Thursday, March 31, 2011


Wednesday 30/3/2011


Fuck I'm so slow. That outline could've been done in less than 2 hours.
What the hell took me so long anyways?

Oh great, now for some half-assed colour studies.

I am rather annoyed with this whole piece. Very.
Along with a lot of other stuff annoying my head. I just wanna end this shit as soon as I can. Nope, not enjoying this one little bit. What's wrong Osla, don't you always try to enjoy everything? Well, things have changed motherfucker. Oh well. You'd better start pushing harder. Thanks to your efforts you get to camp out a night before class again, AWAKE.

I'm still annoyed.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tuesday, 30/3/2011
C'mon Osla. You can finish it. Fssssssssssssssssssst.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

87/365-11 I guess

Monday 29/3/2011

I'll be using less words on my posts from today onwards.
And by less, I mean minimal.

Damned freaks.

Interior practice.

More practice. For assignment. Ass.

If I ever happen to have a really good piece of work. IF I do. You may find it here. It's empty atm. That's all.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

86/365-11 Not in the mood

Sunday, 27/3/2011

For work. Donno, this is about the first time I'm feeling bored like hell with any part of my assignments.

Another oomphless effort aye?

I'm not too sure if the narration is good. I'm only supposed to do one frame anyway.
But I did this, just to see if I could use any other ideas. But no.

You probably won't know what's happening if you didn't read Friday's brief.
I'm gonna sketch myself to sleep. If there's even a proper term.


85/365-11 When there's no distraction

Saturday, 26/3/2011
I guess I could come up with some good stuff too. At least 4 hours spent on all these.
At least.

MM Pinhead.
testing effects before application should be useful. Should be.
A crazy doctor always appeals to me.
failed right.
I'm surprised that human infernos are sorta easy.
Other than that, today's work proves to be unsatisfactory. I shall try again.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

84/365-11 Prett Self Explanatory

Friday 26/3/2011
Refined. Still not good enough. Good news, I'm not the only one. Bad news, nobody did pass.

Anyways, 6th and final brief. I think.

Advance Advertising Visual

Class Assignment Brief


Kelvin was a 19 year old, Eurasian, art college student. One day, he was rushing for his assignments until 1:30am in the college. He was so tired on the way home; he did not notice that a motorcycle was coming towards him when he was crossing the road. Though he was not hit, his toes were run over by the motorcycle. The rider felt sorry for him, so he brought him to the nearest hospital.

When they reached the hospital, they encountered a strange incident where there was nobody inside the hospital. Then the rider ushered him to a seat and went to look for a doctor or nurse alone. 20 minutes later, there was still no one to be seen, and the rider never came back. Kelvin felt very unsettled as he continued waiting. Suddenly, he heard footsteps of few of people. Then he saw a doctor and 4 nurses passing by the corridor. All of them wore surgical coats, and they seemed to be rushing somewhere. He felt relieved when he saw them, so he called out to them loudly, but they did not respond to him. 

It seemed like a rare chance to meet a doctor in this hospital, so he tried to follow them. After that, he saw them go into an operating theatre, so he waited for the doctors outside. Suddenly, a frightening shout came from the inside. Though he was scared, he was also curious to know what was happening, so he walked into the operation theatre to find out the answer.  After passing a few of doors, he came to the last entrance, and the door was unlocked, so he was standing at the crack between the door, and then he slowly pushed the door open and saw……

·         Imagine what was happening inside the surgery, and it must be the horror incident.
·         Explore the angle and the lighting mood in the story.
·         Need to explore and study the layout, color thumbnails.
·         Research and plot a clear storyline.
·         Message must be clearly delivered through visual drawing.
·         Overall finishing need to be simplified and neat.                    
  • Story telling
- Message of the visual must be clear
  • Strong art sense of: 
a)     Perspective
b)     Composition
c)      Proportion
d)     Light& mood
  • Medium & technique
- Good drawing & rendering skill in Photoshop
  • Professional practice
-Final outcome must be neat and presentable

DURATION: 1 week

·         Need to complete 1 frame of visual drawing with coloring.
·         Sketchbook with the research of the assignment
·         File format: i) PSD   ii) TIFF   iii) JPG
·         Frame size: 11.5’ (width) x 6’ (height)
·         Resolution: 300 dpi
·         Deadline: the commence of the lesson 11.

WWell, Zhuo Yong finally told us what we wanted. He didn't care what style we used for our assignments, nor how finished a certain lvl of finishing it's supposed to be. It's all up to us to figure out which is best. Even cartoon style is acceptable at times. Priority goes to the storytelling, in which he specified in great detail that every single little detail that explains a certain single frame, counts. Like if a car is flying up, there must be things, objects, debris that make the thing look as if it's flying. If the details aren't enough to explain something, he deems it as unfinished. That's just basically what he meant every single time we handed it our assignments. But we didn't comprehend his hidden message. Till today.

Guess that's that.

Zen and Shai make me feel like a fool.
Maybe I always am a fool.


Friday, March 25, 2011

83/365-11 A Nagging Thought

 Thursday, 24/3/2011

Good. Managed to do this much. Now just leaves to whether Zhuo Yong say yes or not or if he's gonna give the extra 2 hours to touch up in class.

Learned something new with my Photoshop brushing, thus the picture on the side.

I believe I'm in a position whereby I need to clarify a few things. No, it's not about yesterday's post. Rather, the day before yesterday.

This blog. What I blog about about. I can be about anything. The possibilities of topics that can be covered are limitless. But know that everything I blog about comes from a source, and that source is my everyday interactions with people, if there was any on any particular day. So if never bumped into you, it's highly likely that you won't be part of the content here.

Not saying that if you don't want to be in here, you'd have to avoid me all the time just to make sure it doesn't happen. Because even if I don't see you, there might be times when the thought of you crosses my mind, and I'll blog about it. And if I felt you were dodging me, I'd just say maybe you're dodging me on my blog, which'd still end you up as part of my blog points. Whatever it is, it's hard enough to put thoughts into words. I'm just glad I can do it well enough.

People intrigue me. They make me think a lot. And when there are thoughts, it's saddening that sometimes I don't get to put it out before it dies out. I've mentioned some time before that I wish to document as much of my thoughts as possible so that one day, I can look back and see what were my eyes telling me back then.

I wouldn't mention something at all if it didn't pique my interest in the first place.

So there's that. Secondly, I'm not sure if anyone notices, but dissing is a form of disrespect or insult. If I ever talk about someone on my blog, and it happens to be something bad, that's not a diss. If you think that way, it might just put me off into thinking that you're just really shallow I guess. Because when I do say something about people, it's because I care, and hope that they'd do something about it, if they ever want to. I'm not forcing them into anything, but rather raising a concern or suggestion. It's up to them if they wanna take it to heart. There's no form of disrespect that whatsoever, not to mention insult. Dontcha think it'd be more disrespectful to someone if you allow a certain misunderstanding blow up into gigantimous conflict of sorts due to one mistake of an assumption? And isn't it the goal of all humanly community to like grow together as healthy individuals? I donno man. From the way people think these days, there's just so much gray areas to tread on.

I was reading about this guy last night, Tomoharu Saito, the best Magic player in all of history. But he got suspended from the pro-tour qualifiers because of a certain mistake he did. People say he cheated. Other say he was innocent. And a few handful of others, responded in ways that completely amazed me with the amount of thought they put into such a matter. You can find the link here if you're interested. Though all the reading with the comments included would take up to an amount of at least 2 hours. Well, unless if you just naturally read at lightspeed then I guess maybe not.

The paragraph about dissing above was mainly tributed to my girlfriend. And others out there who have another concept in  mind about dissing. Because the other time, when I did fire at her on my blog about how she was behaving, she said I was dissing her, which made me feel taken aback. I knew I wasn't, because everything I said there just happened, and I need to wake her up. When i talked to her that day, I knew that if I just talked, the end will just be similar, because I'd certainly miss some details here and there which when summed up, would become a lot of odd loopholes.. So in order to get everything out, in which I knew she'd read somehow or rather, I blogged every single detail about it, to really make sure she knows where I'm poking at. If I was just saying it to vent out frustration however, then maybe you can say it's a form of dissing. Like, if I just told you that you look shit, you act like shit, get the fuck out of this world with no solid reason however. That's a pretty obvious call I think. But I've never tried anything of that sort before. At least not yet. Not that I can remember any. I don't think I'd be doing that anytime soon too considering the fact that there's no need to.

I mean, what's not to think and what's not to say really? We have a brain to think, we have a mouth to speak, and we have language for everyone to communicate with. If we don't make full use of this, then what's the point in having all these functions anyways? More like, we can think, but refuse to think or avoid certain things from our mind. Isn't that how we all don't learn more as a result? If we apply stigma and taboos ever so often, how are we ever gonna evolve our mindset anyways?

So yeah. I'm pretty shitty with managing my own life, but somehow, remaining stern and firm for things like this come really easy to me. I oughtta try this on myself sometime, though I'd probably scare the shit out of myself.

And for Jake's case, I didn't mention anything extra. That's apparently the word that has already been spreading in class and I just merely passed it on in my blog. I didn't venture anywhere further, so I don't think I've touched anything private about his life. If I know a secret, I take it to the grave if someone asks me to silence it. It just the trust people give you sometimes with high profile info about themselves. Though, I don't really care what people say about me, so I'm fine with people talking about me in the open. Doesn't mean everyone is. But if I can, I'd just like to treat anyone in this manner. It's just more open y'know. Just too bad not everyone sees it this way.

So yeah. Anyhow, I might just decide to pull up some ass crazy stunt in the not so distant future. So. Well, time will tell. I've gotta prep for class now. And I still don't see the big deal from the previous blogpost. It'd be nice if someone could shed some light to me about it. Yeah. Or maybe I'm just stubborn. Either way, I'm just unconvinced.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Wednesda, 23/3/2011

Damnit. Ugh... today's was supposed to be a nice day. Too bad I ruined my own mood :( 

My plan was to get jumping into my work right away and get it done with a proud smile.

But a turn of events occured.

My brother came back earlier than expected today. Then he offered us a treat to Manhattan Fish Market. We all went, ate a hearty meal and had a great time filling up our tummies with great seafood. Then my brother asked me, "hey, you know where the computer games are?"

I knew where it was and led him there. We were in Sunway lol so of course I knew. Well.. then I checked the store out and they had some PS2 games as well. I found this Digital Devil Saga and Radiata Stories. I bought'em. The minute I got home, I go my hands on Digital Devil Saga and played it non-stop till about 9.30pm. If I started my work then, maybe I wouldn't be so frustrated right now. 

'Cause my plan to wake up early and do extra work obviously failed again. Because I played till 5am. If there was anything to blame, gyah.... sucks to know that it's always just me and nothing else.

I think it's clear enough to admit my own addiction to games in the open. I may have a lot of reasons for why I don't admit myself as being addicted earlier. But when I begin to put games before everything else in my life, I guess it's quite clear that I AM addicted and I need urgent help. It's funny. This also happens to me when I do volunteer work. I just seem to put everything on top of priority aside from dealing with my own life. Am I just running away? I don't know. I just know that I'm so gonna lock myself up or something in the room or whatnot to just make myself do my work. With the amount of time left to do my work later, I doubt I can produce any great work. I'll be self-loathing and comforting myself with short expectations again.

I hate this. Why must it be so hard to change??

Either way, Lunchbox later till 6pm. Wish I could just bring my laptop and do something while I'm there. But I'd rather not. Very risky. I need to pay a certain amount of attention when I'm helping to run their store alone. Probably back by 7pm. Need to take bathe, eat. Realistically, I can only start my work at 8pm. But might just give it a little push so that I can start by 7.30pm. Either way, that leaves me with exactly 13 hours to do something, excluding sleep. Not even sure if I'll be sleeping anyways. It's always like this. I really just feel like slapping myself now. My mind is telling me to abuse the coffee mixture I used 2 weeks back again. Maybe I will. If it helps me get through the night without sleep.

Nevermind. What's done is done. This is the last time Osla. You better swear on it. If not, when are you ever gonna get better? You have 13 hours. Make it count. Think about what you have to do if that was the assignment dateline and you really only have 13 hours to make something out.

Life is about second chances sometimes. But this here isn't the case. 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

81/365-11 Determined

Tuesday, 22/3/2011

Yes, finished the main character outline. Didn't get much time to do the piece today. But I was determined to just get something done before I go to sleep. And.. I like what I did :D

Also, for class today, there were a few things that sorta took me by a wrong turn. Like that.. uh, whateverhisnamewasagain, oh well, Lydia dubbed him this time as Little Boy after I sorta complained to them (oh boy, what did you do Osla, why did you blabber to Manly and Lyd??) about the time when I asked him whether or not he knew the storyline for our group assignment thingy, since he didn't leave his contact with us, neither did anyone did ask from him. I do remember asking it from him once, albeit at the time he wasn't part of my working group whatsoever. I know it ended up being awkward. Me for most part being the awkward one. He gave me a reply so stunning I just couldn't bear continuing the ridicule of having a conversation with him. And I still feel the same about conversations with him now.

Only this time, he refused to speak after me pointing out the question towards him by pointing towards his throat a few times until he finally reached for his pocket and showed me his Strepsils *FACEPALM* GAWD. That was it. I gave up trying to make contact with his brain. It's pointless. It's best to just let him do what he wants. It's not like he didn't put in any effort. It's just that he's always inside his own field of imagination that he gives off the impression of being impenetratable in terms of regular verbal communication.  Maybe some others may agree with me. But that's what I think.

So that aside. The video I posted yesterday garnered little response. So I consider it a probable failure. But people might not have been paying attention. Though as a creator, I must honestly say that my work was poorly made. It could've been executed in a much better way if there was a better software and more idea brainstorming and whatnot. But then again, past is past and I'm happy enough to hear the words fresh idea and nice try from Lisa. The work wasn't exactly a concentrated effort between group members much in the first place. So I had very little expectations of the group synergy. I know I'm like just putting my self into the hands of fate, but this time, it just couldn't be helped. We basically had a random brainstorm of sketches, choose something at random, cut'em out, and uh... we ended up having a lot of extras from Little Guy. Who we didn't really asked to do stuff. We were all discussing about the story and he sorta already started cutting his own designs. But seeing that his designs were sorta cute in a way, I told everyone to just use whatever he made to propel the storyline. Whatever it is, it'd have been way better if he could just open a way to communicate with us. When we're with him, there's just this enormous invisible barrier that's.. I donno, just suffocating if there was a word to described how uneasy it felt. 

I tried to make people participate more, but there only so much one can do right? I mean, I don't mind having a team with just Kar Men and Ti Ming really. Little Guy just... man, I donno what to say la. Sometimes I just wish I was more charismatic or had better leadership qualities. I wouldn't call myself the leader of the group. Just that everyone was quiet, nobody talked much. There were little to no discussions. I mean, someone had to start something right? Actually they kinda did already before I started to do a bit of steering. It started from the brainstorming on paper, and I just kept raising suggestions, that people didn't have much conflict over. It's relieving, but they're just so passive that it makes me feel... like the group just isn't working.

So we went ahead with the idea and decided to finish the assignment there and then because we don't want to group up again and meet. I thought of doing that, but finishing it on the day itself would be so convenient for all of us so we tried until we got nice shots that we all agreed on. Uh, no Little Guy gave almost no reply. Ti Ming was taking the shots and only Kar Mern and I were deliberating on the compositions much to my dismay. An extra pair of eyes to judge works would've been a great insight. But we didn't have that privilege I guess.

And the results are what you can already see from yesterday. Only the movie was an extra motive from me. But I can think of so many ways it could've gone worse, so I'm just grateful for now. And yes, it's a bit too dark. I'm not gonna blame my computer, but I've come to notice that things that appear on my computer screen comes out so much darker at other places. Especially my storyboard assignments. That's not a good thing, seeing that it also affected the photos somewhat. So. yeah. I can always lower the brightness, but how do I know if my brightness is the same as the one in the Digital Lab?

Hm, and I also heard that Jacob sorta stopped attending class. I wonder why. Whatever it is, only he himself knows what he wants and if that helps him find out that nag in his head, by all means, he has my full support. 

Speaking of which, Lydia and I were having a little argument over the matter. She was expressing her immediate concerns over the matter, thinking about how risky it'd be for Jacob at this point. I agree with her notion, though I didn't mention it verbally, but I then remarked with the above, to give us our support. I donno if it was just me but Lydia seemed to have taken it at a hostile sorta direction, like I was trying to make as though she was the bad person. Well, do be informed that I say seemed due to the fact that I can't read her heart and I can only tell so much from one's bodily expressions. Well, I hope I didn't offend her in any way though. She's a nice fellow to have around, albeit a little difficult to talk to. Not to everyone else. Just me I guess.

I donno. I always try avoid talking to her because I always seem to tick her off. Yes, again, seem. It's either that or I'm misinterpreting all her expressions. Well, maybe it might be a lot safer if I just don't deduce anything from her expressions. I just find it hard to not offend her somewhat (from her expressions). Yeah. Well, lets just hope I'm wrong.

Oh, and Ms. Amy, the army lieutenant called me earlier today telling me that she's back joining a certain VAD 45 at Shah Alam and is attempting to put in battlefield medic experience into practice for the team. She invited me to be part of the effort, but I turned her down because.. I just need a break from RC. So I politely declined and yeah. That's that. So I'd be expecting a call from her again sometime. Just donno when.

Gyah, I'm gonna try harder on this thing.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

80/365-11 Ok, that looks unbelievably small.

Monday 22/3/2011
Well, you can go check the video out over here.

Just did it for fun, since I couldn't think of anything else more creative to fiddle with the pictures I got from my group members from last Tuesday's class :D

I'm satisfied with the outcome I guess. It's sorta a one person decision to make the video, but I'm sure my group members won't mind. After all, the main thing here is that the pictures are still there and we all already agreed on the pictures we took so. yeah. This is just an extra ^^

Seems like ZY's work's gonna be a bit slow -_-;

Haiz, I hate having stupid thing intervening with my course of workflow. Urgh.

Nevermind, I've still got tomorrow :D

At least I know I still have progress so that's not so bad I suppose. I guess I'll take my time. It may be risky to do that, but at least I won't be doing it with a rushed mindset. Even when I come to the point of rushing, at least I'd have thoroughly thought out the angles and everything else, so yeah.

I'll be taking all the time I need ^^ After all, it's not gonna be easy trying to achieve Marvel techniques. Heh. Yeap, that's the par I'm setting to myself for this assignment. I hope I can meet my own expectations :E

K, wanna do something else nao. 


Monday, March 21, 2011

79/365-11 distractions distractions

Sunday 19/3/2011
Oh well, looks like I couldn't finish this in time for Zhuo Yong's critic session. Man...

Oh well, I guess it's a good thing too that it's left like that. Any adjustments I can make here? Hmm... maybe I need a bigger foreground somewhere. Yeah. I think I'll do that.
Hm, you guyz think I should've just went ahead to the critic anyways? I mean, I did tell him I was gonna show him the full outline, so if it's not the outline, I kinda decided not to go. And I overslept. Gyah, I'm giving way too much excuses.

Also, I find that i'm always distracted with my work when I do it at home. But I'm not gonna fight the distraction anymore. I think the best solution for this problem is to just start work as early as possible, so that the distraction won't cause to much damage to my workflow.

That's all for today. WORK WORK WORK!!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

78/365-11 ZOMFG

 Saturday 19/3/2011

Man, the flu I had since Friday is really starting to get on my nerves. Urgh. Well, if you think the drawing feels and look weird, imagine how I must feel lol.


Didn't do much today. Pretty much slept through almost the whole night. Ro'd a bit. Perfect World'd a bit as well. Shouldn't have. A complete waste of time.

If I spent all those time into RO, Sierra might've been 76 by now already. Zzzzz.

On the other hand, if I spent the time to do my assignment, maybe I wouldn't have to worry so much for Tuesday's dateline, and Friday's. My sense of motivation baffles me sometimes.

Well, I'm just plain sick today is all. Thought maybe I should get a good rest. So.. yeah. 

Anyhow, there was this girl who dropped by Lunchbox the other time and asked for catering services. She was asking for RM5 for 30 pax. I said I'll let boss know. When they came back, I found out that the minimum order was RM8 for 80 pax. However, if she could pick up the food herself, RM8 for 30 pax is acceptable.

Then I replied to her that in sms. And she sorta had a delayed response and even called me today. But why call me right? I'm not even the boss ._. well, that's most probably 'cuz I was the one who smsed her and its only natural to call the person who smsed you right? Uh.. without checking who it is? Lol. It's not like I never left the Lunchbox's real contact num, in which I did.

So whatever the case, she called and my phone was in my room. So... HAHAHAHA. I never picked it up. I did sms her back though, telling her maybe she can cater from a certain mamak just across Sun-U. That one's cheaper. A lot. Could probably even get RM4 per pax. Well, what can I say. Mamak rawks.

ZOMFG she looks exactly like my gf here but she's not my gf. Uh, no she's not the girl in the aforementioned post. Just
a random look at some of Thaianne's many followed blogs and I saw this. I think she takes ID. Lol.
Yes. Random moment. But still, how often do you stumble on such look alikenesses?

Stupid drooling mucus.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

77/365-11 So As Promised

Friday, 19/3/2011
Here are my thumbs.

the one here.2nd row 2nd column




Lol, didn't realize I actually made 8 full pages. Well, you can click on the pics to get a close-up view and see. But from Zhuo Yong's critic, he says that uh... the one I added the caption on is by far the most ideal frame. Since everything else didn't seem like the kinda scene you'd be expecting for a main frame.

I think I'll be doing more later. My gf came over to my place today. I cooked again :D Glad to know all the rice I made was finished down to the brim of the rice bowl. Well... now I know I've to cook the potatoes first before putting them in together with the rice.

So she and my mom talked, and things went well. Then she studied for a while and I followed her to her friend, Manju's party. I'm not certain if she was the immediate host to the party but considering how she always talked about Manju's party Manju's party, I'd only assume so. Heh.

It was nice I guess. Everyone was pretty lively, albeit the broken up groupies, which happens in almost every gathering really. It was fun talking to a lot of new people haha. But the game was sorta a drag. Mafia. Whatever it was. I mean, it was cool. But Cops, Murderers, Docs and Civillians? Me being the poor unlucky guy got sniped in round 1. Donno if it was intentional but yeah, that was how it rolled unfortunately for me.

Then there were some charades? Maybe not. We had to blow up some balloons, find a partner and put the balloon up to a certain body part, like lets say face. It moves to chest, stomach, thighs, knees, sides and can go in pretty much any order really. It was fun, till she suddenly freaked out and we lost to a position of 1st runner-up. Which meant nothing much really. It was just for fun.

Heck, why didn't play Sheeps and Wolves? I mean... it's a BLUFF GAME :D And so much simpler to. Just sheeps and wolves and but of course, one God. Lol.

My girlfriend was being indecisive again tonight. So to avoid her from continuing to be a pain to my ass for such a seemingly easy thing, I just made up a decision and silenced her. Sorta. I mean, she was confused between wanting me to stay over, or sending me back and returning to stay over, or sending me back and go home or send me back and stay over at my place instead. And she was being indeed very annoying at one point. So I said I was staying. And she became happy. And annoying again. Because she asked me again. So I just said, "I'm already telling my mom through sms, don't make me change my mind nao."

I wanted to go back. But she really wanted me to stay and talk so I did. We talked for quite some time. Till about 3am+. The situation at the time was pretty... I donno, romantic I guess. We were talking within a bespectacled view of the gold-lit cityscape under the blue dark sky with a brilliant full moon to watch over our conversation. And I cried a few times. Over the fact that everything felt so perfect at the time, and well, I got reminded about how hard my brother worked his arse off for a family he didn't ask for.

My eldest brother. He owns Kasatria technologies. A pretty well-known branding company in Malaysia now since his project with Aquaria. He now gets at least a million a year with his projects. But alas, millions or billions, as project manager, that money he has in hand doesn't belong to him. So if you understand the concept of liability, well, the money is a liability. Not an asset. Just because he doesn't own the money. How does he pay it? Well, working like a pro-slave of course. Answering calls at 3am, 5am, leaving the house by 6am only to be back by 2am, could continue for days. He has little peaceful days. And still manages to come back and take the family out for dinner with pure generosity. Of course we'd be happy to indulge with good food once in a while. But it's only natural to feel his weight as part of the family. I think.

So, I wanna work hard and make sure he can rest more. He's not my dad. And he was never supposed to be put into that sorta position. But he's trying his best to help the family. And I want to do that too. I just didn't really know how I guess. Maybe I knew it for a long time. Just never had the proper initiative to do so.

Like what people say, respect is earned, not given. My brother doesn't ask for respect. He gets them by showing off his excellence. And that's what I intend to get by with as well. Though, my respect for my girlfriend is sorta predetermined, ever since I've decided to love her. But that's a different matter I guess. I mean, you are suppose to respect all human beings alike right? All rather, all living things.

Ok, this is getting long and dwindly. I got back home around 10am today with an uneasy sore throat. Just hope I didn't pass it to her when we were kissing during those perfect moments.



Thursday, March 17, 2011

76/365-11 From today onwards

I'm gonna complete my idea sketches early so that you people out there can know about my progress as early as you can, comment on them if you'd like so that I can choose a better option etc. and I shall take the best one from whatever I've done.

Well done, looks like this blog ain't gonna be such a individual blog anymore eh? Wait wait, it's still me blogging, but your opinions on my works and stuff will be an influence to me hehe. Not that it has never been. Thanks to people like Zen and Shai, I managed to avoid a certain disastrous logo for Awesomunch. And voila, a better one was created.

I think I should have done this lightyears ago. Maybe just too embarassed to show the world my assignment progress and stuff. But hey, I guess it's good to start a change somewhere. Uh, I guess.

Well, for today, there won't be much. Stay tuned for tomorrow's? I'll be finalizing my ideas tomorrow after Zhuo Yong's critics and you'll definitely see more later when I've got my ideas all jotted down on paper in image for mate. Heh.

Uh, this was all I could do at Lunchbox just now. I'm gonna resume nao. So.
Yes, buhbye. Oh wait, before that, here's a copy of the brief.

Advance Advertising Visual

Class Assignment Brief


On a rainy afternoon, people ran into a huge bank to escape the rain. Suddenly, they heard a great sound- “Pang!” Then, a huge truck burst into the bank from the front gate. After that, 5 people got off the truck. They were the robbers and they wore gas masks. Each of them brought powerful weapons. 3 of the robbers walked towards the counter, threw all the bags to the bank’s staffs, and pointed their guns at the other people, threatening the bank’s staff to collect the money for them.

An accident and the traffic jam in the raining day caused the police’s land force couldn’t come in the moment, but 30 minutes later, there are 2 cop’s helicopter sent to here for defeated them.

Suddenly, the truck was extracted by an incredible force. They were intimidated and stopped for a while. Then they rushed outside to probe what was happening. They saw a man in a black suit, and who was almost 25 years old. He was floating and he looked over at the robbers in the rain. They were shocked and they knew nothing about this young man. They raised their weapons to fire at him, but the bullets were parried by his transparent shield that appeared around him.

They lost courage for this situation, but they still tried to attack him again and again for planned to run away. Some of the cars and buildings surrounding them were damaged. One of them who carried threw a grenade at him. Nearby, an 8 year old girl was hiding behind a car; she was scared and crying. The hero hugged the girl and tried to save her using his speed and transparent shield. 

·         Explore the angle and the lighting mood in the story.
·         Explore and study the layout, color thumbnails.
·         Research and plot a clear storyline.
·         Message must be clearly delivered through visual drawing.
·         Overall finishing need to be simplified and neat.                         
  • Story telling
- Message of the visual must be clear
  • Strong art sense of:    
a)     Perspective
b)     Composition
c)      Proportion
d)     Light& mood
  • Medium & technique
- Good drawing & rendering skill in Photoshop
  • Professional practice
- Final outcome must be neat and presentable

Any ideas or opinions would be nice ^^
Ok, I'll be going now.


75/365 Losing Something

Wednesday 17/3/2011

Again? Yes. This time it's my girlfriend's Touch'n Go card. Fuck the world man. Haiz... How could I even misplace something as unrelatedly insignificant to me?? I don't understand how I'm always so great at losing things. Just last Thursday, I was sketching at Lunchbox while waiting for my boss to return from his course and whaddaya know, after a delivery trip, I came back to find it missing just like hat. I don't get it. But it's really starting to get on my nerves.

Even before I seem to have lost some amounts of money from my bosses deliveries a few times. Got fired pretty good during those times as well so, yeah.

Then there were also my own times where I lost my Shenlong Gundam's Naginata, a certain Megaman accessory, PENCILS, oh god yes, I don't understand how all my 2B pencils always just magically disappear, if even a hint of Magic was involved in this. 

Speaking of Magic, I found out that I'm suddenly short of a few cards in a certain number of decks as well. WTF?

So anyways, yeah, my gf was actually helping me to help my boss get his bike fixed over at the bike shop near Sungei Way. Total of 2 tires both front and back + 1 spare costed RM30. When we came back, Andy was surprised that it was actually that cheap. Well, anything I guess, I'm just hoping that the size I bought for him is the right one.

Ugh, so during the journey to and fro, there were stuff happening. How the RM20 change suddenly went *poof* and I finally found it under my seat. I also scratched her car numerous time, which she didn't seem to mind, but I really minded. Because she's still paying for the car and it's already so damaged, INSIDE! Uh... I feel so miserable. Maybe I'd get one of my dad's polish thingy with the magic scratch remover thingamagist. I donno, it's worth a shot I think. If I still have some left at home that is.

And so, to get to the point, I had itchy hands, I saw her Touch'n Go, fiddled with it, seeing some cracks around it's corners and without realizing it, I was practically holding it throughout the whole journey back to Lunchbox, until it finally hit me that it wasn't in my hand anymore. Nor in my pocket, or anywhere else. FUCK. And she lost RM16 just like that. Again, she didn't seem to mind, but man, me losing my own stuff is bad enough, I don't want people to lose their stuff because of me. GYARGH, BAD HANDS!! You might as well just draw better than touch others things! DAMN YOU DAMN YOU.

During the spur of the moment, my handphone also dropped onto the floor for like about 3-4 times. Courtesy of my holes in both of my pockets. Great pick of clothes for the day Osla. Way to go~!....


GYARGH.. this is just so effed up in so many ways (to me) fbhgbawhgfvaskjhdbhdahswgfcdhajkSfvbhaskljDBHfvASKLHfelfhl

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, well, look at the bright side, at least we got free lunch from Lunchbox because we helped and....uh, my gf wasn't late for class! Though i had to jogged back, in which I failed to do all the way and I walked the rest of the remaining journey with my merrily lazy feet along with my scratched handphone now due to it suffering a few *aftershocks*

Speaking of which, Japan got hit by a 6.9 aftershock just recently today. Or yesterday, not sure. But it's bad. Oh well, nothing much I can do here but hope for the best. Not like I could go there right now and help. Hm, wait, I might consider that.

And so, to tend to my own miserable self hurt due to guilt, I actually went back all the way to Lunchbox just to give a thorough sweep through the area to see if it was still there, if it even was there to begin with. That's the best part, I have no idea where it is. Well, my girlfriend checked her car, it wasn't there, so she says. I trust her, but I think I'd feel better if I could search through just in case if she actually missed a few spots. I was actually quite confident that it was still in the car. But when she told me that she thought she saw me holding the card into Lunchbox, I was like.... crap.

I went to check near her carpark too. Even with a torchlight in my hand, it was still hard to look because of the darkness and the wide area. I have no idea where she parked her car specifically so... yeah. I had no luck finding it at her car park, which is pretty much a belukar if you ask me. What's a belukar? Oh, wilds.
So she lost RM16 of credit... It felt better for me to hear from my dad that the card was free, but not a lot better. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...


Oh, my elder bro invited me to play FlyFF. And I was such a failed player that I died 6 times even after getting full buffs from a lvl 60 char. But I was out of supplies then so... yeah.

Lemme just drown in my own misery a while.