Saturday, July 31, 2010

210/365 Ah finally... Ended.

The first aid course for my volunteer thingy is finally done. So... My Sats are free again? Err... not quite so, I just got another appointment with a teacher from SMKDJ to go and teach at her school. She was a really nice lady. A lady that has that look and manners that compel you to say yes to whatever favor she asks of you. Pretty dangerous person to be dealing with lol XD

Oh hiya, the food today was awesome. But guess what.
It was never finished :( SUCH GOOD FOOD

The spring rolls were awesome and the stuffed tofu could've been fresher I think. The bananas weren't super crunchy, but the bananas used were really sweet and rich with goodie goodness P:

Why...... why can't they finish even 3/4 of them???
Oh well, my mistake for this part. I mistranslated Jas'
message about "tea" as literally tea. When she asked me then,
what she really meant was the tea time. Oh ffff~
But oh well, it was still good food either way.
I tried to call off the order for teatime. But,
meh, the food on the last day was amazing :D
And for a budget of RM3 for breakfast,
Rm5 for lunch and RM3 for tea too!
Kudos to Lunchbox at that :D

Speaking of which,
as you all might know,
I did mention about Lunchbox
sometime ago if you backtrack a few
posts in my history.

Well, they need help to redesign their website and if you check out the link there, I'm sure you'd understand why it needs a major refurbishing. So... I asked Zen and his crew and his lecturer was against in and hfjhshfak anything la. They just feel they aren't ready to take the job yet. So......... I'll open the job to whoever who reads this stuff lol. And make sure you do a good job damnit! I know a shitty design when I see one!

Hihi, back to the course.
Kay, since I was like in charge
of the whole catering thingy, it'd
only make perfect sense if I clear up
the mess after every meal too right?

Yeah... But today was a little different.

We had....

I was like wah ffffffffffffff-
But y'know in the end, my
concerns were pointless because
my gf did such a good job deftly
handing all the food to a group of tukang bersih
which numbered easily 25 after talking to a certain leader.
So kudos to her! :D

But that wasn't the part that really irritated me.
You the image? It's a macro version of what you saw
in the previous picture.

Just look at all the rice people just left to rot.
Like seriously. WTF man. I could've sworn that bag
weighed easily 5kg of food consisting of rice, vege and chicken.
GYAAAAAAAAAAH, why can't people just eat their darned food
the way they're portions are served?

Yeah yeah yeah, that was just a rhetoric.
Of course I know why. Some people just can't
take that much food with their tummies. If it's that
it's understandable. But if it's a habit like a certain white guy,

But meh, they can afford it anyways. So why bother with angst right?
I'm sorta not so bad with people wasting food outside but when it's my own
family doing that very same time, it really drives all the way up to the brim of chaos.
So much so that I just wish I could spank them somewhere and scold them like a parent,
because seriously, they aren't acting like how matured adult people should behave.

But no worries, I'll be more ok with disposing off leftover food in the latter future.
I can't blame every single soul for not finishing what they can't do due to their given circumstances. But wait, don't we determine what happens with our lives with whatever
circumstances we have in life?

Either way, eating is a bit different from fate and destiny, so I guess maybe it doesn't count. But dang man, I just hate it when people just take a pack of rice, act like they like it when they opened up Pandora and had a clear visual of the hearty delight, take 3 bites, close it and just throw away.

DOOD, that 5kg can feed 20 cats I think. Those people might as just go kill kittens as their favourite past-time. I really hate wasting food, but wastage's is kinda inevitable in everything that we do so I oughtta just overcome this irritation of mine and get through with it. I can't be finishing everyone's leftovers. I'm only one person. How much food can one tummy hold really? Regardless even if s/he has a stupendous appetite.

So, if you recall
my previous post about
a certain Perfectionism,
I guess you could relate to how
I feel if you've been through the same
situation yourself.

But hey, at least you know now that you're not the only perfectionist, because everyone else is :D


209/365 Another Day

Flew past before me D:

Time moves at hyperspeed.
It's about time I realized that when I actually should have gazillion lightyears before.
But I guess I just wasn't raised with that sense of punctuality in time eh? Ohohohoh

I guess you could say today was one of those days where you went to class expecting something interesting to anticipate about in class but it yawned the soul out of you so much that you were literally counting sheep in class, begging for time to go pass faster so that the torment of sitting through unwanted education would come to an end ASAP.

Wasn't exactly boring I'd say. Just... yawney. I even skipped Lam Mei's presentation a bit. Gyah. And hers was kinda good too. Man, how could I? Oh well, I'm human. :(

I'm too lazy to wish for anything since wishing creates more shit in my life anyways. Ohohohoh. Remember, life is suffering. So go kill yourself now if you wanna be one with nothingness. Sound familiar? Of course. Check a dharma nearby today! :D

Pray? Pray huh? Hmm... nah. You know, I'm not such a keen believer in religion and everythign revolving it, but I do strongly stand by one single thought, the thought that God only helps those who helps themselves. For those who don't, well, let's just say fate does the job for them eh? Or maybe let destiny take it's way. Either way, giving up yourself to the unknown sounds like pure cuss to me since, if you hadn't known yet till today, we all always live lives knowing about the unknown ahead of us. Well, whydyathink w'all aren't bloody seers anyways? If everyone can see the future, man, imagine the jujus that's gonna come and take place. :D

Ok wait, I'm not really sure what that meant. But I meant it! Px
klskfhksdhghdjkkjfksjjgld. I think I shall turn in early today.
I think. *waves like a retard*

Friday, July 30, 2010

208/365 of Marmites and Whatnot.

Yeah, I was supposed to post this up yesterday but meh, I got lazy XP

A picture I took in the LRT on the way to see C.
I just liked the rich red there with the nice contrasting
shadow overcast.

But it's not a great picture. Duh.

I had dinner with my mom just now.
Then we went to Giant to go shop for a
doctor's toy set. Yeah, a doctor's toy set.
How often do you hear such a thing anyways?
So yeah I did.

I believe I mentioned Al-Fariz before no?
Yeah, I went there to makan again ohohohohoho.
If you chance to dine in there, be sure to try the naan special.
It's definitely a must try treat ^^

Oh, anyone ever heard of Marmite?
I know Bovril but not Marmite.
Anyways, I asked my mom outta curiosity
and she said it was beef stock.
Err.... ok then I looked up the net.
And no....................
It's not beef stock la. It's yeast extract
from beer byproducts that taste super salty with
a strong distinctive taste. Either love it or hate it.
It's somewhat of a British version of Soy Sauce.
Though, soy sauce tastes waaaaaaaaaaaaay better.
So yeah, I had Marmite Rice and Naan Special.
Nice day for my tummy. ^^

Oh yes, for those who need the notes for SEA Survey earlier,
Look it up in Facebook. It's in my photo album.
Facebook photo uploading has been much endearingly easier
with their new select or drag function similar to when
you open a normal document on Windows Explorer :D

Anyways, I gotta meet Sleepy in the morn. So I guess
I'll turn in earlier tonight? Yeapz.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

207/365 I flunked my class today D:

No shyt. Totally skipped it today :(

Not that I wanted to. My Cartoon Character Design class begins at 9.30am and I woke up at 10.45am. If I cycled there, I'd reach around 11am and the class will go on till about 12.30pm.

One and a half's hour huh? Well, to tell the truth, my work wasn't really done anyways because I fell asleep while working in the night. *sigh* So yeah, I kinda did decide to flunk the class.

Hm... I wonder if I missed anything important in class. But looking at what we're doing now in CCD, I don't think so since these last 4 weeks are all tributed to our final design project which is to design 4 characters in any direction we like as long as there're two sides opposing one another as we'll be creating a battle scene for them.

At most I think I'd just miss some new references shown in class. Well, I think. I donno lah. Nevermind, I'll be seeing Zhuo Yu on Monday so I'll make sure I show him extra stuff by then considering the extra time I have for not coming to class.

Oh yeah, to all you peeps whp went to watch Toy Story 3 together the other day. Well, if you're reading this. Remember Du Viet? That Vietnamese restaurant we wanted to dine-in but backed out because a lot of people were leaving for home already?

I dined in there today. With C :D Yeah, I flunked class today and still went for a date today. Kinda ironic huh? Well, yeah, I flunked because I was late, not because I was sick, and I didn't lie about it so... that's a different case altogether.

Anyways, Du Viet. mmmmmmmm Good. No Great food. Great Vietnamese food. I love the flavour. You should really check it out. I ordered traditional bun dry salad mee and man, it tasted awesome with the serving of peanut and fish sauce. I wanna go and eat it again :D But be prepared to pay about RM20 perhead? Yeah. C got some phuo or glass noodles in soup. So it's kinda like I ordered the dry and she ordered the wet. Overall, mine was waaaaaaaaaay better :D But hers ain't that bad. Fragrant rice vermicelli thrown in a carefully boiled soup of goodness with pure beef stock and minty goodness. That's a great taste to savour. Just one piece of beef put me off since it was literally a bloody beef. Maybe it wasn't cooked long enough inside the soup. Urgh.

Mine? Mine? I ordered some grilled lemon chicken with imperial spring roll bun. Damn, even my name sounds fancy eh? XD Anyways, if you're visiting Du Viet, I strongly recommend that dish. All the ingredients served are fresh and great, especially with the tang of pickle goodness in carrot form along with the rich and textury taste of finely crafted peanut sauce along with the variety of vegetables mixed inside. It's bloody awesome la. When you eat it, you'll know. Trust me. :D And I ate mine after I mixed everything altogether then eating it separately. Wait, howdahell would you eat mixed salad noodles unmixed? That doesn't make sense right?

fbjhsvalghjksdfhl I can still taste it in my mouth. Gyah, it's way better than my Chili experience since theirs were quality food compared to this magical dish of Vietnamese exquisiteness which were so rich in taste and tantalastic appetizing colours to literally nom at. *drools*

So Despicable Me. In 3D. The 3D wasn't much. If can watch the normal 2D one, I'd probably save a lot more money. But heck, it's for C and I anyways. Once in a while. So duncarelah. Just have fun ^^ I really enjoyed the whole satire of the show with Grue as the pilot to the whole plotline. He's.... my dream man lol. I wanna be an asshole like him XD but meh.... I couldn't afford it anyways. Need to loan from the Bank of Evil and deal with Vector in the orange pajama. Lol.

Overall, today's great. Especially after I managed to share my affectionate addiction to Rotiboy to my darling C and make the contagion spread through her vibes :D Now she knows why I love that lovely piece of heaven on earth so damn bloody much my gawd!

And yeah... KK, I wanna get back to my assignment. Managed to get some sleep just now so I shouldn't be sleepy. Shouldn't. I hope...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

206/365 Heeeeeey....

Yes. I stole your pics with my cam XD

Ergh, Mun Yee, why must your simple composition always
have to look so good. Dangit. I'll plagiarize your awesomeness one day!

And your visual sketches. ....
What else can I say? It's Mun Yee K-style drawings.

This is Alex's. Methinks. Yes. Very clean and neat artwork.
This one I really donno whose. Maybe Lydia's?
I'm not too certain whose style is this and I didn't ask. So...
It's Manly's lol.
Moving on.

Gawd, Manly, I have to study the way you look at foldings.
They are amazing. And the way you compose the blardy picture.

This should be Kowe's one. Nice gestures. Neat work.
Good depth.
Apparently this is Sleepy's sloppy work. The only piece even.
And it somehow magically swayed it way through the rummage
and stand glorified at the wall of fame. Hm. And he says that he put so much
effort in the other two too. The question of whether this was selected because
they were all sketches of full body becomes a hot topic here. Lol.

Hi, this is mystery anonymous. Nobody figured out whose was this.
Remember Kawada Mami drawing last week?
same person.

Anywho, most of you are aware that there are only 3 weeks to go until
the sem break right?
I donno la what y'all planning to do.
As for me. I just wanna go full throttle and
do the best as much as I can during this 3 weeks. :D

Well, Redang how? D:

Monday, July 26, 2010

205/365 Peeps Taking Digiphoto?

yeah, I'll post today's notes here. For other notes, just click the tags for Digital Photography at the list at the bottom later. But I don't think you should worry much about the exam. It shouldn't be too tough. Anyhow, remember to come in the morning yeah for all the afternoon peeps. If you don't read this, your loss. P:

Natural Lighting
Morning and Evening
morning lighting is light whereas evening lighting is darker.

-wrong timing to take outdoor photohraphs of people.
-photographs if landscape and building wiwll have high contrast and
-will also have higher blue content.

Mid-morning and Late Afternoon
-Colour apperas almost netural
-better highlights and details in architecture and landscapes
-less contrast in shadows

-The sun from behind your subject, casting in deep shadows
-increase highlight details
-a camera's autmoatic exposure control is not accurate
-increase the exposure.

Cloudy or Overcast
-Suitable for taking portraits
-Softer wwith more pastel tone
-Use faster ISO setting

Existing Lighting
-this term means taking pictures based on existing lighting without using a flash but the usage of a tripod is necessary.

Electronic Flash
-taking pictures in low light situations
-to use your flash effectively
a)ensure your subject is within 3-4 meters from the camera.
b) within your subject in an area not wider than 2.5 meters.
c) keep your flash higher than your lens.

Fill Flash
-Adds light to your image without affecting exposure settings

Bounce flash
-By using external flash e,g,e a DSLR camera mounted wiwth a horseshoe
-Bounce your flash off a wall or ceiling, when bothh will diffuse the light and your subject can be greatly distorted.
-Lights are evenly distributed.


Studio Lighting
Set the key light according to daylight direction
Whether you are taking photographs of a person or a product, you must eb aware of an important point - CONTROL
It should be controlled over LIGHT, MOOD, & THE LOOK - all the elements that come together to have a perfect photograph.

Artificial Light
-There are basically two different light sources available in studio liughting - tungsten and electronic flash
-Tungsten light provides continuous light. The studio electronic flash is many times more powerful than a camera's built-in flash. Both of these light sources have their disadvantages.
-Having good understanding of daylight or natural light is a good basis for learning studio lighting.
-In the studio, yo0u can use a wide range of light modifiers such as umbrella, soft boxes, gobos, scrims, diffusers. These will shape and direct light from electronic flash or tungsten light to obtain desired results.
-The key of setting up apprpriate studio liughting comes less from the dependence of the equipment and more from the ways a knowledgeable photographer uses these lighting equipment.
-Lighting control is the most challenging and personal rewarding aspect of working in a studio. If you understand about lighting, your are in total control of your photography.

Natural and Studio Lightings
Natural and studio lighting have the same general characteristics and behave in the same way. However, there are some differences. At outdoor locations we tend to look for right lighting.

Int the studio, we have to create the entire lighting with equipment and we also use different light sources to strike the subject from more than one direction. This provides us more choices than outdoor photography.

In outdoor photography, there is basically one directional source.
Whereas in studio, the subject is usually place in position first, then the lights are set up.
Deciding on what type of main light to use and where to place the subject in the position are the two most important decisions a studio photographer has to make.
Working with studio lighting is more complex than working with natural light. Because of its complexity, it will create unlimited number of opportunities for unique and creative results.
To succeed with good photography results, you must develop your own distinctive style. You need to learn as much as possinle about lighting and the use of equipment. Do it right and the rewards are enormous.
Once you decide on how to arrange the subject, you can begin to set up the specific lights that will deliver the desired results. The strategy here is to follow a process using each light in the following sequence to perform a certain function.
1. Main key light to provide the overall illumination, much like sunlight outdoors
2 Fill in light to control the density of the shadows produced primarily by the main light
3. Accent Lights to bring out details of the subject.
4. Backgrounds

As the process begins, the main light establishes the basic direction of lighting.
The addition of the backgroudn lighting gives the appearance of the background dimension.
When a reflectore is added as a fill light, the contrast of the picture becomes softer.
A seperation accent light further enhances depth in photograph.

Background Settings
Black velvet absorbs light.

Single and Multiple lighting Setup
Single light often creates drama and shows clearing a "single light direction"
Simple Studio Lighting
Most of the pricnciples of studio lighting are based on natural outdoor lighting.
Single Light
a)direct lighting
b)using a reflector
c)bounced light

Two Lights
a) main or fill in light
b)direct and bounced light

three lights
a)main light
b)edge light or accent light
c)background light.

three lights and sports grids
a)main lights (strip light)
b)90 degreses Edge Light with Spot Grids
c)45 degrees Edge Light with spot grids

*Just a reminder for everyone who reads my notes. Nothing is 100% accurate so if you ever feel a little fishy about any sorta content, be sure to look it up through the net yourself! Then if you think you wanna help others by getting me to change certain contents, then please lemme know of course ^^

Sunday, July 25, 2010

204/365 Energy. Focus.

I just finished watching Stick It. I was on the sofa. Then a sense of clarity came into me. Everything seemed clearer than before. I could feel all my senses working as one. Then my arms started moving to show the rythmic force.

It's unexplainable. I'm supposed to be feeling sleepy and drowsy right now. But it feels as though I just woke up from a good sleep. Did I just unlock something inside me? I donno, I feel weird. But strong and focused. My imagination becomes wilder, thinking about what my body can do. I can even feel it through my visions. Funny.

I'm probably... No, I'm talking gibberish now. Nothing makes sense to me now, but ironically, this is the first time I've ever felt so conscious over myself. So awake. So... in-control.

But regardless, I still need my sleep now. I want to try something. Do something. While I'm alseep. I wonder how it would affect me later when I rise from bed. Strange.

203/365 Man... what happened to the time?

I only know this. At first, I was at home after waking up from my comfortable bed after a good dream about C and I together. Then I rushed to Vivekananda Primary School in about 20 minutes with my bike, reached the place, welcomed by a teacher named Mrs. Rada, took some breakfast unwilling since she insisted and it ain't polite to decline good hospitality.

So I was waiting and we talking and I found out about an unrevealed religion in Malaysia called the Makai. I believed I heard Makai if it wasn't Mahai. But just to be on a the good side, I shall entitle it as Makai since..well y'know. Owh, and I was munching on a piece of Potato Bun.

Then it was time for me to give a talk on CPR. I covered DRABC and AVPU respectively, going through each part in detail making sure that everyone understood what I said, and did I mention that the kids there were wonderfully sporting? Anyways, by the time I ended, I never realized that I've already talked for an hour. Then it was over. And I went to the side. Then I called back in again to get a handshake in which actually came together with a secret envelope with RM50 enclosed within which I only knew after I touched down at Sunway College just to know that it was already 11am when i reached there upon leaving the school after cycling for about 30 minutes. So that meant that the distance from Sunway and Templar Road is about the same as the distance between my house to Sunway? Somewhat.

Then I ate some onde-onde. Practically nommed on like 7 pieces. Took my laptop out, FFTA'd for a bit and it was already 12.30pm. Then I went to collect food from the caterer along with the rest, put them down on the table, and the participants of the First Aid Course came, ate, and I waited for the leftovers as I continuously watched wastes get produced from my very eyes through unfinished noms left in the packs. Then I dined by myself. Finished the kuih from breakfast and cleaned up the area pretty much alone. Then, I packed everything onto the trolley, push it to the caterer only to find that the Tea Time's food's actually all done. So I took them back in two rounds and went another round again to refill the ginanimous piece of tin dispenser with tea and bring it back to the dine-in area at the canteen to see myself carrying things one by one up and down the staircase as I find the only inclined plane was blocked due to construction progress around the Sunway College foyer.

Then, I got more stuff, drank a few cups of tea, asked for chili, borrowed a mug, looked for a water spout, went back again to get a receipt, and one more time to pay up the bill, plus another time to return the chaffing dishes. And there was the simulation. And the next thing I know, the sky was dark, adn when I got home, it was 8.10pm. I just saw 14 hours of my life fllash through me. Is that wicked or what?

Well, anyways. Zen, some update for that website design thing. I'm sure you saw his website already so I don't have much to explain on that. I asked the quotations others gave him and for a really good job, lets just say he's prepared to pay about 100-200. But no guarantees. Well, if anyone's serious, he'd like to see either one of this, a proposal for his website, or some of your old great portfolios if not a completely revamped design just to blow his mind away with uber epicness. So yeah, help me tell'em please? ^^

If anything, you can e-mail Andy at
And yeah, have fun? P:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

202/365 Not Feeling So Useless

Today is one of those days I get the feeling that I finally did something right. It's a really enjoyable feeling really. Knowing that you did something right for once, it just beats all those previous torments in the past. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Feels great! :D

Oh hey, last time I intro'd ePSXe right?
Now I'll intro Visual Boy Advance 8D
I'm currently playing FF Tactics Advanced now and...
It's tonnes of phun! No really.
But if you've got another niche for gaming,
you can always try other cartridges lolz. Like... Pokemon? ^^

Anyhow, if you wanna find anything, just go Emuparadise. It covers ISO to emulators and everything you need to find to unleash the best emu gaming experience with your computer. But of course, don't blame emulators if y'know your com has sucky specs. P:

K, off to a bathe and sleep before I go teach CPR in a primary school after I wake up and brush my teeth. Lol.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

201/365 Starting Another Change That Might Not Work

But whatever, people always say it's the thought that counts right? :D

So anyways, I've always been thinking of the paradise of endless gaming without the need to worry about work, so I shall attempt to do that by bringing forward all my work and saving my gaming for the last savouring.

After all, victory is best served last right? Ok maybe I got that quote wrong.
Wait, is that even a quote? Bah, who cares anyways dghajkgfkasg.
Maybe it's save the best for the last. Lol.

Anyways, I got a presentation tomorrow and I need to show them good artworks that I like and stuff. It's a bit different for me compared to the rest in my class because... I don't really have a real source of inspiration, or more like someone I really admire and look up to. So.. I'll scour what I can from websites I guess. At the moment, I kinda like Tsuyoshi Nagano.

Cross my fingers?

make it happen!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

200/365 I'm loving Streamyx again

Yeah. Y'know after 2 months of internet deprivement, I think this Screamyx ain;t so bad after all. It being the way it is now but it's way better than uh... not being online.

And I can play RO again. WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Damn, I miss everything RO. Just got two elemental pikes for 760k. Pretty cheap XD

Well, I get my price updates from Ragial Of course, it only works if you're playing IRO servers. So yeah. XD

And blogging has never been so smooth since... Gawd.
I was so desperate back then I swear I would have just forked out the money from my note-scarce wallet to use Digi Broadband Prepaid plan and add that RM60 tab to my expenditure every month. Urgh.

Owh, and I read some really important lines just now from C's mail. Well, she mentioned about how I cope with my financial situation rhetorically I'm certain but well, given the situation that I already read it, I might as well just give it a try answering.

Money money money. I don't wanna think about it anymore frankly speaking. Well, not completely outta mah head. Just not so frequently so much so that it goes to the dire extent of stinging every single sen I can manage to save from my changes in cash.

I find that when I control my expenditure, I feel very... pressured, or stuck in a rut would be the more appropriate term I guess. I need a bit more freedom with my spending. And before anything, I must tell you that my idea to stinge actually comes from a sheer rise of greed within in order to save more so that i can afford more. Like for instance, I was planning to save up for a laptop but clearly, if I did that, my heart won't be at piece because there are just some things I have to spend on even when sometimes, it's not really necessary.

Those things, are what I call small rewards for myself. Something good for me, a luxury I afford once in a while, just to tell myself that I always deserve to be acknowledged for my own deeds. If I put enough effort into something, then I give myself a nice pamper of sleep or get a Choc Custard from Bread Story.

But that doesn't mean I always go over my expenditure. Well, not anymore of course, for the past 5 months I think? I'm given RM400 a month. And I make the most out of it. RM200 is mainly for my food consumption and I find that these 2 months, i've been spending a lot less on this part because i've been dining in at home more frequently. So that's a good, thing, but not necessarily healthy since they're just Quickburger lunches.

Ok, wait, I did overspend. Particularly this month because I got my new Cookie Fresh, in which is a major blessing to my life now since you just can't imagine how dreadful it was to own a phone that people can't hear you talking through the phone. It's so annoying. And my preference to all keys in one screen for messaging compared to my Samsung's many annoying shift keys to get the correct symbols which if you can't find, you have to open a list which takes quite some time in messaging. I mean, how long do you spend for a message anyways? Lets say you take 5 seconds to send a quick reply. I can only do that in 20 seconds. Sucks right?

So the overspending? I couldn't care less anymore. I just know it was a great relief to be released from the bounds of that phone. I had some sweet moments with it, but the reality being the bad memories outweighing whatever good it had just makes me loathe it so much I was on the verge of slamming it on the wall just to see it crush into pieces. But alas, I did greater evil by passing it over to my lil'bro, so that he could experience my curse while I had the phone. But no worries, he's fully informed. I hope.

Anyways, the extra saving I had in my account won't be much of use rotting there when the interest in the bank barely gives much anyhow in the first place. Might as use it a bit to make myself happy. I never make my account go below RM1000 unless really desperate. So now, currently I have about RM800 left.

I roughly count my expenditure every week. It's simple. Take out an RM50 note per week and see what you spend it on. If you have extra change at the end of Friday, carry it on next week and you can afford maybe some better food. Well, that's just what I do now. Starving myself ain't good for me. And me being prone to flatulence gives me all the more the reason to avoid starving myself unnecessarily.

And mind you I rarely finish up the RM50's in a week, besides a few special occasions. Like when I purchased my Pucchi and my phone. Or sometimes paying my sem fees in advance then claiming back from my dad. Or acquiring art supplies in advance and of course, claiming back what I paid for.

So yeah. That's how I spend. I'm probably gonna be doing the same thing after I'm working. Stinging too much just stinks. Well, unless if I can get some kick outta it, maybe I'd reconsider. XD

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

199/365 I shall explain the shittyness of my morning(s)

Since C asked anyways.

Ok, Monday morning, my bro's camera was practically screwing with me by not making visible the pictures contained within after like I donno, 7 attempts? Just to make things worse, it was already 1.25pm and my class was to start at I donno, 2pm? Yeah... well, printing matters aside in which I have to do by 1.50pm the least to pick the picture up in time for class.

Well, can't fully blame the camera. I already know it's retarded when it links with a retarded laptop (like the one I'm using now). Not saying it's too much a hassle to use since it plays Digimon World 2 on ePSEXe just fine and RO just nicely if the connection wasn't such a failure. Oh yeah, I only started the phototaking around 3am in the morning. So didn't I bring this up on myself? On second thought, yeah, I certainly did.

Anyways.................. This morning on the other hand... It wasn't so bad actually. Good thing I managed to figure out the problem. Well, it was 12pm and I'm like doing my Marker Visual assignment for the CG part so I was using my Photoshop of course. Then everytime I hit alt to pick a colour while my Brush tool is on, it picks colour on the secondary colour instead. I went like WTF and literally erupted into a giant explosion for like 10 minutes. Then I calmed down and thought about what I did. Then about 5 minutes or so later, I just clicked the secondary colour on the colour picker bar on the top right and tested again. And there. It was back.

I was on the verge of giving up on the assignment but well, guess calming down has its good perks at the right moments.

So yeah. I'm sure most of anyone who uses PS frequently already knows how to deal the above mentioned problem but me so blame my ignorance for it I guess. Or bah, blame nothing. Just deal with the mistake and go on.

Then, something magical happened in class. I was looking through the artworks posted on the wall in class. I saw Sleepy and Yaakob going to check'em out so I tagged along and saw...

this D:

I donno man. I didn't think it was that good until it got up there. But it was the first piece i finished last night so you could say this was the one I gave 120% focus on so that's probably why it looked much better than the rest? By the rest I mean like another figure drawing with unnatural hand gestures so says my dad and... well, my visuals this week aren't that great compared to my previous ones. And previous ones, I mean by the past 3 weeks only of course. I only started making dramatic improvement after I started applying everything Soon Seng told me during his critique session and dood, I never knew I could do what I did until I did what he told me.

Anyhow, I know that's not sublime nor perfect so I'd better start maintaining the standard now while I can still get up there. Now that I know my art can go up there, it sorta gave me a little confidence boost in my abilities. Guess I'm not so shitty with my techniques anymore?

But still, when I do a face portrait, I still can't achieve the effect like Sleepy's. Oh wait, I have his photos.

Now... this is art. You can see the blazingly flashing difference compared to mine and his. Oh yeah, Mun Yee had her visuals posted up for 4 weeks in a row already. What can I say, her art style always looks neat, pretty and for most part, simply beautiful to the eye.

Maybe. Just mayeb the heads are a big too big at times but just look at it! d jankgjhljkhkljhlas it just looks so good. Her portion, her understanding of human features and gestures. All top notch. But in terms of style, I guess I've gotta look for more discipleship under Sleepy and make him my mentor ohohoho. As for Mun Yee, I think I'll just steal her artwork and attempt to plagiarize her style. Eheh. Or maybe she just practice a lot with Korean faces, so maybe I should draw more Korean people?

Hm who knows.

So yeah, today's a rather interesting day. And we were doing a completely different turn from our usual visual assignments today. Instead of having given reference, we were given item topics to draw on and they were skull, rose and jewelry. SO yeah, we had to compose and stuff.

Oh yeah. Looks like the pictures I took are just nice for webviewing huh? I'm liking my Cookie Fresh moar already ^^ And... oh yeah. Did I mention I have a large tendency to be a hypocrite? Well, that's completely unrelated.

K jhfasklhes bye.

Monday, July 19, 2010

198/365 Urgh, shitty morning.

But let's skip all the discouraging disinteresting details shall we? :D

Ok, so, for Photography class today... I shall ctrl+v the notes here. Enjoy? OTL

Types of Lenses, Usage and Application.

Lens Elements and Image Quality.
-Simple cameras contain lenses which are actually comprised of several lens elements. Each of these elements aims to direct the part of light rays so that they re-create the image as accurately as possible on the digital sensor.

Lens Focal Length
- The focal length of a lens determines its angle of view and thus also how much the subject will be magnified for a given photographic position.
-Wide angle lenses have small focal length, while telephoto lenses have larger corresponding focal lengths.

Understanding Camera Lenses
-Understanding camera lenses can help add more creative control to digital photography.
-In this lesson, the aims of improving and understanding of camera lens which relate to image quality, focal length and perspective.
55mm lens (standard lens) good for no change of perspective
28mm lens (wide angle lens)
200mm lens (telephoto lens)

Lens Principles and Characteristics.
-Elements are individual pieces of glass (or plastic) designed to collect light rays reflected from a subject and focus them onto a sharp image on the film.
-A series of elements is necessary to:
a) correct for colour accuracy
b) retained sharpness from edge to edge and corner to corner, even at wide apertures.

Which Lens Should I Buy?
-Answering the question is quite difficul as each digital caemra manufacturer offers a lrage range of lenses of different qualities and budgets.
-And also each photographer shoots differently and has their own styles and preferences.
-There are different types of lenses that most manufacturers offer in the market.

Prime Lens (Fixed Lens)
-A prime lens is a lens that has one focal length only.
-They are becoming less popular in an age where photographers like to have the convenience of a range of focal lengths at their fingertips e.g. zoom lenses.
-Prime lenses are known for their image quality and bigger aperture opening.
-Prime lens can be a standard, wide angle or telephoto lens.

Standard Lens
-Traditionally on film cameras it was used to describe lenses in the 50mm range because this is what usually came with the camera.
-The focal length of a standard lens is about 50mm.
-Standard perspective as the human eye
- Minimum distortion

Macro Lens
-Quite the same as standard lens except a macro lens can focus to within few inches.
-True macro lens will produce images that are life size and enable you to get in incredibly close from the subject you're shooting.

Telephoto Lens
-Telephoto lens refers to the range of the lenses varying from 70mm to 500mm & above.
-Enlarge a subject in the same way that a telescope does.
-As the lens lengthens, the lens angle of vies becomes narrower and the greater is the degree of magnification.
-Depth of field becomes shallower.
-There is also a change in perspective.

Wide Angle Lens
-The wide-angles lens achieves an effect opposite to that of a telephoto lens.
-Shorter focal length and wider angle of view takes in more of its surroundings.
-Wide-angled lens increases the depth of field.

Super Wide Angle Lens
-This lens distort your image in a curved way to get more images. This can be used as special effects.
-Again this is a style of photography that needs knowledge and skills to get it right.

Fish Eye Lens
-At the extreme end of the 'wide angle' range are 'fish eye lenses' which even covers up to 180 degrees on certain angles.
-The traditional fish eye len is a 8mm lens. It normally gives a circular image and some even offer full frame images.

Different Ranges of Zoom Lenses
-can adjust in a variety of focal lengths.
-the advantage of the zoom lens is you are able to adjust the closeness of an image without changing the lenses of your position.

Zoom Lens Effects.
- Zoom lens enable you to create a special effect by changing focal lengths during and exposure.
-The effect work best with birghtly coloured subject set against a dark background.

Zoom Lens Effects and How They Work.
-Select a slow ISO setting(UISO100) and set your shutter-priority or manual mode.
-Choose a relatively slow shutter speed- preferably 1/8 second or slower.
-Simple PRESS the shutter button with one hand and TWIST the zoom through it focal range with the other hand.
-Using the tripod is a necessity.

Yeah. Next week's final submission for our final assignment. Not sure if can get any more 2nd chances if we screw up again so do your best? And uh, anybodeh knows any models? We need to enjoy raping them are having a fun photoshooting session on the last day in the photography studio so if you know anyone, let them know a little sooner? I know David said I know a lot of girlfriends. But naw, I don't. :D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

197/365 Dood. Only read this if you read 196.

Yeap. Toldja I was gonna do something weird.

And seriously, you won't get whuddahell I'm trying to point out here if you don't read the previous post. SO... well, if you don't want to read the previous post, anything lah, if you don't get it don't point your finger at me later :S

196/365 -Nameless-

I mean it.

Only read if you care to
read it withan open mind.

Well, just don't say I didn't warn ya...

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