Sunday, October 31, 2010

301/365 Wow.. I'm soooooooooooo early.

Yeah, the sarcasm. Bleh, wedding yesterday, brush teeth, sleep, wake up and it was already 11.15, then I got a message from my boss saying he needs help today, so I went around 12 after taking bath and dsh bsh psh. Came back from work around 5 after delivering, went to the IT centre to go and get a printer cum scanner cum photocopy machine from HP and well, signed up for some Etiqa thing that gives you back 80% return of investment annually which is pretty cool methinks and here I am back here. And note you, I completely slept through Saturday right after the wedding, so much so that I even told my boss I won't be working last Sat because I was too tired. Really no joke lol. I slept as soon as I got back. Donno, could'ven been the hot weather or whatever, but whatever it is, I slept through that day alright. Felt like I did nothing at all. Maaan...

Ok, this post is about yesterday so let it be about yesterday.

Yesterday... There was the wedding ceremony in the church near Assunta Hospital. I know weddings are supposed to be touching but man, I just can't believe how many times I broke into laughter during the period. C being there with me makes everything more... cheery lolz.

I know there was one time, there were lines read out by the priest or whoever you call him at the uh, altar? Well, he was saying the verses like is was some kinda death hymnos of some sort. I tried not to laugh but meh, I couldn't hold back. Though, I desperately tried to. It broke out but not too much to be noticed by the whole crowd I guess.

Man, never realized how pretty my cousin was XD Erm, though, she seemed like she gained a lot of weight. Hm. Anything la. She'll be gaining more weight anyways, since she'd get pregnant someday so doesn't matter. She can worry about keeping a diet or slimming down after the first baby ohohohoh.

My new brother-in-law. Uh, I donno what my relation to him is actually, since the one who got married was my cousing, not one of my direct family bloodline. Anyone help me here? Lol.

But regardless, I'm liking him already. He's got that big broad smile when he, uh, smiles. Just like me ohahihuhehihahahahahha. haha ha. ha.

Then I remembered that the lunch was great. Heh. I smacked 3 plates. Mmm. Good stuff. Oh well, too bad C doesn't plan on having such a wedding. She just wants to go to a wedding registrar and *poof* husband and wife. I mean, yeah, it's a very practical and morbidly dull idea. But meh, look at the bright side, we save a LOT of money. But we miss the once in a lifetime experience so.. Maybe she'll change her mind someday? Donno.

So... yeah, you know what happened after. I slept. And I woke up just in time to take my bath and *swish* I go to the wedding dinner. The day felt relatively very short it seems. So we arrived there after a bit of a jam here and there at the Mines Wellness Hotel which was once called the Mines Resort Hotel. And guess what, it's such a coincidence that it's the exact resort that I almost drowned in when I was swimming in the pool. Er, I mean playing around in the pool, unaware of the danger and ...yeah. I remember that my bro came to save me though. Heh.

Oh hey, something really cool happened. When I was there in the morning during the wedding ceremony, there was a girl. She was one of the usherers. Then I met her again at the night. Yeap, you guessed right. She was ushering. Nah, I didn't give her a hola during the first meeting. But after we got called in when they informed us that the dinner tables were ready, seeing that there was nothing to do at all, I just felt like walking out and do something in the very least.

I was contemplating with myself about how to talk to her lol. But mana tau, I got an opportunity when I was just about to walk through the front foyer of the place, where she was standing, and a spontaneous conversation happened. I just asked her whether she was still waiting for people. Then she said yeah, and gonna be all lonely and bored and stuff. Then well, we chatted for a while. And whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Who'd have guess that she'd be my 7 year old senior from TOA!? No shit man. She was from the golden age of TOA. The one who survived true brimstone hell. And also the one to see Tatsun demo in person with his many stylishly comedic quirks. Haha, man to think that I could meet someone like that in my cousin's wedding. Such a small world this is haha. Er, no, she ain't related to me. Yet. She's my..... uh let's see... brother-in-law's brother's girlfriend. Yes. :D

Donno why, but I just felt like talking to her more after our conversation(s) ended. But nah, I didn't lol. O o o yeah.... I have an awesome cousin. Cousing brother that is. He is... wow. Awesome. He was singing with his band that night and dude, he was beyond great. It felt like we had a professional artist singing in front of us that night. It was that magical of an experience.

And oh right, ever heard of the 3rd ring for a man after 2 rings? Well, that guy last night, not my cousin bro, but a close friend of my cousin sister, wrote this song called 3 Rings of Life. Initially, I was thinking to myself that the one and only ring left that could be associated to man besides engagement ring and wedding ring was a cock ring lol. But naww.... it was suffering. Heh, such a cliche.

Oh. I drank wine. Tasted better than beer but... mmm. Er. I still prefer whisky somehow. Wine was very fermented. Uh, yeah. I guess. That'd be. The best. Word. To. Describe. It.

And I slept when I got back after I brushed my teeth since I ate like 5 plates of salads and rojaks + stir fried stuff and lotsa desserts during the dinner. Good thing my stomach didn't fail me.

Ok, I'm gonna leave the rest of whatever I have today for tonight's blog post. If I remember and blog punctually that is. Hahahahaha. Hahahah. haha ha.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

300/365 Touching Stories.

I'm sure many of you have had your share of eye-watering tales. Stories that echo throughout time from the first time you hear it, and every time you recall it, it gives you the same heart-stroking feeling over and over again, probably not as much impact, or maybe more impact, but every experience is different in a unique way.

This is how things like this changes people. When it has a strong relation to something we have. The bond with the memory becomes more enforce and enhanced, bringing forth more realization and knowledge from all the previous experiences.

I'll name a few that has changed me thus far. One Litre of Tears. Depressingly touching with strong sense of strength and will to survive. Things like this, you don't watch it for the sad moments, but for that insight. The inspiration. You don't walk away from a series like this just because you think shedding tears makes your more feminine. Believe me. It doesn't. If so, then you should stay away from onions too. They make you cry too. Even when you don't feel sad. So that makes you feminine too?

One Litre of Tears is a story about how we normal people go through life. Without the full realization of fear, of the things around us, how important our life is, the meaning behind our life. What we intend to do with it, who do we have to share it with and most importantly, how we want to make it worth the last few moments of our life. If you haven't watched it, it's a great loss. Since I've watched it back when I was 13, and the memory of the story, the feelings, the emotions, still resonates, and grow even stronger with every changing moment. The longer you have it in your mind, the more truth you'll uncover to yourself about your life that you'll ever know elsewhere. And trust me when I say, sometimes, the chances for greater realization don't come at all. But it's your choice. Enrich your life or let it be, it's your call.

Absolute Boyfriend, at first glance might look like some tacky show taylor-made for girls who're just dying to get the perfect boyfriend. But I beg to differ. It's one of the most amazing series I've ever watched in my whole life. What does it teach you? Ok, I can't make it short, so I'll be as clear as I can. You know during those normal days when you feel like doing nothing at all? Ok, put yourself on that sorta atmosphere. You're lazy, procrastinating, itching for something to happen, and the tv was in front of you. You turn it on and you see this show. You watch it anyways, since you don't feel like doing anything at all. Then as it gradually progresses, you find yourself hooked to the show, not wanting to get away from your seat, eagerly anticipating what's to come next. Then a magical moment happen as you watch, and you realize your eyes start becoming wet, and you rub your face with your hands and continue watching, but it didn't go away, even when you feel like holding it back in, it still comes out. You decide to be honest with yourself and just let it all out. What made you feel that way? You don't know. Love perhaps. You just know that after that moment, you just had to reach to the nearest thing that could help you communicate with that one person who you could relate to the most, and you feel like if you don't make them feel special right now, there's never gonna be another next time. And you do it. Whether the person replies or not is of no concern. What matters, is that she knows what you want her to know. And that's all that matters most.

Yes. That sorta feeling. I can't simplify it into one word, or a few, because it's not like that. This feeling is never simple. It's complex, highly complicated, but brings the best of us into action. The loving and caring part of us that many others have yet to see. Your experience might be different. I can only urge you to watch if you have the chance. If not, then again, it's your life, do what you need to do.

One Litre of Tears made me appreciate a lot of things I have, and for one thing, my health, and knowing that you can live every single day healthily is a great fact. Sickness takes away that wealth, making you poor in the process. We can get sick, and recover, and, get sick again, then recover. Then one day, when we realize that we aren't as recuperative as we were before, the sicknesses begin to reveal permanence, and grows into a living curse.When that happens, what can you do? Can have you not done yet? What can you not do at all? Then comes to the most important question; what do you want to do?

Then there's just a few minutes ago, another movie inspired me in a very moving way. It's called Hachiko. Yes, you're not wrong if you're thinking about the true dog story. It's exactly that one. I just can't help but think that this movie was the sole cause of the trigger that made C finally went from ok-okish with dogs to lets have a dog together next time mode. I like the story. I mean, I can tell you honestly now that nobody has that much determination to wait for anyone for that matter, and after knowing that the person is dead, but still going to wait for that person. No humans can do that. Ok maybe a few can. But most can't. Dogs, if it's an Akita breed, then yes.

So.. yeah. kinda sleepy at the moment, so I shall say twinkies for now. Bye.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

299/365 A treat for a few.

Well, not that anyone really took me seriously anyways, besides a certain 3 people, who thought I was joking when I said I'll treat them to some food at Lunchbox but well, I wasn't lol. I gave them an RM50 note an asked them to order whatever they want. After their done, they can gimme the change back, if there was any that is.

So Lam Mei, Talissa and Chris are the 3 lucky people. There are a lot of other lucky peoples out there, but well, they didn't wanna partake in my generous offer so, meh, I might not do this anymore. Well, since you guyz never took me seriously.

Being able to treat people... Mmm, it's a nice feeling. Even though I know I'm spending. But it's different form paying for paint or prints or food for myself. It feels very... uh, rewarding. Especially when you look at people who feel satisfied with the treat, even if it's just a measly RM30. Ok wait, I shouldn't say measly since RM30 is like 6 days of lunch. But meh, heck it la, it's worth it.

So you dumbdumbs out there. Next time when I say I'll treat you, I will. If you don't come, well, more money to spend for myself P: And naw, no second chances. If you miss it, you miss it. I won't set aside an allocation for you to treat yourself. You go use your own money at that time O:

Ok, 2 more weeks and say hello to nice long.. uh WORK. :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

298/365 Coffee Power?

Naw, not Tongkat Ali or Kacip Fatimah or whatever. Just plain raw KAW KAW KAW Kopi'O from Ming Tian. I haven't slept yet, and... I'm still pretty much WIDE AWAKE. Lol, can you just sense my sharp senses?

Ok, maybe not. But anyways, due to the high caffeine level, I think I'd stick around in the awakedom of it all for a while until I finally KO. Just hope I don't KO straight out leaving me behind with a painting left to finish. if not, well, lets just say I'd be screwed real baaaaaaaad. Yeah

I know Ming Tian's a bad place for uh... anything. Unless if you're going there for some other stuff for a change. I donno what other stuff, since there are lotsa stuff there anyways. But for one, I'll be back again there for some Kopi Besar RM1.70. It's really really Really REALLY REALLy powahfool.

K. Bye.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

297/365 Last Night...

I completely slept through the morning only to wake up 10am, fully conscious of course. Err, well, I wasn't feeling especially sleepy last night, but I check at the mirror and my eyes were really red, so I thought despite my goodwill to do my assignments, I should give my body what it needs instead. After all, if I die, I can't do my assignments anymore can I now? Kinda regretted it in a way. But not so much anymore, especially after I knew I started on doing the picture on the left hand side over there. It's pretty obvious that it's incomplete so... eh wait, why is there a shadow there!? D:

Ok, fine it looks a bit retarded now. Just lemme give another few layers for rendering and it should look better. Uh. I hope. And two days to complete 50% for this thing is a bit ugh. But ugh, what to do right? Zzzzz. Nevermindla. This one, I think if I don't finish it up to 50% by Thursday also, I'll make sure I don't screw anything up. I want to be proud of this piece after all. 

Ok, off to continue on my progress. Uh, I guess. 88

Monday, October 25, 2010

296/365 A Nice Day

Really nice day overall, despite the fact that I only slept for less than 3 hours, I'm still full of energy somehow. Lol. Feels kinda funny, but whatever, as long as I can get things done right?

Finally got some time for myself. Got caught up with the tv the minute I swing back home again so... Zzz, the show wasn't that particularly great anyways. Steven Seagull anyone? Not sure if you're familiar with his name, but as far as I can recall, he's always doing those kinda movies with girls, sex, loads of action and funny stuff. He is a funny guy after all. He also has this weird fighting style, which is awesome to watch since it really looks very painful, compared to the WWE that is.

My bro got a Maxis broadband, but no idea how to use it. ._. The LAN isn't showing up on my computer anyways so......... Er, somebody help? If you know of course. If not, my bro's gonna discontinue the service, considering that the modem serves no purpose at all, since my laptop and his desktop can't work with LAN.

Kinda sucks right? Yeah, I know.

Hm. What should I do now? Let me ponder on it a bit....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

295/365 Progress progress

Fairy. Oh hey. My fairy hahahaha. Ok, I finally finished the tracing. Donno why I have to take 3 stupid days just to finish tracing zzzz. Must've been all the negativity from the semester hitting at the same time. Or just plain me as usual. Pfft.

Aih, RO, why must you do something to my second account. Or was it my fault for putting a false birthdate for that account. Damn it, now I'm not even sure if my previous password was correct or not. Either way, it's inaccessible. And that sux, because my Alchemist, is so adorably cute with like almost all my money stashed there. Ah crap. But I'll have to double check after I download Renewal, because I'm pretty confident that I didn't change my darned password. Maybe it just doesn't work at Warp Portal, but it does at the RO login screen? Well, that's to find out later anyways.
So here she is. I added the wings behind. have to make sure I do this RIGHT. Like I mean it. With the right hand, right mind, right setting, right colours, right... EVERYTHING la. She's such an adorable reference. If I screw this up, which is most likely gonna happen, I'm so gonna be shooting myself again. :(

And, you know something about Toy Story 3? I watched it 3 times, and each separate time I watched it, it just keeps getting better, and the ending becomes more and more meaningful somehow. I don't remember wanting to cry so much during my first time watching. But this 3rd time, it felt somewhat special for some reason. And I really started missing some of my old toys again. I still have them though. In my cabinet. With my Beyblades and all. Ah, the joy of childhood.

Went for food challenge at Sunway today but didn't know I wasn't shortlisted, so I didn't participate. But I stayed back to watch just for fun, only to come back home in greater disappointment. But I guess Toy Story somehow cured that disappointment for me. After stoning for almost 4 hours upon return. Well, whaddya expect? It's a Toy Story after all. I mean, the curing part. Not about the stoning.

Er. Yeah. Ok, very long time didn't get to listen to songs with my laptop d. So... hmhmhmhm. Bye.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

294/365 I decided to post before 12 am AGAIN

So you know the gist of the above statement. Heh.

Anyhow. Some nice pics to show ohohoh.
 I think just for today, I'll not care about my alignment at the end of each line. It's kinda funny how you deal things when you start to look at typography as a serious thing. Typography in design of course.

Anyhow, you see the picture right? No idea what you call it in English, but the Malays call is some version of apom balik whereas the good'ol Chinese people who invented this magical delicacy call it ban cang kuih. So this one over here is an enhanced modified version of sugary paradise. So much so that after eating, you can just prolly die in peace. No, not joking at all lol. It feels damn real to me in that kinda sense lolz.
So anyways, this little thing here on the lower left is a putu buluh, a cousin to the putu piring, which really just differs in shape. Though, I enjoyed my putu fantasy better with the buluh and not the piring. Buluh means sugarcane lol and piring is well.. uh, plate. Heh. Yeah.

So with these two aiding the recovery of my shitty lil' ulcer just outside my lower right lip, I could feel a bit more at ease compared to before, when you have healing pain. Ugh.

O yeah, today, I had one of the nicest lines in my life. When someone says it to me of course. It's from my lady boss, Fanny. She said, "I like the way you think. You have a big heart." And I used to think that having a big heart makes me vulnerable. It's good to be acknowledged for once. And it's from real people out there, not fake populars or mask-ridden people. Hah, I guess I have a reason to be proud?

Anyways, felt kinda sleepy just now. But not so much now. Kinda funny how this thing sorta comes and goes. So anyways. Yeah, I like today. It's nice. Bye.

Friday, October 22, 2010

293/365 I've Decided to Post Before 12am

Y'know, just for the sake of it and trying be to punctual and all. Yeah, here I am.
Today was awesomely shitty at work. Since I was feeling really put off with my self at
day, which started extraordinarily ordinary, spiked into a pile of twisted crappy state,
got back in balance, felt good about myself again, and.. voila, here I am back in front
of my com.

Oh. Yeah, I wanna show this.

Hell yeah, I love Blogger's function
that allows me to type on the right side
of the pics. Double meaning intended if
you sensed it. Anyways, this first picture
on my left is the visual of my monster-
sized dinner serving. 3 bowl of different
sauces all slowly spooned down into my
mouth somehow with 2 pieces of lavish
cheese naan. Would always prefer it hot but,
meh. I had no choice for that so...

Moving on! I have another pic that would
make a certain few envy the very presence
of it. Yessss, excuse the lack of picture definition but that is
what you think it is. A big lump of crap. Oh great.
No you moron. It's the Chocolate Milkshake only served at
the unique Tony Roma premises.

Hell yeah. Was tempted by a certain Sleepy guy and
Yaya rocker. But... meh, they don't know how to enjoy
the dessert properly. Well, from my observation of course.
I took my time to savour it for like.. I think 30 minutes. They
just got annoyed of course, considering the fact that I could
still enjoy mine when they can't since they finished it in less than
2 minutes. What a waste I tell ya. And RM11+ to that for a cup.

Oh, I'm sorry. Was enjoying frosted yogurt just now. Heh.
Ya I know, I'm being a bitch now. Boohoo.

Anything else? Well yeah, my great long lost cousin named
Mei Mei is suddenly... uh, transformed into a completely different person and is already getting married.
The marriage is prolly next week if I'm not prolly wrong at that. So what? Have to go there lo. Who knows,
maybe I might get that bouquet during the blind toss. That'd make a good sign won't it?

And Deepavali is 2 weeks away huh? I thought it'd be a long time again before I see the warung at my
community centre, but meh, it'd already been that long. I remember that thing being there, like a week
ago, felt like I mean. But truth is, it's was nearly 368 days ago. Hmmm. I like to exaggerate with numbers.
Hah! Hari Raya Haji and Deepavali eh? Here comes the Deeparaya eve again.

And C has granted me an opportunity to access her house for a day. Her family won't be in for a whole
day. But meh, I have an acrylic submission that day. Donno how long I'd last since normally, I'd dying
stay awake with all my residual energy just to pull through to the coming Thursdays before. So I'd expect
no different for any other Thursday, and considering the doubled size of the painting area, I guess it's not
gonna get any easier. But still, how many times can I get an opportunity like that anyways? Maybe I'd just
go there, do whatever I can until I *tok* *begins snoozing* and oh well. C just has to bear with it?

Ok. I wanna enjoy my yogurt nao. Bye.

292/365 A Echoing Line

Yeap, what my title said. Funny though since I've never read it before anywhere nor
has anyone said this to me. But this line; "Relax whenever you can, rush whenever you can't."
It's been popping up into my head rather vigorously these 2 days. So I decided to puke it out
as the very thought it already is and put into a verbally understandable context, where we can
all decipher the meaning together but clearly, that line is simple enough to understand.

What's there not to? I donno, I've seen rush nothing or maybe procrastinate less, work more.
Less talk, more action. Stuff like that. But this line... lets just say it's targeted out to all those more
carefree people out there.

We all push our limits all the time, but not everyone of us are always satisfied and usually, really,
who gets satisfied completely? Well, me if you gave me a pack of Famous Amos cookies or
said that my drawings have improved after seeing my doodles. But that's besides the point.
I mean, that's just me. I get satisfied really easily. How about you then? Donno? Ask yourself.

So really. Not to say that you guyz should chill 1000% and not do anything useful. Do whatever
you want, but in a relaxed manner. Once you see the dateline closing in soon, then that's where
you start rushing. At the very least, if it's like that, and hopefully you gave more thought during
your relaxing period, your base is already good enough and all you need to do from thereon is
just to make it better till, I donno, your ass gets tired of sitting or you fall asleep or something.

Whatever goes I guess. I'm usually a relaxed kinda guy anyways. But under pressure, my working
ability intensifies by gazillions. Don't really understand how but it's just like that la.

Ok, feeling sleepy. Twinkies.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

291/365 20...11 OH NO!!!

Aiks, missed the 20102010 highlight. Sad sad sad.

Anyways. I guess there's just nothing much to talk about today.
I'm trying my best not to make anymore empty posts and make sure
there's some kinda readable digestable substance for anyone's who
reading, whether it is to know more about my life, or plain knowing
something more besides the reader's own life.

I'm glad of the fact that I've stood by my conviction to continuously blog
till today. Makes me feel less like a hapless bag of flesh that does nothing
but rot in this world.

And that shitty sorta feeling kinda lessens when I know that I'm not just
wasting time, but serving a purpose with my life since I've joined Lunchbox
as a staff member. I admit, I may not be the best worker. But doing something
worth doing. That's a great feeling. Regardless if it's just plainly serving customers,
or wiping tables, or waiting for orders, or sending in the dishes, or checking for
problems or arranging the tables and chairs. Anything goes. Being there makes
me feel less shitty about myself as a whole.

I donno, I'm trying to get people to work at Lunchbox. For one, because I want
more time to do my assignments. Second would be because Lunchbox seriously
needs more staff, so says my boss. And thirdly, well, just refer back to the second
will ya? I mean, if you work at Lunchbox, you don't lose anything. Of course, time
is always an issue. But man, just look at it realistically in full honesty. What do you
think you'd really do when you get home, despite the many plans you have up there
in your own absent-mindedness? Oh, I can answer that. Stoning, naturally. Or perhaps
something else. But for whatever it is, I know it's something related to not doing something
you should really be doing. Nah, don't explain to me. Just digest that bit of info will ya?
And for the record, you get staff lunches and dinner. 3 meals a day if you work full day.
If you work your shift, you'll surely get your share of your food. So think about it will ya?
Ya cut cost on spending on your daily meals when you have classes and you get money
+ working experience. Isn't that a positive thing? Noooo, people just feel that they need
more time for themselves and working will cut them away form all these. Yayaya whatever.

Being honest is fun. I don't have to hide much. Sometimes I just choose to keep certain
info at bay, but I never wanna lie. Unless if it's for a good reason. Lying lying and lying.
Ok, we all know that to cover another lie, we need another lie. And the unending process
never ceases to stop at any cost until we choose to come clean to ourselves.

Why am I bringing this up? I just get the feeling that all humans are hypocrites in some
way or another. Everyone's always telling themselves that they're ok when clearly they
just aren't. They choose to confide in themselves and suffer the pain in pitch loneliness
than to just say to the world, "Hi, I fucked up my life so far. Please stay away for a while?
Oh I'm sorry, gimme a week and I'd be fine. Maybe not. Now get lost before I make you
disappear forcefully."

It's ok to be nice. We all like nice people. But not all things nice are always nice. Some things
that appear nice at first can become seemingly annoying, like how people suddenly disappears
without any given notice, or that unbelievable carefree attitude certain people have sometimes.
Being carefree is cool, just don't spread that attitude around with the serious bunch. They don't
like being with people who toy with their own precious life filled with insufficient time for practically
everything while they continuously chase after the unchasable. Time.

Sometimes I get angry. I get frustrated. Then I blast my tantrum. And I feel at peace.
Sometimes I hold it in. Stay patient. Forget it as a passing moment. But there's also
sometimes when you lose all control of your sanity, you feel completely lost, and there's
nothing you feel like doing. Because that's exactly how it is, sometimes we feel like we're
nothing. Nothing in what sense? Our presence brings no change about the world around
us. Since we let down everyone who has expectations of us in the first place in the name of
fear or whatever reason it may be.

We all know that our presence means something. But we all don't feel the change of the world
through our presence, because when we live by ourselves, we only see things our way, and that's
the majority of everyone's mindsets these days. Including me. Remember when I said nobody'd
understand what I was going through? Truth is, nobody and truly understand what anyone is
truly going through. You can only do that if perhaps you had some sorta of Godly psychological
ability of sorts. People who say they get what you feel are simply concerned people who just
have a gist of what you're really going through, but they don't know the math of the problems,
and I'm pretty sure they don't wanna be a part of that strand as well. So they give you those
petty sympathetic advices. Some are good, some aren't of any use at all. But we should
give them credit for awesomeness. Since making an effort, is pure awesomeness after all.
Then... They just walk away and act as though there wasn't an event between the two of you.

So here ya go, ignorance comes and slides by like he's the best friend we've ever had. Feels
fun to ignore people once in a while. But do it too much, and you start feeling your own shit
double-time, maybe triple. Well, too bad for you. Who asked you to ignore anyone in the first
place? We don't ignore unless if it's highly unnecessary for us to participate, correct? Oh wait,
I'm not even sure what that means. Either way, yeah, there ya have it.

What I'm trying to say here is... Nothing stays permanent. I guess. Such a temporal place we
live in. Everything comes and goes, never stays too long or remains unchanged. Seems as though
even non-living things began to have Life in them. Donno since when, but maybe since the false
idols were crafted through ancient time perhaps.

Anyways, this is pure bullshit, but I'm just trying to make an effort here if you know what I'm saying.
Because making an effort is awesome. Believe in the effort. Not the work, not the production, not the
progress, not the end result. Scrap all that man. If you're still alive, just keep on going la. Think of suicidal
once in a while, but meh, you have the song Suicidal by Sean Kingston specifically made to serve that purpose right? So don't even bother trying to think about what you could've done or whatever. Past is
past man. Get over with it already. Just focus on... WAIT, no, not the future. Just NOW. Put some effort
in the NOW factor man. Screw everything else.

Ok, usually, before I blog, like blog properly, I have a specific theme in mind to be expressed. But today...
today's a special day. I'm not thinking like I usually do. I'm just going with whatever my mind tells me.
Like what I'm typing right now. I don't need to push it to think. They just comes. And it's kinda relaxing
in a way 'cause I don't have to stress my brain in any way whatsoever. Just letting it piss whatever it's
supposed to be excreting. Uh... ok, not sure if that's the right word for it. But yeah.

I'm probably not making much sense now. But I think, I'd after I read back this post again some other
time and decipher what the me inside is trying to tell the world. Believe me, everyone has a different
side. You all just don't realize it. All those sides come together and form into one being, you. So never
neglect them. Even if it's your bad, or good or kind, or charitable, or bully or evil, or destructive or devious
sides. All of them serve a purpose, like how evil serve a purpose, how love serves a purpose. But you do
know that we can mix and match these things too right? Like evilly loving or lovely evil.

I don't believe in pure good souls or pure evil. Everything has a reason and 'cause. Nothing, nothing
at all is purely consequential. But at the same time, nothing is also pure based on reason. There's
a lapse. A gap of nothingness in between. The accidents. The suddens. The surprises. Some can
be traced back and rationalized. But most just happen the way it's suppose to happen, a mere
coincidence that has no reason behind it. They just come about during moments we least expect'em's
all meguess.

If 2012's prophecy is true, right now, like now, I'm just gonna blog everyday, and live my life as
normally as I would. Doesn't matter if I feel like shit, or whatnot. For some stupid dumbfounded
reason, I've got a knack that's telling me that I have to go through this before I pass on into another
pile of shit. It's just... life I guess? The true way of transient living. Lol, what a buncha bullcrap.

Ok, block of text. Yar yar. Ending. Nao. Bye.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

290/365 Yes, you're right.

I'm exceptionally late with the post yesterday today.

Rest assured it's for a good reason. What else? Do work la of course.

Yeah. Just letting you know.
O wait, I'm just blogging for fun. P:


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

289/365 Looking Forward

Today is a good day. Because I told myself not to get angry and I haven't yet thus
far. So don'tcha try getting me angry now you. Or.. or... nah, nothing. Just pissing with
you ohohohoho.

Anyways. This has been forever been in my mind, but I've never looked forward to going home.
As much as I want to, I just don't. Which is damn straight downright sad. Since I go back home
every single day. I sleep at home. I eat at home. I bathe at home. What's not to look forward to?

Ugh.. stuff. Like... things that I don't really look forward to. Like.. the thought of getting home
only to be distracted by the tv and knowing the distraction doesn't make things any easier, 
just makes me dread it even more. I suck at distractions at home, but I excel at thwarting
anything whatsoever outside. Maybe it's destiny telling me to leave my home in search of 
greater glory. Home is my haven. But it's my own undoing. My poison. A disease that 
sleeps. But keeps me alive. And I don't like the sound of that.

Getting out of this vicious cycle is tormenting. And I can never do it now. Since 99.9% of
everyone disagrees with me running away from home, 99.99% tells me to bear with my
family because they're the only people close to me, and 1000% don't give a shit what
happens to me. Well maybe they will. Just for a while though. Because that's what I'll
do for other people. There. You all do know that Devil and Evil inversed comes about
into Lived and Live right? That's right. In reality, it's all about survival. You lose out, we move
on. Since I've said before, time won't stop, time can't stop, nor can I.

You know what, just because I like the sound of the line, I might just make it into a header 
for the blog. I donno, maybe. Just for fun. Since I haven't been doing much for myself lately.
Of wait, I did. I spent RM130+ roughly on a deck. Which is awesome. And I like.

So.. I wanna just focus on one thing now. I wanna look forward to something at home.
I shifted my laptop outside and I noticed that the reception for the wifi near the modem
is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better compared to my sneazy lil' bedroom. So... yeah.
Maybe I'll just start Digimon Battle Online again. Just for the fun of it. Donno what's wrong
with my RO. Can't patch. And I miss my Bard. Double Strafing for free is tons of fun.

But meh, I have assignments now. That I dread every single day. Because I always have 
no mood to do them. But I still have to do them anyways. Oh wait, sometimes I do have the
mood to do them. And that happens when I'm not at home. Awesome. But the only time I can
do my work outside is off working hours, which means that taking class times into consideration,
I can only do work outside from 6.30pm onwards. So I have about 5 hours to do stuff outside everyday? I donno. I guess.

Or maybe I'll look forward to my fairy. Yeah. The acrylic. Fairy. She's cute. Anyhow. Cute
ain't enough. But I sorta sync'd the inspiration with the whole Schwarzweiss album, from
Haruka Shimotsuki. So I hope I can get enough whim of energy to strike the bull's eye, as 
in make the picture beautiful. But you'll only come up with a frustrated painting when you paint
it during your moments of frustration. Wait, does that mean that I'll come up with a beautiful 
painting if I'm always in a beautiful moment? Well, I couldn't go wrong with that though. But...
There's nothing really beautiful to look at around me. And my only beauty is like 50km away.
I can't talk to her, nor hold her or feel her presence. So...  Donno la, i think I wanna relax with
painting for once. Maybe... Screw the fact that it's an assignment. I'll just do it, like Nike.

And I'll just look forward to my fairy. Er, wait, that sounds kinda wrong.

Either way, it's passed 12 boohoo, and whatever, this is a post for yesterday which just past by
a mere 15 minutes ago. Pfft. Impunctuality. So yeah. BYE.

Monday, October 18, 2010

288/365 When Frustration is a Friend

These days, frustration is such a common thing that I don't even care if I utter the word fuck out in
the open anymore. I wasn't like this, and my temper is really going out of control. Even the slightest
little thing tick me off a great deal. Like my paint going missing, or my misplaced keys, or maybe
my laptop going haywire again. Owh wait, those are kinda shitty to happen to anyone. No wonder
the frustration. 

But... Ok. It's like this. I've always restrained myself from vulgarity, only limiting myself to the
non-fuck related words. Y'know, asshole, bastard, buggar, sucker, anything lah. Maybe even
fudge or cuss. For as long as it's not dead-straight fuck. I also avoid any swears involving
mothers and stuff. But when frustration starts to be your best pal, these things just begin to
be the only peers next to your best friends, love them or hate them, their just there for you.

To what? To use of course. To channel anger. To let of the steam. I can't say I'm a patient
person anymore. It feels as though I can blow at any moment, and anger, has been one of
the key fuels to my upbringing these few weeks. If it's not that, it's the feeling of resentment,
of disappointment, of sadness. Very shitty stuff.

I've exploded many times. Many many times. So much that sometimes I just can't help but
wonder why. But why wonder when I already know the answer? It's TOA, the place where
interest meets hatred, passion meets dismissal, attainment with loss. Nothing's free in TOA,
not the materials, not the knowledge, not the experience. Money is just the beginning. Everything
else just adds on after the payment, after the enrollment. Not that I hate TOA, but I hate the fact 
that TOA stresses so much on professionalism that it makes the students hate art when they're
so interested and passionate about it. Comic art is different. Manga style is different. Everything
is different in TOA. So to speak, it might've been better off if we just took up a Comic course or
a Manga course if those were our initial interest, because before you can really reach that part,
I'm sure you'd either die trying in TOA, or get killed in the process. Killed meaning your love for
art that turns against you and becomes hatred. Sooner or later, you won't even pick up your 
pencil anymore.

There were happy times. But not many. Very few. So few that sometimes, even one finger
would suffice to show the amount of happy times I've truly ever had. Of course, the question 
of whether it's true happiness or not remains a curiosity left unanswered, as it depends on
each individual.

I know I'm not the best student. But I must not be the weakest student. I want to graduate. No
matter what it takes. Even if it makes me a whole lot more aweful than before. At least I know
I've finished something and not given up during the process. Like this blogging for 365 days 
thing. It's a commitment I've upheld thus far, but it's still too early to say, because there's still 
another 57 days left. Oh GOD. Only 57 days left to the start of a new year?

SHIT! There's so many things I wanted to finish up this year. What happened to all my time?
Where are they? Nooooooooo!!!! I can't get back all those time. Replacing the future with
all this lost time is not an investment. I'll just be losing out even more. What my mom said,
study first, play later. It's impractical. Completely unusable. Once you start studying, if you 
don't play, you can never play for the rest of your life. So the only measure left I have in my 
life is doing things I won't regret doing. Things I have no shame in telling people I did.

But perhaps its all those things combined that gives away all my excess time. *sigh*
I always wish to better, strive to better, want to better, push myself to be better, only
to find myself in a puzzled awkward moment with myself, asking myself "what have I
done to my life?" Time won't stop. Time can't stop. So I must be like time itself, if I'm
not to lose anymore time. I won't stop. I can't stop. Because time flows that way. And 
so must I.

I'm crapping a lot. In a few days, this burning fire will extinguish again. And maybe a 
new fire will replace this one. Such is the cycle of my life. Such is my miserable motivation.
What is the life that awaits the end of my education? I donno. God'd know if he existed. Not
like he'd tell me even if he knew. But even if he told me what'd happen in my future, how would
I react to it? Would I make things change? Would I strive towards the prophecy or strive to 
change what was meant to be? To change destiny. To fight fate. Everyone has listened to
tall tales of their times. Everyone has heard of epic adventures. But what they always forget
is that their lives themselves, are the most real adventures they can ever live. Fate is within
your grasp, and destiny is what you do. The experience is your tome and the past is a reminder.

To be reminded or not is another story for ourselves. To heed advice from another is another
choice to consider. To ignore what's right when you believe in something else requires a certain
degree of stubbornness and a strong heart full of faith in its belief. Each and every one of us are
born stubborn. But stubborn to what extent? Are we stubborn for the right cause? 

We humans love to blame other things for our mistakes. Everything that gets blamed will 
backfire sooner or later. So shun that fury and lay low with peace in mind. Know that
consequences show no mercy. When they happen, irreversible things become permanent,
and from there, you've to learn to adapt again with a new spirit, losing your old self to acquire
a new breathe.

I have no idea why I'm saying so much. But this is probably what opening your heart to the
open feels like. No restriction. Just pure and raw honest thoughts that is craving to be shared
to the dwellers of this globe of land, water and air. Every cumulative thing will be needed to 
dispense in between moments. There must never be too much excess in everything. Just the
right amount will do. The balance of what must be and what mustn't be.

I don't understand my own post. I just know I need to let this all out.
So, I'm sure you won't be enjoying this, but it'd be giving you a moment
to rethink everything that has happened.

For me, time won't stop, time can't stop, nor shall I.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Top Car Website in Malaysia

Oh, the timing couldn't be better. I was just thinking about cars and my friend here asked me to
do another blogging job, and it's about cars! So lets cut to the chase shall we now? Ohohohoh.

Ever had trouble finding the car you like out there in the open? I know I did and looking
through the Classifieds section in the papers never fails to gimme a headache; that I'm sure.

Well, if you have a computer and you own an internet (I suppose you do considering the
fact that you are reading this post right not) then you can now save more time and get the car
you're looking for much faster than before. Certainly much faster than going through Classifieds 
ads in any newspaper of course. No worries though, all the cars sold in this site are purely
Malaysian Cars so you can be rest assured that it doesn't have to be shipped or flewn over
form another country.

So there's this site, called CarSifu, in which I'm sure you'd have seen it if you saw my invite 
to "like" the page on Facebook. It's like classifieds, but it's online, more visual friendly and
oh wait, there's a Search Engine for the cars you want to get! Now that's pretty convenient 
ain't it?

It doesn't search like Google so you'll know that all the cars available are only from the site itself 
and nowhere else, so be easy on yourself with the adware or spyware part because this website
seems pretty safe. So far. To me. Heh.

But, if you're just such a slackhead and are just way too lazy for your own good to type in the
Search Engine, then no worries peeps, you can always just click the tabs available in the home
page of site, ranging from your favourite Audi's to your BMW's or maybe your Porsche's to 
even the widespread local Proton's and Perodua's out there. So if you're looking for a car, why
wait any longer? Visit the site right now lol.

Unless if you're a car dealer then... heh, lets just say you can setup your very own small 
business in the site as well. Not to say non-car dealers can't deal cars there, you can too,
just that yours is more small scale of course. So anyways, if you wanna deal a car, you just 
have to sign up and register, which really takes up less than a minute because you don't 
need any sorta verification for it, and voila, you can start selling those cars you don't really
need anymore.

But of course, be nice and sell good cars wouldja? If it's bad, then still sell it, but please be 
reasonable on the pricing? Nobody's wants another person's trash really. Unless if you're form
the MBPJ, uh woopsIf you know something's wrong with the car, make sure you include the 
details within and don't lie. Deceptive marketing is highly unethical I tell you! Oh, the irony of it
coming from a highly unethical blogger, but meh, blogging and sales are two different things.
I'm not giving you any trash, just open information. Whether you want it in your head or not, that's
another story entirely.

So basically, you can find used 2nd hand cars and brand new cars. Price change will differ 
greatly no doubt, but hey, this it to keep the options open for those with a budget problem ain't
it? So don't say CarSifu ain't giving no mercy to your cheapie people. It's equality for all.
Though, if you're ever unsure about how car prices should be, consult anyone who took up
Accounts as a subject before. I'm sure he can calculate the depreciation cost for you, assuming
he did all his homework right. Haha.

I'll give you a sample. Lets just say this car I have, I bought it for RM40k. Depreciation value
is -5% perannum. So I used the car for 5 years. Which means it's RM40k -5% -5% -5% -5% -5%
It's not -25%. Don't get it wrong. It's supposed to be cumulative. So RM40k x95% = RM37k x 
another 95% and so on... Ok, I know I suck at explaining this lol. Go look for someone with good
Accounts knowledge plox? I'm a C+ student for Accounts lol. Actually worse than that. Just got 
lucky really in SPM.

Oh by the way, if you're from the East Malaysia... then.. CarSifu's gonna be a bit difficult on
you since the areas covered by CarSifu at the moment are primarily KL, Johor, and Penang.
Oh wait, that means there's gonna problem for everyone who lives not in the aforementioned
area?? Oh, that kinda sucks. Well, lets just hope that CarSifu continues to expand and not be
stuck in just 3 regions shall we? If you know anyone who needs to sell a car, look no further, 
just intro that fella to CarSifu and you're good to go. Classified ads on papers requires a 
certain fee mind you so if you're a stingy person,don't bother and just head to CarSifu lol.

Ok, the other good things on CarSifu is the Dashboard it has there. It covers your profile editing
to your very own Bookmarks. So if you fancy a car and dunwanna forget where it went, then just
simply bookmark it and it'd be saved in your list of Bookmarked stuff.

Owh, and a pointer for those who wants to post a card ad. You need a minimum of 20 
characters in your description so be sure to include that before your post or... it won't work?

And that's pretty much it. 

287/365 Whew, woke up 7 times.

And tis is for Saturdau. /pif.

Saturday was.. a short day.

Went to Shah Alam, did a few cameo appearances as my colleague gave his presentation.
Got back to Sunway with a taxi, total journey costed me at least RM35. Yeah.

Then Toys No Fun. I came late due to unavoidable circumstances, so I kinda missed
half an hour of the whole presentation. Meh, Purplestripe, Manly and Mun Yee were there.
And An Gel as well. Oh, I'm sorraeh. Just extracting that name from a certain namelist
right outside the AVH. But anyways, should have asked them but I didn't so...

Lunch at Subways, but I ordered Gado-gado from Ayam Penyet and lunched together
instead after ninjaing out from Ayam Penyet early enough to get to Purplestripe's paying
time and snatched two cookies from the Subway counter. But I paid of course. Man,
I'm such a nice guy.

So I hurried back to Ayam Penyet and poof, my delish meal was here, so I took it back
and showed it off in front of my buddaehs. Purplestripe gave me a thumbs up I think.
Though, it may be someone else but meh, I remembered it that way.

Memories can be really misleading things sometimes. Some are very true, and you
want to make sure people believe you when you recite that memory into words
because it's just something you can't get your head out of.

But there's also some that you aren't really sure of, and suddenly someone comes
up with something else to cover up the memory for you forcibly. But you know it's
not the right memory somehow. Gyah. And I still don't understand how someone
can so conveniently forget about the Ilus board in just a mere 3 days.

That'd be the last time I'd ever be mentioning about the ilus board. But I know I
gave RM12 to him. Because I checked my wallet.

Okiezays, time to go.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

286/365 Friday or Saturday?

Bah, doesn't matter.

I'm still blogging now.

Man, work at Lunchbox today was pretty hectic. Not that it ain't hectic anyways.
But today.. hahahaha, lets just say it completely all over the place.

Anyways, going to Shah Alam later to teach CPR again.
My 2nd teaching excursion in the past.. uh, 2 weeks?
Speaking of which, I just did one last week.

Meh, it felt like yesterday. Time is sure full of tricks. Pfft.

Hmm.. should I cycle or get a cab... yadada, duncare la...

Met with a nice guy a few hours back. Mm. Nice stuff.


Friday, October 15, 2010

285/365 And Here Comes Friday.

Note that this post is for yesterday, or Thursday. Well, whatever right?

Ate a very satisfying dish over at Chile's just now. You could say it's
just one of those days my bro feels kinda generous and somehow
manages to organize this small family dinner for us to just eat and
not worry about having to pay for the food and all.

I ate some kinda Fajitas Trio. It had chicken, beef and prawns in it.
And it smelled like... Really nice stuff. Lol.

Not to mention that my plate actually came freshly sizzling due to it
being grilled to perfection just before it was sent over to my table
for my benefit ohohoh. Chow chow chow. Nom nom nom. Happaehphayce.

Mmmm, sent a lot of messages today, asking people whether they needed
a job since Lunchbox needs people, and I kinda need people to replace me
on the rainy days in which I won't be able to make it for work. So yeah.

Quite the contrary to my expectations, the results are quite good. Compared
to relying on Facebook of course. Well, yeah, I guess people check their
mobiles more often than Facebook OTL.

Anyways... Maybe I'll start a society in TOA. I mentioned before, but meh,
lets try again. This time it's not even for RC. It's for MTG :D:D:D:D:D:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

284/365 Eh? Thursday already?

Well, yeah, it's a Wednesday post so...

Anyways, didn't get to finish up my thumbs for
CK's critic session. But fortunately for me,
I was able to present the ideas for my next acrylic
and of course, done with my acrylic. Just that this
time, the painting is a whole lot worse than before.

So... maybe I should give myself the allowance of
the possibility of the piece needing a resubmission,
or an F for that matter. Lets just hope not then.

Yeah.. Gotta type an e-mail now for the manager
of Toy City. So... bye.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

283/365 What Do I Want From Art

Bla bla bla yes, it's another post for yesterday. But anyways.

What do I really want from art? This question has been hitting
in my head for quite some time now ever since the lecturers
kept on asking about what I want from my work, not the techniques
or whatever. It's just how I want it to be.

These days, I've been so caught up with my time and assignments,
I never really though of it. All that was in my head was just to finish
up the assignment, pass it up on time and be punctual for the dateline.

But it's funny. Now, it's like my hand's beginning to respond to the
imagination in my head. Like how I want the strokes to be and whatnot.
It appears. And I'm doing it. It's odd. I never realize I could do this before.

Anyways, later can't sleep, 'cause of urgh... 3 assignments? Donnolah, see
how I fare later. Just hope I don't pass out or something. I'll show some of
my stuff next time.

Till then.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

282/365 Ok, lets be proper.

Since I've been leaving short posts of comments all the time, I might as well just Twit or something. But nah, I like Blogger and I don't feel the need to change it. So yeah, I'mma 
sticking to the classic.

I am old-fashioned and all after all.
I like Lunchbox. But...

I'm starting to feel that I belong elsewhere. Where I can focus, and do my assignments,
with 100% focus, which ironically has never happened even for once so far in the past
near two years. So, would it be wise to resign?

I've already weighed all my advantages and disadvantages. I learned quite a lot about
dealing with people and getting things done fast and trusting my own abilities when people
put their faith in me. But... Man, I just wanna do my assignments. 

I've never really realized how fast time slips through the edge of my fingers since I started
at Lunchbox. And it's really starting to get it's toll on me. Today, I mean yesterday, I was 
working like a bull chasing a red parchment as usual, but all of a sudden, I felt this 
shriek of light headache followed by a crippling lethargic fatigue. I couldn't really think
very well at that time and I remember making a few mistakes besides omitting a few 
gibberish lines to customers.

That was a sign I think. Telling me to stop or things my get worse. I felt like going down,
but I resisted all the way till class, until I fell asleep doing my in-class assignment. So...
yeah, I mean. I feel like stopping. The only reason why I'm still working is because I
think they still need my help. And it's not a one-sided thought. They are asking me to
stay because they are really undermanned.

So yeah. I don't really work there for the money, though I still clock-in and clock-out
like all the other part-timers do. But really, I'm doing it only because its customary.
I could just skip it and work while neglecting the clock-in and outs. 

Sure it'd be nice to have some extra cash. But time against money... man, I'd rather
have time. Money can always be obtained at a latter time. But time... if it's lost, it's
just lost. You can't retrieve lost time. So... I mean, even with money, how much time
can you metaphorically buy anyways? The other time, when I lost my bike, I bought
time through the purchase of my bike. How so? With less time taken to travel to college, 
I get a +half an hour to prepare myself. Touching assignments, breakfast, whatever it
is. I get that time. But if I decide to not get my bike, that half an hour makes heck a lot
of difference to every morning of my life. 

During the purchase, I had to jog to the bike store, if not, I'd be late for my work. But I
was lucky. I had an opening to buy time. A taxi stopped after my call and I got a drive
that saved up 20 minutes of my life. I must say, without that opportunity, I might have 
just made a rash decision and not feel satisfied with my bike purchase. So yeah...
I guess y'all have to be careful with your time.

You won't feel it now. But when it hits you, you'll know. I guess I'm kinda glad that
I have this time epiphany early compared to people who chase their dreams for 30 
years and realizing that so much time has passed just because of their relentless 
pursuit for success. And when they look back, all they had was one success and
a trail of broken relationships and nothing to cherish. It's a sad life.

I donwanna be liddat. That's for sure. Yeah yeah, success is important, but I donwanna
be wealthy with noone to share my wealth with. It's kinda stupid to be rich by your ownself.
Of course I know I can do charity. But it feels different when it's that special person.

C's having a difficult time being apart from me. I trust that she can deal with the pain.
But the sight of her last Sunday breaking down and gravitating towards me eager to
stay and convinced to skip her work makes me worry about her. I'm honoured to receive
such a love, but I simply cannot allow her to make stupid decisions in the name of being
beside me. If you have work, it's a responsibility. Honour it or stay away from it.

Be fair to yourself, and to others. Nobody wants a lousy worker, and no worker loves 
a job they don't even like or can't commit to. So yeah.

Speaking of which, selling insurance huh? I'm not too sure if I can do well in it,
but heck, if it can give me the flexibility of time and the opportunity to earn some
bucks while I'm at it, meh, why not right? After all, who doesn't need money? Oh,
right, Tarzan. Thanks for inspiring me to live away from the cityscape. 

Ok, this is quite a bit of text already so.. I shall end with the part saying that I'm
being active in my MTG again. Yay. And C's trying to figure out the rules of the
game. I admit, I'm pretty shitty when I play with newbies but... uh.. not buts, I guess.
It was a different kinda frustration when we played against each other. It feels frustrating,
but not annoying. Hmm.. oh, and I spent about RM80-RM120 for my whole MTG deck methinks.


Monday, October 11, 2010

281/365 Another Post For Yesterday...

Man, I sure must eb getting a little bit too comfy here.
Anyways, done my AdVisual assignment.

Gotta rush for work now?
And I won't be working during the
nights no more. Which means.... more time.

Hopefully. If I don't stonefully slack like a useless sluggy snail that is.


Gotta find a way to get that fucking Illustration Board home.
Can't really rely on anyone these days.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

280/365 ... I'm in a very baad mood.

Never felt as shittingly irritated as I'm feeling for the rest of my life.

How could, how can?
What the fuck???



Friday, October 08, 2010

279/365 Spike-ups?

Today began unusually gloomy an heavy.
But as the day kept on passing, it began feeling lighter,
and even lighter as it closes into the break of night.

And then, I found that I was smiling again,
and everything went well, better than I expected.
Maybe it's because now I know what to do,
and before I was always relying in someone.

It's... I nice feeling. Haha.

278/365 Assuming?

Do I really assume too much?
Hm, I should ponder on that thought for a while.

Yeah. Screwed up bad at Lunchbox 2 hours ago.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

277/365 yeah yeah I know I'm late

Boohoo whatever. And the only person getting all edgy because of impunctuality here is none 
other than me of course. Pfft. Who cares if I'm late anyways? Oh yeah, my boss lol. Only during
working hours ohohoh. And dang, the jam was so bad that I passed by Jake and Sleepy around
7pm. Gosh.

Speaking of which, my boss finally unraveled the truth behind my RM5 an hour pay compared to
a lot of *ahem* other part-timers. Well, he specifically said that my job was to keep the front settled down and make sure there's always room for more incoming customers. Basically... 
I'm just there to make sure things don't go wrong. Like I'm a preventer of some sort. Though he
may not say it, I'm kinda getting the impression that I'm running on a head of staff or assistant 
manager post now considering how many times he uttered the word "manage the store" several
times in front of me. But whatever it is, an impression's just an impression. Nothing's finalized.

And I think I might have lost another RM50.

Err.. yeah. Liddat lo.

And uh... must there always be a initial intention before we do.. uh, anything? I mean, what do
you do when you help people? Do you do it for a reason or do you just do it for the sake of
"uh, whuddaheck, lets just help?"

Me... I just help when I can. If I want to. No excuses. Just liddat. If I donwanna help you, I won't,
if I want, I will. Oh sorry, peeling my dried tissues of my skin from my wound lol. Yeah yeah, I
know I shouldn't. But it's just so addictive. And I donno, this must be the gazillionth time I tried
not to peel my dried tissues from my skin? Well, uber phayl la.

And yeah. Bye?