Friday, August 05, 2011

216/365-11 That Humongous Piece of Rock...

This solid precipitate that stands before my journey to the end,
no longer shall I turn away from it, nor shall I bother of what
lies ahead, as nothing else matters, but only to remove
this wall by force or by will.

Dwell in the past, roam in the future, or breathe in the present?

No, I must live in continuity of it all, for the past is the archive to my dues,
the present is where I pay my dues, and the future, is where I believe,
the due will be gone forevermore and freedom to my soul at long last.

But you must know, that true freedom does not exist.
For as long as we live in this globe of soil and water,
that's how long we're bound by the curse called life.


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