Monday, October 24, 2011

296/365-11 Dndish II

Rogues! :D

Ok. Introducing some Basic Feats. Feats are just extra skills. I'm not too sure if I wanna
restrict them to each class so that each class has a specialty or make them free for all, so
players can choose between them freely.

But anyways, here are the 3

Power Strike. Roll a 6 and you deal extra 2 points of damage.
Sneak Attack. Deal 1 damage that bypasses Defense and Block on succesful Evade roll.
Bypass Def. Attack Damage is not effected by Defense stat of enemy (very imba I know).

Play around with them a bit, maybe you might have more ideas on what to add haha.

And oh, base Hit Points for Warrior, Rogue and Mage (if you wanna play a longer game)
respectively is 8,7,6. I tested it initially at 8,6,4 but ugh, Mages just die at first blow.
Stupid glitch.

Well, maybe now you'd understand why I crossed out the stats points in yesterday's
paper post so many times XD



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