Sunday, May 29, 2011


"Sometimes great ideas aren't all that difficult to think of.
It's just the matter of putting those ideas into action that's difficult."

 So I was here. Tesco Puchong last week. Blood drive. In a mall. Pretty much explains everything aye?

Why am I even talking about this one week later. Meh, maybe I just ran out of ideas to blog about.

So what great ideas? Ok maybe not all that great. Just some ideas to grab attention. If you worked as a sales promoter or anyone who were putting their neck out there just to give all those passerbies some flyers, or to talk to them, hahaha, I think you might know the dilemma.
There were around 7 of us I think. And the people in the mall seemed quite on the edge about our presence there. When we try to initiate a conversation, or as much as said a word to them, they'd start shaking heads in absolute negativity, positively knowing that they didn't want to talk to us at all.

After all, we're all begging people to bleed for the greater good just trying to let people know that there's a blood drive going on. So we got pushed away again and again. And I felt sorry for those who had to do that duty. Which was why I did the thing on my left.

At first, it began with cardboard boxes with the words written as shown above. But we got shot by the management at Tesco, calling it inappropriate material. Everyone felt down for a while, because there were all in with it. So I cycled around the area to find a print shop. Lucky for me, I did, made 3 poor typo layouts of  "YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SAVE 3 LIVES," "YOU CAN BE A HERO TODAY" and hahaha, oddly enough, this one worked the best among the 3, "IT COULD BE SOMEONE DEAR TO YOU."

The effective part only came after this 'cause I found that those words couldn't be read by the big crowd out there. And if they can't see it, or even notice it around, it'd be utterly pointless. I went out again on my wheels expecting to find a stationary shop or two. But to my dismay, I wasn't that lucky this time. On the other hand, I found a stick. I brought it back, washed it, and used my folder to paste 2 sides of the layouts I made so that it becomes something similar to a board.

And there, I had myself a signboard. I didn't know if it was gonna work or not, but that's the nice part, it actually did. It made heads turn and people were really starting to ask about the blood because it was held up mighty high with my stark red volunteer vest. I was noticed. And the best part is, I didn't have to approach people who weren't interest in it.

First day, 50+ people.  Second day, 70+ people. Donno if my effort had anything to do with it. But I'd like to think that it did haha.

I didn't take a picture of the board so.. oh well. I just drew it instead with a certain Doreamon-ish girl I knew who also helped out during the event. So... if you have a great idea... just do it? :D


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