Tuesday, August 31, 2010

241/365 Tanggal 31

Bulan lapan
Lima puluh tujuh
Merdeka merdeka tetaplah merdeka
Ia pasti, menjadi sejarah...

I remember how I used to love singing all the patriotic songs, and I'm still crystal clear with the lyrics
of Keranamu and Jalur Gemilang. Independence Days before my 18th year always seemed so
enjoyable. But after the beginning of SEA Survey, a class I went through before the month of
August, I started to see the truth in things, and Malaysia isn't what we really think it is.

What we do is always wrong. What they do is always right. So biased right our government?
That's a line I read from my friend's blog and y'know what, I couldn't agree more with her 'cause
it's true. What things we, as citizens try to set right for our beloved Malaysia, is wrong in their eyes
whereas whatever it is that could protect their own backs and allow them to sneak some stash into
their own pockets, they'd go to the extent of burning out someone else as sacrificial lamb and deed
in the name of National security.

I'm sure you guyz read or heard about the great Namewee outbreak. Do you think what he did
was wrong? If what he did was wrong, then what about that teacher that insulted us Chinese? Of
course, we all want peace and we respect all other races, but how could a great figure, so greatly
associated with the whole Malaysian educational system like the Guru Besar do such a shameful
thing as condemning a race like us with such wrought accusations and asking us to leave?

If she owns Malaysia, yeah, maybe I can understand. But guess what, if she owns a piece of
Malaysia, we all own a piece of Malaysia with us as well. So what's with the racist statement
calling us pendatang and the whole removal of all sources of Chinese direct contribution to the
Tanah Melayu's kingdom of old? Why so afraid of the truth? Why hide it from the newer generation?

And reading Namewee's blog, I found a new perspective within him about our country, and about
him for most part. When I first heard of him, I always thought he was one of those people with
virtually nothing else better to do but create ruckus in Malaysia to get attention. But no, he's in fact
a well-educated young chap who understand the constitution enough to get back at those who
defame the very laws we live by to date. So if you really think what he did was wrong, then you'd
better start digging deeper because if the surface gives you laughs, wait till you penetrate into
the dense complications that happen within our country. And this... Namewee sees. And he's
merely trying to do good for our country. Maybe vulgar. But look at his honesty and raw boldness.
He doesn't twist his words around and just gives you the raw information he wants his viewers to
deliberate on. Unlike the open media and politician, who changes the tongue according to
situational changes and give us a picture of what they want us to see in the big picture.

Well, there's just one thing I want to remind y'all to do when you hear anything form the news or
whatsoever. You can believe what you will, but always make sure you've got proof to backup your
belief. So just remember to see with you heart, not with your eyes. Listen with your mind, not
with your ears. And last but not least, speak with your soul, not your mouth.

And this concludes today's Merdeka post. I'm vague with the intentions of our government making
the ad about us Malaysians having to blur the lines and break the barriers because we're all
apparently to vibrant to be defined by colour. I mean, yeah, I like the ad. But it's such a perfect
satire to the entire political situation in Malaysia dontcha think? Haven't seen the ad? Just wait
for a tv commercial break @ 8TV and I'm sure you'll see that ad.

Cheers all.
Avoid politics if you can
But the longer you ignore it,
one day, it'll come back haunting you
with an immense amount of pain along.

Take care.

240/365 What I did today.

Work at Lunchbox today felt rather short somehow. I went back around 5.30pm but I clocked out
sharp at 5pm. Well, I was uploading my photos to my laptop and knowing how my laptop just runs as slow as the snail it already is, and the fact of it being a 5-year-old computer doesn't
make things any easier. So after a while, it did finish. Thank goodness.

I joined the rush around 12pm, which was when I was called to come in, but anyways, just after
about 15-20 minutes later, boss told me to grab some pictures while the rush isn't so aggresive,
so to the kitchen I went with my brother's thrusty DSLR in hand. So yeah, I was practically 
shooting till 3PM until when I noticed, it felt less than an hour. I guess that's just how fast time 
flies when you get so many things done in the pictures. I mean, I took easily 200 photos today, 
but out of all, I only chose 64 good ones. If you wanna view it, feel free to ogle at these tidbits.

It's part of my photo album on Facebook by since I uploaded it into a group page, they should 
visible for as long as you have a Facebook account. ^^

And... yeah. Besides that, have you all wondered why we all Facebook all the time?
Maybe it's it's just because we got Facebooked* so many times on our face!

*refers to Facepalm.

O yeah, before I forget, if you're a blogger like me, and you've always been using the old text
editor, you can update it by simply going to your Settings and simply scroll all the way down
until you see the Select Post Editor part. Then just hit the updated text editor and voila, you've
just updated your Blogger software XD

A thousand kudos to Zen for sharing this amazing secret with me. (I'm outdated, I know)
See? Told you he's a nice guy! :D
Yeah.... Bye.

Monday, August 30, 2010

239/365 Voices.

We all know we have different voices echoing through our roots.
Our souls is filled with vibes that speak into our mind, whispering 
when we aren't really listening. And for most part, this voices are 
always part of naught, something we call the unknown self.

Though, it's a spectacular occasion when you realized that you have a voice. 
A voice to speak up to. A voice to ward of harm, and to invite in joy. After all, 
a voice is there to be heard don't you agree?

I just found a new voice. Maybe and old voice of young. But I just found that I have
 it. So dubbing it new would bring some sort of relevance at list, since I never knew
 I had it till a few eiphanic moments ago. It's a rather queer thing to realize you had 
something all along, and it takes you so long just to realize and fully understand that 
you own that certain ability. And sometimes, we just wish we'd realize it a bit sooner. 

Yes, we all sometimes wish for the things to happen sooner.

But know that realization only comes after an epoch of related events that triggers like a 
detonator and explodes to your mind like bombards of ricochet hitting you from zounds of 
directions. And then you come to understand that certain things just aren't meant to be 
revealed to soon, in which it requires a certain time, a perfect moment to conduct it's 
surreal magic to us. If not, then it'd be nothing more than a mere passing thought through
your intensively electrified brain.

 The magic extends to the farthest reaches of our minds. It evolves our principles. Evokes
 grander imagination. And for most part, sparks the lights for further course of actions.

Ever wondered how a wind leaf sways with the gusts and people start to utter the word, "beautiful?" Or maybe the sight of a wet cuddly cat reaching for whatever food there is to 
feed it's growling insides for the need to survive only to tell you that humans aren't the only 
one trying to survive.

But it's funny. We humans have everything. So why do we choose to survive when we can choose to just live? We have so much. All of us to use and exploit for beneficial use. But yet, 
we all choose to survive when we know we can already live with firm steps in a strutting move.
Why are people so stubborn? Why do people want to be such egos and hurt others with words
sharper than dagger? Why the need for ego to exist in the first place?

Either way, it doesn't matter. As long as we keep looking forward, good things will happen, and
our day's would've never been merrier. This maybe be a post out of random manies. But take it as a little food for thought and digest it well. After that, then maybe you can try to understand my
written words above.

Till then, keep on looking forward for yourself. Wherever it is,  never lose faith of a bright future, because the skies will always turn from bue-hues to volour, and the sun will rise again to welcome the great day aheadl

Saturday, August 28, 2010

238/365 Pasar Seni date

Yeah. Finally got to go to Pasar Seni with C today. Honestly, I thought there were more things I
could show to her there, but I guess different sets of eyes looks at intricate surrounding details
differently. So.. if I were alone there, I'd spend more than 2 hours just looking through all the
endless rich culture and fake culture you can find there.

For her... uh.. erm...
The tour practically ended in less than half-an-hour @_@
Or maybe I'm just a pretty lousy tour-guide huh.

But!!! We went three trips to the Singaporean Just-A-Cup shack.
I believe it was Just-A-Cup. But oh well, if C's reading this and if she
knew it was wrong, she'd correct it for me anyways.

3 trips, but only 2 cups bought eheh. We tried the Coral Blue and honey dew flavour.
Not bad I guess. About 4.90 a cup. Though, what really fascinates me the most was the
cup roller machine that sticks the clear plastic on top of a mountless cup just like that :O

It's really cool I tell you. Really!

Oh, I kinda lost my direction a bit at Pasar Seni when heading to the Central Market annex.
Instead, we all kinda took a supra long detour around Petaling Street when we don't even
need to, lolololol.

Before the date, I was waking up to the sound of my alarm, said something to my mom, got
a cup of water to drink, went back to sleep, and this time I got up after hearing a ringing from
my phone, only this time, it wasn't the alarm, but my ringtone. Someone's calling you see. And
it was from the merchant who was about to sell me his Samsung G2 for RM180. That's the best
price I can find in lowyat.net so there was no reason for me not to get it since I really do need a
External Hard Drive urgently. So we met at Giant KJ half an hour's later, I got back, finished up
the menu I did for Lunchbox yesterday until my com fucked itself and turnedd off automatically
again and nou, I never got to save my files after 2 hours of works.

Naturally, I screamed the hell outta my frustration. And pursued again with the progress.
Finished around 1.30pm, only to find C smsing me that she'd be meeting me at Taman
Bahagia around 2pm, and to make matters worse, i've not even taken my bathe yet, let
alone have lunch. So I quickly turned off my laptop while munching on my food, kept it
and watched time flew right past me until it finally reached 1.55pm, finally finished with
my last mouth, then go straight into the shower, got out, took my clothes, misplaced them,
grunted a little, cursed, then found them back in the same place where I took them, quickly
got dressed and cycled to Taman Bahagia only to find C sleeping while leaning against the
side bar. And it looked like her but not like her at the same time. So I was torn between
giving her a nudge or letting her be. But meh, I nudged her anyways by blowing at her ear
and she woke up and yeah, that was C alright.

Wow, from 9am to 2.30pm just like that.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna help someone promote her writing blog even though she never asked me
to, so peeps, check out MichS's blog after this post kay? Remember to read thissssssss!!!
No, seriously, she's really good with her writing. So please encourage her to write more yeah :D

K.I bai for now.

Friday, August 27, 2010

237/365 Break?

Yes, a real break :D

Someone's filling in for tomorrow.
Heard she works there once a week only.
So give her la. I think I had enough pay for the time being.
And it's closed on Sundays so... yeah.

After all, I need to give my feet some good rest.
Standing and walking around for 8 hours is only
equated in one and one thing only.


So yeah. Well, lookie here, I'm making so many orphans now.
Ugh. If Aye_Cheeng $@\/\/ D|$ |'/\/\ S|_|r3 $[-]3'll |C33L /\/\3. :D:D:D:D

Anyways, I still find my boss very... nice XD But really, working in Lunchbox has
really been a great experience to me. And he's even offering me the part-time when
my class begins. No promises for him, but I'd like to help out again if I could.

After all, it's been a while since I've felt so of use to anyone :)
Well, if you're not looking for a part-time job, try coming to
Lunchbox for lunch. It's a great place to dine in. No really,
I mean, yeah, the interior's a bit shabby but disregard it
'cause the food's amazing. I always thought the rice was
always given stingy but now when I served and see the rice
always left out and the meat only consumed, I can see why
they did that. Or maybe it's 'cause the meat's so filling, most
of the time, people can't finish the rice. :O

Oh yeah, yesterday, my boss gave me another moment of inspiration again.
But I guess I'd say it's more like a notion that allowed me to give more sense
of respect towards him, as he said, "when I tell you to do something, try your
best to focus on it, like when you have a delivery on hold, handle it first even
when there are customers waiting, but you can go give out the menus first,
just don't serve them first. However, don't always follow what I say, because
what you have to do all depends on the situation."

Yeah. Dood. Who wouldn't respect someone who'd say something like that and
actually put actions through his words? Meh, I know I would. :D He's really an
example for us to follow man. After all, the current premise he's having now is
his 3rd outlet already, and he shifted from food courts till that diner that's located
just behind Sunway within 2 years. Pretty admirable achievement eh?

Well, if you think that's admirable, just try working 4am-1am everyday.
It's like... he finishes sometime around 11pm, plus clearing and everything,
goes back around 1am. Then he sleeps and starts again at 4am. Man, that's
3 hours of sleep a day. I know I'd fall if I went on like that.

And he's got so hardcore supporters that even students from Sunway made a
site survey project by delivering Lunchbox food all over Sunway for a period of
one week. Just how awesome is that huh? He aims to franchise after about 2
years. I don't think that's impossible at the rate he's going. He's got good workers
and constant flow of customers. Even during slow days, like today, we got easily
15 heads. 15 x about RM10, roughly, that's enough to cover for a day's expenses
for opening the premise and to pay up for daily electricals and whatnot.

Though, I have no idea how much the rent of his premise is. Forgot to ask P:

SO... imma doing some stuff to decore the interior of the premise for my boss.
I'm doing it for free of course haha. I'm not really fond of the idea of charging
someone for my unrated quality lol. Which is why I'm just doing it for the sake
of doing it. After all, if my artwork gets displayed there, it's an honor to have it
placed there. In another perspective, isn't it something you call self-advertising?

KK, I think I shall Mart now. I mean I shall stop. Bai.

236/365 The Perfect Hoax

Ok, maybe near to perfect since C totally fell for it. I didn't really intend for it to happen but meh, since Phaylure, Chun Hou and Man Man Fai Fai was there and they were so intrigued with my
phone, I allowed them to try the messaging. By messaging C to be exact. I must admit that I was
a bit excited in finding out C's responses but after thinking back, playing around like this isn't very
nice to her. And C, being the sensitive person she is gets emotionally plundered very easily. But
looks like my ego got the best of me and I wanted to see how strong her love for me was.

At the same time, they were all desperate single men so... I just thought I'd give them a glimpse of
how having a girlfriend is like messaging and.. uh stuff.

Hey, it's not like I don't know how much she loves me. I do. She loves me more than herself. I know
that. And she loves me so much that it pains her to realize that she's to be with a guy like me, who
deserves a completely better person compared to her.

But the problem is this. I don't want anyone better. I think she'd suffice because by far, I think she's
already the best, and I'm done looking for a soulmate. I wasn't looking for one anyways when we got
together look and look at how far we've been together ever since?

Anyhow, we're 20 days away from our anniversary. So I'd better make sure I'm free on that day.
Donwanna miss something so important. Especially after this working up this stupid thing with
my friends.

Hate. Ever heard of me using that word verbally or in text? Maybe, but you hardly hear that from me.
One thing is because I don't intend to hate anything and never want to hate anything else. Because
the only thing I can hate it myself and nothing else. Because there's nothing wrong with the world,
for most part, it's just my problem with the world. Our problem with the world.

Regardless, I find hate a very strong word to use, compared to fuck or any other figure of
expression. Because saying I hate you and saying fuck you makes things sound very very
different. And I never want to mean it. So I avoid using the word as much as I possibly can.

So whatever it is, to make C say
Blardy motherfucker.. Tiu you,whoever is reading this.. including you Osla.
must mean that I've made her worried so much to the extent that she'd say something she
normally wouldn't say. I mean, I laughed at the reply for a few moments. But after that, I just
realized how stupid the whole thing was and well, yeah. So C, sorry about that. But whatever
it is, you showed'em boys that we had something very strong holding us both together, and
some efforts to shake us up will do nothing to our love.

I love you C.

Oh yes, I've been meaning to share this line I found in David Lebovitz for quite some time now, so
I shall do so now. He said:

If you have something to say, if you’re doing it with the right intentions, I don’t see any reason not to use one’s real name. Because when you leave commentary, if you’re going to say something that affects someone’s business, you should do so with conscience. If you have a problem with a company or service, contacting the company first is a good way to find resolution. -dl

And I think what he said doesn't just apply on businesses, but practically anything you can leave a
comment on. So yeah. Basically, people who do things anonymously are either avoiding their public
responsibility through confrontation or too cowardly to face reality head on. Yes. I mean they're like
chickens. Of course not including those who use anonymity because they don't have an online
account or anything. But still, you can always leave your initials or something to let yourself be
identified. Like when David comments, he uses dl and as for me, I just go for OC.

What's so hard about being true anyways? Why hide yourself when you can show the whole world
that you actually care for what others do and want to help make them better? I guess most people
these days are just too afraid to leave their comfy bubble and allow themselves to experience life
online. In which makes them lifeless people on the net. Because there is no identity. Just anonymity.

Klah. I think I'll stop here for now. Ciao.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

235/365 10 Hours

Working part-time. Heh. Man, my feet sure feel sore from all the standing and walking. I did
sit, but I could bte it was no more than 30 minutes totaled up since I literally insisted on myself
to be a good worker for a good boss like mine and not curi-tulang at all lolz. The only time I sat
was when I had something to munch on, aka, workers's eating break. So yeah. I'm such a hard
worker lolz. Maybe I should have stole a few moments or two to rest my legs lol. But pfft, such
is my ego.

Man, never had a bathe that felt so good for such a terribly long-time. I guess I feel like I really
deserve a good rest for my hard work. So to speak, yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself. Not to
mention I never stopped smiling in front of the customers. And oo yeah, that pretty girl was
there again. I was tempted to say "you really have a pretty face," but meh, I don't know her
and I'm working, so I think it's better if I don't. I'd bet my boss'd think I'd be trying to hit on
a girl during working hours lol and he'd totally fire me upside down for it hahahah. No really.

Oh and hey, Davion. Yeah you. You make a great customer! And an awesome friend toos.
Thanks much for choosing Lunchbox over other premises. And you left on time too! So no
overtime for me and my aching feet. Hahahah. And no, since you know that I'm working
part-time now, I'm gonna have to kill you not going to be able to go for Asaban even
if you invited me gazillion times. Well, unless if I'm free then, like no part-time shift then and
my feet aren't so sore, yeah, I'd love to hang out with you and Zen lol. After all, I only have
2 weeks break anyways. So better take this chance to have more time with friends as much
as I can. And the extra pocket money I'm getting from my part-time would allow me the
expenses for going out. So yeah. But I'll remind myself not to spend too much anyways.
After all, I'm such a stingy bastard. Muahaha. Yeah C, remind yourself when you read this.

As for tomorrow's shift, I'll be there from 5-9pm so I already told my mom not to cook
for me since a bowl of what I ate earlier was more than suffice to make me feel full lolz.
Yeah. So, Chen Soon, I guess I'll be seeing you guyz after 9pm? Gonna be at the pasar
malam pretty late. Heh. Or maybe I won't come at all P:

Hmm... maybe I should finish up the leftover vege. They'd spoil if left past 3am so... yeah.
I've seen enough food thrown into the trash can today so... I guess I'll save whatever I can.

K. Bye :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

234/365 Efficient Use of Resources.

Hahaha, I literally laughed at that statement when my boss told me that like
while I was busy putting stickers on the meal packaging boxes. I mean, he's
right, he made the workers do these things called extracurricular activities
when we don't have to wait any customers at the tables. Usually happens
during post-peak hours of course.

I also commended him for the strategic choice of location to set up his premise.
But quickly came back with," no, it has to be at the right place, at the right time
and the right attitude." And just because he said that, I like my boss even more
right now. Hey, not everyone can answer stuff like that so encouragingly like he
does. So give him credit okay? Oh yeah, did I mention I have a pretty lady boss?

So far, working at Lunchbox has been lotsa fun and though, I did get a few
fires from here and there, rest assured it's for my benefit along with theirs,
so it's a mutual thing going eheh. After all, less mistakes from me means less
fuss and less money wasted. Right?

Oh, tomorrow, I'll be having a full shift, so I'll be going on all the way till 9pm
tomorrow. You know what's funny about this? I know it's just an offer for a
full shift on my 3rd day, but why do I get this feeling like I've just got promoted?
Yeah... that sorta feeling. But I wouldn't let it go too much to my head of course.

Well, I'm still roughing up some ideas for what to do for their illustration piece.
After all, I wanna make it a good one instead of something they'd say... maybe
or a down to earth no to. So I'll take my time, but I got one idea to kickstart the
process already, so I'll be doing just that later on tonight. I got my nap anyways.

Just to make sure I don't forget, you know how the jobs in P4 (assuming you've
played it as you read this) gives you a boost in diligence everytime after you go
for your shift? I'm starting to believe that the effects are true, and though maybe
not all sorts of jobs, but hey, if you're going for a job, it already shows that you're
putting more effort, so that's a good thing right? And yes, so to speak, I feel more
hardworking and diligent lately, but for most part, when I'm at the premise, 'cause
I just really feel... useful there. Unlike in college when you do assignments and people
knock you out with some hurtful comments sometimes in hopes that you'd improve.
It just makes you feel worthless when you just can't seem to get anything right. I think
you'd understand this sucky feeling if you've been through all the college dramas. Heh.

But when you're working, even the simplest things matters. And people appreciate
you for it. So if you think part-time jobs are gonna take away all the free time you
have during your break and make you lethargic during your holiday, I'd firmly say
think again. Because going for a job, means to commit yourself to it and giving
yourself a chance for something new. So I really don't get why people are really
fussing so much about getting a part-time job with their list of to-do's and giving
up complaints about how short on cash they always are, which in fact doesn't
matter much because they aren't even trying to get more cash for themselves.
Either way, everyone's got their own things to think about I guess.

And I've been noticing something about myself whenever I'm working.
My smile is always up and I really feel comfortable working there. :)

Okiezay, I'm off folks. Sayonara P:

233/365 First Day At Work

Where else?

Lunchbox of course! :D

Honestly, I was really thinking of giving my focus on the illustration assignment they were
about to gimme. But meh, when I reached there, they were in a bit of a rush and just got
me started with the whole part-time thing lol. I mean I was prepared for it, but never knew
it's happen like, immediately after I arrived lol.

But when it hit the peak hours, man, I surely undertood damn well how much it meant to
have enough waiters serving the tables. Really, messing up the orders is just crazily easy
to do. Though, the Lunchbox system of ordering is pretty intriguing, and I like it.

Sadly, I won't expose it here since it's a staff secret :P

Yeah, wonder all you want. I still won't tell you. But if you wanna know, there's only one
way to it, and I'm certain you already know the way. Work there of course. Ohohoho.

O c'mon, a part-time job ain't scary at all, really! Well, unless if your boss suddenly decides
to unleash his/er full hidden anguish upon all physical beings around him, which most likely
won't happen during you whole working experience, but hey man, everyone gets angry
at one time. Just let them release their steam. I'm sure as heck you'd want people to do
the same for you when you're angry to, so do your part!

Either, if your boss is mad at you, he's sure mad at you for a good reason, so don'tcha
retaliate against him/er, especially when you know you're wrong 'cause you made
mistakes, and mistakes for food premises means more costs to pay up, so you're
directly contributing to their loss, not to mention they're still paying you your salary.
So geez man, do them justice for even hiring you already!

Anyways. Today was really fun. I never knew working in a table-waiting restaurant
could be so much thrill and fun. I know I made some mistakes and I'm sure as hell
gonna do my best to make the mistakes count to zero during my next day because
really, I've got really nice employers and nice employers deserve nice employees
for being so nice. So lets not be such a dick to their business already (refers to self)

The bustling in-outs of the crowds, the loud chatter in the simplified reality, the hectic
order taking, the mind-boggling order entanglements. They were all really.... kewl.

In a way. Heh.

Though, I have a confession. I met this customer and she had this most beautiful

face ever When I work there, it didn't feel like I was working for the pay. Instead...
I was just working... for the sake of working. More like, just to experience what work
is like and be sincere with the job. It wasn't really about the pay in the first place.

Frankly speaking, I asked about the pay and whatever else extra privileges we get as
staff just to make sure my mom's not too worried that I'm being bought off by a cheap
scumbag of a stingy boss. But to be honest... I really just work there because...

They asked for help and I don't mind helping?

No really, it's true. :D

So yeah, there ya have it.

Owh, and I have this quote to share with y'all today. It's from a Malaysian reality
tv show surprisingly. If you heard of Digi : The Next Level, than maybe you might
be familiar with the line, "if you're not executing it right, you're not getting the job done."

So this is a reminder for everyone alike, be it student or staff or self-employed or
whatever. Aliens even. Make sure you do your job right and not sloppily because
your heart is always very honest in telling you whether you really did a satisfactory
job or not. And if you actually did, that's how the great sense of success stimulates
your vibes and allow your to enjoy the subtle taste of victory.

Speaking of quotes, I forgot to insert this in the baby dumpling post before, so I shall
bring it up here. It's a line from 10 Things I Hate About You, aired on 8TV every Thursday
at 9.30pm. It says, "y'know, dad always told us how guyz'd disappoint us after getting us
pregnant but... he never really told us how guyz can disappoint us in other ways..."

Yeah, girls aren't the only bitches around besides life. Guyz can be bitches too. And a real
pain in the arse sometimes. So when you allow your children to go out dating next time, don't
just educate them about the sexual part of it, but also let them know a bit or two about emotional
defense and how to protect themselves from being stabbed in their heart spiritually. Because
it makes all the difference.

I'd rather lecture my son or daughter with that whole bunch of bullshit than having her commit
suicide the following day just because they fall out of love. So what say you?

P/S: Me witnessing the most beautiful face is a real experience lol oddly enough. I mean,
she had a really nice Asian face with all the nice facial proportions that makes her face so
dramatically subtle with flavour and youth. Eyes that'd molten your body if she ever locks a
gaze on you. But meh, the whole time looking at her, it just kept reminding me more about
C and how perfect she is being who she already is. I love C after all.

I guess that's the difference between people who's loved by someone and love that person
back in return since people who have yet to experience that usually feel empty somewhere
inside the many loopholes in their hearts. And I get that, since I went through that crap anyways.

Okies, that'd be all for today. Ciaoz~

Sunday, August 22, 2010

232/365 Well Lookie Here.

I think some of you might remember
these tickets from our trip to Melaka-
Kukup 4 years back after our PMR
ended and lotsa free time for us. Yes,
just look at the bunch man. A lot
right? Well, that's what happened
after I asked around when everyone
was busy at the arcade at A'Famosa
Carnival. And who'd have guessed
that they'd actually give them to me
after I asked around. But given the situation at the time, people were
already going back to their
apartments due to curfew,
so I guess the convincing part
wasn't all that hard for me ^^

P/S: never knew I could align the words and pictures together like this with blogger lol.

So hey Penthius, you and your friend still want'em? Or Zen, I heard you might be going to
Melaka. Wanna use them up? Well, assuming your destination stop allows you to stop by
A'Famosa Resort of course. Ohohohoho.

Oh yes, which reminds me, I was talking to one of my friends really awesome lil'brother
and dood, he was like the epitome of awesome awesomeness. His sis was one of my
while I was still in 3BR but funny how he ended up in SMKDJ instead.

Well, during the conversation, he'd more than often describe his sis as... donno, a study
Don't see any harm done by being a study freak. After all, it just means that she
takes her
education really seriously. Either that or she has some really deep intrinsic
motivations to
perform better. Most likely to be trying to make her family proud, or
maybe trying to earn
a decent living for herself and prove that she doesn't need
people's help to be great.

Her bro on the other hand... Well, he described himself as different. But I don't see him as any
different as many other teenagers I see these days. Especially those who're in America with all
their hormonal rage from time to time, desperate to get rid of their virginity or somehow, their
pride would get hammered down like a nail. So yeah.. he's sorta like that. But look at the bright
side, at least he was really honest about himself. Though.. I couldn't tell if he was joking or the
deal was actually real.

I told him about the things I knew about sex, and from the sound of his first-time experience
he seems to be in an awful lot of darkness when he comes to sex. Well, ignoring the fact that
he enjoys looking at his thing enlarge by 25% its original size when aroused and feeling excited
about it. Which kinda guy doesn't have an erection like that when their aroused anyways? Well,
lets leave the ones with erectile dysfunction out of this ok
? They've gone through enough sexual
frustration methinks.

He was a big fan of safe sex, and I was a inclined towards the hate clan but y'know, I still
rationalize about it from time to time, but my best conclusion is always to still avoid it until
marriage. Yeah, sure, sex is a whole load of fun when we do it for.. uh fun. But lets not skip
the consequences of having this so-called "safe" sex now shall we since we all pretty much
understand that sex isn't safe. At all. Safe sex, unsafe sex, not much difference really. In the
end, it's still sex which ends with an ejaculation and if that's done within the girl's downstairs,
then there's a big issue, regardless if you had condom on or not for either side or whether
you had spermicide with whatever else contraceptive you can think of. Form 3 Science has
taught us that no contraceptive is 100% effective, all but abstinence. Yeah, and I'm pretty sure
you understand the whole idea of abstinence if you've already sit through the No Apologies
program which was taylor-made for middle schoolers like us when we were Form 3.

So ok, he had his first lip peck when he was 9. But uh... does a lip peck really count as a kiss?
And dood, isn't a kiss supposed to be loving and everything? If it doesn't, doesn't it just feel
like a rather disgustingly wet smooch over your face? Well, donno about you, but if you've
experienced a kiss before, I think you might understand where I'm coming from.

Anyways, talking about abstinence. That word has been really hype in the papers during
these few weeks, especially after the "sudden" spike of baby dumping cases which I find
pretty interesting to think about since, as we all know, cases like this has been happening
all the time but why only now does the government make it such a big issue? Screw sexual
sensitivity for now. It's just quite clear that they aren't doing a thorough job with our country.
If not, why only bring this up now? Does it always require something to happen like dumping
babies for a headline like this to pop-up or should we be given early sex education during our
childhood to date? So the interesting trivia about this is that we'll hopefully be able to bring
a couple to epiphany with each dying baby. Quite the theory eh? So if we let this go on for
another 200 more babies, maybe 200 couples would realize this and scrap the whole idea
of having sex. But I guess by that time, the government would already be imposing a death
penalty to whoever it is who murders aka dumps their babies to die. So how, more people
who do this just die and not get another chance to learn from the lesson?

I read the papers and I found this one interesting article about Marina Mahathir talking
about the whole issue, and I must say I agree with her opinion. She stood by her ideal
that sentencing baby dumpers to death ain't the right way of doing it and there are a
few reasons why. These poor teenagers wrought with their impeccable sins are the
results of the sexual taboo we have around here which goes alongside with the very
irresponsible families we have these days. Sure, educate them right, but they always
somehow miss out one important point of the whole education idea, the sexual part of
it. Big confusing questions for teenagers to answer for themselves and let themselves
evolve sexually from there through freedom of choice. Very responsible eh? Bullshit.

So yeah, if that person decides to be a gyneacologist and help save women around the
world, the family'd be proud and, when I say proud, I mean like publicly self-lauding
about their family's teaching system and whatnot but on the other hand, if their children
grow up into sexual assailants or sex slaves, they push the full blame on them and disown
them whilst forgetting the fact that the whole thing began because those irresponsible parents
didn't give them proper education about it in the first place. So who's fault is it really? The youth
for being able to access information anywhere and whenever they want due to globalization or
the parents for knowing this fact for gazillions of year and not doing their job in guiding them?

Or lets take the even easier way around. Lets blame globalization. Ugh, good grief.

Oh yes, lets not forget the jarring fact that most of all the baby dumping cases were
all believed to be done by Malays? Don't worry, I'm saying this now because Marina
brought it up as well. So I think this should be brought to light after being left in the dark
for so long.

But truthfully speaking, it's not really that weird to accept that fact to me because
Malays so far really have that obsessive compulsive super taboo going on around
their households which is rather unfortunate. And yet, I see these same people leaving
their children to learn from the streets and still let them get away all the time by blindly
protecting them from the proper education called caning in which they deserve and
dubbing it parental love. Astounding aye? Well, welcome to Malaysia.

But Kudos to the Hindus for being open to sex since sex for them, is a whole new
different idea since their sacred texts contain numerous scripts about how sex
is portrayed through the many stories shared by their Gods epics. Like the Shiva
Linggam and the Lingga Yoni. And guess what, they might even be the ones who
started the kama sutra. Oh wait, it did come from Hindu origin.

Chinese people... Well, they don't really talk about it at home. But the more modern
ones are doing so. People like me. But not mah family members ironically. I still find
my mom amazingly hesitant to talk about it to me whenever I bring it up.

But I'm missing another point here. All modern open-minded families talk about it
these days. I donno man, if I had children, I'd rather they learn about whatever sexual
knowledge from me rather than their peers, or even worst, the net. Especially if it
happened to be displayed on Wiki 'cause when you Google sex stuff up, the links
are practically all over the place with things ranging from how to give a good blowjob
to secrets of hot passionate romance all the way to sadomasochism and lets not forget
Sankaku Complex or maybe Hentai sites around. Ever heard of Pornhub? So to speak,
the library the net has about sex is about as deep and grounded as the very essence and
substance contained about what's written on the Hindu religion on the net. So yeah. I guess
people who're into sex are just so ecstatic about spreading their joy and passion to the world,
so much to the extent that they have detailed information about it online and guess what, they
even have self-learn how to have sex for first-time dummies. The internet is just amazing I tell you.

Huh? How did I know about all these? Well, since I have great friends who'd always
shield me from harm unnecessarily. (I asked them about stuff they know and they
wouldn't let me know, so of course I'd have to do my own research. Geez. No, I don't
appreciate you guyz doing that to me, it's not like I'm 5 years old man. pfft) But just
to put it bluntly, they sorta left me in the dark about what they already know but
lets look at the bright side eh? At least they might me slightly more diligent with
self-enriching research eh?

Owhkays, I know the big wall of text up there is suffocating your eyes already so I'll be
putting the whole jist for a pause for now.