Monday, September 19, 2011

261/365-11 the story


mid level

top view

city plan
Well, basically it's a Malaysia set in 2211, 200 years later from now. Pollution created an overhaul in civilization when it wasn't containable anymore due to the many technological advances of humankind, as a result, creating a polluted hazardous environment for all organisms to live in.

But civilization still managed to pull through somehow. There were modern people living in Utopia, a landscape levelled from the surface of the earth in order to break free from the ever-polluted and near uninhabitable environment in order to reach a cleaner atmosphere to dwell in.

They live a futuristic city shielded from all the worries of the world's deadly pollutants with its crystalline shell that engulfs the entire cities with its shimmering glory and protects them from harm. The Utopians, as they so call themselves, treat themselves as the superior species, therefore condemning all the minorities to suffer beneath the roofs of Utopia, to be working as slaves for only their gain and nothing else, which then led to the expansion of the Mid-levels, and the Slums, which are filled with those who aren't worthy enough to be part of the Utopian society.

The Mid-levels consists of branching archs of bridges, and tunnels all converging towards the central nexus, the once-magnificent building known as Twin Towers, which is now nothing but ruins of it's once glorious glamour. In the very least, at least it was what made the support possible to continue building downwards in order to make way for more living space for the amassing population below the Slums and also to continue searching for new sources of Geothermal energy, thanks to the minors, the slaves that reside in the Slums, governed by the Administrators who are then controlled by the Utopians.

There are changes in the current syllabus for Concept Art as well. We won't do the exchange concepts anymore. Instead, for the 2and assignment later, we'd be having to snap shot something of wastes/rubbish, crop it and use it as a key reference to an imaginative drawing. We will continue that with man-made objects, and organic microscopic lifeforms for the following assignments. For the final, we're given the freedom to choose whichever idea that was presented on presentation to be used/modified/improved (all groups) and make a final peace. The end.

E.r. yeah,
that's the rough
idea I guess...


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