Friday, August 12, 2011

223/365-11 Note to self

Believe me when I say that telling the truth is not as easy as it sounds,
because no matter how much you wanna feign it, both sides will never
be ready for the truth. Not only until confrontation.

Note to self*

Sometimes your friends won't tell you your wrongs because they trust you enough to know that you'd solve your dilemmas one day on your own accord, without any interference from them. But sometimes, there are people who over indulge in things, and no matter what has been pointed out again and again, the same friend repeats those mistakes, and you feel responsible to tell your friend how you feel about what he/she is doing albeit knowing you're gonna hurt that friend.

Which confuses me. 

And a lot of people too. 

How are friends supposed to show their support to those they care for anyways? When we are honest, they misjudge us sometimes by pointing out that we aren't trying to understand their situation.. When we choose to let go, they start to think that we want to burn of the bridge that connected us in the very first place. It's pretty stupid actually. But it happens. Again. And again. And again. People say it all depends on the situation, but is it really just the situation, just the people who are involved, or both?

But whatever, I'm glad. Someone stepped forward to point out that fellow's mistakes, albeit on a very bashful and straightforward sense. He knew he had to if not, that friend would not be progressing any further. He was a figure. A figure that many people both respect and hate. He didn't mind being hated, but I'm sure deep down inside, his heart cracked, as the words begin to form in audible sounds, and the look of that friend being said to begins to change entirely, like a different moon phase. Although, if it'd make that person a better person, he'd outweigh the pain he inflicts on himself in order to implant the truth for the friend to grow into a better person. He might be used to the ways of it already. Just might. He's human too y'know.

 How else could one help if not point out the mistakes directly? Or rather, should I be sad that I wasn't the one to point them out to that person? Because I wasn't being a true friend? Even if I did, should I be feeling proud of myself? Neither. Pointing out mistakes to someone is just never a good thing, but it's not necessarily a bad thing too. But people these days sure have pretty vivid imaginations up in their wild fantasies.

Anyways, leaving the person alone and consoling the person is another whole new dilemma entirely. But y'know what, I'm just gonna believe that everything will be alright. Because all humans are strong people, and I believe that their inner strength will persevere. 

Life is such a wonder sometimes.

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