Tuesday, August 02, 2011

213/365-11 A Fugly Grin

Of hope. Or not.

Sure has been a fucking long time since I actually ever did talk normally. Oh wait, when was I ever normal to begin with? Hmm, anyhow, I'm really sick and tired of the way things are, in a good way. And so I decided to draft a plan. Would probably be ready by... Thursday or so. Maybe earlier. Maybe later. But I'd very much like it to be in a visible scope by Thursday. Visualizing things everyday in your mind can be dead tiring at times. Especially when your brain starts to rot from within due to dire fatigue and stuff. And even if I rush it now in the midst of my assignment, it's just not gonna do me any good in the long run. Though, some may beg to differ when they believe that our best choicest are best done during the most dire and critical moments, thus showing ourselves who we really are. But screw that. I'm not one of them?

I wanna make a promise to myself today. But I'm too lazy scared to do it right now. Maybe later, at least after I've drafted out my goddamn future eh? So for now, lets just pray for a stupid miracle of uber madness. Or I can just work a little harder.

If there's ever a turning point in life,
it's either now or not too much later.
Dragging this on may just very well
bring the end closer to myself.
I want a new prologue to life,
not another epilogue to it.


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