Monday, August 08, 2011

219/365-11 Constance

Jablonski. Pretty face aye? I didn't really know what pretty was since its a very circumstantial
impression people get. But I can't help but remember what my lecturer asked me about how to make
a girl prettier and I just stared at him in momentary silence. The bad kind. And so, I was watching Korean
dramas through Maaduu and her Estee Lauder ads kept popping up. And I was like, hmm, what a pretty face.
What if I made her into my main girl ref? Her features are quite nice. So if all the girls I drew looked a bit like
her, they'd automatically be pretty right? Just like how Adam Hughes drew Catwoman and she incidentally
looked a lot like Audrey Hepburn.. So i just tried to sketch her out...
but there's just so many things off. Her eye distance, her cheeckbones, her nose
and lips. Hmmm... i think i'm gonna try again. Proportion. I hate that word. But
it's something I really have to master. I have 2 more semesters to go, and well,
i really don't like seeing myself doing shitty work. I have friends who requested
me to draw them but I've always put them on hold because I just didn't want
to disappoint them, but I guess I'll have to stop running away and just try it.
Well, her name means something after all
If I keep constantly trying, I'll end up somewhere
better somehow in some way, right?

I'd like to believe that.


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