Saturday, August 27, 2011

238/365-11 Not Everything Is Delicious Cake

There is no point in longing for something you know that is beyond your reach
instead, appreciate the things within your reach, the ones you always take
for granted, pay attention to them and don't let them slip away. Because the 
ones beyond your reach will require a lot of sacrifices. And you'd probably 
need to let go of, and ignore a lot of things that come to your way while 
you're at it; something that requires great effort to do. And yet, there's 
a chance you might still not get what you're after in the end as there's 
no such thing as a guaranteed fairytale ending for anything. Even if you 
decide to go after the ones right before you, there is no guarantee. But 
at least you'd know that you didn't turn down the opportunities when it 
dawned on you to cease them. And whatever happened, you know you gave that 
opportunity and yourself a chance, and you experienced whatever you could 
while it lasted. I let go of such opportunities. And I feel pretty stupid. 
All for the sake of a forsaken hope that I still have little to no faith in, 
but still wanna see through it till the end, because I told myself to never
quit in pursuing the things I hold true to myself. I just hate having to give up
y'know? And I did give up on one to make for for another. And that means
I've already given up something before, which makes it sorta ironic in a way.
But since I already gave up before, I'm not about to do it again.

I donno what's better for you, but every person always has at least 3 choices
in every present situation. Stick to Plan A, detour to Plan B or just follow Plan C, 
just plain don't do anything, stone and regret that you never even lifted a finger
to do anything when you were given the chance to. 

And  you're free to interpret the artwork however you life.
Because if anything, I see a helmet. But whatever.


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