Wednesday, May 12, 2010

130/365 Cartoon Character Design Class 1

So today was the into class for Cartoon Character Design Class 1. Will be providing lotsa eyegasms today XD

First of all...cartoon is :
  • amusing drawing in newspaper or magazine
  • sequence drawing telling a story/comic strip
  • animation
  • a preliminary sketch/thumbnail done by artists for a piece of art like painting

Early forms of cartoon:
  • Punch Magazine, England. Early cartoon magazine
  • Ally Sloper's Half Holiday, very early comic strips XD
  • Bringing Up Father
  • Peanuts
  • Beetle Bailey
  • Denis the Menace
  • Garfield
  • Batman
  • Superman
The Flash
  • Captain Marvel
  • Wonder Woman
  • Felix the Cat
  • Mickey Mouse. Well, lets say Disney's starting to take over lol. Well, they did produce the first ever film animation cartoon, Snow White. XD Later later you see XP
  • Three Little Pigs
  • The Tortoise & The Hare. Oh apparently this Hare was a controversial first design of Bugs Bunny D:
  • Snow White
  • Bambi
  • Pinocchio
  • Porky Pig. O hi Looney Toons/Warner Brothers XD
  • Daffy Duck
  • Bugs Bunny

  • Princess Iron Fan. WHOA, Chinese ones. This one's made in 1941. 8D

  • Da Nao Tien Gong. Uproar Heaven or something in English ^^

  • Osamu Tezuka. Lolz, Zhou Yu kinda said his name was Osama Tezuka. Hi terrorist XD
  • Ototsu-e/Otsu-e
  • Kyogakai/ Er, ok.. this one a bit hard to find so I'll pass =(
  • Namazu-e. Don't really know what's the difference between this and Otsu-e. maybe this is more... uh, of a one picture with lotsa stuff to see kinda thing.

Cartooning progress

Yeah. And that's pretty much it.
Ugh, was having a headache just now due to the roadsickness upon hitch-hiking on Sleepy's car. Good thing the pain disappeared after I slept XD

O yeah, we were supposed to do caricatures of our friends and I chose a girl who was sitting way at the back without a partner lol. Aiyo, she's a new classmate ler. Rin's her name XD.

Oh, I find that it's easy to remember the characteristics once you put the emphasis on it like the cartooning progress mentioned just now. XD So yeah, done. XD

Kk bai.

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