Saturday, August 06, 2011

217/365-11 Out at 1U

So I was out at 1U drawing all day with my juniors. Well, at least till 5pm.
I'm starting to feel age beginning to creep in. Every I see them from time to time, it's either they start hitting their
last year in school or are already heading out into college. Most obvious ones are usually the girls I guess.
But some guyz turn out to be quite the looker in regards to their rising age. And I somehow feel dwarfed.
Well, good for them and not so much for me haha.
Anyhow, Captain America was great.
At least I think it was. It's a hero we can all
relate to more closely. Well, you'll know
if you watched it. Until then, wait for Avengers
and... uh, pork is awesome at BBQ Plaza. Hee...


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