Wednesday, June 30, 2010

179/365 The Manly Blue Environmentalist!

This picture is priceless I'm telling you! 8D

178/365 A quick post before a potentially very long post.

I've got good news. I'm gonna be uploading all the photos! Muahaha. Hm, should I do it here or Facebook? The picture quality will remain if I do it here though. But I can tag people in Facebook. Hm hm hm.

How ah?

Anyways, stay tuned. I've got some evil photos to show y'all 8D

Eh... is that an emote I see? Ok phyne. I guess emotes once in a while ain't that bad. Just not clustered and all over the damned post lolz. I know I know, it's a pain to the eye with so many XD XE XS and etc all over the place.

Ok. Bye. XP

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

177/365 zzzzzzzz Finally posting..

Just came back from a photoshooting Malacca field trip yesterday. I thought it was ok to just leave the blog for the night and go to sleep first and look what happened?

I slept at 10.30pm and I woke up at .. 11.14am? I thought we''d normally have only 8 hours of sleep, but instead, I got 13 hours of sleep. Wtf?

Anyways, the thing that's really driving me to blog right now is the evil photos I'm about to upload fact that everytime I get extra sleep, I have more dreams and... I remember them. Which is kinda odd. People don't normally remember dreams right?

Tracing back to Zen's old post about lucid dreams, I don't think my dreams are anywhere near those kinda of dreams. My dreams go on their own in their own pace. Sometimes it's about me and sometimes, they come as things completely unrelated to me. Like... ok, I just got this one recently from my added sleep of 3 hours. That makes it 16 hours of sleep today. Just great. That sorta means that I only have 8 hours today to live, which is pretty damn sad.

So ok, I was doing some cartooning assignment, and I was designing some sorta box thingy. And I recall Bryan marking it too and Zhou Yu and Lisa were standing under a tree. Erm, we weren't in a classroom. I don't see anyone else but this other guy, who was designing some sorta bear. And he even acted out how the beat was supposed to go and stuff. Then the bear became real and it began to become a live cartoon, as soon as I know it, it was as if I was watching a fully-developed video iof my friends. Basically, there's a small hippo and a big hippo. Eh, what? It changed to hippo? Bah, just lemme finish! And uh.. the big one was chasing the small one all over until the small one finally decided to make a run for it to the boat and let the big one chase him into the sea. Then the small one dived inside the water, came out of the sea again and this time, took the boat far enough from the shores. The big hippo was persistent and made a dive into the sea. And the next thing that happened, lotsa squid appeared. Well, apparently, there was a fast forward in things and this big hippo that suddenly turned into a squid was with a female-looking squid with 300+ baby squids. And he was changing from happy to sad and crying because of his enormous family to feed for. And the female squid told him off about how strong his shots were ad everytime he did it, they'd have another baby and he'd have to claim responsibility over those babies by finding food and fhalhgioasd.

Ok that was just now.
What I had earlier was this 3d-ish mini game somewhat like a tactical game with miniature cute avatars awaiting my commands. Then I donno whether it was me or not. Well, the cursor just moved and picked one of the many avatars from the top to the bottom where this serpent kinda thing was. There were two sides, one was on an island where all were human and another was at the bottom where all were beast humanoids of cutish character

So yeah, moved... the the serpent's bar slowly changed to red because it needed to be fed with some sorta rage antidote to calm it down apparently and well, lets just say that didn't happen and the whole game went haywire as both side starting attacking one another. Then.. it changed into anime cutscenes. There were 3 major groups. I donno whether they were pirates or thugs or whatever, just 3 groups. One was yeah, guys, men and there was one young girl among them. Then the other is the peaceful loving beast humanoids living together and uh, something happened, they owned a ship that manufactured some sorta awesome g\food that somewhat resembled a pie and it only had to major parts, the caking and the molten cheese that sips into the cake and the head of this factory, the elder cutie bear, stopped it because he got into an arguement with his co-in work or whatever. Then they both headed their separate ways and the factory stopped functioning and broke down. SO the pother residences tried to repair the situation by giving a look at the factory and it suddenly crumbled. Then it was known that the factory only needed to major parts to function again and they were boards, 2 boards to be exact. One layers that had all the nodes to allow the molten cheese to go through and another was some... filter thing. Ok then there is another group of all females dressed in leatherish alluring outfits but they seemed somewhat punky still. So basically, these three groups were at war with each other. But the beats humanoid weren't participating much execpt a small lot whereas the guyz were at constant brawls with one another? Wait, that means the men group divided into two and had a full-scale civil war. The war was so bad that after it ended, traces of blood can be seen in the air, and the clouds seemed crimson in colour, almost as if the vapours that formed the clouds were of blood itself. The girl group witnessed this from a high building where they were busy tending to their own matters as there was this stuck up dude, who was a worker of this tall building, probably a janitor. He had some sorta mental disorder or something. He was going crazy as far as I know. But he saw one guyz running out and tried to chase h9im then the girls got to that guy who was running first and killed him on the spot. The stuck up janitor was in a shock and the girls started circling him. Then they all knelt altogether and made a floor bow towards the janitor. He did as well and he saw blood on the floor. When his forehead hit the ground, his forehead got the blood and he saw a reflection of himself in the small puddle of blood. Then he thought that blood was coming from his own forehead and started hitting himself on the forehead on the same area thinking that he didn't deserve to live and he hated himself so much. While he was at that, there were 3 chicks behind near the window where they saw the bloodbath from before. And one looked liked the leader and asked the other two to do something. They started stripping off their clothes seductively preparing to have a double with that janitor. But before they could finish stripping, that janitor somehow found a car somewhere and drove through where they were stripping while he screamed inaudibly. The girls dodged of course and said that is was such a waste since he'd give them so much entertainment. Then there was another scene, two young girls with short hair. One was like a boy's cut and another was shoulder length. They both met in battle during the wars. Originally, both of them were in the same group as the beast humanoids, but they got off into a bad start somewhere and voila, they were on opposite sides fighting each other against their will. Then there was one part where the girl with shoulder length hair was falling from a building and the other girl went to rescue her by jumping off too and well, the kinda flew. Then they were in a cave-like place and they hugged each other in their unconscious state. The girl with shoulder length woke up and kissed the girl with short hair on her lips saying, "I've always loved you more than a sister, sister." then I realized they were twins and they uh.. loved each other more than they should? Upon the kiss, the other woke up and embraced her as well, being completely honest with each other.

Err... fjlkahklhsi yeah. Dang.. I haven't had lunch yet. Urgh. Anyways. Pictures i'll upload later la. I'm supposed to see/talk to my gf now but no news yet from her. Well, bye?

Monday, June 28, 2010

176/365 To Make Up

For the other other last last Thursday's SEA Survey, I guess I shall rant about some Buddhism fetish here ohohoh.

K let's start.

Buddha means awakened and not just any awakened but more towards the meaning of true enlightenment. So don't mistaken Buddha as a name cost it ain't, but rather, think of it as a rank like Sg. and Gen. or Cor. Lets just say Sg. James is a rank because he earned that position. So Siddharta Gautama Buddha is no different. His name is still Siddharta, just that the Buddha is added on into the last part of the name to show that he is an enlightened being, thus you see that sunlight-like halo at the background of his head.

Oddly enough, when you attain enlightenment or moksha for the Hindu version, your soul is supposed to end it's thread on the cycle of endless suffering called life so here's the tip. Buddha can actually go and join the taikos up there in the Nirvana if you would call it but instead, he made a vow to himself to teach his understandings of Buddhism to anyone who wishes to know more until he finally couldn't anymore, under the condition that he is to do nothing extreme; extreme being fasting unnecessarily, over the top-headedness, over-teaching in a day, etc etc. well, here; just understand the meaning behind moderation and you pretty much already understand the core part of what Buddhism really is.

Buddha was apparently born through the left side of his mom's waist. Donno if that's a true fact or not, but Vanee lectured it, so I'd assume it was only being told to us after ample amount if research being done. But meh, it's probably fake. But anyways, his coming to this world, him being Buddha, or Siddharta at that time was sort of grand. His mother was Queen Maya, Maya being illusion similar meaning to the Malay counterpart of the word. She had a dream of a white elephant's trunk touching the left of her waist and after that dream, she just miraculously got pregnant. And there came Siddharta after.. I donno how long he was inside the womb. There were no descriptions made about that unfortunately so we can leave that aside.

So when he came out, well, he was a blardy bastard la miracle worker. He walked for 8 steps and in every step, a lotus flower would bloom beneath his foot. As he walked, the Hindu myth Gods, namely Shiva, Brahman and Vishnu gave their blessing to this boy. Then he was taken to the royal fortune-teller and was told that his destiny would either be one of the two; a great king, or a great spiritual leader. His father, wanting him to be a magnificent ruler after him didn't want him to go towards the path of spirituality so he kept him away from the outside world. Everytime Siddharta was to step out of the castle bounds, the country would be notified to prepare for his arrival, and after the preparations are complete, only can he walk out to see the fake world his father made for him, a world without suffering and endless joy.

So Siddharta lived like that for a long period of time, even got a wife after that and still lived in that shell of his father's. Then one day, during one of his other excursions, something went wrong. He saw a man lying on the side of the street and became curious about the phenomenon. So he asked his assistant, "what is that?" and his assistant replied, "that milord, is death. Truth is, life is not what you see it now. It's filled with pain and suffering." Siddharta being the baby he is due to his father's strict confinement had no idea how it felt to be in pain or to suffer so from there, he went back to his castle, undressed his royalties and left all his riches and sought for answers with the many monks during his journeys. At one point, he he resided near a river for a very long time while meditating on the truth of life. That river was Nairanja River. But he was being too extreme with his diets and persistence in declining aid and alms from kind-hearted people so and he still couldn't find the answer.

Erm, then I'm not sure how he somehow snapped out of it and started eating more stuff and began the road of moderation and simplicity. From there, his true journey to Buddhism began and Mara, an evil spirit was sent by the demons to disrupt his focus. Mara did many things, amongst them were seduction of beautiful women, wealth, raining heavily on top of him and deceiving him with lies. But Siddharta was blessed with protection by the law of nature, as he was to become the first enlightened human being. So he was sorta shield from all that threat Mara caused. Pretty swanky huh?

And alas, after days and month and years of meditating under a certain bodhi tree, he found the answer to life and became Buddha.

Ok, so that's just the rough storyline. Wanna know more? Wikipedia has great sources. But your choice whether it's good info to you or not.

The Mudras... Open hand pointing upwards means do not fear whereas the open hand pointing downwards means stand your ground/be humble.

K now about the divisions of Buddhism. There are only two. One is Mahayana and the other is Theravada or sometimes called Himayana. The Theravada is the Southern school of Buddhism whereby vegetarianism does't apply to them as monks are to eat whatever food they get from people's alms as they are derived of the luxury of picking food for themselves. Theravada's are strictly practiced in the Tibet and well, the lama monks are the best examples. However, the Theravada school isn't about helping other people so much since they are to refrain from getting involved with life, so they all keep to themselves in a very reclusive manner, where if you fail to attain enlightenment, it's your fault and your bad and that's it for you in this life, try again next time. But the fun trivia here is that this lamas actually know when they're gonna die and they also know where they'd be born again. When they do die, those who have achieved enlightenment would choose to be reincarnated and go back to the monastery to spread the teaching to whoever who wishes to learn the ways of Buddhism.

For the Mahayana school however, it's a bit different since it's influenced by Taoism, thus making the Chinese form of Buddhism. Think Journey to the West. So yeah, for this baby, vegetarianism is a must and you must indulge yourself in helping others, where the code of others before self plays a key element in the whole religion. So for Theravada, it's a save-self thing but for Mahayana, it's save self and others. Well, maha means of high reason anyways so.. guess it's kinda natural?

Mahayana is only in the Northern parts of the continent. How'd you know? Check the pagodas. The Theravada pagodas are different from temples. And also, shrines and temples are different things. Shrines are places where an embodiment or residual of a once great monk would be kept inside and other junior monks would step inside and meditate in silence whereas temple are social places where you can celebrate and do lotsa stuff and make lotsa noise too. So if you see a temple, it's guarantee Mahayana. Mind you that dragons don't exist in the story of Buddhism, but Nagas yes. So if you see elaborate dragon ornaments outside a Buddhist building, then it's Mahayana. Simple enough right? And oh yeah, Mahayan, being the Chinese form of Buddhism obviously comes from China lolz, but South China that travels through Inda and Burma and through the Silk Road all the way to Malaysia. But Thailand is somehow unaffected. Probably due to trade by sea.

O here, I have the list of Mahayana countries. Malaysia, Tibet, Mongolia, Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Nepal, India. Probably not all parts Mahayana I guess? Think Mahayana as the more eclectic, flexible and social form of Buddhism.

O yeah, those Theravada peeps garb themselves with a dark coloured monk garb whereas the Mahayanas always wear saffron orange garbs. So... now you know. Er, enjoy studying for SEA Survey? Okbaiu.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

175/365 Lil'Bro's B'day

Whoa, the whole day's all gone for this thing alone. Wicked...

Well anyways, today my family all aside from my pops who went to Penang went to 1U for a pleasurable dining moment at Chile's after a good watch with Knight and Day at the theaters. Oh, Knight and Day is damn awesome. I thought it was some action blow-up kinda film but it isn't just that. It's mixes up all the spices of romance, jokes, action and drama all in one superb cool crust of flavours. A definite must watch for me. I'd have really wanted to go for Toy Story 3 or Karate Kid but I don't really regret that decision now ohohoho.

So... Chile's good food as always. I was asking my family and they all in one unison agreed that Chile's surpassed many times the food, taste and quality of that served in Tony Roma's and TGI Friday's, but TGI Friday's especially. Donno why they hate it so much, but they complained that the food there sux and costs the same as the ones served in Chile's but you gotta admit, Chile's does serve great dishes to chow into don't they?

Hmm.. I guess that it for today. Owh, I find that my com can't support Dungeon Siege 2 so.. I'm gonna push that game aside for now. Guess even my com's reminding me to get my butt working into my assignments. Alright alright I will. Tomorrow, is photography time! After Japanese class of course. Hmm.. I'm still wondering if I should join my friends at the Islamic Museum today. I might come after 3 but it sure is good to go there earlier then later...

Either ways. End. Byebye.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

174/365 Temporal Freeze

After my Illustration 1 class today, my head went blank and my thoughts went empty. It was empty, devoid of anything of logic, and the only thought that could be considered a thought at that time, would be to just walk around aimlessly in a random direction to find back whatever it is I'm supposed to be heading. Then I walked into the food commercial area and the song changed in my mp3. I regained myself soon after.

It's odd. It's been quite some time since I've felt that blank empty hole inside me. Maybe I'm starting to think so much that my mind is automatically dejecting the unnecessary information in order to stabilize the mental harmony in my mind? Well, that aside...

My neighbour living across the street asked if I could give a hand with the bicycle problem. I know a bit about bicycles so I went to check it out while waiting for my lil' bro to come back. I fiddled with lotsa stuff and uh... things didn't really work out for me and after my lil bro' came, everything just got done done done in a matter of moments when I virtually took almost forever.

That neighbour is Aunt Sabrina if I'm not wrong. My mom and her go way back since... I was 4 perhaps? She used to have a son named Mickey Chua Meng Kok. Lol, the full name. He was a good friend of mine, possible the only real friend I had during my childhood. He often invited me over to his house to play with his huge collection of Lego and whatnot and I really enjoyed those moments then. Maybe next time, if I could afford it, I'll try and get my hands on some Lego collection just for the fun of it.

Erm for today.. homework would be the acrylic painting and somebody's gotta do some presentation in the coming weeks. Ohoho. Oh right, I forgot to bring the acrylic money to my friends. Ergh... Sucks to be holding the liability.

Man, when is the damn connection gonna be normal again? Geez. It's really driving me nuts!

Friday, June 25, 2010

173/365 Kay, I think I got back my momentum.

Okay, today was quite a decent day, probably due to me rewarding myself with ample time to sleep, which would make about 12 hours of sleep at least?

Anyhow, Light & Mood class today was quite fun. In fact, I think I did the best so far during this class. Here, I’ll show you my works ohohoho.

The title for this one is Night Time 1 but hm. Maybe mine looks more of a daytime. Or not. My lecturer never said anything about it not looking like night so I guess it’s ok… Erm, he did comment that the figure can be more sharp. And that’s about it. Overall he said was good.

This one is Night Time 2. It’s supposed to look very evil but meh, I guess I made it a little too friendly. Owhw, my moon is a bit too bright, and this could always use more depth. The relflection can be better as well. But overall he said it was good.

Ok, now for SEA Survey. Almost half of my class decided to ditch today’s class, and Kok Loon kinda asked me if I could get him to get his attendance, and lolz, I kinda got it. First time I actually lied to a lecturer lolz. Well, there’s a first for everything right?

Anyways, today, we covered Islam, a rather long chapter I think. But no worries, Hindu was still way longer. By the way, we’ll be having exams in our next class, all subjective short questions, no essays. As for the Islamic Museum field trip, we are to organize and go check it out for ourselves. Proof of entrance would be my the attendance list currently in my possession and the entrance tickets the fellow participants would get upon entering the museum. Okay moving on to today’s contents.


So Islam means the submission to the will of God. It’s the 2nd largest religion with over a billion followers worldwide, which was revealed some 1400 years ago in Mecca, Arabia, probably around 600 AD. The Muslims believe Islam always existed even before the coming of Islam but for convenience purposes, they dated their religion back to the time of Muhammad’s migration to Medinah, which is more commonly known today as the Maal-Hijrah(yes, that holiday in the Malaysian calendar)

5 Pillar of Islam

Islam has 5 Pillars, the 5 basic 5 faiths that are compulsory to all Muslims which if not practiced, Muslims won’t be Muslims. They are:

1. Belief in Allah

2. Praying 5 times a day (subjective but not necessarily dead lock, is exempted for special reasons like someone funeral or going for an operation etc. use your imagination lah.)

3. Fasting on the Ramadan month

4. Go for Haj Pilgrimage if able (going to the Kaaba in Arab, the place where the black stone which was rumored to be a piece of rock fallen from heaven called the Kiblat is house in. The Kaaba is also the first holy building Prophet Abraham built. That Kiblat was fallen from heaven to notify Adam and Eve where to build the altar for God.)

5. Giving alms in the form of zakat.


Ramadan is well, if you donno I’m so gonna smack you upside down lol. But anyhow, it’s the puasa month lah where Muslim go starve themselves to death, where it’s called the noble act of fasting in order to fully understand what it means to be an underprivileged stuck up. So this month comes before the 9th Eid month according to the Islamic calendar. The Qur’an states that during this specific period of time, the Gates of Heaven are opened completely, quite contrary to the Chinese Ghost Festival. But overall, the purpose of the self-killing fasting is to implore self-reflection both physically and spiritually to somehow increase self-control and purification of self.

Islamization in SEA

Islamization as we all know from our History books, began with when the Arab traders came to spread their seeds of evil into us uncivilized buffoons as we already were all the way back when our land was still known as Tanah Melayu. So these punks, they come from India and West India and South East Asia of course, and… they magically intermarried with our folks who were mesmerized with their good looks and amazing steed, which were all unknown to our civilization back then which we all come to know currently as the horses. And from the mighty first impression, people just miraculously started to think, “O hey, those dudes are so damned awesome! Islam must be wickedly awesome too!” So from there, the missionaries/ sufas started to begin their conquest for religious domination while the kings or ruling classes known as the sultanates, embraced Islam in the 15th century.

Well, whaddya know, if you heard of the Kuda Kepang traditional dance, it’s actually an art form in commemoration of the great Arabian traders who were riding their steed gracefully when they first arrived and.. there’s that.

Moving on to Islamic Art.

Islamic Art utilizes brilliant use of colours in their form and emphasizes on the stability/harmony between design and form in order to bring out the best functionality of whatever the art is. The understand of Islamic art is such then all art is perfect and Men are the artworks of God and are perfect by itself, therefore all art made by Men are perfect in itself.

With this, Islamic Art aims to establish strong aesthetic appeal that transcends distances in both time and space apart from differences in languages, cultures and creed through it’s universally recognized art form. So Islamic Arts do not belong to Malays, but it belongs to Islam altogether as a whole religion, races and skin aside. In Islamic Art, the strongest appeal comes from the calligraphy form which we all know as Khat designs today. Islamic calligraphy is known to be the most important and pervasive art form in Islam since Islam prohibits any illustration of men due to the belief in the perfection in men in God’s wisdom. Although portrayal of human beings are prohibited, animals and and terrain visualizations can be reproduced, under the exception that they are done in calligraphy. Aside from that, Islamic Calligraphy is also thought to be a noble art form due to its close relation and ties with the Al-Qur’an since most of the productions of Islamic Calligraphy if not all are associated with excerpts from the Islamic holy scripture.

Just to be clear, Islamic art is different from Western art in such a way that it doesn’t glorify the artist like how the Western artist do, with initials included in almost each and every masterpiece. However, Islamic arts aim to glorify Allah, or God in itself, therefore the identity of the artist is of little importance compared to the functionality of the art form.

In Islamic Art, all motives are done with the inlay of patterns composed of geometric or vegetal elements, which are mostly calculated with the Pythagoras Theorum and are rather complex and intricate, which makes is very hard for normal people like us to understand its meaning unless if we really known the core values in Islam as a religion. All the rhythmic designs in Islamic art hides an intrinsic meaning of unending repetition, which is symbolic to the infinite power of God.

Okay, I donno whuddahell does arabesque mean but it came out like a lot in the next few slides and they’re mostly talking about the craftworks and architecture of Islam. So yeah.. Porcelain pots are arabesque. Care to translate?

Well, lets leave that for later shall we? Oh yeah, cool trivia, didja guyz know that the crazy ass Sultan who made Taj-Mahal in tribute to her dead queen who died during her baby’s delivering either killed or maimed all the people involved in the construction of Taj-Mahal to ensure that there’d only be one and only one of it in the whole world? Pretty awesome fact right?

Ok uh, the domes in Islam are very solid structures so in order to create that design and form harmony balance thingamagic, the domes are designed intricately to somehow soften the solidness of the structure. So.. I guess that makes Islamic Art rather conceptual besides being multifunctional since all the art forms are only made to enhance the functions and not for pure aesthetic purposes. The dome thing kinda makes sense since if it looks empty, it gives the appearance of an empty void in that large loophole but when you fill it up with patterns, it just doesn’t seem so damn gigantic anymore.

O yeah, Masjid Jamek isn’t the LRT station you’re thinking. It’s a type of mosque made by the mamak community, or also known as the Indian Muslims. One example of course is situated near the Masjid Jamek station but let there be an awareness that there still lotsa other Masjid Jameks around Malaysia.

Oh yeah, mirrors play a very important role in Islamic design, wait, rather light plays a major role in Islamic art since God is thought of as light in Islamic views. So light must be able to come into the mosques somehow, either through reflection or various lobes around the roofs or walls. Aside from light, water is also a key element in Islamic design, symbolic to the purification of mind and soul through water. Oh yeah, the mosques even have a specific place where the prayers have to purify themselves before their prayers and they are known as the ablution fountains.

KK, just a little more. Ceramics in Islam are made in bright geometric tiles or arabesque designs for wall-surfaces and fountains. SO.. all these art forms are covered in bright colours with inscribed calligraphy and pictures.

The main architecture in Islam are the mosques, the tombs, the palaces, the forts, the domes, the fountains, the iwan, the minaret, and the.. public bathes? I never knew Muslims bathed publicly like Japanese and Korean people do. Wasn’t it a sin to expose your aurat (skin) to others?

Ok and that’s all folks. So… all the bold points are important points to take note off. So.. happy studying? Lolz.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

172/365 Holding on?

Hold on for another 1 year huh?

Then will I really be free? Or will I make my own hell? Then… maybe I should start on my portfolio like everyone else. When I come to think of it, I’ve been lagging behind everyone for a very long time, and it still hasn’t changed.

Well, there’s gonna be Exploweek next week so I oughtta be catching up with everything. I need to break free from my own shackles. The tv in the house, the lack of space, there must be a way around all this crap. Today I feel rather lethargic. Very lethargic… Donno why. My appetite today wasn’t very good too. But I forced myself to eat something anyways…

These few days, I’ve been thinking if I was really meant for art. I can’t help but get myself thinking about the possibility of me in Hospitality & Management. Will things go any different? Art art art… Do I really want to do this for the rest of my life? Yes, I would if I’m capable. I think I am. But when I look at reality and my progressive performance, it doesn’t seem to look too good for me.

Ergh, I want to stop thinking for a while… I'm just tired, drained, exhausted. I just feel down.

And... Zhou Yu isn't as bad as I thought he was. He seems kinda understanding and.. I overlooked the fact that he was always ready to help.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

171/365 Grrr.. the connection...

Haiz... So hard to blog nowadays. Maybe I'll just keep Word documents and post them whenever I can because my line is very unreliable now. Getting work from my classmates has never been harder. Zzzz...

Bloody line's so inconsistent. Some hours are good, others are not, and they snap and off and fjasughuklsghdgjkh so annoying! I can't even Facebook to see the Cartoon Character Design work my friends are posting. Goddamnit.

pfft. No more mood to blog. Bye.

170/365 Half +

More than half a year has already come to pass and...
Sad to say I'm still the same failure I am since... Last year.

I told myself to give myself a chance. And look at what I do to myself again.
Geez man, when will I ever learn for real anyways?

Zzzzz, anyways, I still got some work to do, so I'll just input whatever I could salvage from this evening's Digital Photography class.

Ok, uh, about framing and composition. There are 9 of them but I can only remember a few because I was half asleep in class. Would gladly add in here if you know lolz. In a photo composition, we need 1.lines that aren't really real lines but sometimes can be made up of elements like converging lines or horizontal or vertical etc, 2. contrast through light and dark or colour and monotone or more and less or blurry and clear etc., 3. focus on the subject, 4. the subject which is your main target, 5. background which plays quite and important role since it could make or break a composition, 6. colour, and important part for any photography unless if you're doing a black and white, 7.a frame, be it man-made or natural, as long as it gives your picture a different feel and helps focus your subject better, 8. Erm.. foreground? 9. ergh, i should have jotted down the notes...

Oh right. Next week's our trip to Melaka. Cost us RM55 for the two way bus ride. We're to take 3 photos for each subject there and our subjects are design, street and Jonker Street if I'm not wrong. Well, like I said, correct me if I'm wrong lolz.

Anyways. yeah. Liddat lah.

My connection's really shitty now so I don't think I can upload any pics today. Erm.. wait, lemme try.

Say hi to Sodapops (ontop) and Sydec (the pencil) my two new characters for this week's CCD. Yes. So.. k, I wanna go back to my work nao. Bhaei.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

169/365 Man.. Photoshooting can be tiring,

Out since 4.30pm and came back around 7pm but felt like I was out for more than 5 hours.

Anyways, I'll share my favourite photo of the day.

I just really like the flare. Oh well, bye.

168/365 Arcanum Review

Arcanum... was a bit of a let down for me after playing it for such a long time. Dangit. I mean, the ending was such a complete turn off from what I normally expect from a good game. Or maybe I'm just a biased gamers who prefer J-plotlines better because, well... it's like reading a very long manga and you actually enjoy it.

For Arcanum, the ending depends on what you did and well, I did stuff like saving this town and this city and that guy and they tell me the after stories. Kinda reminds me of Suikoden after the end-game when they tell you what all the 108 stars of destiny go to when they're done with your quest for the world change.

But anyways, Arcanum has an enjoyable platform for gameplays, somewhat similar to Baldur's Gate with a hint of Fallout in it. The storyline is set in a medieval age where technology and magick live in harmonious chaos. Yeah.

So the story is like this. You start of as a survivor of this blimp crash from some epicly cool flying machine which we all come to known today as a zeppelin and this guy who's bald and all skinny tells you to keep a ring and gives you a not. From there, your journey begins as you are the so called prophecized savior of the world who's gonna battles the greatest evil known to man, Arronax, and well, they call you Living One. So much for being alive.

Well, whether you choose to believe or not, this dude, Virgil, magically comes to your rescue and aids you in your journey in search for the answer you seek. So... from here, you go from the only clue you had. Your ring. Along your journey, you start to notice people looking for you to kill you. Oh well, so much for being the Living One. Seems a whole lot easier to just stay dead to me.

So then, you find the owner of the ring, who is Gilbert Bates and from there, he tells you that that baldy shorty from before actually wasn't a gnome, but a dwarf who disguised himself as a gnome. Apparently, he was from this Black Mountain Clan, and how convenient, Bates then sent you to search for clues at Black Mountain clan caverns. So at this place, I met with one crazy dude who set traps all over the place with an uber sad story and decides to tell me where to go next.

So i return to Bates with the info and he sends me to the Isle of Despair. There I met another dwarf, but he wasn't of Black Mountain lineage whatsoever. So.. he told me I could find more clues at the Wheel Clan though, where he was from. So off I went, only to find that the king to the clan's throne appears to be missing. So naturally, I had to go and look for him.

And I found him, which he then told me of the great conflict between elves and dwarves that led to the banishment of the Black Mountain clan. He then directed me to the elven city of Qintarra, in which I had to do some stupid side quest of looking for the the genuine Stillwater Giant in Stillwater. So yeah, then that blasted elf finally gave me the info. So yay, I went to Qintarra and made contact with the White priestess after earning their trust and from there, she directed me to Caladon where I meet the guy who can lead me to the Dark Elves, who were behind all the plans to annihilate me.

And travelled I did to find this dude again dead. Geez. So I met his family and there was this book which contained the location. So after poking around, i managed to find it and from there, I went to T'sen Ang, the home of the Molochean Hand or whatnot, some malicious group of assassins that work for hire. But meh, they weren't able to kill, me anyways. So I doomed them as a phayled group of murderers.

So after that, I found a note from their leader, in which I brought back to Qintarra and there, the White Priestess led me back to Caladon again, but this time to the Panarii church. There, I had to solve a riddle revolving Nasrudin, who's supposed to be me since I'm his dumb reincarnation. But I can't enter his tomb for some dumber reason. So I had to go for a search for proof that the darned fool inside that bloody sacrophagus is the great Nasrudin himself.

I did managed to extract the bone. But no, it's not him. Some other guy. So the religion wasn't a religion in the first place. They were just a bunch of mumbo jumbo made up so that people would live to their faith and maintain the wards that seal the Void from the real world.

Oh great, now I had to go to Thanatos after financing 50k for a blardy boat only to find that Nasrudin was alive, and I'm not that damned buffoon after all. Then he told me the story of Arronax, his errors and mistakes as Arronax was his son, and he pillaged and practically razed hell over a technologically apt city. So yeah, he got banished after that.

So anyways, Nasrudin suspects that the worse is about to come, and he gets me to go fetch this Vendigroth device to like completely sever him from the world completely, with no magical or technological chance of ever returning. And so I did, I got it.

Then Nasrudin sent me to the Void to kill him. And I did. Yay. The end.

But I kinda like the God system they had, that give blessing and curses depending on how you choose to favor whom and when, which must be followed by a particular course or pattern, if not, then you'll screw up your entire game. Unfortunately, i have not the chance to do so... So too bad for this extra function eh?

Anyways.. I feel like finishing up Dungeon Siege 2 now. Ohohoho.
But anyways. I feel even more like starting a quest log for myself. Starting...

Might not post all the time though. Connection's been pretty shaky lately. I mean like hypermegaloliciously shaky lately, which kinda explains why I'm always blogging past 12am these days. Not like I want to. Just that during 9-12, it's very hard to get on for some unknown reason. Good lord. Oh well. So yeah.


Friday, June 18, 2010

167/365 Move Your Bodeh

Yesh, finally done with my mom's kindie dance choreo.

Now.. can focus on other stuff ohohoho.
K's. Um. Bye.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

166/365 Lol 11.59.

Yes. Finally the Arcanum game is nearing its end. I can feel it!

So... I shall finish it tomorrow no matter what.
It's been left unfinished for far too long, I wish not delay it any further.
Lest I will it to be another matter to dread about during all my hours put into assignments in my many future adventures.

Today, for Light and Mood, I made a few mistakes, but... somehow I managed to save myself after a few corrections and the lecturers were quite satisfied with the change. I'll just put them out here out of pure embarrassment in what little arrogance I have left to boast about.

This is today's work. Pretty proud with it but alas, it's no match for a lot of my other inmates.
The lecturer said this looked unfinished. I had to agree, only thing is that... I actually took a whole night figuring out how to make it look good based on my memory and... man, I even sacrificed my right mind of sleeping for it. Guess sometimes hardwork doesn't necessarily give you great results eh?

Owh owh I enjoyed doing this is. It's last week's assignment. Same with that rain scene above just now (if you could say it looked like a rain scene that is...). This one's called StarWars lol. Well, it is from Star Wars, just that we had the freedom of changing it a bit to our tastes.

Oh I loved this one. The lights and all weeeeeeeeee!
But the lecturer said my colours sorta didn't match with each other.
Hmmm.... I guess. But it looks kinda fine to me.
Maybe I oughta contemplate on it a bit longer...

And yeah. That's pretty much it. My Visuals? Well, stay tuned suckers~.

Erm. Yeah.. I guess.
SO here I go on a jolly spree of oogey woogeyishnessity!

165/365 Nose Bleed

It's been quite some time already since I've gotten a nose bleed and well, my old buddy just had to come knocking at my door waking me up to the visuals of two tiny blood spots dreadfully discovered on the surface of the sofa I was sleeping on, where my face was facing of course.

I had to run to class shortly after, so I took a bathe and washed all the clogged up blood in my nose, sneezed them all out if I had to, removed the sofa sheets and put some fabric cleaning liquid that'd remove the stain on the sofa easier if applied before a wash and.. there I went.

Cartoon Character Design class today....
Haiz. I shall comment on the class instead.

Today, we finally got a clear understanding of what we have to do for our character designing thingies. Well, Zhuo Yu had to tell us in a nice manner that we did things wrong here and there and here and there which kinda reminds me, he didn't even say much when we began the work and now you're reprimanding us for your neglect?

Hmm, but lemme ponder on this again. Maybe he didn't say much because when he asked us whether or not we had any questions, our class fell silent and it doesn't break. SO, I guess it's normal for him to assume we're good since we had nothing to ask.

And from here, I can deduce that he probably thinks that we already have a pretty good idea on what to do. But harhar, look at us. Pfft. All staring at him with a face of eager anticipation of what would be said to us with an underlying expressions of "UGH, why didn't he just tell us all these in our first class???" Which was quite true.

Well, another possibility is that maybe he wants us to do our own research about character sheets and how they're properly done. So.. I guess 99.9% of us didn't do that? Meh, even I didn't. If I were to give a good guess, only Lam Mei probably did. The rest of us just doodled our way through our works neglecting the proper research we had to do.

Next time for any other classes that require us to follow a specific step to step process or plan to complete our task, i'll be sure to ask what do we need to do because it's clearly very confusing to everyone when there's no guideline given, lest that be the purpose of the tutors to torment us on purpose by following their own marking scheme which is starting to remind me a bit of the Malaysian education system back in the good ol' school days.

And... I've probably said too much already. Zzzzz... dude, on the next feedback form, I'm so gonna write there, "it'd be nice if your lecturers could tutor more effectively..." or I could be more direct like, "they could use more communication exercises to enhance their effectiveness in teaching..." or if I wanna be like blatantly bold, I think I'd just paste a note behind there saying, "Your lecturers have great skills in art. But they lack communication skills. To be more specific, teaching skills. We don't care if your English isn't good enough. In fact, English isn't the pressing matter here, it's your command of knowledge and important points. It's your job to teach us what we're supposed to know from what we pay your for our course fees so we demand quality, not just workloads of work to [make us better]. I strongly suggest all lecturers who acknowledge their difficulty in conversing in other languages attend more seminars or talks to make the messages more obvious and clear for us students because it isn't fair if we're doing all the work for ourselves. If we are doing them all ourselves, then what's the point of lecturers being in class and us attending the class in the first place? To be instructed and just follow like a dog just to be graded in the end? We can even do this without attending college. Only difference is we won't have a certificate of proof to our expertise and woe, we don't have to pay tutoring fees, which raises the question, what is tutoring in TOA anyways?"

Naw. This is far too lengthy I think. Maybe I'd just say, "Bryan needs to go for a communications program, preferably English, but Mandarine wouldn't make much difference since the purpose is to make him highlight key points instead of telling us tall tales of long-windedness which ends up with a couple or two simple very easily understandable meanings."

shdhile. If the lecturer reads this, lol.. Don't really care anymore. If they think this is a student's rant, it's their loss. If they take this is an opportunity to tweak their weaknesses for self-improvement, then good for them. If they wanna scold me, lantaklah. They've always been saying we can try better, but how about them? Maybe so their focus is all in art, but does that mean you should neglect everything else? IF we can't understand what you're trying to teach us, then what are you teaching us exactly? Hmmm...

Or maybe this whole thing is pointless because they might go back to the roots of the word passion in which they might somehow come out with excuses like, "oh, I was never good with English." Study more lor. Speak more lah. Read more! RESEARCH. Always tell us to draw more, do more drawing, research. Then how about them? But hm, perhaps our lecturers are also in their own ebb of stress which doesn't allow them the time to do other things?

or or or, "English is not my passion." Then make sure you're good enough to pay for a translator's fee every single day when you're working at an English speaking environment. Gyah...

So.. overall, TOA lecturers, the artsy ones especially, need a lot of tweaks with communication efficacy and well...English. Generally most of all those who are in the Design Dep speak very fluent and designer-ish English, which is great and certainly something the IL and DG can pick up for themselves. So can the Design Dep learn their ways of conversing in Mandarine. When you think about it, design and art aren't too far away from each other. Just that design always has a solid theory or concept behind it and it's always recognizable, if not simple but hides layers of interpretation which is of great contrast with the Illustrations and Digital Animation which presses on the skills needed to do the jobs. And from my friends rants from DG, it seems like they're all gonna be manual workers soon because Z-brush doesn't really help with art. Its just a tool to help make concepts look 3d and nothing else.

But alas, from everything said till here, I might be wrong.
Well, push them aside for a while. I'll just have to focus on myself first.
I shouldn't be bothering about the improvement of other's at the cost of neglecting my own's, which is very unfair to myself. So I shall do myself justice by ending this silly post after the dot(.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

164/365 Disturbing Fact

I think I have a reasonable explanation now as to how I'm falling so deep into my self dug shithole. Well, I'm digging it further of course! By not letting myself come out of the digging spree?

Well, anyways. I find that I'm not giving myself the chance to shine. I can shine. I have what it takes to shine, the skills, the interest. But what am I lacking? Time. Time time time. Not that I don't have time. I always have more than ample time to do my works in a brilliant way, but I forgo my luxury and instead, I tread through the path of laziness. Bad choice.

SO.. I'm being very unfair to myself. I'm expecting so much of myself and yet, I'm not showing any initiative whatsoever to go for what I want. THAT, is completely stupid and foolish, unless if brainless stuck up serves as a better equivalent to my screwed up behaviour. Woe is me.


Sucks to be me right? Naw. It doesn't, didn't and never was sucky to be me even to begin with. It's just my decisions are taking me away from where I'm supposed to be heading. Gyargh, I'm like totally furious with myself right now. *smacks mirror*

Good thing my lecturer was forgiving today 'cause I couldn't finish my Swiss Roll CG painting. Behold, my shame.

Just circle the R letter there wouldja? Man I feel like strangling Osla so much right now. That stupid ass.

Well, anyhow, thanks to my lecturer's kindness, I guess I won't be having an R in my portfoli, but rather a Resubmission. SO.. I'm gonna have another extra 4 hours worth of workload.

Now. Everyday after this, I'm gonna have to ask myself this,
"Osla, have you even given your best yet?"

Monday, June 14, 2010

163/365 All-Nighter


I'll try to be as quick and accurate with my hands 'cause I really have lots to do, considering that I have 2 figures to draw, 2 pieces of visuals to complete and another CG painting to complete, not to mention thumbs for a sports scene and reference finding for my in-class CG painting.

That's 7 things to do right?

So without further ado, I shall be off.

*Digital Photography class was a rather sleepy class for me today 'cause I've never slept whole morning but a simple 15-20 minutes on a chair in front of the com while adjusting my pictures which I've been taking since 5.30am to 7.30am and had to stop to go and help with my juniors' training with marching then got back home and... what I said earlier. But I do remember that taking a good picture needs a good foreground, a good background and good elements. I only got 1 approved today and it was for texture. Fore homework, we need to take pictures for Colour subjects. So that adds up to another 3 topics for me to take. Zzzzz.

Is alright... I think I can handle it. Ohohohoh.
Gogogogogo. I mean, We are FIGHTING DREAMERS~!

K. Bye.

162/365 Another Empty Day

Empty 'cause I didn't do much. So gotta get catch up with my time like now lolz. Well, at least I already got some sleep earlier so shouldn't be a prob.

As usual, went to Jap class... didn't really revise much last night due to the fact that I came back around 11pm zzz... I tried to study Jap in between my first aid duty yesterday but I kinda fell asleep after so... haiz. Well, at least I remember how to write shumatsu and the days now. Ok, er, [correction courtesy of Zen] Monday = Getsuyoubi or moon day, Tuesday = Kayoubi or day,Wednesday = Suiyoubi or water day, Thursday = Mokuyoubi or wood day, Friday = Kinyoubi or fire day, Saturday = Doyoubi or gold day, Sunday = Nichiyoubi or day day. Lolz.

Didn't get to do my photography just now. I was waiting for the right time, and when it did come, the lightning appeared and thunder roared. Owh great... Well, I guess I'll just have to do it in the morning later then... Like 5am. Well, I guess I thought going out to the lake park at 5am was much better then going there at 9pm so.. yeah.

So.. I'll do a few things at one go I guess. Gonna pay a visit to my juniors later. Eheh. For marching training. The schools are having a fortnight's holiday now anyways. So yeah.

Oh well, better get going. Ciaoz.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

161/365 A Day...

A Day...
I spent one whole day from 9am-10.30pm in a Girl Power Camp in Sunway College. From the first few hours before lunch and before the sporting activities came, I know it was rather morbid, but thanks to See Wah being around, I guess things just aren't that bad.

Very minimal casualties. Nothing bad happened. I still remember. There were 3 girls who came into the sickbay all having a case of stomach ache and out the three, two were experiencing food poisoning. Oh, and I met the first girl to enter the sickbay thrice in one day. I believe her name was Crystal. Some... Kepong girl. Whatever it is, See Wah thought I extracted info from her like I was a parent lol. Maybe I did. But I was just trying to find out the cause of the problem...

Anyways, then there were 2 finger injuries, one guy came with a bleeding ring finger and wanted tog et a plaster. We couldn't find one so we placed a cotton patch with the tape instead, only to find that we had some Hansaplast after he left and we did a little more rummaging.

Then a girl suddenly came in. Not sick. She just looked really tired and exhausted. Sue was her name. 21 this year. First impression striked me off as a 24 year old mature working professional but meh, she isn't and I recall her saying something like she's be staying with her boyfriend instead of being with the camp girls for the night. She's a facilitator naturally. Bump into her a few more times after that.

The during the Extreme Games period, nothing much happened. We just observed the 15-17 years old girls to do some lame games and some really disgusting floor compound which is like uber wet. After the games ended, a girl came to us and asked for 3 plasters, so we gave her ler.

And I suppose 60 Seconds To Fame comes after, a time when all the girls are given a chance to show their talents, And Sue, the girl earlier mentioned, was even sitting next to See Wah. That time was fun. The DJ was great, the sound system was a blast, the emcee ([Liang] no idea who he really was since according to See Wah, he was a famous composer/songwriter, but what I do know that his stage presence, speech pattern and social skills are very power.) completely swept us off our feet, and we were hanging around with a bunch of nice lads and lasses.

Hmm... yeah. Anyways, 4am huh. Blerhz. I wanted to post my post earlier but my bro offed the Streamyx for a while back then so.. I just got it back I guess? Wait, I actually got it on 2 hours back, but I was just pretty caught up with Arcanum.

Erm yeah. I guess I should retire for the day. But again, oddly enough, I don't feel sleepy at all. Hmm. Insomnia? Perhaps. But I don't have any difficulties sleeping of course so.. I highly doubt it's insomnia. Speaking of ilnnesses, my drippy feeling in my chest has been reoccurring again, quite frequently even. And this time it felt much heavier then before. I wonder what's happening... Is it a possible effect of not exercising for 2 weeks? Cyclign aside of course...

mksdhkgj RETIRE. Zzzzz. Byez.

Friday, June 11, 2010

160/365 Blogger's having a new Design function

Just go to your regular dashboard section and there should be a new Design tab there. So go check it out ohohoh.

Ok, IL class today was fair. I didn't really feel sleepy at all last night and decided to play Arcanum till... 5.40am+? Bad choice. If I used that time for my acrylic, I wouldn't be starting on it in class. But it's not due today so is kay.

For our homework, we're to finish the car assignment and meet Jen Ting for the approval of our colour thumbs for any 3 references we choose as our portrait subject. For those who're in Digital Photography's morning class would meet him in the afternoon in the IL Dep. whereas the afternoon class would meet him in the N Block anytime from 9.30am-1.30pm.

Anyways, I'm thinking of setting 10 rounds of jogging everyday as my baseline for health maintenance. I'd always wanna try more and more and so far, I've done 30 rounds at best under the period of about 40 minutes. Wanting to do 40 or maybe more now. But well, if time doesn't allow so much room for exercise, I guess I'll do at least 10 rounds everyday. Or when I feel like jogging I guess. Certainly feels refreshing. But today.. not so much. I was using my other headphone during the jog and after jogging, my head felt like it got hit by a loud bang so it feels a It's just a very uneasy feeling. Well, my most logical guess would be that the earplugs were deep into my ear canal and even a low frequency noise can stir my eardrums to go nuts added together with the minor strain the headphone puts on my head. Well, think two fists pushing your head together in an inwards thrust for 5 minutes. That kinda feeling. Ugh...Thus my headache. Or perhaps maybe some sweat went into my ear canal and... got into my system or whatever la. It just feels off.

Er... I guess this would do for now... Bye.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

159/365 I had a crave...

...for... SIEW PAU!

Donno why, I just had it today and well, what else, I treated myself with a Wholemeal Siew Pau from Neo Kee mm mm! I thought eating the barbeque vegetarian chicken together with rice earlier would put the crave out but whaddya know, it phayled.

So dhasfjk, I feel kinda hyper today. I even managed to jog 8 rounds today! Yay for me, but I know I could've ran more, but I was kinda irritated with my earphones falling off so many time so I just decided to call it quits. I think I'll just leave my mp3 next time. After all, it's much safer anyways... (...trying to give myself a better excuse not to bring my mp3 because I really enjoy having music while I'm jogging)

SEA survey today had some Ramayana epic today. Erm... lemme check my notes
K, er, just to remind everybodeh, Indians Hindus celebrate Deepavali, Thaipusam and Ponggal kays? So don't misunderstand the "racial practice" since these celebrations are all religion oriented, not racial.

Ok, recap on Shiva and Parvati, well they're a couple ok? So they have two children, Murugan and Ganesha, the son who was created by Parvati using the dirt on a certain part of her body while she was feeling uber lonely to guard her palace entrance, which then met Shiva in battle because Shiva just returned from his journey and he was denied entrance from the brave Ganesha, who knew not who Shiva was. Shiva won of course. Even chopped Ganesha's head off, literally. Erm, rumor says that Ganesha's name wasn't even Ganesha at first but whatever. Then Parvati ran out and scolded him, then well, there was a Bollywoodish battle between the two and it ended when they finally called it truce, under the condition that Shiva replace Ganesha's stupid head so out Shiva went searching and wandering around the cities to find a suitable head, but all the children he bumped into were very attached to their mothers, but he couldn't also because he did not have the heart to separate mother from child. Then he wandered into the forest and saw an elephant with its baby separated in two directions*winks.* So he went like, "okai, this should be kays...*chop*" and so he brought back the elephant head to Parvati with a "this is the only one I could find, so take it and call it truce or leave and answer to divorce."

Btw, this is the symbol of aum or om, with thousands of meanings but more commonly known as a universal symbol of power.


Oh yeah, Devadasis are dancers faithful to their art of dancing, which was only performed at the Hindu temples and religious festivals at one time, but soon, they no longer could find a living from the temples as the British took over and banned their performance, accusing the art form for being overly erotic which is kinda ironic really since.. ok nvm. So after they got kicked out from temples, they performed for the riches of course, and after that... well, maybe they'd get raped or something so... yeah. Too bad for them. And they're also from a certain caste. Usually lower, and when they dance to their truest, they're actually trying to express their love for their God, because well, just let your Bollymagination run free lol. Due to their intimacy with God, they are close with the Brahmins, since.. well, they are some sorta manifestations or has the greatest resemblance with the Gods?? Ok skip.

Now, about Ramayana. To make it clear, Ramayana ain't the name of the protagonist of the epic, but is the name of the epic. SO don't confuse yourself yeah. Rama is the dood. Sita is the dood's doodette. Then Laksa-mana, I mean Laksmana is his living laksa brother who followed him.

Well, I shall post whatever I jotted down on paper here.

For the past two thousand years, the Ramayana has been among the most important literary and oral texts of South Asia. This epic poem provides insights into many aspects of Indian culture and continues to influence politics, religion and art of modern India. The Ramayana has an immense impact in SEA when it comes to art sense, drama and plays.

Ok, now the story plotline.
  • Retiring King Dasaratha of Ayodhya chooses his son Rama as his heir.
  • His wife, Kaikeyi asks that he appoints her first son, Bharata.
  • King Dasaratha reluctantly agrees, since he made a promise to her to fulfill 3 wishes for her, and she used two to 1. Make Bharata the crown prince and 2. Banish Rama.
  • So Rama went away with his beautiful wife Sita and his brother Laksmana.
  • During their journey's they met a demoness named Surpanakha who fell in love with Rama at first sight, and tried to seduce him, but was injured by Laksamana.
  • Angered, she fled back to her brother, Ravana, the Demon Lord who ruled Lanka, which is rumored to be the Sri Lanka we knew today.
  • She then tells Ravana of the appearance of a very beautiful maiden, which was non other then Sita, and suggests that he takes her as his bride, since she was the most beautiful from all the dwellers of their realm. Ravana was then convinced and determined to get Sita.
  • Ravana then sent his messenger, a golden deer called Maris to attract Sita. Sita wanted saw the deer and wanted to keep it as a pet, so she asked Rama to look for it and bring it back. He went, along with Laksamana. But before they left, Laksamana casted a magic circle over the boundaries of their home that would shield Sita from anything, unless if Sita walks out of the boundaries.
  • Ravana was cunning, and morphed himself into a wandering pilgrim, asking Sita for some water.
  • Sita was reluctant to do anything that'd get her out of the circle so she politely declined. But Ravana said to her, "I'm merely and old man, what can I ever do to you? Just a glass of water and I'll be on my way."
  • Sita got soft-hearted and approached the man to give him water, and Ravana immediately grabbed her and took her back to Lanka, where she was imprisoned in a garden.
  • Rama came back finding that his wife was missing. So he went on a quest to look for her. To notify Sita, he asked for Hanuman's help by bringing her his ring to her so that Sita knows that Rama will come for her.
  • Hanuman, being the God of Monkeys flew to the island with ease and gave Sita the message. But he was caught by Ravana. During his bind, he was to be set on fire, but before it happened, Hanuman managed to break free, taking along a small fire on his tail which apparently lit the whole kingdom ablaze, being the crazy monkey he was.
  • Then Rama and Laksamana came and laid siege to Lanka with an army of monkeys led by Hanuman. They made a bridge to connect the mainland with the island through the interlocking of hordes of monkeys together with Hanuman's physical enlarging powers.
  • A long battle ensued with the spears clinging and the firing of arrow from bows. Rama finally defeated Ravana.
  • Sita was retrieved, but Rama has been feeling a little off with Sita ever since she was there with Ravana for some time. Not being able to handle the shame of his wife having to have lived together with a men under his roof, he asked her to go, and Sita went away into a monastery according to his wishes. Rama then spends the rest of his life in total loneliness.
  • Hanuman was eating lunch together with Rama one day and while they were about to eat, Rama was disgusted with the sharing of his food with a beast, despite Hanuman being a holy beast and a Monkey God since Rama was a Man-God. Hanuman then cut the leaf of the banana into half and divided the food. And they continued eating. During that time, Hanuman revealed that he was actually Rama's son, the product of Sita and Rama's many adventure which chanced them to drink at the Forbidden Pool, which turned them into monkeys and while they were together, Hanuman was born, thus his Godlike abilities. Rama and Sita couldn't remember whatever happened during the period when they became monkeys, and after knowing that truth, Rama was very ashamed of himself.
And that'd be all... Yeah. I guess. Ciaoz.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

158/365 Hmm.. I donno what to blog about?

Yeah, I guess. Don't really have anything much to write about, aside from the fact that my class has another Cartoon Character Design project for animal characters this time. So our setting is set in a quiet beautiful town where there are a variety of animals around the surroundings.

So... lets see, I'm in the Animal Villain gang this time so I'll be designing... a cicak lol. Lets see... Chris is doing a cat, Yaakob is doing a Tortoise, Sleepy's doing a toad, Lam Mei's doing a raven, Purplestriped's doing a rabbit, Kai Xuan's doing an undetermined species of bird and also our ring leader for the epic rebellion ohohohohho. Tze Rou's also doing an undetermined species of bird and.. yeah... Guess that's all aside from our Friday sketches or idea dateline.

Managed to finish up my tube contour practice for CCD and my Light and Mood Study today. MMM. Donno lah, my mind really blank now. Usually I'm very eager to blog but now that I've put my priority on my work instead, things just seem a lot different now...


Anyways. Done. Bye.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

157/365 I feel kinda ok today.

As what my title says.

Everything... just seemed to flow so well today, despite me not finishing my Visual CG painting finished enough, everything was alright...

I mean, first, I realized how lucky I was to have a girlfriend who wanted nothing but just be with me, I managed to get some good sleep and even get up and finish up my other works, and overall today went along quite fine. Since I was doing a CG painting of a swiss roll this time, I thought of getting one to munch on, just to make the taste dissolve into my mind and give me more input in my assignment. I went around looking for affordable ones but instead, I ended up buying from Bread Story 4 pieces of their bread, since there was the buy 3 free one sale at the time. Well.. I kinda thought I deserved a treat anyways. So... lemme recall what I got, Chocolate Custard... Hong Kong something bun with BBQ, Garlic Raisins and some Spring Onion thing. O well, it's been a while since I bought from Bread Story anyways. And their custard buns are always very yummy, especially the chocolate custard. But meh, with the same price, I could've gotten a pack of Sweetie chocolate bun. Nawwwww... aiyo, that's the price to pay for luxury items I guess...

So here I am still doing some assignments. It's a good start, I can somehow find the will to do work even when the tv is on now. I guess I'm making progress? Well, better not be to laid back I guess. Our whole class got a gentle firing from our very own Boon Tiong. For some reason, he just doesn't appear to be the hot-tempered type and he'll do whatever he can or knows before finally resorting to scolding. True patience indeed. A very much needed trait for any artist to be successful. Oh, behold some eye candy for an eyegasmic experience. Doubt that'd happen though, but behold my 4th CG painting for Visuals.

Not such an amazing piece right? I'm sure you can tell at first glance. Pfft.

Well, anyhow, I've got some more character designs to share ohohoho. With mah partner Mun Yee.

Ergo from Mun Yee.
In case if you didn't know, Ergo is half the character below's height.
Now, for the short background story.

Background story for Gilbert and Ergo.

Gilbert inherits a fortune from his family's mechanical factory business. He runs it only for the sake of running it since he began to have growing distaste towards the family business because his parents gave him little attention and love and force him to like machinery. Due to the suffocating circumstances of a predetermined destiny set by his parents, he began to loathe the world. His parents passed away while he was 10, almost too young to do anything and despite being the only child, he still managed to pull everything together and bloom the family business with his innovative mindset with commerce and finances.

Then he met Ergo, this psychotic genius who's raw talent in machinery and devices awe him limitless with his brilliant ideas. Acknowledging Ergo’s talents, Gilberts intends to make a profit out of his skill by giving him the resources to do what he wants, provided Ergo listens, since Gilbert’s quite familiar with the world of technology he also has some of his own ideas to explore, but he was far too laze-boned to pick up his own wrench and make things on his own. So he gets Ergo to do things for him on the rule that if he doesn’t, Gilbert would make his life a living hell. And hence Ergo turned from inspiring inventor to a slave-like manservant.

Ergo also has his own motives for joining forces with Gilbert. What Gilbert doesn’t know is that Ergo’s grand scheme might become more than Gilbert’s nightmare after some time.

So yeah... I guess that's it for now? Laterz.

156/365 Well Aloha there Copycat.

Hi, the copycat I was referring to was myself actually.
Usually I don't take things into heart but that being said to me by someone very important to me, it's pretty hard not to.

So copycat. Why am I a copycat? Probably because I'm an actor who plays everything I know from what I see and acts according to situation instead of being plain me and ripping worlds apart through a bloodbathe of carnage. There's always a lot of reasons why I can't do a lot of things. Which is why Osla is always kept locked inside a cage.

Sure, must be a very fascinating feeling to be able to be anyone at any given time except your true self. I sympathize myself for being such a fool, but alas, I am but a fool in the end of the day.

Is it wrong to be taking what's best or what I like and make it part of myself? Why must there always be a necessity to criticize? Oh right, to make that person who's being critically hit with critics a better person, of course, provided that person survives the critical blows enough to consider them constructive criticism 'cause most criticism are pretty much a painful sting in the arse.

Again.. why am I a copycat? Probably because that's the way TOA brought us to be since we first entered college, which was to copy and copy and copy. Or not. It might just be me not allowed the chance to be myself because circumstances are as such.

I honestly hate it when people make fun of sensitive parts of my stories. One, it's disrespectful. Two, whatever, not like people care anyways.

I'd bet even if I shouted out here that I need a house to drop by in for another 2 years, nobody would help. After all, I'm a stranger. And truth be told, my family's really falling apart, and I've probably done everything I could've possibly think of, besides the stupid ones like hurting myself with a knife or jumping of a tall building after leaving a suicide note to my family just to make them see their mistakes which until today, they still are making those mistakes and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Maybe they really need some real drama, like my ghost haunting them or something. People I live with are really fucked up. But bah, again, who cares about me? Even my girlfriend can't do much but be a listening ear to me. And both of us being equally as stubborn aren't helping at all. Sure it's really fun to tease each other endlessly and have petty arguments which knows no bounds, but when there are stuff we need to settle on a set time, there just seems to be almost no way out.

Did I choose to be a copycat? Or did fate make me a copycat? Indirectly, accepting my fate as it is makes me the one solely responsible for making myself a copycat. Because I'm not daring enough to blow the cover in front of the people who offer me food, shelter and provisions to live, even when I know they're doing the wrong things. No big deals like robberies and such, just small trivial matters like a threat for divorce or stop provisioning for the family and such. Threats like that are usually empty to me since it's been forever since I felt like running away from home anyways. Them being like that might just work as a favor to me instead.

I took a lot of things into consideration. About what I can do should what I anticipate really does happen. Even had a small fight with C about it. I understand her good intentions, but she doesn't realize how futile most of the things she mentioned to me were. So yeah. We're still having a cold war now. Ohohoh.

Anyways, if I were to continue my studies in TOA after being rendered penniless homeless and famished, I most certainly need a new home, somehow get my own provisions and well, things to fill my tummy. I'd be eternally grateful for anyone who could let me board their home. But hey, I'm giving them expenses to think about to, so it's not fair for them. Well, unless if I'm paying. I actually thought of living like a rogue and changing from house to house form friend to friend, depending on whoever who can have me for the night, so it might not cost them so much. But come to think of it again, doing like that would actually burden more people. But burdening others isn;t something I've to think about anymore. I just need whatever help I can get.

If not, maybe I could strike a deal with TOA, to allow me to use one of their many blocks as my... room. Well, they already have a few toilets in one block for me to use to bathe and that's about all I need. Then if I could, all I need to worry about next is a job, unless if TOA decides to spare me the despair and provide me with an exceptional scholarship, which is highly unlikely since I'm not exactly the best devoted student anyways. So.. when I get a job, I might just be able to pay my TOA tuition fees every semester with the help of my PTPTN loan. But with my current state already having troubles coping with my assignments in TOA, I doubt I can live working 8 hours and doing assignments whole day. But y'know what? I actually realize that TOA isn't so much about the classes you attend and sit, but more towards the assignments you do. So if I could just work and do assignments while skipping classes but still finish my work on time.. maybe they'd let me?

Well, then again, these are all merely empty speculations. Maybe I should just bring this up to one my lecturers or student counsellors and see what they can do for me, like what C suggested. I'm actually already thinking of doing it already even before C told me about it, but I've gotta wait for a comfortable date where I can wait leisurely and spend ample time with explanations.

No offense meant for those who think their living a hard life, but I'm living a hard life too. Hard because i've got parents and family members I can't talk to because they won't listen. If that was the only problem, then that'd be the least of my worries. But the only solution to all the problems in this family is pretty much sealed with the first reason. And that's plain shitty. I'll just adapt again somehow.

My mom doesn't love my dad anymore. And my dad literally hates my mom to the point that he practically uttered the words, "If you don't like me, you could get out of the house anytime," just 2 days ago. Then the next morning, my mom was going out dressed decently, so I asked, and she thought i was inquiring about her leaving and lashed it at me for no reason. I'm not dad, don't take it out on me. Eesh, and she was the one who mothered us not to throw your tantrum. Such a hypocrite of kin I live with.

Everyone claims to want to help mom, when in reality, everyone just wants to live ignorantly, which I can't blame them, given the circumstances. But small little things that they know would surely make mom get pissed, like leaving all the cd's scattered all over the floor after watching a movie and not clearing them up in which only one person in the family does, which is my eldest bro but funny since my mom doesn't mind it at all, not washing their plates, notably my sis and lil bro for this one, always not washing the cutleries for some fucked up unknown reason, especially directed to my elder and lil bro, but since my sis doesn't wash anything anymore, I guess she's in it to. I donno, I'm not drowning or suffocating, or suffering with a broken limb or rendered disable in any physical way, but it really is hard to breathe being in my family. But I just grit and grit and grit. Most people would just tell me to hold on and expect miracles to happen to me, since they're just concerned but not empathetic enough to help. It's almost as if one day, i were to day, many tears would be shed and people might blame themselves, but after a while, they'd literally forget about my existence and suddenly there's just one less to worry about in this world. How convenient death is sometimes.

If someone asked me whether I wanted to die, I'd say yes since I've already wanted to die for such a long time already. Then they'd ask if I feared death, in which i did fear indeed, but y'know, the pleasure of just being able to let go of everything in this world makes the fear seem so miniscule and puny. Don't worry, i'm not at the brink of cutting my own arms off so i'd bleed to death yet. But I could honestly say I'm close. Really close. And it's always been that close to me. Just that I'm holding on because some people need me here. But clearly, nobody really needs me in this world, besides maybe C.

Hmm, deja vu? Recall typing that previous sentence sometime ago, it's either a dream or I really did it before and it just so happened to be structured so identically. Well anyhow, now you know my life. It's ok, don't bother consoling me, though it'd be nice to have someone doing that, but when they do and say things I donwanna hear... well, lets just say things get freaky.

I'm really spiritually and mentally exhausted and... is there really no possible civilized solution to the problems I face? I donno, now I just usually channel all my frustration and whateverthingsbad into my work and well, they usually get done sooner than expected, but not necessarily they way I want them to turn out. So... that's that.

I think I'll call this off for now. Why am I even posting about this? Well, it's my blog, any reason why I shouldn't?

So. Yeah. I love life. But I hate my current life. But I'm sure there are millions more out there living somewhat like me or maybe a few grades lower. End.