Friday, April 30, 2010

118/365 Reasons

Finally finished Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne a few hours back 8D

Man, the story sure is complex.
It's so deep, it sorta reminds me of my state of depression abit XD

Well... lets just think of it like this. You have had dreams about your teacher for a while and you were on your way to see her in the hospital. On your way there, the city was lifeless in itself, silent and empty. You felt the liquid emptiness around you but you continued on along with 2 other friends.

You couldn't find your way to your teacher's room so you and your friends conducted a search. Then, he kinda chickened out when the lower ground area was left unsorted. So he asked you to go in his place after giving you an ID pass God knows where he got it.

You went in to the lower ground and found traces of some cult work and devil summoning with blood splatter all over, but you persist in your search and come across a door with a strange feeling lurking behind you. You enter and meet a certain charismatic person who threatens to kill you with a large figure of a demonic shadow lurking behind his aura. And whaddya know, the teacher you've been looking for all this while pops outta nowhere and vouches for you in front of that man, and just because of that, he decided to spare you.

After that, you return to the lounge to where your friends were waiting for you only to find out even more strange occurences happening lately with some devil cults looming around the hospital you're currently in from a random magazine you've never read before from a reporter you bumped into on your way to the hospital. Oh well, whatever, the teacher asked to meet you at the roof and since you've nothing else better to do so off you go and you see her there.

She talks about some strange beginning and the end of the world, and after a few moments, you watched Armageddon itself take place as black thunders devastated the entire city and encirculate the ground into an inward globe with a radiant blue globe of light illuminating the new world you're in as if it replaced the sun. And that was your last memory of the time before after you woke up seeing yourself with unusual glowing devilish patterns upon witnessing a dream of a boy putting a bug into your mouth and bearing excruciating pain, as if you just went through hell itself.

And so.. you wander the world aimlessly, meeting creature after creature and you finally learnt the only way for you to survive in this cruel world were only two options, kill those in your way, or persuade them into your side to aid in your battle. And so you start killing all you can't turn and recruiting every possible companion you can find.

Soon, you learn that your friends somehow managed to survive the apocalyptic Armageddon but they went their own separate ways. You began searching for them in hopes that maybe you could stay together, but it was too late, the cruel environment of the new demonic world pushed them to their limits and finally led to their Reason for living.

3 Reasons were born, one that of Shijima, another of Musubi and one more of Yosuga.
Shijima is the belief in a world of complete stillness, of impertinence, unchange, and undoing all according to nature's will. So to speak, to live as if we don't exist. Musubi was the belief of creating a world for yourself, in which the world is only for you and you alone, and everyone else didn't matter, a true world of ignorance and the world is your own map and direction, noone to stop you because nobody'd care. Yosuga on the other hand, was the belief of the survival of the fittest. Only the best out of the best may survive and if strength does not take your further, then your fall will bring your honour as a greater being rises to take your place.

But hold on, there's still you. You managed to defeat the 3 emergences of the Reasons through their summoned God. So what the hell do you want from the world? Nothing. You have no particular reason. You just wanted everything to be they way it was before. The freedom of choice, of uncertainty, always not knowing what the future holds, because you know, that's how reality truly is. And there on, you pursued the bright light and fought it. You won, and... you woke up to the call of your friend in your room. Everything that had happened was nothing more but a memory. And you continue living your life after receiving a thank you e-mail from your teacher, who kinda... became a sacrificial lamb along the way.

And that's.. the overall story. Going in detail... er.. haha, guess i'm not gonna do that XP

However, the 3 Reasons really appealed to me. For one thing is because... they're real in a way.
Shijima. Stillness, that's the way of living Taoists and Buddhism peaches, to live life alongside nature and not go against it, and to not defy destiny no matter how your life was fated to end. A very... environmentalist approach I see XD

Musubi. Ignorance is bliss. We've all just dealt with so much shit, we're just so tired of caring about everyone else and only pursue the towards the things we want. If everyone never cared for anyone else, and everyone could do whatever the hell they want without the interference of one another, wouldn't there really be everlasting peace and happiness? Noone to nag at you, no rule to guide you, just free to do as you desire. Erm... yeah, I wanna see how people share the world together with such limited space XD

Yosuga, competition. Oh, I'm really sure USA would love this kinda ideal. After all, its a capitalist country. Well, in order to deliver top notch quality, we only want the best. Sound familiar right? Of course, our teachers drills us with it all the time and everything during school days. If you suck, you deserve to disappear, but if you're strong enough, then you deserve to live. But.. everyone's in pursuit to be the best so... I donno, good luck being the very best of the best in the neverending cycle of backstabbing XP

But pfft, all of those 3 reasons can't stand by itself alone. They have to coexist. And from that, you get harmony, thus... well, that's how you live in the world you're in now. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it sucks, but haha, guess that's just how life is. At one time, you might just strike a lottery or someone you have been really fond of for a long time suddenly confesses to you, or.. you might gets robbed or your heard the news of one of your many acquaintances just passed away. Its filled with uncertainty and... yeah, I guess that's just something everyone has to deal with in this world yeah? Not that we all like suspense and surprises... but... well, things just happen. ^^

Hmkay. I think I'm gonna off now. Bai. XP

Thursday, April 29, 2010

117/365 Tick-tock


That's how the pendulum swinging from two ends in an old antique wooden vertical clock sounds like. Oh, this is totally random, but I once saw this hammerbell alarm clock in Sunway's Parkson next to Giant at the bottom floor and I was kinda shocked to know that even the small tiny scaled one costed RM45. Goodness. @_@

And... I immediately walked out right after XD
Hm, it's kinda odd since I always looked for alarm clocks around picture studios lol. Wouldn't it make more sense to visit a clock maker instead? ._.

But meh, my residential area just doesn't have one nearby so.. tough luck for that I guess =(

Well, in association with tick-tock, I'd just like to comment on how fast time has passed since the break began for my college and lookie here, it's already Thursday today. D: I was surprised when I saw American Idol on today. I was still thinking that today was actually Wednesday but.. pfft, guess I got a bit lost in my track of time XS

Well, good thing is, I'm finally able to finish that game I've left hanging for months and I'm really getting close to the finale already 8D Gosh, I checked my save slot time and it was like 94 cussing hours there X_x Lord, must be all the time I've spent training in-game XD

But regardless, I'm skipping all the extras in-game already. Whether it's the true ending or not, it doesn't matter anymore, I just wanna finish it already! X3 It's rare for me to do this but I'm like using the walkthrough so desperately just to finish up the game. Normally, I'm not one who goes against my really firm principles but this time... gyah, I'm just racing with time! I caught off with the 44 hours+ save point last week and today, it's still not finished! kfhbkjgauyguw
But I can have a breather since I can finally finish it in a few more hours time ^^

Though, I'm gonna have to wait for the tv to be unoccupied later so that I can rush for that finale I'm just dying to get to XD

Speaking of which... some of my friends are gonna go watch Kickass tomorrow. But... I guess I won't be joining'em? XD Well, I'd wanna watch but.. I think I need to get serious on my budgeting. Looking at the fact that my next pricelist check for materials will go roughly about 500+ not including my fees yet... I guess I'm struggling a bit here but haha, I know there're people out there who have it worse soooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... I should really discipline up my financial standing first.

Just a decision I've to make so... Yeah, guess I'll miss out the fun. Strictly speaking RM11 for a ticker will not matter much when I get RM400 a month as allowance but... sometimes there's snack and the rest, and they're planning to get lunch, so it's roughly RM20? RM20... is equivalent to 5 dishes of rice servings with 3 toppings of my choice in the nearby Vegetarian's around my college and well, expenses expenses. Can't get enough of it.

Oh, responding to my gf's suggestion to get a part-time job, it just reminded me more of that stack of incomplete data entry I still have sitting below my table for over 3 months even when I actually asked my sis to get'em for me. I just hope I could still get paid for it but... I should keep my fingers cross =S

It's a good job, 10sen per entry is like... Gawd, makes helluvalot of difference. Just typing 100 rows would get you paid RM10. You multiply that by 10 and you get RM100. So really, it's a good job XD But I neglected it... =( Man, I think Shai could really use a job like this. Since her cussing ex-boss refused to pay her D:

But taking too much until you can't do everything is a bit irresponsible so...
*ahem* don't be like me I guess? But I should correct that statement since my sis brings back the stacks of data in paper to type out into Excel soooooo.... maybe that's just a bit too much??
Hmm.. can't blame her, I completely stormed through 200 entries in less than 8 hours and that's pretty fast so.. maybe she was kinda putting some hopes on for me but after that sudden burst of motivation to do it, I just never laid my hands on them anymore and I even took up all the free time I had on online games when I could have just practically done a few spreads a day so........

I suck.

Well, next sem onwards, I really can't afford to be last minute anymore, and... I think I've had it really hard last sem and... It really should continue. The fact that the internet's acting up a bit lately actually a good thing I guess since it's really making me lose my grip on all my games and me losing my RO Valk International Free Server after trying to install Shin Megami Tensei : Imagine and uninstall it to shift to another hard disk partition upon deleting a few files, I'm just... getting really demotivated with online games.

I really prefer offline ones now after Shukes kinda intro'd me to Heroes again. Man, i sure miss those moments I used to hotseat with my bro. XD We'd play for hours on LAN with my laptop and.. yeah, it's fun ^^ Sometimes we even LAN Baldur's Gate 8D

yeah... starting to get a little interested in Starcraft 2 after seeing how hyped people get during a certain gathering at Sleepy's house so....

Gyah, I'm typing in front of the tv again. but oddly enough, I'm not that distracted this time so.. it's good methinks ^^

Well, I think imma going off for jogging in a few moments so... laterz.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

116/365 Thoughts


It's funny to feel like I have so much to say when actually, there's nothing really much to say.

I donno.. I'm starting to get the feeling to just live like there's no tomorrow again,
but after hearing Zen's story, it completely changed my perception of things.

Well, a small lot of us, mainly Evilgal, Shai, Zen, Yaakob, Purplestriped and I are still going all out to make the Redang trip a reality, and I thought I was the one who was really struggling. Truth is, Zen has it harder. It's amazing how much tolerance he has against so much shitty things. And well, Shai has it hard to after reading much of her posts about her balancing between her work and assignments and... she's not exactly having much fluid flow of finances especially when her family's not really in Malaysia..? ._.

For me, my dad's still driving a taxi and my mom's still working as a kindergarten teacher. My eldest bro's running his own company and my elder bro's already working for a company now. My sis is gonna graduate soon and she's also already being quite independant with her finances by getting her own work and all.

And yet, I complain. Maybe it's just my attitude. Or... greed.

But Zen on the other hand, his dad just lost his job so... it hasn't been easy for his family. Well, since my dad was a taxi driver, he also asked me whether he could get a license, just that...
well, he was asking if he could get it through *ahem* other means ._.

Ok, I'll be outright, the illegal way.
No wait, before you make any assumptions,
his dad has high blood pressure and diabetes and people with such illnesses can't really get the license through legal means 'cause well... the health is a big issue and our government has a rule out for taxi drivers with such health problems...
So.. I guess I kinda feel for him.

My dad on the other hand... is still very healthy even though he's way past 64. And he still works. His dad isn't right now and is desperately in need of one. Well, I'd love to suggest 7-11 since they take in retirees and train them up ^^ One of my friend's mom, umm, I think Ammar was his name, started working in 7-11 about 2 years ago methinks? And now she's already been promoted to a branch manager with a 2k+ pay. I say it's a good deal. After all, a job's still a job. It keeps the tummy full and walls the worries of poverty away. But... that's up to him ^^

Hm. Zen'd probably like keel me if he sees me blogging about his family but pfft... I just need to get this outta mah head XP
Well, not that I don't respect his privacy, just that if he told me about it, I can only but assume that he allows me to do what I think best from the information I receive from him. Er.. yeah, assume lol. =( Well, unless if he tells me otherwise, I guess I won't bug into his affairs anymore ^^

I thought it was hard enough to save money up for the trip, but he's in a deeper cluster cuss than I am as far as I can see, and he's still the same old guy I've always known. He doesn't let life get into his way, and uh.. I guess he just gets himself into life? XD

So... pftt, I'll complain anyways. It's normal wakakkaakak. After all, i'm still holding for my honesty policy so..... yeah. Staying true to who I am and what I express =)

So........................ well, for you readers, I wouldn't recommend you talking to Zen about this but if you're in for him to just keel you where you're standing, be my guest ;)

Okai. Have a nice day all~ XE

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

115/365 Shukes

This will be an entry about a certain Crazy White Guy most commonly dubbed as Shukri or well, I call him Shukes since that's the name he uses in Dragon Age in which according to him, he was too lazy to think about a name for his epic sword-swinging character in an old mythical semiotic period where barter still works wonders XD

So for a start, how was his gathering this time? 8D
It was really fun though it was participated with a lot less people,
specifically our own old two lasses
Shai and Lyds.

But it was still enjoyable nonetheless ^^

Hmm, maybe it's probably because there's a lot less random people and everyone in the party was just people we were really familiar with, and have been together with for the more than a year 8E
So yeah, I guess it'd make sense for it to be more enjoyable. XD
After all, who appreciates an awkward pause opposed by a malicious burst of contagious laughter
when we're all just stuck in our own little cluster cuss.

Yes, cluster cuss.
Well, you can equate that to a shithole XD
With great reference to a certain Fantastic Mr. Fox 8D
Fantastic Mr. Fox was the first movie we watched after everyone settled down moments just after our outdoor grilling session XD

Oh dear, we even completely toasted 3 bars of precious Cadbury Milk Choc ONOES D:
Haiz... if only the choc wasn't heated up directly with the source of heat.
Well, the grill was pretty hot so....

Overall the food was great! XD
I made some erm.. well, I guess it's a Caesar Salad minus eggs XD
But hey, mayonnaise is made of egg right? XP
Got some nice compliments from a few people and well,
I personally felt that it tasted better than my previous salads since during this particular time, I added a certain magical ingredient commonly known as ubi kentang.

Noulah, not Ubi Kentang Cannotbe (Obi Wan Kenobi)
but potato! hahihuhehohehahahahahahahaahahahaah
I never knew the difference of taste could be so far apart between
the presence of the potato and the absence of it. ._.

But I just said a few people gave good compliments, didn't mean everyone else liked it T^T
Well, I guess it'd be left unanswered to me for the rest of my life until I actually asked every single person who attended the party, in which I feel pretty lazy to do XP
So yeah, let's be oblivious XE

The day moved pretty slow though at Shukes place. I arrived there about 12.45 after cycling from 11.45am?? So that's about an hour right? D:

Hmm... kinda odd, I left his house just a while ago at 9.15pm and I reached home before 9.45pm
That's the thing. It's only half an hour D: And I even stopped by a petrol station to pump up my almost deflated rear tyre. So.. I donno la, what's the real time, but I'll just take the longest as he benchmark for planning purposes ^^

Ok, I recalled having quite the backache upon reaching my destination.
Well, probably mainly because I carried my extra Intuos 4 to let Sleepy test out
in which unfortunately for the both of us, I left the stupid stylus at home so it was....
um, and extra sag of useless wait on my back -_-
But during my return, the back wasn't so painful. Maybe it's 'cause I reduced that extra
1 litre of water and man, it just made all the difference ._.

So... ok, met with Shukes, rested while watching Shukes play Shukes in Dragon Age. Lol. After that, left to buy the ingredients for my salad around 2.30pm methinks XD
Got back around 3.15pm, started preparing everything and noticed Shukes finally coming down
from his most addictive computer games and out to the lawn outside.

I was still prepping of course but we brushed against each other a few times since the kitchen was a very important meeting point for the both of us mainly because of one reason,
wejustlovethekitchen his maid was there and well, where else could I wash the vegetables if not the sink at the kitchen then ? @_@

O btw, did I ever mention that Shukes has a separate wet and dry kitchen at his kitchen block?
Well, now you know XP SO hahaha, next time you should try getting invited then ^^
Aiyo, who cares if you donno everyone man, we're all fun and welcoming people so
just join us XD

Erm, the ticket to coming to the party is well...
uh, to get invited? XD Which is pretty easy since as long as
you know anyone who's invited on the guest list and follow that person,
voila! You're in ^^

But this is not a tested theory so don't trust this yeah XP

Well then, I diced the potatoes and got his maid to help me steam it while I just soaked all the vegetables and I just left everything there to go out and help out poor'ol Shukes who've been doing all the lawn work all alone sadface =)

Lawn work in my context meaning like literally working at the lawn like he took out the tables and chairs and started wiping them and all. When I got there, everything was already out and he just commanded asked me to help him water down the chairs down to the very last speckle of dust until it's clean and... that's what I did lah XD With da hose! 8D

Then I helped out around some more and returned to my salad. Potato was already ready and I was just beginning to toast the buttered breads in Shukes magical oven ^^
Then as everything was about to fall to place, I heard a certain dude's voice,
which is highly recognizable since I already knew him since Form 3
so yeah, ohaidere Zeneraith. XD

But nou, he wasn't the first person I saw, the first person I saw was Ed lolz XD
But after those peeps all got their luggage all down and comfy, Ed and Zen were the two who
helped out with the tossing of all the mixture of ingredients in my salad ^^
So thanksomuchosgracias guyz! XD

Well, as usual, when I stepped out, everyone was busy with Orange Guy's PS3
with his noticable guitars as he had Guitar Hero 3 to play XD
Lotsa people were rocking their wits against those insane musical combos,
but well, I guess Orange Guy was the only one who prevailed with almost 95% score most of the time X3

And right after, was the dinner I mentioned earlier with great food along with that leadened completely toasted choc bars.
Kudos to Zen & Sleepy for chipping in for the simply irresistable Crispy Creme's sugar-glazed doughnuts, Shukes for most part since he got all the drinks, marinated chicken & beef and marshmallows, many gracias to Yaakob for all the ice to chill our thirst-quenchers, Zen again for his Auntie's authentic home-made fried rice, Manly and Her for all the addictive snacks, Ed for the flavourful potato salad, Evilgal for the late umm... Pasta and Honey Lemon Chicken!!!8DDD
Ah Zhong for the delish home-made ice-cream, and finally...
me for prepping the salad and getting hanidiu lolz XD

Also a thousand kudos to all who brought the vids.
Too bad we couldn't watch'em all =(
But Nausica : The Valley of the Wind besides the earlier mentioned Fantastic Mr. Fox which was like completely made in stop motion, something akin to Wallace & Gromit and was certainly and undoubtedly great watches for the night. ^^
(But dude, there were some people who ruined the certain emo atmosphere during the climax od the Nausica story. pfft. (So much for happaeh aura XD)

After that, we all went to enjoy our own distinctively different suff, like some were enjoying the Nerf rifles, another pack was so into the movies, they just lost it XD
Sleepy, Shukes and I were in a neverending game of Heroes of Might & Magic V which happened to be like that because of the speed Sleepy and I were playing compared to the *ahem* pro player who introduces to play XP

O yeah, I forgot to add The Game of Life : Star Wars Edition which was enormously fun because Shukes' bro Yen, decided to guest-star in the game and ohohoho, Pimpmastah fell into the vicious cycle of endless pain through the path of Dark Side. wtf lol XD
The other pack at that time was all focused on a traditional board game in which I'm not entirely sure what it was called again but if I'm correct, I think it's Ludo. ^^

Ok this is getting lenghty lol. But there's still day 2 to write about! 8D
kk I shall just continue XP

On the next day....
Everything was.. uh... pretty sleepy XD
But at least this time I didn't wake up and sleep again XP
We all went out for some Subway lunch after a very scrumptious breakfast
all thanks to Shukes for his generosity for providing us the spaghetti and Honey Stars + milk ^^

Got back, had a very cool camwhoring sessiong after having our blood sucked dry by a certain pack of vampiric mosquitoes XD
Hm. Wonder when the photos will be up on FB though 83

Then we tried out human knots but kinda phayled due to very obvious and unavoidable reasons XP

Got back inside because it was starting to rain, some people were already preparing to venture back home but after a while, decided not to since they were kinda cautious of the wet and stormy weather in addition to the buzz of the traffic on the roads during the 5.30pm+ period. So everyone decided to stay back for dinner, in which Shukes called for a stingy a stingy number of pizzas for RM5 per head which was like... um, 4 pieces, 2 large and 2 regulars for....
for 14 people??? Mana cukup makan... =C

So we all went food hunting around Shukes' place looking for Maggi and leftover edible food and done. Dinner was over XP

Then... 2 groups got back home and Her, Manly, Ah Zhong and Ed stayed back to return home the following morning.

Erm.. yeah.
Nuff said.
bai. XP

Monday, April 26, 2010

114/365 Ohoho

Shuks' haus.
Nuff said XD

expecting? XP

Oklar oklar, here:

Merry Christmas!
Yeah, in like 200+ more days XP

K, leaving for his place nao.
Gotta prep some good salad for eberyone ^^


Sunday, April 25, 2010

113/365 When you feel like a puppet

We always wanna do what we wanna do.
But there's always gonna be people who's gonna push you
around and make you feel so glum that you feel like ending you world
just there and then just like that.

We do things that we like and we're happy.
We do things others like, we don't necessarily feel happy
and they don't necessarily feel happy too.

What's the point of living a life of free will when we already know
deep inside ourselves that we actually only live to serve others?

Simple things turning serious and grudgy,
like your mom asking you to wash the dishes,
or your dad asking for help to do some work for him.
Maybe your siblings who demand that things go their way
or else we'll face the consequences.

Friends aren't excluded.
When you're there for them and
help them fulfill their daily boost of joy,
they become satisfied and soon, they begin to
just discard you as you no longer serve a purpose.

Like puppets.
Used when needed
to achieve a certain end
and discarded when the use
just isn't there anymore.

Believe or not,
we're all puppets.

At least,
we've all been
puppets at one point
of our lives.

And most of us ironically still are living the life we truly hate.
A life without true democracy and freedom is just a mere lie.
Tyranny reigns strong with blades just craving to bleed you with your
recklessness in what you call mistakes.

Just how long must we grit this life of pain?
Painful not just in our hearts, but also to our
mental states and physical form.

Can puppets have dreams?
Are puppets allowed to have dreams?
If puppets are destined to be eternal slaves,
then what purpose does dreams have for puppets?

Puppets are without soul.
Without a mind of their own.
With a purpose or objective.
Because there is no Reason guiding them.

But we do, and yet we still live the life of the carved wooden dolls.
Just when exactly will this torment come to and end?

Should we puppets....
puppets of flesh
even crave for a dream?

If Thoughts are already so far-fetched in a puppet's life,
just by what decree is the level or attempting to realize a dream to reality?

When everything is opposing you and the only thing you can ever do
is just adhere and comply, follow and respect. Be lawful and obedient.
And then "the world will become a better place"

What and outright lie we face.

However... being puppets are a bit too easy isn't it?
All we do is just follow orders and not think for ourselves.
What a life free of wrinkles and confusion.
Without decision comes no conflict.
With no thought, comes serenity.
A wonderful world of solace and silence.
Only for those who seek for it.

I'm no puppet.
My skin bleeds when torn,
and it doesn't smell like bark when cut.

I'm no puppet.
I'm human.
I wanna be human.
How can I be human?
But I'm already human.
So what is there to ask?

I just have to fulfill what I'm already set for in my life, don't I?
It might remain the same, but it might also change.
Purpose is transient.
And that's the beauty
of having Reason in our lives.

Ethics and morals aren't absolute.
So are aspiration, dreams and ambitions.
We all have greed.
We all crave.
We always want more,
even if we try so hard to deny
the true nature within ourselves.

we're humans.

And because we are,
I shall not give in to the puppeteers.
I have a will to believe.
I'm strong.
So I will rise up against them tyrants.
And claim my individual liberty.

Time will work it's magic.
All I can do is remain in silence
for the right moment to strike
and cease my longed glory.

If you're a puppeteer (not literal),
Go to hell plox. XP


Saturday, April 24, 2010

112/365 A seed ascends around the turntable.

A seed ascends around the turntable.

Hm yeah. XD
Found this site called PayPerPost
Gonna test it out now XD

Recommended by a very old friend I've never known that I knew oddly enough =3
K, lets see if it works ^^

Well, since the line above has a certain depth of meaning to it,
lemme try crapping about it XD

Well, everyone, us humans, are all seeds.
Like tiny little sproutlings that emerge after soaked in water and sunrise.
As we grow, our bark gets stronger, and our foundation turns solid.
We become independant, and we start heading towards our own course
of direction.

The skies.
Thought it may be one, but the skies is not just one sky,
just like how the seas are plural and not singular,
similar to the oceans which is no different.

So with this post, I hope,
that from this day onwards,
I can work towards a more profound
and purposeful goal.
An objective that'd take me further,
like that little leap of faith that I need.

Because after all, money is kinda important,
naught what others may value about money.
But I shall keep but a close reminder to myself, as to what
money is as it isn't everything and will undoubtedly never be everything,
as everything can only be concluded with nothing.

methinks XD
(so pray that I get monehz nao XDXDXD)


Friday, April 23, 2010

111/365 WAHAA~! 8*D

it's mah birthday today!8D


All hail birthdayboy plox XE
Like you guyz ever would ==

Anyways, went out to Dragon-I to have dinner just now at Sunway, food was great and...

Mah GF ws there, with MAH FAMELEH! 8D
And they got along quite well 8D

Umm... haiz, after dinner, only did my eldest brother inform me about the specialty of Dragon-I dishes. They aren't about um... single dishes with rice but actually the single real dishes like their noodles and rice and fried... um stuff =(

So... it tasted good regardless! XS

Erm.. ok, after that we went to Secret Recipe for a cake.
Umm.. wait, I mentioned a cake right? Add (s) there XD
Because I didn't just get one cake but more than one lololol.
Yeap, you guessed right alright. I mixed'n'mathced! 8D

Got... Durian Cheese~ Raspeberry Cheese~ Marble Cheese~ Blackforest~ Oreo Cheese~
Owh, and Capuccino Cheese as well? XD

Best ones were Raspberry Cheese and Durian Cheese.
Well, I donno if you guyz fancy Durians but the Durian they used in that cake taste awesome.
Liek, peeriod. 8D No seriously, the sweetness was just nice and the texture was amazing, further enhanced with the smooth flavour of the cheese they used in it all to mount up into an ultimate perfection of delicacies 8S


I also got present(s)!!
Yeah, from my gf! XD
here here here lemme show ya ^^

I got a new backpack from her! 8D LOLOLOLOLOL Hey, it's of ciplak premium quality dude~! ^^
O wait... Did I mention that she stuffed this bag into my old bag in which I didn't bring at first
and ended up taking it back with me again after she told me to bring it to here the other day.
Nvm, i forgive your oafness XP

Well, that's the official name if this little puppy according to my gf XD
I just OTL and LOLOLOLOLOL when I got this man XD
It's like. so. cute. adorable. cuddly. jeezinmahpants! F3

Wohooo~ A Domo handphone cover! 8D
Best part is that it's waterproof!! XD
So I don't have to worry about getting mah phone wet anymoar.
Cool eh? ^^

Owh, and besides all these things shown above, mah gf was also
kind enough to hand me a rationale of why she bought which and which for what XD

Here here, lemme give ya a lil' sneaky peaky of what she wrote.
Ok.. lets see
the bag is durable enough to withstand my abuse methinks
(haha.. I hope too because I'll be carrying it around very often! 8E)
I mean, NOU, I'm not that kinda guy who abuses bags.
I'm not a bag abuser you! Shaddap~ XP

The Cookie Doggie is mah motivator so says she,
and she wants me to let it slare at me everytime I'm doing
mah work to keep me motivated.
Just that.. I donno, it's so adorable that I might just
end up hugging it all the time and not doing mah work? 0.o
Whut, I like stuffed dolls. Go dai u XP

And ahahihuhehohahahahahahahaha.
The DOMO-kun bag! 8D
She says that the bag was self-explanatory.
Pfft, lazy gal. XP
But yeah, it already says so much by itself ^^

So... owh, my cake celebration was such a phailure man XD
It was so fast, my brother said that
"this is probably the fastest brithday song I've ever sang"
Lol yeah. XD
So well, it's a nice birthday lar!
Thanks C. I love you so muchosamorasicomuchomucho! Muax~!
And mah friends who FB'd me so much last night.
And mah fameleh. ^^

Cheers all~ =D