Tuesday, October 11, 2011

283/365-11 OWH KAY.

Kinsun said it was ok.
(to yesterday's one)

What he meant was...

Perspective OK.
Colour OK
Depth OK
Concept OK

but not up to Digital Illustration level yet.


I has a sad.

Then Ivan came and told me about depth. SO I change a bit lo.

But I'm not that sad. 
Since it's not bad work.
Just wondering how to make 
it hit that bloody level. 


Oh yeah,  I'm testing out Google Sites now.
Haha. Yeah. Nothing much. But its free so.
Its sorta encrypted so I donno if you could enter it
And I'm not sure how to like make it public.
But slowly la. It's not done yet oso lol.


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