Sunday, October 23, 2011

295/365-11 Dndish..?


The passed few days, actually just on Friday, today and whoa, it's Sunday already?
FUCK. But nevermind. I was pretty fixated with the idea of making our very own Dungeons
& Dragons AKA DnD Board Game from scratch and to do that, we need a set of base rules
to comply to. The Dnd ruleset is complex enough on its own. So the version I make can
never be as good nor entertaining as the original, but bah, I just create this for some
fun random verses matches with 3 dices and some stats to start with. Uh.

For now, I'm testing out the versus thing. And I found out that giving rolls for stats
are just too imba for any characters. And the warrior always tends to be a tad bit too
overpowering due to its defensive capabilities and hit points.

But here, basically, there are just 3 basic classes. WARrior, ROGue, and MAGe.
HP is for Hit Points, A is for Attack, D is for Defense, E is for Evade, B is for Block
and M is for Minimum Roll, or hit chance. Lemme explain.

Hit points will tell you how much hp you can take.
Hit 0, you die, opponent wins.
Simple as that.

Attack deals damage. If its 1, it deals 1 to Hit points and etc.

Defense absorbs damage. If its 1, it absorbs 1 from Attack.
Which means in order to deal 1 to hit point for a 1 Defense char,
you need to points to deal that damage.

Evade, a very simple thing. You use 2 dices to attempt rolls
to get a double for a successful dodge. So if its Evade 1,
you can roll once and if its higher, than you have better chance
getting a successful dodge. But its still chance so be careful.
I rolled 5 times once and never got a double. Terrible luck.

Then there is Block, a special move that you can use only 1 per match.
Should you choose to block, you skip your Evade step and just let damage
come naturally. Only that Block removes  an extra 1 point. It might not seem much,
but when you play it, it makes a hell lot of a difference. Assuming you might play
that is.

Last but not least, there is the Minimum Roll or Hit Chance. It is determined with 1 dice.
Oh, before I explain further, note that the only dices I use are dices with 6 faces, which
we call d6. If its 4 faces, its d4 and etc.

So ok, Minimum Roll, 1 dice, if the stat says that its 6, means you need to roll a 6 to hit.
If its says 5, then if you roll a 5 or more, then you get to land a hit. Hold your horses though.
For every point above your Roll stat, lets say 5, and you roll a 6, you'll get an additional point
of damage to hit. Yes. If you have a Roll of 1, then you'll never miss,
and your damage probability is very high.

Well, yeah, I guess that's pretty much it? Anyways, suggestions are welcome to
improve gameplay. I'm not that set at the class stats yet. So... Hm, maybe I need to
raise the hp a bit. 2 1 1 is just.. ugh. To soon. I know you need to roll a 6 to hit but still.

KK , need to draw the ROG and MAG :D


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