Thursday, August 04, 2011

215/365-11 Thinking Forward

Fuck, now I understand why the mamak the other day asked if I was an Islam or not
when I went down there to have some lunch.
So, what the hell do I wanna do anyways? I reserved tonight especially for myself to think over what I would want to do and achieve in the next coming 10 years.

Er.. ok, by 2020 eh? I'd be... 29 then?
Where would I wanna stand when I'm 29?

Hm. Lets start with the basics. I was thinking hard these past few days about what kinda profession I wanna have or do and the thought of doing art therapy just really starts to bang at the doors of my head. Truth is, that idea has always been in the back of my head, but the recent Facebook updates from my fellow ex-classmates who are currently a sem ahead of me about a certain mock interview  for a certain subject kept knocking a question into my head. I'll be attending the very same class they do next sem, so I figured it'd be a pretty good idea to prepare in advance?

Recent events lately also indirectly pushed me to reach a decision and alas, I have.. I think I wanna do art therapy. The market out there isn't all that great for the profession in Malaysia but well, since there's a blank spot there, might as well fill it in aye? Easier said than done though. But no harm done trying eh?

My sudden burst of enthusiasm to find out more about the job led me to Google and many other sitesurfing thingamajigs, but in the end, it brought me to a certain old friend I knew who was in the field of aromatherapy, since I thought he might know of someone who does art therapy. I mean, well, he is in the therapeutic field so I checked his Wall and what luck, there it was, an event/workshop conducted by an artistic life coach. What are the odds of stumbling upon something like that when you were just thinking about it? I didn't know what an artistic life coach would be doing, but if it involves art, coaching, talking to people and helping others, man do I even need to ask? What's more, I get paid don't I? :D

I'm not too sure when I wanna meet her yet, and she's already prompting a reply. But I think going through her workshop itself might a good experience for me to know what kinda gigs she does for a living, and stuff. ^^ It's RM350 though. The price is negotiable according to her but hahahahaha... haha. Hm. Maybe I'll stick to meeting her directly or some sort. She's also got a 4 day course for people who aspire to be an art therapist that allows you to be a certified art therapist, which also makes her an instructor of sorts.

WHAT? REALLY? NOWAY! Yes, you read the bold letters. She said art therapist. I found a link to her blogsite from her profile and yeah, she did say she was an art therapist, but for Facebook viewing's sake, I guess she puts the more awesome equivalent of the job? So it's confirmed, she is an art therapist.

Bah, if anyone wants to go, feel free to. I'll just link it here. It's a facebook page so make sure your account is on when you click it?

Anyways. What else do I wanna do... I'll see what art therapy is like first. But for now, that's my current profession of choice.

As for college. I have 2 more semesters. One more normal sem and a short sem. I should end sometime around... May 2012?  Can't say the same for the Grad Night though.

So whatever, during that time, I'd probably work somewhere for a while, get some money, and once I hit around RM2k, I wanna go on a journey around Semenanjung and back, with my bike, my backpack, some money, and nothing else. Yeah.... Ok, maybe I need a tent. But whatever la, I want to do this. Hehe.

I still haven't cleared my marathon dream yet. I wanna run a 20km and finish it, the real deal, at least once in my whole life. Medals and winning are negligibly secondary, but winning them won't be such a bad idea....

I WANNA JOIN PROTOUR MAGIC WOHOOOOOOOOOOO! Tier 1 decks are fucking expensive though. But I already own one so.. I don't see why not. Just need to make sure that I'm free during the Magic Grand Prix Tournament. It was held just 2 months back, so I'll keep an eye out for it when the same time comes again next year.

What else do I wanna do. I wanna join ROWC. Maybe not next year. It's not on top priority, and it coincides with the Magic tournies in an overlapping period of less than 2 weeks? Hm, what to do then? Ro is fun, but my priority goes to Magic. But... shouldn't I care more for my own career first?

Ok so whatever it is, let just say this is the rough idea of what I'll be doing for the next... maybe not 10 years, 3 years?

This year, I wanna completely storm through and ace all my subjects the best I can, beginning next sem. I'm tired of saying this again and again without ever achieving any good results, and 2 more sems to go doesn't make things any easier to digest and with the grad campaign coming on the final sem with only us alone and no collabo (or maybe have with Digi) according to my sources, raising the funds may seem like an incredibly daunting task. I was just discussing this over with my friend a while ago and man, we sure do have a big whoopsack problem. And so do I. Dang.

At the beginning of this year's sem break, I NEED TO GET MY FUCKING DRIVER'S LICENSE.
And just get it over with. Zzzz.

Next year, same thing. Until... May. After that, i'll be free to do whatever I want right? Ok, while I wait for the grad campaign, I guess... Uh, wait, my bicycle trip might not end that soon, and I'm gonna bring some sketchbooks to sketch up all the cool sceneries I'll be passing by along the journey so it'd probably take 2-3 months? Uh... would 2k be enough then...? ._. Ohkay, I'm gonna need to make a revised budget there. But till then, still 2k it is.

So if I work for 3 months, I should be able to get that RM2k in no time. That'd be in August. So I'll be cycling... till December..? D:

And if I cycle, bringing my laptop would be troublesome. I can do it, but if I wanna save my back from another major spinal injury, heheh, it might be a good idea not to. Will I still be updating my blog then? Maybe I will, weekly or so, when I can find a place to scan my drawings and post them up later. Uh... wouldn't that cost more money? Man. Or I could just go hiatus for 3 months, come back and post all 3 months content? Hmm..  yes, that sounds like a more convenient way of dealing with it. Though, the scanning and posting for each post is gonna take some time to complete. Maybe 3-5 days.

Ah damn, May to August right? That's when the Magic Grand Prix begins too! Grr... I guess I'll have to postpone the cycling trip till later. Heh, more savings to get from my day job then :D

That means... I can only begin my art therapy job seriously after 2013..? Isn't that kinda.. uh, late? But once I immerse myself into the job, I'd probably have little to no time at all for myself since I'll be constantly meeting people and such. But I can't say this for sure since I donno how hectic the life can be yet. But if it includes lots of appointments, one can only imagine how busy it can be. Hmmm.

Maybe I should kickstart my career earlier and leave my... not so important things aside. The cycling trip is a personal thing, but it's not as important as building my career I guess. So... Man, postpone again huh? Well, I'd better make sure I get it done before my age hits 25 'cause that's probably gonna be the peak of my physique.

And whatever it is, I wanna own my own home by the age of 30 full stop. The price of land around KJ is gonna skyrocket but I'm gonna find whatever deals I can and purchase a cozy home for myself.

Ok rewind, what if art therapy doesn't work? Well, I can still do it as a side job, so as any other artsy jobs. So.. what about my day job? I'll fall back to Hospitality if I can't get into my first choice. I'll get whatever work I can, get my own money and funds, pay for my own tuitions, graduate, and work till 35 and own at least my home. 'Cause if I took a year to try out art therapy, joining another college course around 23 isn't exactly the most ideal age for learning, but what to do right? Though, I can always consider open learning at open colleges whereby all my sessions are conducted online and there won't be any need for me to attend classes, so I can earn my own living while finishing my studies part-time to secure at least a steady paying job of at least RM5k a month while still earning from my day job.

I might have to refrain more over expenditure in Magic when the time comes. I already boomed my entire 1.6k from the past 5 months anyways. So I'm gonna have to start back from scratch again.

If I study 3 years, while working, I'll definitely need to pay off tuition fees, and with my pay, I might have to stick with living with my parents for the time being since living on my own would incur even more expenses. Or maybe I should just move out anyways. I really wanna know what it feels like to be fully responsible for myself so... AAAAAAAAAh, I'll think about it then la.

What else do I wanna do...? Hmm... it'd be nice if my skills were to be one day be recognized enough to be published as a book or whatever.

And oh yeah, I still wanna do that animation project for myself, post it on Youtube, and get 100k views at least :D Hmmmm...

And last but not least, I need to create an artwork that would inspire people. Or... maybe I should do something that'd be everlasting, won't go away and will forever remain in the hearts of the people as a reminder of how great life is. Yeaaaaah...

Oh yeah, I don't ever wanna be stuck in a chain of debts. And if I can, I wanna have enough liquid assets that'd support my life without me having to work anymore with auto-income. So... having an intellectual property might boosts things up I think.

RIGHT. STAGE, their course is 20k, but if I go there and produce good work, and managed to sign a contract with them, that'd be just what I need. I'll be getting my shares based on the agreed profit sharing basis anyways so... Hm yes.

Man, all the things I wanna do takes helluva long time. I wonder if I can finish them all. Lets just hope I don't get into any funny accidents and die prematurely..? Lol.

Lets see...
2012 - GRADUATE, MAGIC!!!, start working on career
2013 - Develop more on art therapy, take extra courses to secure job prospects. Try and join ROWC if able
2014 - BICYCLE TRIP! Or if too tired.. vacation to somewhere I like..? MARATHON
2015 - If got enough 20k, pay for it and join STAGE
2016 - sell my intellectual property from working around at STAGE.
2017 - continue developing in art therapy/ hospitality. Wait, the two can go together right? What if I just make an inn with art therapy services? Hm, something to consider.
2018 - Should be done with my animation project? If that guy who did Nebula can do his thing within 6 months, I should be able to do it within.. 7 years...?
2019 - continue working...
2021-20xx too lazy to think now. Think later P: But should be stable enough to think about what properties I can get to increase my auto-income.

There'll be a lot of expenses here and there in between everything so saving is gonna be difficult haha. Either way, if I earn RM5k a month, I'd have RM60k annually. Minus tax... 2k(1.5k) expenses a month at least, that'd leave me with 36k for savings yearly. Cheapest condo available is priced at RM40k, decent ones at Rm80k-100k, better ones at 240k-540k, and great ones from 700k and above. Lets aim for a 240k home. Save for 8 years? Hm. Sounds good. And oh yeah, MUST BE FREEHOLD. Leasehold.. I'll have to see the terms firsthand.
Alright, lets do this shit!

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