Monday, August 29, 2011

240/365-11 Lets Start With A Hand

It's almost there, but not quite there yet. NEED MOAR ANATOMY RESEARCH

SO...I was talking to this person who was from Hospitality major one day, and we had a little discussion over operational mistakes.

I just said that I'd prefer to know the mistakes and let the boss know so that he can calculate the costs and profit if needed. Then she came back with something that really surprised me, "I don't think that's really necessary 'cause mistakes happen in managements all the time. I mean, there are people who're trying to work hard behind and when the miscoms happen and they make mistakes, it's really not their fault. It really sucks you know when you work so hard and then you're expected to pay for all your mistakes."

And.. I concurred. That was a good statement. I do believe that mistakes happen almost all the time. Hitting perfection isn't an easy task. That's something that my bosses are trying to do, but no matter what, some fluke of flaws will still show up somewhere sometime. And it really pains me when they take it out all on the foreign workers. I'm not sure if their distrust towards the foreign workers came from a very bad memory or whatnot, but I know if I'm treated like that, I myself might feel like quitting. It's not like their stupid or anything. They have a language barrier, and sometimes, they need more time to be instructed. But well, a business is always a complex entity

Then again, I think boss is already kind enough to them. He prepares a home for them to stay in, transports them to and fro to work, and even turns a blind eye to the portion of food the workers take during mealtime. The boss might seem like a harsh person, but you'd never see him deprive anyone of any basic necessities. Even clothes, thus the uniforms he loans to the workers. But anyways, there are lotsa misunderstandings going around between the workers and boss. It's just too bad I can't do much to help the situation.

But anyways, my boss's goal is to let a business run itself, not let the business slave-drive you. So I just thought of this silly badge system that might help *crosses fingers*. That is if they even agree to put them on. Gonna show them the next time they appear. Or maybe I'll just make a stash somewhere and keep them for myself fufufu... Never know, one day, I might be
my own boss with a very shady business ohohoho.

Oh, and today, I had one of the most queer moments of my life. I remember warm fuzzy tingles when I look back at that memory. The really good kinda goosebumps. Something similar to happy pheromones? There was this regular. I see him form time to time and today, we sorta finally talked and opened up a little chat. Well, apparently, he was a Christian pastor
also does life talks in campuses and anywhere where his presence is needed. Lol. Whatever it is he's doing, it sounds like a cool job, being a life motivator and all. And yeah, this was actually the first time I'm actually opening up to another fellow Christian after a very very long period of time. And then it just hit me with tears in my eyes that, I was finally able to let go of my prejudice towards the Christians It even kinda hit me that I was ready to rediscover what Christianity meant again. But... I think I'll let that wait for now haha. No rush needed.

And tomorrow finish work at 6pm (i hope)
Then I might pay a visit to William's (if he's open)
Since I heard that he does badges as well ohoho..


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