Wednesday, August 31, 2011

242/365-11 I was told

That I was a self-pitying piece of shit! (alright, maybe not all that brutal, but somewhere along the lines hohoho.)

Well anyways, here's a surprise for you...

Nude practice. Face screwed up naturally.
Need moar practice!

I admit that I'm a self-pitying piece of shit :D So.. whatcha gonna do about it? Fufufufu... Because self-pity is so awesome that everything I ever think about only revolved around me... and nothing else WAHA!

So you'd probably do nothing right? No worries, even if you did something, or not, it doesn't matter to me. 

Because I just plain don't care P:

On another note, I found out about something I shouldn't have found out. Either way, I already broke a code yesterday by countercommenting that person's comment. What was it for you say? MY EGO of course! :D

 and Happy Independence Day
to all non-Prinny beings!
because "independence"
doesn't exist in Prinny dictionary.


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