Wednesday, June 08, 2011

159/365-11 I know

I know of a person; whose life was filled with wrong leaps and turns, but whence in art, shines brighter than the sunlit daze. He treaded on dreaded grounds whilst pounced by the impact of warmth and bliss, only to find that he was finally all alone, with remnants and fragments of deep sorrow, as he realized that his one true love would never be in his arms ever again, since the moment his mistakes began to resolve in total coexistance..

Don't make the same mistake he did. Treasure them with all your heart.



Mosh said...

I'm not that alone xD, I got you guys - Shaz

O C said...

I was referring to people in general (always will lol due to disclaimer issues) so yeah...

wasn't you man. PERASAN P: