Monday, January 31, 2011

31/365-11 Ok, I realized a lot of mistakes

And thus I corrected it. So much difference now lol. But still could be prettier? Lol, eff man, why does this pic remind me of Storm riders?? er.

Ok, nevermind. I'm gonna do my stuff now. And my gf doesn't like my profile pic ohohohoh.

I like. P:


Sunday, January 30, 2011


It's a full body pic, but... it's not done yet. And ahahahahahaha... my gf got robbed... ._.

Well, she lost her iTouch and some RM700 along with her IC and other valuables. Man... if that amount of money is lost to me, I'd be screaming till the glasses shatter into miniscule pieces of puny craziness.

Hm, I'm not sure if she somehow confused the terms pickpocket and snatcher since pickpockets just steal silently whereas snatchers.. well, they snag something and make a run for it. Hmm.. maybe the rabbit year is a more challenging year after all. Lol.

I mean, not like I want to poke fun at her unfortunate turn of events. But yeah.. I know she's sorta not cautious with her stuff when she walks around. Especially when she brings a backpack or something. Worst off when she carries a handbag. I don't get why girls go around holding their handbags as though their just asking to get snatched or something. Maybe it's just a fashionable statement to get robbed? oTL

Well, either way, I'm glad she's ok. And her idea of putting her iTouch into her bra... I don't think that'd do much, those buggars'd just take the opportunity to rip open her clothes open just to get a peep at what could be a total disappointment or a new fap factor while still giving circumstances a chance to create a public scene of pure awkwardness which'd then lead to a certain case of public humiliation towards the snatchee, if that word even exists. And well, they'd still make a run for it, which I doubt my gf will ever be able to chase those basterts unless she starts to make a change in her exercising routine. Well, I donno about now though, but if it does happen, perhaps her adrenaline could help her a bit. Wait, have I ever mentioned that she just warps into a time zone of her own when she jogs? So in any case.. I highly doubt she can ever chase any runner for that matter. Maybe she can. I haven't seen her in a while anyways.

But there's a partial solution to this though. Well, if you went to ACE Hardware before at Sunway, or any of its branches, I'm pretty sure you'd have come across this secret travel pouch in some part of a rack or another. The benefit of getting this? Well, at least your bra won't get ripped off? Lol.



Saturday, January 29, 2011

29/365-11 Characteristicssss

I'll go practice some more. My lecturer told me that my finishing isn't at the right level yet. And he asked me to just refer back to the previous Visual Fundamentals techniques. Well, the thing was... I sorta sucked during that class. Man, now I sure wish I'd spent more time then. But I can't rewind now, so I'll just have to make up for all the time I've lost due to my lack of practice.

Ready for CNY?
I now I'm not lol.


Friday, January 28, 2011

28/365-11 another X?

Well yeah, lecturer asked me to refine this piece. Oh well. Of course I will lol. I donwanna fail again.
That's that. I know mine deserves an X, but it also surprises me to see so many others having an X for their assignments. Almost half the class for that matter. Hm. Most of them were figure, story-telling and finishing problems. He said my story's there. Just doesn't seem finished?

And I left the group to wonder around in Jusco for a while. I thought Giant at first, but ever since I bought a bottle of 1.5liter water for 69sen, my perception of unbeatable prices in Malaysia has changed. plus, Jusco serves good stuff on their food rack too!

YESSS... Croquette..

Lots of other nice delish Jap food. Did I ever mention that
Jusco is a Japanese company? Lololololololololololololol.

Their food are generally good. But avoid purchasing after... 5
or so. Their heater works wonders, but only up till a certain
duration. So if you want the good stuff, get them earlier.
Best ones are usually served around 10am in the morning mm.

I tried some cheap sushi lol. And miraculously, I didn't puke.

Yay, MY croquette...

Man, first it was Rotiboy, now Each a Cup? Pyramid is certainly
catering with my gf's craving needs to date. I mean, she's been
addicted to the taste of Rotiboy's ever since I introduced it to her,
and she totally adores Each a Cup. I think. Well, she intro'd that
to me when we were at Pasar Seni? It was so-so for me, but if it makes
her happy, whuddaheck y'know. We only took 3 cups after all. Wait,
we took 3 cups? Lol.
And I shall double post at Awesomunch now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

27/365 *rubs eyes*

I got a B-??

I donno man, Kinsun seems to be really nice with this class. Nevertheless, it's Sleepy's works that are on display for student reference so... Man, I've gotta get in that folio somehow. I'll just do better I suppose? Ohohohoh.

I visited RO for brief moments just now and.. as expected I guess. The lag is just too unbearable to even move a muscle. So I relaxed a bit with some Frozen Throne goodness. Lost to the computer a lot of time. But I like Orc and Elf rushes. They seem to work best somehow. Orc Grunts are just brutal killers. And Archers are great for focused attack. So yeah. I still can't get a hang of Undead and Humans yet. Maybe I'll just go necro rush and skele every single shit I see there ohohohoh. Human Griffons epic fail lah. Can't hit Dryads. Wtfbbq. 

Oh well, off to more arty goodness? Yessssssss. AHAHAHAHAAHAHA.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26/365-11 Gasso

OO, I'm beginning to really love gasso. And liquefied acrylic ohohoh.
Disregard all the other colour... tests. I gasso'd over them but well, lets just say they never go all white after the application of gasso. Which is kinda weird 'cause I could've sworn mine was white base. But... oh wait, it's clear base. No wonder lol.

Check the colour thumb for the one on the far right. The colour just mixes up so well! I think I'm getting an idea of how to mix colours more vividly now. Be it the right or wrong, I think.. that doesn't really matter since it's the outcome that matters. Wait, is there even anything that's wrong in art? Lol.

I shall display my Bill gates painting here after tomorrow's critic, if there is. If not, maybe I'll scan it up first before sending it in haha. Just need a few more hours to touch up here and there and it's good to go ^^

Alrighty. Looking forward for some red packets anyone? I just know I shouldn't be too wishful P:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25/365-11 Sometimes, no titles are necessary for a post right?

Uh.. the watercolour damn fail. I should've scanned before that happened.

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari. Love the album. Love the vocals even more. Lecturer said he liked the idea. But after
listenning to the song, he thought it could lose the manga-ish anime-like feel and more... vibe. Relevant elements.

I think I should crop everything out but that small romatic picture laden in pink over there.

whuffak, the legs aren't proportionate.

I really liked this one. But the lecturer told me the Tune the Rainbow sounds deeper than it actually does,
and I needed to portray them in the album cover here. So the volume... for this cover is a little too light. So I'll
have to find a way to show the story behind the happiness. Still, I like this concept ^^

Oh, I didn't show any of my Uverworld works though.

By the time the critic was finished, it was near to 5pm.

So I think I was an idiot for thinking that I might still get him to look at this after everyone's done.
Anyhow, news of Kai Xuan's case is most distressing. I hope it'd be solved soon though. I smell a case of student injustice. And guess what, if it could happen to him, don't be surprised if it could happen to you to.
Now, for some random moments:
Haha, I was rearranging all the messed up figures according to
their type the other day at Parkson. Helped my mind relax XD
I shall get this one day. Nexus is just my eternal idol.

And dude, this place is really not getting the
attention it deserves for their heavenly buns.
YES. ROTIBOY! Go to the McD floor and walk past Carl's Junior and O'Briens. It should be around there.

Happy getting fat like bunnies! P:

Monday, January 24, 2011


Did some drawings. Ahahaha.
I hope my captions don't go white this time. If they do, well, just ctrl+a? lol.

something's wrong with the leg, the hand and the direction of face.

kiddy imagination drawing? lol.

Oh... I like this one.
I guess looking at great manga works does affect me in one way or another. Speaking of which, I need to present some album cover ideas for tomorrow, hence the 1st one up there. I'm gonna continue doing it later heh.

Man... Sleepy's crazy. I just went to his deviantart and what I saw totally blew my mind with buckets of buckshot. Eff man. And I always thought he was slacking about and whatnot. Seems like he's known as God in our class for a very very good reason eh? And somehow, he still manages to play Starcraft and Touhou or his Batman and still get his work done. He's sure one heck of a guy. Or maybe it's just the perk of having your own room to yourself? Well, his answers at the time as to why he slept late and continued work was because firstly, he had a pile of works all mountained up on his one and only bed, so when he wanted to sleep, he actually felt lazier to clean those stuff up than to be beaten by his laziness to continue his work. He sure is a pretty peculiar person. Which just makes him very awesome by the way. And well, maybe he doesn't watch tv at all, which then allows him to spend time in his own utter loneliness to doodle and doodle and doodle... neverendingly. But meh, I think it doesn't matter either way. The most important part here is that art is really in him. So... yeah. Wishing to be in his or Zen's situation a bit (having their own rooms and speakers with a computer that can rock musics off their own socks without ever having to worry about overblowing volume) isn't gonna change much. But I only find a certain similarity between people who really do their work and people who don't. And that is... none other than, whether they watch tv or not. Really.

Well, mostly I guess.

Facebooking is insignificant compared to tv. Because the tv distracts you by making you watch things you never even thought of watching. And the next thing you know, you're stuck at the seat of your couch with your sights locked onto the screen of the tv. And you suddenly find yourself thinking about the things you wanted to do and the next thing you know, you had a loud bang on your head telling you that you have an assignment due that says it's TOMORROW! And there you go on your rusharoorusharies.

It happened to me before. So if you encounter this kinda situation... Well, good luck I guess. I'm not sure if I should wish you luck for avoiding the tv or doing your work 'cause either way, your time management's gonna be really really screwed up.

But oddly enough, there's also a certain number of people I know who don't watch tv at all, yet are affected by this procrastination syndrome of syndromes. Well, if the tv's already out of their live, I have no idea what's making them do so. Maybe it's because they have a roommate beside? Which forces them to be considerate at times and not allowing them to do this and that. But hey... never give an excuse right? Lol.

And I've sorta realized something about myself. I set a lot of deadlines for myself, but there's always only truly one that I really go head to toes with. And that is the end of 11.59pm of any day. I was thinking... if I could somehow push the dateline earlier, which in turn would give me more time to do things after that. Right now, I do all my work past midnight, because... I'm not really sure if it's about me being nocturnal. But being at work during the most quiet and serene time of the day definitely gives me a lot of time to focus. Not like I hate daylight or anything. It might be related to the tv, and people walking around and also the sound of the family around me. Or maybe not. But I'm only able to work at home at night. Yess. Sometimes on rare occasions, I do work in evenings though. At home I mean. So I was thinking... 9PM!

Outside, even if it's chaotic with all the buzz of people, I could still work somehow. It's weird when I'm at home and I feel like not doing anything. Well, good thing that has changed though. Certainly thanks to me buying a new laptop and having a trusty scanner I could rely on. And Wacom hasn't been a bitch since... my com got replaced? Lol.

And here's a little something for anyone who reads my blog and really has a lot of time to spare. I mean it when I say A LOT OF TIME. So make sure you have time if you do want to spend time on this. Because really, you shouldn't. Because it's a really pointless video.

Just thinking why people like to do things people ask them not to do :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Oh I'm sorraeh. I didn't really put them in order? P:
something I thought about after my lecturer said something about bigger sewer tunnel
to a smaller sewer tunnel. Don't think you'd understand my sketches though...

And because my friends were so awesome, i felt like being a bit like them too.
I like the way they added all the random debris and it still looks good. Not too sure about mine though.

My lecturer asked me which one I liked best and it was sorta hard for me to decide on. Then
later he told me that the next time I wanna compose a picture, focus on the feeling rather than
the composition. After the feeling's there, the picking should be easy and you can adjust the composition
later from there. Mmm...

This was obviously before the one above. All my compos are so cramped!
Gawd, can you even breathe looking at it?

I thought we had to do our colour thumbs first before we came to class and so
I did? But when I saw the other works (for those who did of course)
I just nearly puked into my own pants.

First compo idea. Back is a big nono. Can't show much expression.

Dynamic angle? Could've been more dynamic in various ways. Oh yeah, my lecturer told me that when I sketch
ideas, I shouldn't like stick to one thing all the time. Like the environment. Maybe I was too into the angle aspect?

This would be great for a running scene.

Then I thought... Hm, this might work.

Expression studies.

Oh yeah, we all had to sorta design out own characters? So I'm sorta taking
this assignment like my own Character Design assignment lol. Makes things
more fun somehow. Maybe I just like creating original characters? Meh,
I totally ripped off that man's face. He's so gonna be pissed if he sees it here @_@

Cockroach. Nuff said.

Sewer understanding? Mm.. Oh, and my lecturer told me not to use white
on black next time. Says the inverse is much clearer. Hokae.

not finished yet lol. Will post again next time.
Losta stuff eh? Haha.

Hm, wondering which pose will be much better. My initial was the one in blue. But come to think of it, green might invoke a bit more feeling. Meh, I guess it's up to what story I wanna tell? Hmmm...

But I guess what most people would say is, "I can't comment because the work ain't finished..."
So I'll just go with that and work something out with my own gifted brain from celestial... uh stuff.

And my gf said her painting looks sinister. Was it intended? Owh, definitely. But I was kind enough to drop some warmer colour via Overlay so that her face would sparkle more, but since she said it was sinister, it only comes across as two types of messages to me, either she wants me to make another better one without her looking too overly sinister or she just loathes the very idea of me drawing her face. Either way, SHE SHOULDN'T BE ON FACEBOOK! And because she said it looked sinister, I'll go make another one just for the heck of it. And whuddaheck right, I'm also on FB all the time. So why not right? Lol. I guess she should enjoy her freedom now for as long as she remains in her hostel? Man, I kinda suck with freedom. I'm always a better follower y'know. But oddly enough, with people I can trust, leading becomes sorta easy. Only with people I can trust lol. But I trust everyone I know lol. Until they somehow scammed me or made me think otherwise about who they really are inside. Yeah.

Ok, I've got another idea coming up. It's not for this work though. I wanna go sketch something out waha!

/edit eh? where are all my captions????

I find Zen's figure of expression in Facebook/typing in general amazingly addictive.
Must be his Cambridgey aura-ish thingamagist.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

22/365-11 It's done..?

I randomly splashed the colours at the background first and then I started colouring on top of the colours like how I did on acrylic. Only difference was I don't need to do the dots x dots = patch. I just needed a few brush strokes here and there and added more boldness to the colour and make it more rich and... yeah.

Man, I shouldn't be giving so much bullshit for a painting. 
I should let it speak for itself. There's still a long way to go for me I'd reckon.


Make tomorrow count! :D

Friday, January 21, 2011


If you like cute stuff, just click here.

Speaking of cute, my definition of cute is somewhat like this?

Hi Bunkphayce!
So today, I got up... on TIME! But I forgot my thumbdrive and so I cycled home and back to college with my newfound thumndrive. And if you guyz noticed, my external hard disk crashed epicly. Nah, it's alright if you never saw it. Not like anyone really checks my status updates anyways. Lol, not like I do that often anyways. So there goes all my files. Not sure if my assignments are gonna be there though in the other laptop. It's fortunate that I've managed to finish all of Zen's anime before that piece of white slab broke down. But it's also rather unfortunate to realize that all the songs Zen gave me perished into absolute nothingness. Oh well...

And I haven't listenned to most of them yet. Man, I should have saved it in this com period. I'm just such an idiot. Oh, my gf came on Facebook for a short while earlier yesterday or 2 days back, not really sure when, but she suddenly added my mom? Lol. But whatever right, who she adds on FB is none of my concern. I just so happened to be helping to admin my mom's account therefore knowing her password and yeah... It's not like I use her ID for anything y'know. And playing other people just plain sucks sometimes. I know I suck but meh, I'd rather suck being me than suck being someone else you see P:

I think I should play with more colours and stuff. Hm. Yeah. And Evil Gal's been sad lately. On Facebook at least. But she seems to always put on a smile whenever I occasionally glance to her in passing. Hm, sem stress perhaps? Oh well, maybe I should just stop calling her Evil. I never thought of her that way anyways. She was... oh RIGHT, Normal Girl. But Normal Girl's so normal, it's insane you see. But regardless, from this moment forth, she shall now be known as the Normal Girl.

And Michelle wants to die. Hm, should I keep Awesomunch running? Maybe I'll just go solo for the heck of it until she somehow gets back her optimum state of mental sanity? Hm... I am perplexed. In a... perplexed sorta way hahahaha. Well, hope she doesn't break down too much. Donno what she means by quitting everything, so I'd just assume it's a momentary sign of surrender unto stress since.. well, we all have those days right? No exceptions, since we're all so typically human. Maybe if everyone became Deus Ex-ish, perhaps everyone could start working 24/7. Lol.

I've got some creepy comics from the Sharing folder in my college lab earlier this afternoon by a certain artist named Gyo. Apparently Sleepy and Jake are well aware of his existence as I am oblivious to his very name. But meh, I'll take my time to know him, through his comics with sewn human bodies and stuff like that.



Thursday, January 20, 2011

20/365-11 Urgh

I was feeling amiss the whole day. Man... I couldn't even do anything right.
I have another few pages, but I'm like just too embarassed to post those up.
They suck so much, I can't even get myself to look at them again.
But REGARDLESS, I have to finish up my assignments. So I shall make this short on purpose.

Don't give up?
Even if your internet connection somehow turns to snail speed.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19/365-11 Digital Colours!

Yay. With colours!
And you might have noticed some vague smears around my blog now. Lets just say... it's there for just being there waha. It's been quite some time since I last did something with colours and digital. The colours here are sorta loose and rough, but I like it that way. Heh. I could always do a refined version, but I'm satisfied with this for now. I'll save the bigger projects for later haha.

Social Network Social Network. Gawd, no wonder the founder wants to close down Facebook. So much problems. Well, every success requires a great sacrifice I guess. Or maybe to be more accurate, for everything you gain, you'll lose something in return. Just how the world rolls I guess.

Also many thanks to Sleepy and Jake for crashing at mah place and passing my huge illus board. I sucks to fail, and I hope it'd be the last time I'd be ever asking him for such help. I can't continue leeching him off his petrol fees. One day, I'm gonna have to pay for it man. Just not sure if it's gonna be paid in cash or deeds P:

And I has been approved. By Adsense. It's weird. Why are there so many ads about Cheezes?? Holy spirit!

Well, that's it for today? I feel like doing something now, and I don't know what it is. 

Sounds kinda exciting eh?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18/3365-11 Draw Music?

Hell, I donno. But that's the supposed assignment for today's Creative Workshop class. I mean portfolio.

So... be prepared for randomness?

Did this while listening to Triangle by Kawada Mami

Did this while listening to A Firefly's Light by Mayumi Sudou

No no no this had no song in it. I just drew them for fun.

Like I said, be prepared for randomness.

Out of all my abstract, I seem to like this best. Did it while listening to Complication by  Rookiez is Punk'd

3 songs. Uragiri no Yuuyake by Theatre Brook for the top left,
Reflectia by Eufonius for bottom left, Love & Roll by Supercell at far right.

Heeeey, the illustrations seem to match somewhat. Upper left was my first Triangle attempt. Bottom right is done
whilst listening to Trance by Granrodeo.
And I think from today onwards... I'll spend more time on my assignments instead. As much as I like to do all these drawings everyday, it's starting to take my focus away from my assignments little by little. So, I shall ammend the rule I made for myself for my one drawing a day thing. I will post any pictures, for as long as its self drawn, at least once a day, regardless if it's assignment or original works. I strongly believe that it'd make me more efficient from this moment onwards. So I won't be chasing myself to post drawings here anymore, but instead, show progress of my own assignments. But I'll post other works from time to time. So to speak, now I'll be chasing myself to post assignment works, which my lecturer strongly advises to think of it not as another assignment anymore, but as a valuable addition to your own portfolio for your future interviews.

And the songs links I gave, I figured it'd be easier for you to control the viewing/listening if you opened another tab. I always went to Mikuzen to listen at times and when I do and did the casual mistake of hitting the comment button, the page abruptly refreshes and I lost all of my streaming. Man, I don't want that to happen to you. Unless if it's only like one song or so, maybe.

Since I already posted the songs, lets talk about them.

Triangle - I like the instrumental feeling and vibe it gives with every pressing melody. It feels as though thoughts are pulsating through your veins, stressing both your mind and soul over what's more important, whether your love, or your life. You can feel the shadow running away as eye contact meets and ignorance is feigned. The heart then begins bleeding and yearns for reunion of the impossible. But still, it matters to try.

Complication - I fell in love with this song after I watched Durarara. And that being said, I don't think I'd fancy the song this much if it wasn't because of the anime. When I listen to this, you can feel a world of monochrome silence in chaos. People bustling through your lives as your stare in a world of nothingness, grinning over the changing and unchanging, what's possible and not possible. Your frustration engulfs you and led your feet to accelerating towards a senseless direction. "I want this world to change!" your heart cries. Tears from eyes and body flow seamlessly towards the gravitation direction. You fall to the ground thinking of what to do next. Then you were reminded by the words of the people you hold dear and you decide to take a last stand as you observe the view of a solemn sky dyed in etched gray. You want tomorrow to be a better place. And so your feet accelerates again. Only this time, it's towards a certain memory. Location. Feeling. Intuition. You know it's not random or coincidental. It is your intention. To stay strong and face tomorrow. To stop cowering behind the colourless look. To be daring to stay in colour, and be noticed by the world of your true self.

Trance - I did not prefer Sympathizer over this, nor the other way around. Both songs are unique in both their own ways. And I like Trance for being Trance. It's one of those heavy rock songs that has an energy that never withers. The strength of the vocal is kept at prominent and consistent strength which also carries a weight of emotion inside. In Trance, it's a song about transformation. To be the best you can be to beat the most impossible adversary you've ever faced. And to do that, you must lose yourself to become someone new, someone able enough to let go of the past and pursue to future ahead.

Reflectia - I used to like this song a lot, but not as much as I did back then. Now it's just an ok song for me. But listening to this song really reminds me of school memories somewhat.

Uragiri no Yuuyake - I know the title's something about dawn. But regardless, it's a very fun song to listen to. I've never got bored of it yet since I started Durarara. Well, if you want an image to go with your head as you listen to this, just picture a black motorcycle speeding through the highways and the escalating skycrapers of the concrete world dyed in a warm sunset tone. Yeah.

Love & Roll - It's a feeling of youth in love. Something very ongoing, enjoyable and memorable. Asking a girl out, trying to understand her, surprised at how cute she can smile sometimes and the way she reacts when you push her buttons. The joy of just being together. Not as lovers. But just being there for each other. If there was a choice, they'd rather have things stay the way it always is rather than go further. Because it's just so carefree and fun. And free.

anyhow, that's it for today.