Friday, May 27, 2011

Penang Condominiums For Sale

Howdie folks, looks like I've just got meself another request to do a blogpost for Propwall again. Only this time, it's not the ordinary Propwall, nor the Singaporean one, but it's very own latest Penang addition!

Check out all the cool properties you can get at with pricelists that'd simply knock you off your socks 'cause everything there just seems so damned expensive! Well, from the look of the page at first glance that is haha.

Alright, I take that back, there's actually some pretty good deals if you take a little effort in browsing through the many lists available. The ones with good prices are mostly located at Butterworth, Seberang Prai and Air Itam with prices ranging from the average of 200k to 500k. And they're all double-storey too, so the value is pretty damn good if you ask me. Oh, I also spotted a 70k+ one at Sungai Nibong!

But of course the central areas like Georgetown and such ain't gonna be cheap. I see the least expensive being 800k and most expensive going up to about 2.5mil. So if you've got more wealth to spend, Georgetown might be a good place to look into for your investing purposes ^^

Oh, before I forget, lemme introduce some new features in the latest Propwall repertoire:

If you see this nifty little detail on your left sidebar, then yes, it's a convenient tag for all popular areas and districts in Penang so fear not if you aren't very familiar with the whole Penang landscape and setting. Just click your preferred area and see what deals are coming through any time of the day!

But I'd strongly advise anyone new to Penang to ask the nice experienced property dealers at the Answers tab on the upper right. I'm sure whoever moderating or kind members of the property site would take notice of your dilemma and give you quick and effective solutions to any of your peculiarities and curiosities.

Also, not to forget, Propwall Penang is actually a branch out from the main page of the original Propwall page unlike Propwall Singapore. So if you see a similar box like the one above, it should have the tags of all states in Malaysia that has properties available. If you happen to lose the url by chance, please do use my link at your leisure or you can just click Penang under the Area tab in the main Propwall page.

Well what're ya waiting for? Check out Propwall Penang today! 8D (Link is on the second paragraph)

Good luck in all your property investment endeavours!
Who knows, one might make you some big bucks ^^


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