Sunday, August 07, 2011

Malaysia's Largest Rooms Database!

Looks like I've got another blogging job here hehe.

Well, the last time, I posted about iProperty, a website with a humongous property database. As for today, instead of it being iProperty, it's now turned into a powerful search engine made especially to search for Malaysia rooms to rent called iBilik. Pretty nifty I'd say. Makes searching for a temporary place to stay while you go about your studies/work a hell lot easier. And I really mean a hell lot easier.

It's crazy, in KL and Selangor alone, there are already over 50k rooms available for rent. Though, sometimes I do have to wonder why most of the landlords prefers Chinese females. STRICTLY Chinese females only. Maybe they're the cleanliest bunch of'em all me guess? Or maybe the ones that create the least fuss. Either way, I'm feeling a bit of discrimination, but as a guy who've been to a few guy's rented houses, they don't seem like the most responsible bunch, so I guess I kinda understand the landlord's dilemma...

Either way, yeah, so you can only begin to imagine the number of rooms you can find at first search. And don't worry, iBilik has rooms available widespread all across Malaysia, even in East Malaysia, so regardless of whether you're planning to stay in the Peninsular or not, if you're looking for a room, try your luck out, and you might find a few places that'd suit your tastes and preferences.

Also, like iProperty, iBilik too offers free business hosting. What I mean you say? Well, you can post your room ads for free of course. So if you're ever trying to source for some extra income with whatever extra rooms/properties you have, you might as well just post it up. Who'd want to push away a good business opportunity anyways? ;E

Ah yes, and for fellow backpackers or vacation lovers out there, if you're under a really stupendously tied budget of sorts and are at the verge of bleeding yourself to the bone just to get a good room in a hotel to stay, might I suggest to your some Short Term Room Rentals instead? A good room would only cost about RM30 to RM150 at average. Sometimes you might be able to get the whole house too for the same price, which could fit to up to 8pax or more. So even if its RM150, when you share it with that many people, it doesn't feel all that much different than renting a nice chalet somewhere. Really sweet deals. But requires further booking (but of course).

How to find it? Oh you simply can't miss it, well unless if you have really really poor eyesight. (But then, if you had poor eyesight, you'd have been wearing a suitable pair of specs aye?) So anyways, the button is located on the top of the tabs, so if you do miss it, I'm really not sure what else to say...

Hm.. is there anything else. Well, the good part's done about the site. Now.. about some of the minor downsides and inconveniences that you may find in the website...

Actually, to me, there's only one. When you hit ctrl+click or the middle scroll button on a room link, it creates a new tab and transfers your current page into the clicked page as well. Normal links would only create one new tab without changing the one being clicked so... yeah, I find it a bit annoying, if you get what I mean that is. Probably a bug within the sites encoding. Hope they solve it out too. Wouldn't wanna scare the very people who use the site away now do we?

Last but not least, lets not forget that friendly reminders are everywhere to remind you about iBilik just in case if you're looking for a room in Malaysia. You saw the two taxi picture at the top didn't you? Well, I'm sorry to inform you that there's another one...

don't worry, they don't bite... as far as I know of course fufu...

Good luck in finding your rooms
and have a nice day all~


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