Thursday, October 27, 2011

299/365-11 Slowness Extraordinare

This week has been especially slow on/to me.

Some out lines I did for the first act in storyboard, and that act alone has about 9 pages? Each page has 5 frames. So.
Yeah, do the math. And I have 3 Act ahahahahahahahahahahahah. And I still need to paint them in a very finished format of artwork too. Too awesome to be true really.

Didn't mean for it to be soooooooooo retardedly slow. But well, yeah, it's like that.
Goddamn guilty conscience, if you exist, why aren't you helping getting things done?
But blaming you won't get things done either way aye? *sigh*

All this works were rushed in class. But fortunately, it was just progress report, and the lecturers were commenting on some other students uncommented acts. So I managed to slide pass through I guess. Which reminds me that they didn't even bother to take attendance. Oh wait, I think they did. Either way, being fortunate in this situation isn't something I should be getting happy and contended about, but the exact opposite. Got shitloads of work to do. So.. yeah.

Osla osla... how do you intend to die?
Such an interesting question.


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