Saturday, September 10, 2011

252/365-11 misplaced

She wakes up in a state of disarray. Mind clustered with fuzzy memories and a terrible headache. Her eyes found it hard to see, her lungs felt clunky and her whole body as weak as a wilting plant.

She sensed some pain. She couldn't really discern where it was at first due to her jumbled up sensory, until she tried moving her legs and a sharp pain shrieked through her senses.

She saw a stark patch of bloody red contrasted by her silken dress of brilliant grey where the source of the pain was from. "Damnit!" she cursed.

Her legs felt like they were falling of her body, but she took a firm stand and pushed herself upwards. She held on to a nearby wall for support. Her legs felt like they were about to break anytime like brittle twigs, but she slowly arced over and moved her sore feat, little by little.

Her senses was beginning to return, and she realized that she was in a lavishly decorated room. A suite of some sort. Classy. Well-furnished. But reeks of a strong scent. Pungent, old. Alcohol..? Her head began spinning and for a moment, she remembered she was drinking with some of her new acquaintances, with a prom date she knew little of, but accepted his invitation due to his sweet apparent gentleness and kind looks.

Looks can be deceiving.

She knew then on that she has placed her trust on the wrong person. "Serves me right, I should have listened to him," she relented. She struggles to put a stride step after step and finally reaches the door. As she was about to turn the door knob, she could hear footsteps approaching and some idle chatter. The voices seem familiar. She couldn't hear them clearly. "Concentrate!" she pushed herself. "..She... her.. un. ti.." The footsteps began to sound more profound with each passing moment.

Her heart skipped. She rued to the fact that she only realized the gravity of the situation this late. Would anything change even if she have learnt of it earlier? Doesn't matter. She needs to do something before those imbeciles step in. Something. Fast.

She leaped back into her bed and pretended as though she was still knocked off cold. She hears the door open. And the 2 men walked in, sat on the couch and continued their little chat. "She was such a good sport.... Heck yeah she was. The way she moved and how spontaneous her reactions were, they were priceless..."

She could feel her bile at the back of her throat. Disgusting. She needed to find a way to let herself loose from those men. Here eyes began scurrying around like a buzzing worker bee and she spotted some of her jewellery from the nearby desk. She quickly grabs her hairpin and clenches it in her hand tight, as she feels one of the guys looking back, noticing movement from her.

"Any chance it might have worn off by now?"
"There's a chance"
"lets just give her a little more just in case.."
"and another round perhaps?"
"I'll pass. I"m all done for today."
"alright then, catch ya later."

With her eyes close, she could sense one man approaching the door walking out and another closing in the distance with her body. She felt the gravitational shift when he sat onto the bed beside her. She could almost visualize the perverted smirk on that man's face as he let out a mad laugh.

She needed to act quick, but she required the right moment. She feels the weight of the man on top of her as he continues his dark giggles. She clutches her hand tight with might, opened her eyes, screamed the living lungs out of her breathe and began stabbing the man hysterically at the side of his face with her hairpin fueled by blind rage.

Stab. She felt it go in someplace. The man collapsed onto her, and she hurriedly pushed him over to the side, leaving a loud thump. She was exhausted, but she needed to proceed. Footsteps. Quick ones. Someone must have heard her screaming just now. She needs to think of something in great haste.

That man.

She pulls him up on the bed and reluctantly cuddles herself with him, ignoring his foul stench of a breathe and topped themselves with the nearest cover, a blanket. She then resumes her act as the man steps into the room.

"Heh, lucky bastard," He walks out. The door shuts. She releases a sigh of relief and calmly stepped out of the bed. A she moved an inch closer to her bag, the door knob sounded again and it was opening. She panicked. Then she saw a chair she could use and quickly moved it against the doorknob to lock the door down.

The man noticed. The door was slightly ajar, and her was making a point of pushing it open as she struggled to keep it closed. His hand grabbed blindly at whatever he could hold and got to her shoulder. He then shrieked in pain as she bit into his chunk of flesh with agonizing force and retaliated with a flurry of pin strikes.

His hand was attempting to retreat, but as his hand was about to be completely removed, she slammed the door onto it and heard a large crackle. Irregular structure. Must be broken she thought. She then pushes the chair she used as a temporary lock to the side and swings the door wide open.

The man pleads for sorry mercy. What a pitiful sight she thought to herself. She hestitates for a moment, until the pain downer crotch felt like it was freshly burned .She the grabs the chair and smashed it to the best of her muscle strength could manage on the man's face..

And she left the scene. Limping. Fatigued. Wanting to just get home as soon as she could.


She collapsed.

Ring ring. Ring ring. "Hello? Sam? Is that you?? HE-Y, you ok? Where ar-"

and her world went pitch black.


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