Wednesday, August 24, 2011

235/365-11 Andrew Loomis Said

Draw at least a hand every day.

And I just tried haha.

Behold a man, a woman, and a sheman.

Yeah. Like humans,  there are also 3
types of people who'd change you
either for better or for worst.

The first kind, will always say that you must change,
thinking that whatever you already are is completely wrong,
and you have to be like him/her or someone better, but not who you are.
The kinda people you'd usually hate in the long run. Because they just do
things in such a linear way without proper explanation that they just tire
out your reasoning and cause you to give up in the end. Because they seek to help,
but not necessarily understand. They want to spread their cause, but at the cost
of being ignorant of the situations other people are pinned into.

Then there's the second kind, who will try to set an example, hoping that you might learn
a few things from him/her that'd make you better or worst. Again, maybe
trying to create a replication of him/herself in others through her own actions.
Not necessarily bad nor good. But these are the respectable figures arounds you,
you admire them for having so much spirit and motivation in doing certain things,
but you're not sure if you wanna follow the same foot steps as that person

But the 3rd is the greatest kind, since they always show up at
the most appropriate moments of your life,  and nudge you towards
a certain direction through an inverted suggestion or slight push, the kind of thing
that you usually won't say no to because it's usually such a great idea
for those moments. As to how do they appear ever so accurately, that's something
noone can answer. It might be pure chance, destiny even, but one thing's for sure,
these people either have a very deep thought, or extremely well thought-out cunning
plots, and what purpose they do things for is often shrouded in mystery,
but ever so more than often, it is believed that they are overly curious with
how events will turn out if set in a certain motion, or just plain wanting to have fun
out of the general ambiguity of the unknown possibilities that could happen. Curious.
These people are like rogues. They go underground whenever their existence is not
needed. And when they resurface, it's always for something important.

These people aren't entirely bad, and they aren't necessarily good either.
I respect these kinda people. Because they have a certain mental capacity
to easily understand the right situations to act upon and what to avoid.
But that doesn't mean I like or dislike all of them. I'm just on the fence.
But I still admire their skills.
Because the third kind is usually
the ones who creates the most drastic
changes in your lives, because they are
the ones who will implant certain thoughts
to you without you even realizing it, and the next
thing you know, you're just moving towards the 
hints given to you by them, and where you end up
later, will always without a doubt be a very different
place from where you were in the beginning.
And you'd realize that, you were different
since you got the mental suggestion from
him or her. Just like how angels and demons
whisper thoughts of good and evil into our ears.

And no, Andrew Loomis did not say that.



Lil' frog said...

Each and every individual is significant in their own ways. Good or bad they might been, they all teach a special lesson

O C said...

yes, like melon milk ohohohoh...

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