Monday, September 05, 2011

247/365-11 A Seminar I Attended

Not original work. Just plagiarized learning from Doug Chiang's work. Oh wait,
that random girl on the left is original though. Oh look, I even have his autograph there.
Wanna know who Doug Chiang is? Hmm... Lets say he made all the vehicles
come to life in Star Wars and made Forest Gump what Forest Gump was, and
also created a dream within a dream in Polar Express. He's awesome if anything.
More details, just Google or Wiki. You'll find out soon enough P:

And by the way, the seminar was awesome. Although there was a certain person
who made a lot of us go =_= at his question. And the best thing was, he was in the
working industry already, and was asking a really obvious question that almost
everyone knows the answer too. But kudos to Doug Chiang for actually
making a pitch by answering his mundane question. Because the question
might be a mundane one, but Doug Chiang's answer definitely wasn't so.

It's too bad that I'm not as awesome as he is..
Well, I at least gotta try to be though.
No harm done trying right?

Heh. And on the side note, today
was a very bad day. Well, at least
during the last few moments of the
day. But heck, I'm still gonna put a 
smile on my buggary face anyways. 



Joey said...

ur female figure is always so manly :D

O C said...

Yeah. Because I used manly females for my many manly exercises ohohoho.