Wednesday, September 28, 2011

270/365-11 er ok

There were some parts my lecturer didn't really fancy when I 
showed her my progress so this are some of the alterations and all.
She said something about the menu buttons all have to be on the same level.
So I had to tweak my layout. The 3 layered circle went awesome to redundant PX

But I like this just as much.
Now, I should focus more on storyboards
this moment on :E



Mr Lonely said...

i see quite nice~

Nongkyndong said...

The design looks kind of disorganised, there doesn't seem to be any form of grid system.

I feel the combination or the orange and grey isn't working too well, just looks messy.

When designing a portfolio, the web design is one thing, but it shouldn't distract the user from the content.

If you are intent on using all those circles, maybe make them one colour and make it a few shades lighter/darker than the background colour.

And judging by the arrangement of everything, it's going to be a bitch to code.

Just my thoughts. Hope it helps.

O C said...

yes, I just learned about tables last Friday and its like you said, it's one helluva bitch to code.

I wanted make them lighter or shades lighter, but my lecturer specifically told us to match whatever colours we intend to use as closely to the web colours available, so those 2 shades of colours were sort of the best I could do after putting a lot of thought in it.

There are better combinations of orange and grey. But in web colours, your colour pairings(shades) are limited to about 8 each, according to shade. Not much to choose from.

If there were other shades of orange or grey I could use that would actually match more with one another, I'd have taken it.

I intended to use my original blogger colour but the blue orange just doesn't seem like a great colour to work with for a portfolio webpage. So I went ahead with grey instead.

The lecturer already gave her comments for my work. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Felicia and Kenix/Yongthern.

She said the art style is alright, only that I needed to make sure my navi-bar or the main navigational panel must remain at one single spot, aside from the original index page which can be exceptional.

I also had an idea for the grid layout thing. It's a lot easier too. But I was thinking, if everyone's arranging according to grid (which can be very beautiful and simple I know), I won't be doing anything different.

But whatever it was, we had to design our concept for our webpage before they taught us anything of note. And just this friday did they only tell use we need to align everything by table. So...

Don't worry about the first and third picture. Those are my other choices for the webpage. I'm already set on the second one. Unless if you consider that messy and unorganized as well, then.. I suppose I'm gonna have to do something about it ^^

But if lack time however, I might just make do with the 3rd one, since it's a hell lot easier to code if compared to the first one. Zzzzzz.

Anyways, thanks for commenting. Too bad they aren't really keen on us learning Java and Flash as well. But I doubt that's really necessary haha.