Sunday, August 28, 2011

239/365-11 Another Perspective

A village that resides by the river, lush with paddy fields and vegetables farms adorned with hectors of fruit orchards. Within each stride you take, the purity of the air will cleanse you lungs all the way to your soul. And with every stride,
you'd also see the many faces of determination, perseverance and raw hard work, where the people do what they need
in order to survive as a community, and are not bounded by the shackles of economics and currencies.

There' really exist such a place. AK, the guy who drew this and the next few following pictures I'm about to share
is a Karen, an ethnic race in Myanmar. You can read the general info at Wikipedia if you want.  Just type Karen.
My interest in a certain peculiar muffin stopped the moment I saw him writing in his own language.
 The character, the motives, the lines, archs EVERYTHING. It's just such a beautiful writing. It's something
like Pali, but also not. One day, I'll chronicle it properly for you so that you can read all the characters
like A-Z Well, at least i hope I can.
Well, whatever I said before about that quaint paradise really exists. Except that it's not a paradise,
because the Karen people are constantly haunted and tormented by the Burman Government who
always condemn them and mistreat them. The history goes back into a very faraway  time
But what we need to know is that these peaceful have been butchered, massacred, mass raped,
mutilated, comdemned for over 60 years. And still ongoing. So sometimes, I'm actually
pretty kinda glad that I'm still in Malaysia.

And then he tells me that he wanted to go back in about 2 months time.
Seeing family is one, he also left his girl there, and he's a real nurse by profession
Yeap, male nurse. But he's a cool guy as far as I know.
Well, what I can do is just hope for the best for him. Good thing he's just gonna be a medic
in the military camp he's going to. Well whatever it is, massacred, bombed or nuked before, I still
wanna see that place with my own two eyes at least once.  

Ok, my eyes are getting tired so...

I Shall spam today's progress work.,

and feel the need to sleep NAO.

So whoever you ware, cherish the place where you're in,
because for the Karens, the oppression is every single day.
So be glad that you ain't in a whatever-ridden country.