Tuesday, June 28, 2011

179/365-11 Selfish Selflesness

One day, you might realize that everyone out there is selfish, and will always look after their own needs. I for one, do not harbour any angst against such people, as selfishness came along when humanity; creation began, and without creation, so would there not be me.

A soul, needed me to fill up the hollow gaps of its morbid lifeless heart, until it found only but torment in the comforts of my embrace and decides that it was best to take leave of me. It was selfish of it, I know. Torn even, as it wished not inflict any harm nor ill will towards me, both phsyically or emotionally, but alas, it heed to its own calling and made a hemmorrhaging experience for the both of us.

I for one, was nothing but grateful that I'd even have the opportunity to be important to something. Someone. Pain to my belief, has always been nothing but a transient element, as it fades in due time. Numb, unhappy, but not sad neither. Such is my flaw.Such is my curse Such is my selfishness. A trait, I embrace wholeheartedly, in which now I call a blessing.

I honestly do not think
that selfishness is a flaw,
as I learned through 
experience that 
it helps you 
to find that 
inner fire
the strength,
to live, to breathe 
and move further.


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Mr Lonely said...

ya... it was true that human are selfish.. >.<