Friday, September 09, 2011

251/365-11 First Storyboard Draft

This was cool 'cause my gf understood this whole frame.

This is so-so 'cause it took her a while to get it.

This is failed. Have to do again. Because she didn't get it at all, until I explained.
I'm not supposed to be explaining you see. If the visuals can't speak for themselves,
it's pretty much stoked. 
And my gf is going to prom with someone who isn't me.
A bit jealous of course. But it really got me worried when
she said she was the only medicine student who's gonna
be there and that guy she's going with has his whole gang
of (guy) friends there. Call me paranoid or overprotective. But hey,
I didn't stop her from going now did I? Hmm, maybe I should have,
But I think it's a little too late for that. Well, lets just hope its another
normal experience for her. I think she's been through enough shit
for the past 3 years with all the unfortunate snatches and accidents.

Boo me.


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