Saturday, August 20, 2011

231/365-11 Got Inspired

By a certain pink t-shirt. Trust me when I say it's completely unrelated.

Some failed proportions study. Made it wrongly so many times so lost the mood to go any further. Zzzzz.
Should have used the ruler.
Some evil plans for Malaysia 100 years later. Wait for side B...

Welcome to Side B, but I got lost in thought after a while and started practicing hair works.
I still can't understand how Drew Struzan made Ms. Scarlet from Cluedo's hair so...
intricately simplified in a cool way. But i'll learn, somehow.
See the girl in red background? Either way, Drew creates masterpiece works so...

Sorry, I'm running out of pages to draw so I'm moving my pencil along any free
space I can find. Dooooooooooooooodles.

Gesture studies. I love Sierra ^^

Reincarnate now and Valkyrie Randgris will give you a level up kiss!

Being at the new Lunchbox really just changes everything. It gave me time to focus on my drawings now. Because it's not as busy as it was before. I'm just supposed to sit there and take care of the counter. Ocassionally I still do get up and help around. But I still have plenty of time to put into sharpening my techniques. Good thing I promised myself I won't touch anything but reading material or artworks. Because if I were to play games, it's gonna be against my work ethics anyways. And don't worry, my boss specifically told me I was allowed to do my own work while taking care of the counter. And since he said so, and I needed more practice, I don't see why not.

Also I began to realize that when you're out whole day doing something for a living, there are only a few things you'd do during your precious spare time upon returning home (which is only about 4-6 hours max to me if I stretch as far as 3am.) And those things are the ones that really really really matter to you. Everything else are just lost time and waste of memory space in your head. There are still a lot of things I wanna do, but I think those things can fuck off for now P:

My priority is to be better. Everything else
can kiss my ass for all I care. (for now of course)
Oh yeah, and PTPTN. Need to pay them back pretty soon.

The end.

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