Tuesday, October 25, 2011

297/365-11 Dndish III

Mage! Er.. had a lot of thoughts about the look. And just decided on this first. But still not
happy. And I don't understand why must all fucking fantasy females have such revealing clothes.
So I'm avoiding that in all the characters I make you see. You want revealing clothes? Go FFX
onwards please. Or better yet, try Perfect World XD But Perfect World is nice to have, since when
you start a character, you can create a face to your liking, which is pretty awesome, and then I delete
them just to make another one lolololol. Just for sketches and stuff 8D

OK, I think i missed a very important stat. Criticals. How to do Criticals?
I have no idea. SO complex. If 6 is already a Power attack, then would it make
sense for the critical to be 6 as well? Hmm hmm hmmm...

How about this. If you Roll a 1 thrice, (meaning if you roll 1s, you can opt to reroll
your d6, but capped at 3 times per shot/try) Then you deal your Attack Stat x3 to
your opponent. Defense and Block Modifiers still apply. Crits still can be dodged.
So don't be too happy even if you managed to land a Critical. But start girinning
if that guy has a bad day from start to end and was playing with you and was
attempting to roll for and Evade opportunity.

I wanted to make Crits worthwhile, so x3 is already big enough. Max dodge rolls
for starts also is like only 2 max, and thats for a rogue. So... yeah. Making
Crit undodgeable, had that in mind, but.. no. You need a way to save yourself
from it. Even if its just by pure chance. Because Critical IS  by pure chance.
So chance vs chance. A pretty fair situation I suppose XD

Ok, that's that for that.
Lol. Kthxbai.


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