Wednesday, October 19, 2011

291/365-11 Yeap, Shai was right.

Well that sucks. I thought I would be able to tweak the previous designs until it somehow aligns, but looking at the previous one, no, it's near death impossible. Felicia gave me a solution, albeit not one I'm that entirely fond of. She mentioned using plasters, and that my whole gist of images hear and there with all those stupid cranky designs were worthless, because they can only be made into one image, and then plaster links onto them like nobody's business. Can't create any  rollover images too. Which was extremely very disappointing.

Blergh, wasted time doing another one instead. Why couldn't she introduce us tables first before she told us to start anything at all? Geez. But whuddaheck. What's done with done. Still have to deal with storyboards. =_=

... I missed one copyright.




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