see if it works out like how I say does ^^

kthxbai 8D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

76/365 Ab-solute! XD

As a some of you may have already known,
I have my exercise bench already! 8D
This is how it looks like when it's all set for situps.^^

This however is how it looks like when it's in portable mode~! XP

Now say hello to...

My flabby, chunky and spare-tire-filled stomach
in which I know looks pretty horrendously hairy. x_x

Well, the reason why I'm posting this is because I'm coming up with an
exercise plan to tone up my stomach. I'll give myself... lets say a month?
We'll see if ab core benches really works then XD

But before that, you must now how I do my situps.
  • I get to it the minute I come back from college everyday
  • on weekends, I do it right after I start to break a sweat
  • I don't go all the way down for my inclined plane as you've seen with my already set up bench up there, I just lower my body as much as I can without touching the board and then come back up in the sit-up motion.
  • Just hit 100, gonna be increasing it gradually and aiming to do 1000 like how I always did in the playground after/before I jog.
And yeah, that's pretty much it.
I'll post again about my abs after a month?'s 17th today. So... AIYA
Just give 4 weeks la. Easier to count. =D
So after 4 Thursdays, come a drop by to see if there're any changes lolol.
I'll put up a tab to check on my ab profile in my sidebar XD

BTW, this is pretty random but

I made this widget at

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

75/365 Flaming! 8D

This post is about a web trend called.. uh, flaming. What is it? Heheh, lemme show you an example:

Your comment is utterly ridiculous. It's worse than a whorehouse fuck video you fuckhead. Just scram you jack. You're uninvited here!


Basically, flaming is a means of openly harassing people with words XD
Some people do it for fun, which is ok if the community you do it to actually knows you and they know you're just being cynically sarcastic.

But when the flaming starts in a public profile where everyone knows not the identity of each other, it causes huge disputes and therefore, are highly forbidden from doing in public forums and the like. Well, one main factor would be that we don't know who in the world you're talking to, and when someone suddenly attacks at you like that, it's almost 99.9% certain that you'd be offended.

Like for instance. There's a forum thread talking about suggestions to improve the website and a member of the discussion posts as follows:

John says:
Hmm.. I think maybe moderators like me would be a good addition to the community dontcha think ;)

Pat says:
Yeah, right, like hell we'd ever need an ass like you. Fuck off and return to your own dreamland asswipe.


Ok, that was random but a flying cockroach is being a nuisance as I type this post =(
Not that I'm afraid of them, just really disgusted by them. I'm fine with a lot of other insects but cockroaches... ugh.... So I'm no really insectophobic? Just.. roachophobic I guess @_@

Ok, back to what I said on top. What Pat 'ol boy over there said was clearly an act of flaming lol. It was not only inconsiderate, but it really comes off as angry and spiteful in its words and I think many would misunderstand where he's actually coming from.

Yes.. annoying people like John are just people you bump into sometimes at certain points into your life. But that doesn't mean you can tell him off nicely in a more well put manner. Let's try Pat's once more in a more civilized kinda way XD

John says:
Hmm.. I think maybe moderators like me would be a good addition to the community dontcha think ;)

Pat says:
Yeah.. right *swt* Maybe not so much haha XD Try another forum =P

See the difference now? It's so much more friendly now. The emoticons works wonders so if you're trying to be cynical, so please don't forget those emotes 'cause you really wouldn't wanna pose as threat in public forums XD Or I'm telling you, people will really show you what true verbal terror is. D:

In most public forums, flaming is banned and any member of a forum who goes against the rules often results in the permanent removal of the account so... if you plan to stick to a forum for a long time, remember to understand the rules set in them first before making a posting XD But if you're new and you do some mistakes and there are some nice happaeh people out there, I'm sure they'd be glad to help you get on the right track =)

However, do remember that flaming can also come in rather very civilized forms which certain people may detect if they can understand the true contents of such posts. Well, lets give another example:

John says:
Oh dear, such a miserable sight. I can't bear to watch such foolishness any longer as much as it amuses me to a sense of delightfulness. Your choice of words were horrifically barbaric induced with the essences of blind rage and pure insanity. I must call for a halt to your stupidity as it just poses as eternally endless! Now, if you must, please begone.

Well, that's a direct insult, though it's put in a very gentlemanly kinda grammatical structure. So yeah, don't always think that effing around is flaming. There are far more venomous forms of flaming that you might not have come to know yet and when you get them, you'd be so shocked that your whole mind will be obliterated to crisps the moment you finish reading the comment D:
So careful with your words. But haha, if you enjoy looking at other suffer just for the fun of it, well... your choice XD

For me, flaming or not is not the point, as the point is to get the truth of the message across. I like the truth.It's harsh and painful, but when you learn to live with it, you find a greater sense of peace within. It's like overcoming the obstacles called doubt in our lives since illusions are just things we crave for to escape from the reality, but the reality is where we walk, where we trudge, where we march. Therefore, the truth must always be taken into account. When you learn of the truth of the things around you, you'd come to a state called disillusionment =D A very happaeh feeling in which you could admit all the falsities in life and say, "it's great to be alive! Life sucks but being alive rocks!!!! XD"

So I guess... I'm disillusioned? ^^

And owh, did I mention that flaming is a very childish and immature act? Well, it is XD But haha, don't mess with people lol unless if you really totally utterly despise that person so much that the dread within you wells up to the grudge inside of you, then... up to you la XD But it might get you into real trouble, so post carefully in the maze of cyberspace =)

BTW, i'll never take down any of my posts regardless of whatever the circumstances maybe. Well... unless if the government demands me so, then haha, maybe I might reconsider Eheh. I believe in revealling the truth and truth normally comes from the true feelings you hold within. I hate deception with lies. I'd rather people tell me off right away in the face then beating around the bush. That's just how straightforward I am. Living in oppressive silence for more than 10 years just makes me not wanna keep my mouth shut anymore. I have a mouth and a brain that can construct sentences, so I shall use them as instruments to convey the truth I see in this world, and nothing else beyond that ^^

Alright, I wanna get back to my assignment now.
Kthxbai XP

Monday, March 15, 2010

74/365 Thanks for sticking up for Adrian guyz =D

Anonymous said...

If Adrian was such a bad person, the school wouldn't have even invited him to return. He has served as a leader in the past and is still our leader. We as members like him. Shame on you that you have the guts to write about him like this.

Anonymous said...

If you took a bunch of rapists and killers to march for a month. They'd probably march better than a bunch of teenagers obviously. But in the end, who exactly has the discipline? Order comes with training. Discipline comes with respect and good leadership. And judging from whatever you said to Adrian Netto, it's pretty obvious you lack discipline. And lack the qualities to even seed discipline in anyone. Before you comment about others, do try to look at the man in the mirror OC.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Adrian training the members? The members like him and respect him. For your first day seeing us members, you sure jumped the gun finding fault but remember when you point a finger at others, 3 are pointing back at you.

Anonymous said...

Your remark calling us members without brains is totally wrong and even if what you say about Adrian is true, it is very wrong of you to put that up in a public forum. It goes to show how childish and immatured you are. As far as Adrian goes, he has proved himself as a leader who listens to us. He leads by example.